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#Trumpcare: 10.017k tweets talking about this in the last 24 hours

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Popular tweets tagged with #Trumpcare:
#Trumpcare Randy @RandPitt🔁 #Trumpcare = instant spontaneous death of billions of Americans!
Andy Slavitt @ASlavitt🔁#Trumpcare is here.
#TrumpPlans are coming.
Verrit @verrit🔁Republicans Will Not Rest Until They Have Destroyed #Obamacare
#SaveACA #Trumpcare
Joy Reid @JoyAnnReid🔁Thread. Welcome to day one of #Trumpcare.
Heidi in Seattle @HeidiSeattle🔁 Thread. Welcome to day one of #Trumpcare.
Sayitaintso @prez_swashbuklr🔁No subsidies on Obamacare = #Trumpcare
Cali Sprenger🏳️‍🌈 @CaliSprenger🔁@realDonaldTrump Welcome to #TrumpCare
Mr. Race @racemich🔁Donnie's prediction of Obamacare implosion hasn't come true, so now he's planting TNT to blow it up! Then he'll say "told ya!" #Trumpcare
Jeanne Loberg#MAGA @JeanneLoberg🔁Day by day, Trump is erasing Obama's legacy. Obamacare is next. is here

"Let Them Eat Paper Towels"

fine12 @fine140🔁 #Trumpcare is here.
#TrumpPlans are coming.
John Wesley Shipp @JohnWesleyShipp🔁We’ll find out as people’s premiums skyrocket, the nat’l debt explodes, and people w pre-existing conditions lose ins urance =
BobGlenx @bobglenx🔁Trump's quest to destroy the & ending cost sharing subsidies to insurers amounts to this: 👇👇👇. is on 45! Own it! 🙁
Tom @earlestation🔁On Friday the 13th #trumpcare is born.
Sandy Paws @lagloriacubano🔁@RosLehtinen @POTUS @gop Republican, right? OWN IT!!! #Trumpcare #Trumpcarekills
PhatzNewsRoom @RealPhatsBlog🔁Analysis: Trump’s most significant step yet to undermine Obamacare

woody @woodyglasson🔁U who love obamacare SHUTUP! We didn't have 13,000 deductibles plus 600+ premiums, it has ruined healthcare for everyone. GO #TRUMPCARE
DJ PATRIOT🇺🇸 @DJSPINtel🔁The real chart showing the “Mandate To end ACA”

Chico Delainky @ChicoDelainky🔁Trump stopped subsidy payments for the poor...keep in mind many of his supporters are poor. They only vote against t heir own best interest.
Lokiswann @AKSwann🔁@realDonaldTrump You did it! Now we have Trump Care #trumpcare #Trumpcare
NotInKansasAnymore @Frumpzilla🔁 Hey Trump supporters? You ready for you premiums to skyrocket? Congratulations, you morons! #MAGA #Trumpcare
Mcham @Mcham83314004🔁 Guess what?
#Obamacare is now #Trumpcare, a giant pile of human excrement, with flies!
Rocky @Rocky1542🔁Fat ass orange Hitler couldn't negotiate his way out of a paper bag! #IranNuclearDeal #NorthKorea #trumpcare #DACA Unfit, insane MORON!
Teresa Blackshear @TeresaBlackshea🔁@stefburch @CoryBooker This SCARY EVIL WICKED VINDICTIVE ❤️less ASS PREZIDENT IS REAL!! #Trumpcare #FridayThe13th
liberalfarmboy @arkansasvance🔁"Don't fix, Destroy," is the new "#RepealAndReplace. #ACAsabotage #ACA #HealthCareSabotage #Trumpcare @realDonaldTrump @JoyAnnReid #GOP
T. Faulkner @thumppooh🔁
Dear MAGA cap wearers - welcome back to lifetime caps. Better start praying neither you nor your kids get a serious illness.
fine12 @fine140🔁What kind of man would kill ObamaCare and create which will kill millions of people?

Satan would.

Welcome to hell on earth!

Sha T @swimomom🔁 The nation's healthcare is now officially called #Trumpcare. Good luck.

@donkeyarguing @realDonaldTrump

T. Faulkner @thumppooh🔁There Is Only ... Republican Lawmakers and Donald Trump now own healthcare in America ... and a Buffoon
He will kill us💣💣 @GatsMomm🔁@DJSPINtel @chrislhayes Look at your comrades , What propaganda? Call it what it is, Be proud #TrumpCare #Winning
Sha T @swimomom🔁 EO intentionally hurts millions
Premiums 🔺20-25%.right away
POTUS is governing w/

With you'll pay higher premiums
or you won't have insurance at all,
but you'll have a beautiful wall!

