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Type of S Rama's Screen @RamasScreen🔁Saw "Type of S" trending and was disappointed that it's not referring to Superman's house of El symbol :)
Type of SType of SType of SType of S Kirk Spencer @Big5Army🔁 Had to scan a bunch of pages so, here's another process type thing. If you're into that.
Type of S Jules 👨🏽‍⚕️ @freshhexxile🔁 I saw "Type of S" trending and I got excited because I thought this thing was coming back...
illy @_illy__🔁 Frankie Midnight's worried about a little different type of snowflake...
Type of SType of S angie loves taehyung @angielovestae🔁 seokjin's the type of guy who looks like a model just by breathing he's that beautiful
milly 🤤 @milindaao🔁 Who's mans is this? This the type of people I like smoking with 😂
Seth Abramson @SethAbramson🔁(27) But so far, only *one type of kompromat* has been directly confirmed by U.S. intelligence: the existence of tapes "of a sexual nature."
CBS This Morning @CBSThisMorning🔁“There’s no place for it in Virginia... but let’s be honest, there’s no place in America for this type of hatred," twitter.com says.
Ethan Embry @EmbryEthan🔁These are the only type of people that support Trump.

1: People who have no problem with racism if it's not directed at them.
2: Racists

Katherine ✨ @znomkat🔁 Love those type of people that no matter what y'all been through, you never lose that bond , it's just real
sam @samscheirerr🔁 ig im just the type of person that always need to feel the love or I assume it's not there 🤷🏼‍♀️
Jesus Hernandez Chz @JesusHe99939120🔁V-Netizens today
-Tzuyu is super super beautiful
-Tzuyu isn't photogenic
-Tzuyu is my type
-I become an ONCE because of Tzuyu's beauty
Jose J Vasquez @VasquezJJ9🔁 These are the type of dudes that graduated a few years ago and still go to 15's 😂 twitter.com
Ben Endress @bendressjsu🔁@NC_King6 @J_phil61 Exactly. He's the type of kid you want on your team.
Shay C. @officialshay_c🔁i'm the type of person who makes a snack, and then makes another snack while i'm waiting. who's with me?😅
min @minvanramli🔁Cymothoa exigua is a type of parasite that enters fish's gills, eats their tongue, and then replaces it.
sav🌻 @itssavannah123m🔁 I type "ily" and autocorrect changes it to "lit" if that's not the perfect description of me idk what is
HUMBLE BEA$T @_MGRalph🔁 ur mcm just smoked a .3 backwoods and now he's freestyling to a lil yachty type beat in the back of his moms Ford Escape
Davey @_davidgee10🔁 she's the type of girl to cheat on you for a can of beer and a cheeseburger
Yesq @YesqArts🔁Probably won't release a type of project like this, but it's fun to challenge myself and move from my comfort zone.
™Aphrodite✨ @AsiaSamonee🔁 It's hard not to feel some type of way.
Navn er påkrevd @8b6e0c1fa5b94f4🔁@nej621 @SeaNanners I heard he's trying a new type/style of editing
cheef yeef @vibejeon🔁 nah there's gotta be some type of law against debuting a 10 year old
the baeksoo agenda @k0nnichiwaneko🔁baekhyun is the type to replace all of exo's stuff with lube. toothpaste? lube. shampoo? lube. milk? lube. kyungsoos vaseline jar? unchanged
Nicole🌹 @dangerousari___🔁she doesn't bully people, do u see her bullying hayley? no! it's not bullying, she's helping others to show what type of person hayley is
Sam Suarez @jetesaam🔁 I hate a "Why are you cleaning that up? Leave it, that's their job"type of person
Trainer Cullen @InstinctCullen🔁It looks pretty good. Too bad Accelrock's exclusive to two of three Lycanroc forms. The best general Rock type attack twitter.com s are inaccurate AF.
Cortney D. @90sBabiCortneyD🔁Kendrick is the type of dude that had no loyalty because he's asking for $14,000 because of a chain. #GUHH
E.C.H.O. @EverythingCHO🔁If that's the type of person you want "defending" you, then you can keep them, I don't want them anywhere near me. twitter.com
tutts @Tatiyyyyana🔁@youngthug I had this type of love once, it's rare. never give up on each other 😢💖
Trent Marshall @_TrentM_🔁Everyday you should find some type of motivation(wether it's something or somebody)to go hard and be great in everything you do!
Marvin Key @MarvinKey74🔁@GeeGJU @CNN Do you honestly think hillary would display this type of behavior? Seriously, there's nothing good about this man
Final Lady Boss @laevantine🔁I'm not the type of person who's gonna demand to see your Columbia J-school diploma as credentials for being a game journo.
Brandon Varela @breastmilk_11🔁she's the type of girl to cheat on you for a can of beer and a cheeseburger
Claudia Johnson @Claudia01165089🔁@realDonaldTrump DC is a cesspool of every type of corruption. It's time to flush. Life will b easier w the SOBs where they belong. JAILEM!!
Drax @dallasnotalice🔁@emunz34 my best friends and i do that often. that's the right type of love
lil ma . @ageeezyy🔁There's no surprise here. Hollywood keeps creating and funding the same type of movies with these white women in it.
Nori. ✌🏻 @Knorisus🔁@TheGelasia She laughs out loud, pulling one leg up underneath her on Gela's bed.

