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#TuesdayThoughts 🌹Rose🌹 @rosemoreira151🔁 Allow #nature's #peace to flow into you as sunshine flows into #trees.
John Muir
#TuesdayThoughts Scokash🇺🇸💪 @krashkash50🔁 Next year’s first pick in the @NFL draft. @NFLcommish


#TuesdayThoughts Magic1 @RohrBetty🔁 My money 💰 is on @jeffsessions #SessionsHearing #TuesdayThoughts
sukey smith @ToulouseLaTweet🔁 @JoeBiden #TuesdayThoughts
THIS has to stop.
#TuesdayThoughts Sarcastic Honey @SarcasticHoney🔁#TuesdayThoughts Are you sure you don't have time to play?
#TuesdayThoughts Ms Samina A Choudhry @Misssaminachou1🔁 I am sending a smile and loving thoughts to ALL!
#OneHumanity #OneLove #TuesdayThoughts
#TuesdayThoughts phil bradley @Philly_Ocean🔁 Do the universe a favor, don’t hide your magic. 😎 #TuesdayThoughts
STOKES @jwarrenstokes🔁 @JoeBiden #TuesdayThoughts
THIS has to stop.
#TuesdayThoughts Robert Everett @BobEverettRep🔁 Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions, I have no regard for you. #TuesdayThoughts
#TuesdayThoughts T KP @TKPoe13🔁 Good morning patriots!
Let’s do our part to #MAGA
#TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayMotivation
#TuesdayThoughts Kory Young @vorstus🔁 "Oh, well, fuck 'em. And fuck you too. I piss in your faces" #TuesdayThoughts
#TuesdayThoughts Oweny Bhoy @owenybhoy91🔁 Let's get tae the bottom of this serious issue... 😉 #TuesdayThoughts #BeingScottish
#TuesdayThoughts Erica @louisvillerica🔁 Donald Trump, Jr’s pinned tweet is refreshingly candid. #TuesdayThoughts
Holly O'Reilly @AynRandPaulRyan🔁A few days ago, one woman asked me to share her story anonymously.
Then another woman asked.
I posted 3 stories, and twitter.com the floodgates opened.
Here are the first 30 of the hundreds of stories you've trusted me with.
I am so honored to share them.
Holly O'Reilly @AynRandPaulRyan🔁Thank you, , for doing the right thing by not supporting Hannity and child molesters.

Now it's time to remove your a twitter.com d dollars from Fox News altogether.

When you do, let us know, and we'll buy your product again.


Eileen Wilbur. @lizardlady56🔁Colon Kap🏆Wins Ungrateful of the Year🏆So oppressed he made
19 Million per yr! He IS NO HERO❗️
MilitaryMAGA5 @coloradocat55🔁
Tomorrow the tax return is due . . . I’ll be interested to see if signs off on it as a charity. If so, it will undoubtedly mark the beginning of end for the firm.


SWIPED @SWIPEDSeries🔁 Storytelling is a powerful tool to reflect, connect and create. The day has begun! #TuesdayThoughts
STOKES @jwarrenstokes🔁
You’ve robbed little girls of their big dreams and . You, and ped0phiIes like you, must never be elected again.

We aren’t in, Joe.

Roman Lozano @_romanovich🔁A thread of

There’s a book by one of my favorite authors/teachers, Osho, called “Love and Selfishness”... this book is so important for self care and well-being in my opinion.

The concept of selfishness shouldn’t be so taboo.

WestCoast Barbarian @mmccxii🔁 judicial nominee mocked laws protecting women from pay and twitter.com
Carolyn Wolfe🐦🌻🌹🌱 @wolfeprowler1🔁

Great interview w/ & re: USA's empire.

What's being done in our name, America, is horrific.

Corrupt Congress gifts the military industrial complex 54% of the budget to maintain our empire (at the 99%'s expense).

DaNice D Marshall @DaNiced🔁Agility. When we believe the hype & have faith in humanity’s ability to adapt via
SPAY ILLINOIS @SPAYILLINOIS🔁Nobody does like my boy Bonzo 😜
barbaratyree @Barbaratyree_🔁

Warren is wise.

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago ~ Warren Buffett

Kandace @Canada4Bernie🔁
Though it has been 9 mos since a year-long investigation found Awans hacked Congress at least 5,100 times, stole TBs of data (1 TB = 85M pages), & faked evidence to police showing 'criminal intent,' NO CHARGES have been brought against any of them

Sheryl L Johnson @BD_PRoMarketing🔁Setting #networking goals can help you achieve anywhere from 60 to 80 percent more in #jobsearch productivity. #tuesdaythoughts
Corporal Rob Jones, a double amputee, runs 31 marathons in 31 days to raise money for other Veterans. Libs aren't that impressed.

Colin Kaepernick, QB, shows disdain for cops & veterans. Libs name him Citizen of the Year.

Remind me again how Trump won! 🇺🇸

MissICU @MissICU2🔁
I'm prouder TODAY of Donald Trump & Mike Pence than I was on 2016.

RT if you are too!

#DEPLORABLE_OZ @eliseulascado🔁Hillary called us deplorable yet all of these scumbags supported her.👇
Oh the irony.😁🤣

Neon🍩Liberal @neon_liberal🔁

It is easy to think Bernard Sanders is a real progressive but really, he hasn't accomplished much. Think about the polpulation of Vermont. It's mostly white! He sucks at reaching minority voters. GO AWAY BERNIE. WE'RE DONE WITH YOU.

Citizens Advice RCT @RCTCAB🔁Here's some tips to cut down condensation and damp in your home now the temperature is dropping
AS Travel @shesgoingplaces🔁Our friends at Group Tours present a great question...Which vacation setting do you prefer?

Reviews That Scare @ReviewThatScare🔁Who remembers the first full-length, completely computer-animated TV series, ReBoot?
Will Flowers @willflowers33🔁John McCain's soulmate, is the same guy who publicly supports Sen. Bob Menendez.


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