MJ Hollingsworth @mjhollings🔁Well, I guess if anyone thought Trump might actually be for the little guy, they know better now. #trumpcare #cruel
Deborah Rapoza @LODIDR🔁@RobbieRae61 @realDonaldTrump We should start treading #Trumpcare cause it will be the worst thing to ever happen.
Studio Moon NY @Bohemianmoon🔁Ut a lying conservative piece of shit. GOP been sabotaging ACA f beginning. Trump escalated it. Now own the death it will bring.
Michaela @Micki_Ann🔁He now officially owns this shit. #TrumpCare - executive order style.
Sha T @swimomom🔁 The day Trump broke the ACA and it officially became #Trumpcare #FridayThe13th
Teresa Blackshear @TeresaBlackshea🔁@Thurgood76 This SCARY EVIL WICKED VINDICTIVE ❤️less ASS PREZIDENT IS REAL!! #Trumpcare #FridayThe13th
Tom @earlestation🔁 ... We've always known has no class, no shame, and no sense ... Now it's crystal clear he has no conscience
Sha T @swimomom🔁Today is now beginning with an EO assault on the poor. CBO says prems ⬆️ 20% by 2018!!! in 2018, vote!
Alex Grimsky @AGrimsky🔁@realDonaldTrump has created #Trumpcare. With NO idea of how insurance works, #MoronDon plan will not work. You own this #DotardTrump.
My InfoGretchen🐞🐞 @InfogretchenMy🔁"White supremacist" is a hate slur hurled at Whites who oppose .

fine12 @fine140🔁Delete "Obamacare" from your vocabulary. Trump just signed his name to a new healthcare crisis. He owns
April @speakout_april🔁#TrumpCare politicking. Trump is using ppl' lives!
💙MamaCass💙 @CassieHWhite🔁ObamaCare is officially dead.

It's from this point forward, folks.

You break it, you buy it.

The Tweetwit @TheTweetwit🔁@Trump2020AK their premiums went up. That is the part that needed to be fixed, but #TrumpCare will cause millions to lose their coverage.
pxgabriel 🐾 @pxgabriel🔁@samstein @Gryphen2009 It is NOW #trumpcare
CJ Schafer @RaisedRightWI🔁Dems: If #Obamacare is so amazing,
why are Americans forced to buy it!?
It doesn't make a whole lot of sense,
does it? 😒 #Trumpcare
Judyth Mermelstein @GadflyQuebec🔁#uspoli, how is it "great #healthcare" to allow sleazy insurers to sell policies that don't cover care? #Trumpcare
Kristin @keeshtihn🔁To those who voted for Trump because they disliked the ACA: your hero is now deliberately spiking premiums. Are you happy now? #Trumpcare
IG Brooks @IrlessBrooks🔁BIG PATRIOT PARTY the day the have to admit works better Brings down Premiums n Deductibles More Insurance Co competition across state lines More doctors accepting Plans Prescriptions go down We will laugh at you Obamacare idiots
Christina @Kane_Says405🔁The long & short of it is nobody is going to fair better w/ and the ppl who will lose the most r the
Tia Fez @Floor_model🔁@Reuters let him own his acts. It is forever known as #Trumpcare. He sabotaged American lives, it is all him.
Sha T @swimomom🔁, w/its record-high coverage rates, has now been transformed into . Dr. Trumpenstein owns the consequences.
Studio Moon NY @Bohemianmoon🔁What America is stuck with now is , That is the term now. This has been facilitated by the hand of
Tom @earlestation🔁#trumpcare is here.
IG Brooks @IrlessBrooks🔁We keep winning! Thank you ! Call it but WE call it free-Markets! gets Stronger every day!
J.Mo💘 @Joys_Desk🔁@realDonaldTrump It's no longer Obamacare, it's Trumpcare. You broke it, you bought it. It's all on you.
#Trumpcare #Trumpcare #Trumpcare
Alter_D.Ego @HyperDF🔁Subsidies gone.
Premiums skyrocket.
Sick get sicker.
Rich get richer.

Carreramae @carreramae🔁When #DonaldTrump destroy #ObamaCare @TheDemocrats better not help #Trump redo so he can call it #TrumpCare millions will leave the #Dem pty
Sha T @swimomom🔁 With the eo, #trumpcare begins gop now owns healthcare. On them #pendulum #2018Midterms
The_Rida @the_rida🔁Who’s the real homegrown terrorist now? good luck everybody, let’s see the death toll start to trend up. You can tha nk this guy.
Rteefact @Rteefact🔁That's how works, pay more and get less or nothing at all. making you sicker than before.
Cali Sprenger🏳️‍🌈 @CaliSprenger🔁MAGA hope you enjoy #TrumpCare
Sha T @swimomom🔁 @realDonaldTrump Because you sabotaged enrollment, it's #TrumpCare now. You and you alone own it.
UniteTheLeft @MikeMcDonald83🔁Well let's see if works better. Hopefully you remember when you get sick. Remember when you lose coverage.
LOGICAL FALLACIES @advisingtrump2🔁@BeingKimmieToo which is why its no longer #Obamacare ... Call it what it is #trumpcare
Sha T @swimomom🔁 It's now known as #Trumpcare
Alter_D.Ego @HyperDF🔁 Donald Trump and Republicans OWN Healthcare in America it's called #TrumpCare
pxgabriel 🐾 @pxgabriel🔁@ZTracer @jtozz It is no longer Obamacare it must now be called #trumpcare correct it every time @keithellison @KeithOlbermann @TomPerez
Rick Rinke @RickRinke🔁#Trumpcare is what we need because
maggie titus @911perfectstorm🔁HE & now own and the harm it does to millions. to replace them.
@EMcintosh76 @emcintosh76🔁Dems this is a billboard we MUST fund immediately, mitch ( ) is a cancer on the USA
Studio Moon NY @Bohemianmoon🔁And will raise ALL premiums for everyone at least 20% immediately. Not just exchanges, ALL health insurance.


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