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Lights Above @lights_above🔁#TwinPeaks Windom Earle (Wisdom Ear)
🖤elle🖤 @elle_yess🔁 People after watching Twin Peaks season 3 #TwinPeaks
#TwinPeaks PiCoT @PiCoT_Animation🔁One of my fav series is ended, I'm so sad and exited in the same time! I'll miss #TwinPeaks 😭
To you?
#TwinPeaks Hélène DHENNIN @zhelene75🔁 Gone Fishin'. In Memory of Jack Nance #TwinPeaks #TwinPeaksFinale #PeteMartell
🎪Belinda🌹 @belindaroseCA🔁So...another season?
#TwinPeaks Georgetowne Ray @georgetowneray🔁 The scream of Sheryl Lee will haunt me forever 😮 #TwinPeaks
#TwinPeaks ElConde delo Trágico @Tragiconde🔁 There should never be another episode of #TwinPeaks trib.al
#TwinPeaks DAN @S0WELS🔁Thanks, Lynch 🖕
#TwinPeaks Andrew J. Salazar @yokis101🔁 Electricity. #TwinPeaks
#TwinPeaks Настя RussianSnowBMD @nasmadden🔁God, i love it!!! #twinpeaks @Kyle_MacLachlan @DAVID_LYNCH check it out
#TwinPeaks Alan Chenowith @alanchenowith🔁 Whoever made this, it's brilliant. #TwinPeaks
#TwinPeaks IvorCrotty @IvorCrotty🔁 Found #laurapalmer house. #twinpeaks #geekingout
Rolling Stone @RollingStone🔁#TwinPeaks' return wasn't just a masterpiece – it may be the most groundbreaking season of TV ever rol.st
Timothy B. Corcoran @tcorcoran🔁 Today's unintentional collection. paper.li via @MATTERhealth @wischlist @tcorcoran #daca #twinpeaks
ameh. @himynameisameh🔁My apartment is very Twin Peaks friendly. #twinpeaks instagram.com
Enguerran Borter @e_borter🔁 We feel you. #TwinPeaks twitter.com
Ramón Torrente ♉ @ramontorrente🔁Why people try to find a starting point and an ending in a donut?

The vynil has no Alpha neither Omega.

TIME AND twitter.com TIME AGAIN.

Andy Smart @djcolatron🔁 BEST line of the show of course goes to the brilliant @robert_knepper #twinpeaks twitter.com
a_baby_c @a_baby_c🔁If you have ever been personally victimized by David Lynch, raise your hand.
Luiza Sauma @luizasauma🔁God, I will miss #twinpeaks. The finale was perfect.

What year is it?

Sharon Mulready @whimsywriting🔁#TwinPeaks @DarrenFranich @EWDocJensen "I understand how mobile phones work" - because there are doppelgangers?
Ged Backland @gedbacko🔁Been awake since 6:20am thinking about the ending to Twin Peaks. My heads gone. You can't go back. What year is it? twitter.com
Twin Peaks Scotia @TwinPeaksScotia🔁 2 podcasts. 1. a roundtable 2. with @JeffLemire Pick your path. scottryanproductions.com #twinpeaks #TwinPeaksFinale
MadameGumbo @MadameGumbo🔁Evolving the mystery of in a way that creates an entirely new perspective =
Annalisa Deiana @lisapann🔁#TwinPeaksFinale Can't wait for the sequel in 2042! #twinpeaks
F1 Princess @F1princess🔁 Mind = blown. Loved every moment of the ending. #somanyquestions #twinpeaks #candie twitter.com
Taja Denay @fangznhangz🔁Okay I'm only 3 episodes into #TwinPeaks and this show is fuckin bonkers.
أبو زيان @omer812🔁Amidst all the excitement, let's remember the actors of who didn't get to see season 3 but contributed to its beauty & wonder.
Andrew J. Salazar @yokis101🔁Having major #TwinPeaks withdrawal rn
Twin Peaks News @TwinPeaksBotNew🔁"What Year Is This?" Dale Cooper
Sean Hall @STARS_TyranT🔁How can I climb into my TV and save Cooper and Laura please? 😔😢 #TwinPeaks
Настя RussianSnowBMD @nasmadden🔁I will miss you #TwinPeaks I want to thank all of you for your hard work. @Kyle_MacLachlan proved once again what a brilliant actor he is.
Twin Peaks Scotia @TwinPeaksScotia🔁Podcast with @Kyle_MacLachlan on what he thinks the final scene means - @EW interview with @EWDocJensen #TwinPeaks ew.com
Twin Peaks Recorder @CoopersRecorder🔁"Diane, when I get back to the city, let's open a little coffee shop in the city and call it, 'Twin Perks'." #TwinPeaks #TwinPeaksFinale
responsible educator @taetaetbh🔁gosh, i like these analyses of the #TwinPeaks finale more than the finale itself
Ilya Masterov @Grand_Masta🔁 What do you think David Lynch meant by the finale? #TwinPeaks
Alex Gonçalves @agmcinefilo🔁'Twin Peaks: The Return': Who is Mrs. Tremond And Who is Alice? thewrap.com #TwinPeaks
Dave DV @DDVinyltiger🔁Mr Jackpots was a nice touch 🔥💰🔥even though I still haven't made sense of anything else yet #TwinPea twitter.com ks
Cooper's Shoes @7000eur🔁I just made a "Find Laura" Scenes Comparison Side by Side youtu.be #TwinPeaks
caraty @caraty🔁This reading of Coop as savior/inadvertent destroyer is not sitting right with me. #TwinPeaks
Sergi Fabregat Mata @sergi_fabmat🔁Through the darkness of future past
the magician longs to see
one chance out between two worlds
fire walk with me
Pablo Álvarez @irasynovolveras🔁 These are the best theories about that big #TwinPeaks finale vult.re
olivia @itslliv🔁JUST ADDED: visits Amoeba Hollywood to sign the new soundtrack and score Sept 22nd at 6pm!
Dale Cooper Black @Dalecooperblack🔁In #twinpeaks S4, Dale has to set things right by going back into the past and murdering Laura himself. Who killed Laura Palmer? Dale did it
Animation Ideas @AnimationIdeas🔁The Damn Fine Commentary crew after watching the finale. We're recording our recap this week. Hit us up with queries & theories.


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