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#TrumpUKVisit#TrumpUKVisit devon🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 @devonclifton🔁 #TrumpBabyBlimp is up. #TrumpUKVisit
#TrumpUKVisit Econo-Wife @caseykassidy🔁 Yes!!! Absolutely genius sign for the Anti #TrumpUKVisit protest! All credit to Alice Mundy on FB!
#TrumpUKVisit E.Chadwell @Fiddlestix7🔁 Right now in London. #TrumpProtest #BringTheNoise #TrumpUKVisit
#TrumpUKVisit Toast @simon_toast🔁 My friend's outfit for tomorrow's #BringTheNoise #TrumpUKVisit
Martin Ⓥ @kershaw_martin🔁 Trump is not welcome in London!


Colin Ward @ColinWard3🔁 @realDonaldTrump gets a warm welcome as he passes through #CamdenTown #TrumpUKVisit
#TrumpUKVisit#TrumpUKVisit#TrumpUKVisit#TrumpUKVisit Halle Vargo @Halle_Vargo🔁 Some favourites from today #TrumpUKvisit
#TrumpUKVisit Alastair Breward @AlastairBreward🔁 The amount of happiness in this picture is overwhelming #TrumpUKVisit
#TrumpUKVisit Professor Ruth Blakeley @ruthblakeley🔁 Nelson Mandela trying to catch #TrumpBaby #TrumpUKVisit @roshbeth
#TrumpUKVisit J Courtenay Grimwood @JonCG🔁 “We need to talk about the elephant in the womb”

#BringTheNoise #TrumpProtests #trumpukvisit

#TrumpUKVisit 😈Godless Particle @The_GodParticle🔁Has that insufferable 🍊🤡 #Trump man gone yet?
Let’s the dogs out!


#TrumpUKVisit 《Teri Kassam》 @choudhr2🔁@Nigel_Farage Oh you missed one #TrumpUKVisit #skynews
#TrumpUKVisit Jer @jerjohner57🔁 WHY I LOVE THE UK! ❤❤

#TrumpUKVisit #TrumpProtest

#TrumpUKVisit Sefryn Penrose @EverydayElvis🔁@cher we did you proud - 250,000 peeps out #TrumpUKvisit #TrumpProtest
#TrumpUKVisit Shanarà 🌻 @shanaravianna🔁 In my element 🎥
#TrumpUKVisit #antitrump
#TrumpUKVisit#TrumpUKVisit#TrumpUKVisit#TrumpUKVisit Krisppee @Leviievann🔁 Well played, everyone
#TrumpUKVisit#TrumpUKVisit chris @chrisjv91🔁Simplest ones are the best #TrumpProtest #TrumpUKVisit #StopTrump
Nicola @nicclesb🔁 Plenty of people at #Windsor #WindsorCastle #TrumpUKVisit #TrumpVisitUK today @NoTrumpWindsor
#TrumpUKVisit Moonpig @MoonpigUK🔁If we make a 100 of these baby #TrumpUKvisit balloons will you buy them?
David Schneider @davidschneider🔁For those saying we shouldn’t antagonise a vain, unpredictable fascist leader with protests etc but instead curry fav twitter.com our with him to try and get what we want, it’s already been tried.
Jeremy Corbyn @jeremycorbyn🔁Theresa May has invited President Trump to our country at a time when his dangerous and inhumane policies are putting twitter.com the lives and wellbeing of millions of people at risk.
Debbie 🇺🇸 ⛵⚓🌊 @DebbieVaritek🔁.
Since Don's inauguration crowd is now a standard unit of measure, how many inaugurations are we looking at here? ? twitter.com ?

M🇺🇸 #KeepAmericaGreat JUSTICE @MKWPatriot🔁When will a reporter ask the question?

Who is Q?

Enjoy the show

orchid_meemz #FBPE #NHS @OMeemz🔁 'Boris would make a good PM' - the house is on fire and he's praising one of the arsonists!? Trump says tonight UK won't get a deal if it's a soft Leavers criticised Obama for wading into Brexit – they’re all silent now. Talk about double standards!
Daniel Hartman @dehhartman🔁Signs for :
"Careful now."
"Down with this sort of thing."

