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abdul yari @karimyari🔁 .@statedeptspox Nauert comments on the arrests of human rights activists in #Turkey.
Kati Piri @KatiPiri🔁No more diplomatic blabla. Loud and clear language from Germany on arrest human rights defenders in .


#Turkey Seán O Regan @SeanGTORegan🔁 Is Turkey Becoming Another Iran? gatestoneinstitute.org #Turkey #Erdogan #Iran
#Turkey gutla @nothing2lose999🔁 Beautiful Holiday Everyone 😎😎

#Mugla #saklikent #kanyon #fethiye

Mark Lowen @marklowen🔁#Germany warns against investing or travelling in #Turkey. Main trade partner and 10% tourists are German. Big blow bbc.co.uk
GermanForeignOffice @GermanyDiplo🔁FM @sigmargabriel: Germans are subjected to arbitrary arrests in #Turkey. Have updated our travel advice to warn our citizens.
@ecakir67 @ecakir67🔁 Can Turkey be Trusted with F-35s? | commentary @AEIfdp #Turkey #NATO #F35 @DeptofDefense commentarymagazine.com
مهری جوان @mehrijavan🔁 goo.gl Two #Iranian Men Charged With Hacking #US Software Company - Report #texas #Turkey #Italy
nico72om @OmNico72🔁My colleague has written a letter to her best friend Özlem, locked up in
Friedrich Hö. @HoeperHr🔁This scandal is evidence of the haphazard nature of 's cabinet reshuffle. Ministers not given heads-up to sanitize accounts.
KalineRegen @AndreaImber🔁FM : Germans are subjected to arbitrary arrests in . Have updated our travel advice to warn our citizens.
Theodora Christou @Dr_Theodora🔁 20July74 invades 'Sea & air landings–tanks head for capital'. Implementation of partition plans
Diego Cupolo @DiegoCupolo🔁's constitutional comm. passes bylaw penalizing those who use the terms: Armenian Genocide, Kurdistan or refer to Diy twitter.com arbakir as Amed.
andreaventura @andreaventura01🔁Hypocritical!

Left: Young girl in mini-rock detained in -Arabia.
Right: Royal Saudi family partying in Bodrum, .

Friedrich Hö. @HoeperHr🔁's new minister @jsarieroglu closes her account after her quote was exposed w/in an hour of her appointment.

