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Twin Peaks Fresh Squeezed @FrshSqueezedOC🔁 TFW the Emmys snub TWIN PEAKS
Cale Dooper @popwilleatme🔁Me when I realized Twin Peaks didn’t get all the Emmy nominations.
Twin PeaksTwin PeaksTwin PeaksTwin Peaks Jake Ybarra @ConquistaDorado🔁 Places of Twin Peaks (1990).
ready to conquer my to do list @curemachwindy🔁 >David Lynch says Trump could be a good president
>Twin Peaks gets snubbed at the Emmys
Twin Peaks IDΞNTïTY 🌴☕ NΞ0N @NA_mazda_miata🔁When Twin Peaks the Return doesn't get an Emmy
Alex @bluefootedtweet🔁 >David Lynch says Trump could be a good president
>Twin Peaks gets snubbed at the Emmys
Patrick Monahan @pattymo🔁Shutting out “Twin Peaks” is a pretty definitive statement by the Emmys, and that statement seems to be “We don’t par ticularly care for television”
Sean T. Collins @theseantcollins🔁The Young Pope getting stiffed was bad. The Terror getting stiffed is bad. Halt and Catch Fire getting stiffed is bad . Twin Peaks getting stiffed is actually an indictment of the industry.
HIDEO_KOJIMA @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN🔁I was advised to watch "FWWM" before watching TWIN PEAKS THE RETURN, but 135 mins was too hard so decided to continue watching Episode 3. WTF?! This is so mind-blowing that I became like Cooper! 👍🦀🌈
Robert Deschain @nfiztheoriginal🔁Shutting out “Twin Peaks” is a pretty definitive statement by the Emmys, and that statement seems to be “We don’t particularly care for television”
We have an amazing crew - they deserve the great recognition!!!❤️❤️❤️

Malone @stateofmalone🔁Nominations for Directing, Writing, Cinematography, Editing, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Production Design, Hair, and Make-up - 9 in all. CONGRATULATIONS TWIN PEAKS!!!!
alena @AlenaMayr🔁officially out of twin peaks episodes 😥
emma @embl4h🔁Agreed. Twin Peaks: The Return was a masterpiece that can’t be described as anything other than art. It’s a shame tha t shows with depth like that don’t seem to be on the radar for popular recognition
Jonah loves bees @mazeloveslinda🔁Twin Peaks watch ramble thread 🏞
lαυrα 🦋 @_outherspace_🔁 It’s 2am I am watching Twin Peaks.
Rebecca Bodenheimer @rmbodenheimer🔁Film Twitter:
2017: "But my number one film of the year is TWIN PEAKS. Why is a tv show on my list, you may ask? Because it's not a tv show"
2018: "Absolutely unconscionable for the Emmys to snub TWIN PEAKS from the major categories. Easily the best tv show of the decade"
john Slayton @johnslayton62🔁MacLachlan played FIVE DIFFERENT CHARACTERS in Twin Peaks: The Return. He was menacing, hilarious, compelling, and heroic. He chased a man holding coffee! How do you not nominate him?!
Simple 🐼 🇲🇽 @simple1210🔁In America, we have Twin Peaks.
ボブ @weeabob🔁i have learned on TV that when an Otis Redding song plays during a scene (the dance in The Leftovers' finale, Ed & N orma in Twin Peaks) that I will definitely cry like a bitch
Hugh Miller @hughmility🔁The emmys suck etc etc but all I’ll say is twin peaks is the closest thing to a Rite of Spring level event I’ve experienced in my lifetime, at least in terms of permanently expanding an art form that will leave reverberations for the rest of its history??? (Hyperbole???)
G.O.R.D. of the Dance @unrealgord🔁I had no idea the new Twin Peaks was set at Queen's Park
the cattiest train 👑 @hellotraincat🔁I've heard of few things more impressive than my mom figuring out who done it on Twin Peaks episodes before the reveal
Christina Death @ChristinaDeath4🔁@BTS_twt this song reminds me of the universe of the series Twin Peaks
Coco Rockatansky @CoCo4_Sho🔁Twin Peaks Season 3 is one of the greatest accomplishments in television history.

S3E8 is the best episode of television ever made.

The are a joke.

strange rope heroine @isnotcrash🔁there's a fucking hooters-esque chain restaurant in my state called Twin Peaks.
seductive lord of thunder ⚡️⚡️⚡️ @moriarteas🔁re-watching twin peaks with yuuhy & traincat has allowed me to discover so many new things: like the cooper/harry cof fee shop au that we all deserve.
Bradley J. @theRealDocFluxx🔁I boil with rage over the snubbing of Twin Peaks: The Return, people need to know what a transcendent masterwork it i s. are a joke.
blub blub blub @crimson2877🔁I loved Twin Peaks very much, but it seems silly to ask pop culture people who keep giving statues to the big bang theory reward a show that included four minutes of a guy sweeping and revolved around the inactions of a big mute dumb adult baby man named Dougie
Andrew Robinson @AndrewR55651048🔁No major Emmys love for "Mindhunter," "BoJack Horseman," and "Twin Peaks" is a big disappointment. Here are the snubs and surprises of :
fowlie @whotookfowlie🔁Best Arm Wresting Scenes in TV:
Twin Peaks: The Return
Steven Universe
Cyberhunk 2077 @yourverygoodbud🔁Me: Damn, I need to watch Twin Peaks or Dunkirk or Isle of Dogs or a billion other great things I've missed.
*presses play on Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol again*
𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖆 @petramosendgame🔁No love for 'Twin Peaks'?! Jason Bateman for 'Ozark'!? Here are the most shocking snubs and surprises:
Wyatt Gladden @wyattgladden🔁I proposed & got married to my wife at Snoqualmie Falls, the setting for David Lynch’s show Twin Peaks, so these TWIN PEAKS x NIKE SBs are my absolute favorite kicks. Looking for a second pair in size 12 🦉☕️🥧
sofia @judeisbabyblue🔁Congratulations to the Emmys for ignoring Twin Peaks, the best TV of the last ten years. I just hope nobody finds out the Emmys are fake and run on politics and payola. It would destroy the magic of television.
LaFabbricadeisogni @fabricadeisogni🔁disappointed for twin peaks, the best tv serie ever made #Emmys
julie @ostolero🔁@HYPERLlGHT me watching twin peaks
Rae Hex @raehex🔁Seeing all this talk on here about the Emmys failing to recognize the artistic accomplishment of Twin Peaks, and honestly I'm shocked by how many of y'all have apparently never met the Emmys before.
Abu Bakr al-Swagdaddy @_biggusdickus🔁I couldn’t get into twin peaks I tried
Ambiguously Pan @majesticrocket🔁If you’re jumping into Twin Peaks: The Return without a solid foundation in Fire Walk With Me, I have no idea how you’re managing.
Hannah @ARoseTintedLook🔁Is this The Arm from Twin Peaks???
special agent alex hanly @alexhanly🔁@MinovskyArticle FWWM is the End of Evangelion of Twin Peaks, also this is the worst tweet I’ve ever made
Ryan Swen @swen_ryan🔁Hey there’s a show that I think you’d like where approximately 90% of the cast is insanely attractive, it’s called Tw in Peaks
Audrey Horne @kayleecromling🔁@killa_kiel How is this even a dilemma? The answer to the question “do I want to watch Twin Peaks again?,” is always, “yes.”


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