Father Ted would be proud! 👏

Roberta Buchan #FBPE @RobertaBuchan1🔁 How do you feel about the #TrumpUKVisit?

RT Poll after you vote for a larger sample.

Mraviationguy @Mraviationguy🔁It was my first time seeing the Lockheed C-5 Galaxy on Wednesday. Truly an amazing plane.
Felt even better seeing them having driven straight across from Edinburgh with not even 5 minutes to spare once we got there.
⏯️ ✈️🇺🇸
SJ Tweets 🐾🐶🌴🏄‍♀️😘 @SJ_CA1🔁WOW. The drone photo Met Police didn't want me to take
Aamer Ahmed Khan @Aak0🔁Just one part of the anti-trump crowd outside my old office :) bravo #London #TrumpUKVisit twitter.com
locked out of catherinealysha☹ @catherinealysh🔁Twinkle, twinkle, Donald Trump,
What a giant orange chump,
Up above the world he flies,
Like a condom full of lies.

Peggy Reichman @peggy_reichman🔁I LOVE THIS ❤

The UK have made it clear that bigotry is never welcome.

America is by your side.

Boy with No Fashion Sense @PunschtorteLite🔁I would have loved to be in London today for the #TrumpBabyBlimp. I’m sure it’s a blast.


((The Heir Entail)) @TheHeirEntail🔁 Meanwhile by not turning up to the Libtard Carnival of Autistic Wailing to signal our virtue in public, the other 65 twitter.com million of us were tacitly offering support for The Donald. 🇬🇧🇺🇸
JonHarding @_i0n🔁"Trump, Tommy Robinson and your racist supporters: There are many many more of us than you."

- , Stand Up To Racism

Tomorrow 1pm Old Palace Yard: Unity Protest against far-right

Rosalind Pay @rospay15🔁We have a 3 day visit from the President of our closest ally, and the childish Mayor of London, along with assorted lefties led by the bbc want to make him feel unwelcome. Utterly potty and disrespectful. Embarrassing
fenellaporter @fenellaporter🔁Excellent energy down at and demonstrations today!

is not.

RESISTNYC @nyc_erik🔁Thank you to our allies in the who stand with us against and and their subversion of our democracies—through and the .

We are with you!

Andrew Fisher @merman1974🔁The media keep saying won’t see these pictures because he’s busy. So help him out if you can.
Steve Green @stevegreen39🔁There were officially more people protesting on the streets of the United Kingdom today than were at ’s inauguration. Strong message from America’s “closest ally”.
Michael Oxlonge @MOxlonge🔁But considering today’s visit of an orange menace this song from this album is more appropriate
Mel Parallel 🇺🇸☘️{⭐} @MackinMelanie🔁We love you KW and London and all our British friends! Wish all us could be there in London with you supporting our . Thanks for being such a great friend to the USA! 🇺🇸❤️🇬🇧
Stand Up Magazine @StandUpMag_🔁And our video from the protests at Nottingham against Trump's visit. People across the country are coming out to show twitter.com Trump is not welcome
MIKE BUONAIUTO @Mike_Shapes🔁 Watch and share the highlights from today’s protest in London.
This is what happened when we said no to Trump’s hat twitter.com e:
When we unite, we cannot be ignored.
GILL ROSS @gillross60🔁Good lord. Queen wasn’t impressed, that’s for sure.

Honestly. What a moron this creature is.

Robert Henning @Bertokamus🔁A high security presence is expected in the vicinity of Parliament Square & amid concern demonstrations planned to coincide with US President Donald Trump’s visit could turn violent.
Darren Williams @DazAltTheory🔁President properly triggered on tonight's as seen by his opening monologue. I wish, he had the SAME vitriol regard twitter.com ing the numerous killings so-far in 2018 within .
Sam Page #FBPE @SamLJPage🔁Amazing scenes at the

I bumped into two shady characters and a Green hero

Colonel Bertorelli @ColBertorelli🔁 Do you agree with the #TrumpProtests today?

#TrumpUKVisit #TrumpVisitUK

Please RT after you vote for a larger sample.