Americans4YPG @Amercans4YPG🔁
German expert: European Union may apply sanctions against Turkey
TODAY'S TURKEY 🇹🇷 @TODAYS_TURKEY🔁: Syriac Orthodox under Pressure
More than 300,000 Christians left the country to escape persecution and oppression.
Capulcu TurkKick @TurkKick🔁Seriously? - biggest in -
in blocked by protestors chanting slogans against twitter.com
F. Jeffery @Natsecjeff🔁• 's Amb. in : almost 3k Turkish soldiers reached.
• A source in 's Defense Ministry confirms the completion f the process
Paige Garland @garland_paige🔁WATCH: Spokesperson of the call on to inc our staff ec.europa.eu
#GCC أبوعبدالرحمن @k_alhussain🔁Can #Turkey be Trusted with F-35s? - commentarymagazine.com
Janet Hill Clay @DjclayClay🔁Several human rights defenders have been imprisoned in #Turkey. Join me in urging the EU to secure their release. amnesty.org.uk
Walter Zdolsek @Leonardodawien🔁EU's meets Foreign Minister next week. Tell her to speak out. She can help
Diodoros @diodoros_athos🔁1974-2017 has endured 43 years of occupation, ethnic cleansing, colonisation & by
enza iadevaia @viniade🔁#Gulen admits meeting key figure in #Turkey coup plot f24.my @FRANCE24
Sandrine LERMA @Sandreler🔁Finally! "We call for immediate release" - European Commission on arrested director and others in
Linda Hemby @LindaHemby🔁#Turkey: A year of emergency measures, a year of global solidarity @IFEX ifex.org
JournosInTurkey @JournosInTurkey🔁A secret witness' role in arrest of 6 human rights defenders are being discussed by 's independent media outlets. twitter.com
Piero Castellano @PieroCastellano🔁Freedom of assembly is restricted in unless you are a far right group hurling threats in front of 's synagogue.
Alan Chumbe @alanxicoch🔁 Turkish Army mobilizes for invasion of #Idlib in support of Ahrar Al-Sham aml.ink #Syria #Turkey
CSF @CSF_Lakunabi🔁#Turkey just jailed human rights advocates and Avaaz staffer! Sign the petition to #FreeOzlem #FreeRightsDefenders: secure.avaaz.org
Hocazâde @hocazadem🔁 Why is #Turkey/#Erdogan being attacked according to @hamzayusuf
Paige Garland @garland_paige🔁Momentum growing - release rights defenders, including 's Turkey director. amnesty.org
JournosInTurkey @JournosInTurkey🔁#Turkey's watchdog RTUK cancels license held by 5 TV channels. Another form of silencing opponent TV channels. twitter.com
Metin Akpınar @metinalge🔁Wearing these HERO t-shirts in 's is forbidden.
So far , over 10 are detained.
Be careful with what you wear in .
AmnestyAixenProvence @AmnestyAixenPce🔁Pressure mounts from world leaders calling on to ! (image by ) amn.st
Syiraus @SyirausBot🔁’s state news agency exposes US positions in & Washington is furious via almon.co
Leen Boer @LeenBoer🔁#Germany steps up economic pressure on #Turkey in rights row uk.reuters.com
Frieda S Covfefe @FriedaSchnell🔁Unusual development in : state news agency reveals location of bases, putting allied troops at risk. Puzzling.
TwitsToYou @TwitsToYou🔁International pressure mounts on as world leaders demand
Γιάννης Κούκκος @ioanniskoukkos1🔁The German government has warned citizens travelling to that they are at risk of arrest… news.com.au
Leila Ghaderi @lilatjejen🔁Defending human rights is not a crime! Call on #Turkey to #FreeRightsDefenders @AmnestyNow ctt.ec
Van Jabagjorian @VanHJab🔁 #Turkey's leak of US military data puts troops' lives at risk, Pentagon says (via @FoxNews) fxn.ws
Kyle Bracken @KyleBracken1🔁#Turkey just jailed human rights advocates and Avaaz staffer! Sign the petition to #FreeOzlem #FreeRightsDefenders: secure.avaaz.org
Embajada de Turquia @EmbTurquia🔁Exchanged views on - bilateral relations & the period ahead in - relations with FM
JournosInTurkey @JournosInTurkey🔁Columnist @barispehlivan writes on ridiculous charges leveled against the #Cumhuriyet journalists. #Turkey twitter.com
Eva Pettersson @EvaQuebec🔁Terror charges for human rights activists in via
Peter J. Parker @Parker2J🔁 is also being published in Italian by ! Happy that more people are interested in under !
Lou lou @upuouo🔁Demonstration outside the protesting and bombing of city
magnus marin @magnus_marin🔁 "#Turkey leaks secret locations of #US, French troops in #Syria" - #France amp.france24.com
Samvel Martirosyan @Kornelij🔁The rise of new Islamic State: #Turkey's new school curriculum drops evolution & will teach concept of #jihad #ISIS independent.co.uk
Jan Fredriksson @Janx53🔁@amberinzaman @AlMonitor Nice to know you have a dependable ally.
#NATO #Turkey
Süleyman Gökçe @_sgokce🔁One year on from failed coup in , UK reaffirms solidarity with Turkey, support for its democracy, and pays tribute to those who died
Erton Vialy Arsy @arsyerton🔁My book is being published in Croatian by . Excited to spread the conversation on and !
nico72om @OmNico72🔁No more diplomatic blabla. Loud and clear language from Germany on arrest human rights defenders in .

I am @GlobalistRon🔁It's time the cancel the request of become a member. We don't want with his Nazi practices. Ban Turkey totally ! twitter.com


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