"No, silly! Arnold Palmer is a type of drink!"

daniela @GUCCIINAMJOON🔁i was expecting it but what if she went over the car and did a front flip instead like some type of ninja that's why jin didnt flinch
ForeverAllenPalmer🤞 @TaayyyElizabeth🔁I never asked a nigga to do anything for me and I don't think I ever will. I'm just not that type of person, it's something with my pride. 😂
Carla Covfefe 💋 @CCG2222🔁@ananavarro You should appreciate your president - he's trying to keep this exact type of thing from happening in the United States 🇺🇸
tiarah 👼🏾 @kthglobal🔁nah there's gotta be some type of law against debuting a 10 year old
Speedycow @jampackedballs🔁He's the type of QB who makes me think "shit, I could be better than that!" I mean I know I couldn't, but he makes me twitter.com think that way
ari @liddoari🔁i'm a loser. i'm the type of girl to keep a notebook and write my boyfriend's name in it over and over with glitter gel pens...
trish @explicithobi🔁i was expecting it but what if she went over the car and did a front flip instead like some type of ninja that's why twitter.com jin didnt flinch
Steve in RI @Steve_in_RI🔁@BB_Updates He's too good for her. She'd rather hook up with random NFL dudes, that's her type of guy. No time for a gentleman like Cody.
DIHigh @DIHighwithDawn🔁What if we put a statue of BinLaden just to remind us of the past? ..it's the same type of feeling💔#SometimesIJustWantTo
Brothers Keeper💔👼 @_kaliyahhhh🔁If Yeen the. Type of friend that's gone make sure I'm straight when I get drunk,baby we can't be cool 😭😭
em•wdw🌻 @Emmy_S_🔁I need more candid type pics with the boys all mine are all of us smiling at the camera
IB @bailey_970🔁Not the type of girl who's into guys that are interested in any other girl besides me, like if I'm not good enough, you're dismissed.
SCRJNKE @scrjnke999🔁True character is revealed in times of difficulty, not in prosper. It's time to find out what type of men we are. #34
💖 @lovprisms🔁i'm sorry but i'll never gas my fave esp if i know it's some lies in terms of their performance & vocal abilities i a twitter.com in't that type of stan
MySoulRadio @MySoulRadio🔁The Best Music The Best Variety Im That Type of Guy by
- Buy mysoulradio.com it twitter.com
Karasu @Midnight_Magma🔁@CuteToughGirl He smiled and got up paying for the Pizza "So what's your favorite type of pokemon?"
🌪 @lomiyagi🔁@GotDamnLonzo Just because it's a preference doesn't mean it's not, not everybody willing to deal with that type of shit or built for it.
baby jo @jordyyjorrr🔁@emunz34 Nah. That's the best type of love.
$hort $tuff.💋 @midget_queen17🔁 niggas can do all type of fucked up shit to a bitch and it be ok, but let a bitch do one thing to him it's a wrap 😂 tf.
lil hucci vert. @badgyalchanel_🔁 im the type of girlfriend that's gonna argue u down knowing im so wrong😂.
D E Z @dezprejean_🔁that's the type of mentality that will get you to the top, because you tryna show everybody what you already know.
Rudolf @criticus666🔁@SafetyPinDaily @HuffPostPol They might claim that if there's a Lenin statue, the Russians have a territorial claim. Their type of logic.
xxsweetyliciousxx ♥ @xxxxsweety🔁 she’s the type of girl that can be so hurt but can still look at u and smile
kait 🌞#BLM @Igbtsofia🔁favourite tv show of all time? — The bold type!! Or maybe glee but that's more of a ... curiouscat.me
OfficialXboxMagazine @OXM🔁ICYMI: Destiny 2's pre-order bonus is an Exotic trace rifle called Coldheart, and yes, that's an all-new type of gun twitter.com
By-Tor @by_tor🔁some personal loss (ie this type of food not as nice, or more expensive) IF it genuinely led to overall society bene twitter.com fit. There's the catch!
GiGi 💖👑 @moniqueee_35🔁 Stay out my life if your not on my type of time, it's that simple !!!!!!
Kailyn Redding @kayyreddingg🔁i wanna meet the love of my life while minding my business eating blaze or something delicious. fuck internet dm type love, shit's weak
JC New Yorker 4TRUMP @JC_Not_J_Christ🔁Long As 's around will Continue in & out -He Keeps Contradicting Discrediting Mr#TRUMP-Promoting This TYPE OF twitter.com
KESHABLACK @FancyGirl_Jada🔁I don't want negative things nor people around me period that's not the type of energy I'm soaking up !
Viviana Angeleyes @VAngeleyes🔁It's the type of person Sinn is, that anybody can get w/her(so to speak) on set, & we're presented w/excellent entertainment👍🏾💜💜💜
African Hit Radio @AfricaHitRadio🔁Buddy – Type of S**t Ft. Wiz Khalifa degreehype.com
Carlie 🦉 @cdodson26🔁She's the type of girl that thinks she's the shit, but she's really is just on the shit like a fly


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