LADY ALL⭐️STARS {⭐️} @lady_all_stars🔁Despise the hateful protests in -but stop for a moment and take in how beautiful and majestic this city and Britain is--what a beautiful performance, the Queen, the traditions! Chilling and one of a kind-Never lose that charm Britain!
woman @FabFitzy🔁Emma Lazarus (1849 -1887) US poet, writer, translator. Of Sephardi ancestry, inspired to support Jewish refugees from European pogroms; Wrote Statue of Liberty poem "Give me your tired, your poor/Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free..."
prerna singh bindra @prernabindra🔁Elizabeth II is currently having an afternoon tea meeting with Donald Trump. God Save The Queen has never carried more meaning.
GB AMERICA @MansardtheGreat🔁Re protests at Trafalgar Square - there is NOT 100k people here.

Closer to 20-30k.

Absolutely nothing organic.

"Protestors" have been bussed in w/many professionally manufactured signs by Labour and Remain (anti-Brexit) organizations.

Dying breath of globalism.

z @artfulmoment🔁There it is. Protesters are flying their Trump baby balloon above London’s Parliament Square
Equinox @Equinox_UA🔁Thousands of people rallied in London against . They also brought a giant balloon depicting Trump as an oversized baby.
Anne Oosty [Coney] @travelanita🔁Smiling Monarch welcomes the leader of the free world and the lovely Melania twitter.com
Scott @scottspur🔁 This is bigger than his inauguration crowd. I love my people. #TrumpUKVisit twitter.com
NY Nite Owl @SoarForFreedom🔁"AMAZING✨GRACE!"

SO PROUD of both, & during LOVELY WELCOME to !
(Hearing those🎶"bagpipes"...brings tears to my eyes....)


jerrolin Best @JerrolinB🔁Hundreds & hundreds of protestors outside making an amazing noise! Incredible atmosphere! So proud to be here! No, , Britons do NOT like you or your racist immigration policies.
Painter Provence #FBPE @RemainerCreates🔁Lovely choice of colour from the Queen. A stunning EU blue, to meet the ManBaby who's doing his best to break up the EU.

Looking good, Ma'am

Patricia P @PRoadrunner8776🔁Looks like the
and thousands of protesters of the are quite effective, as the Pissflake-in-Chief says he feels "unwelcome."

ICYMI, we've been sending him that message for YEARS now.

Good on ya, London!✊🏼

Rogue One 🦉 #MMT @Revoltin_Morgan🔁CND's Kate Hudson proud to be at the front of this enormous demo!
עות'מאן @usmaanbilal🔁Hate Trump but please also remember when Obama visited the UK in 2011, he had already:

- deported hundreds of thousands of migrants
- bombed Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq
- helped turn the US into a surveillance state

Number of protests against him? Zero

Mac Hawkins #GreersLaw #BackTo60 @Hawkins2Mac🔁Thousands of people have walked out of worklppaces and classrooms to descend on the streets and sent a message to the world: Donald Trump and the racist, capitalist politics he represents, are not welcome here.
kataisa ~ #WalkAway from Dems! @kataisa🔁If only Londoners had the wherewithal to protest against Mayor Khan and the Islamization of Europe. It's sad and dist twitter.com urbing watching our allies committ cultural suicide before our very eyes. 😯
DataNiagara @UltraFlashGun🔁This is NO JOKE —
The New York Botanical Garden is located at 2900 Southern Blvd.
Again, 2900 Southern Blvd. twitter.com
Kazwoot @fluidfox9🔁Indeed. But : in the end, Trump’s policies, his vile populism, have same roots as . So please tell me: how can you condemn Trump while simultaneously enabling Brexit? It makes no sense: Brexit too puts lives and well-being of millions at risk.
Mike Karwoski @MKrashski🔁London's Muslim Mayor has said he hates this picture of him as a giant balloon flying over London! ***SO PLEASE DO NOT RETWEET IT***

bernardo garcia @Ares5280🔁I can’t even follow Trumps incomprehensible babble! I need a freakin translator! Please extend his trip abroad indefinitely.
rea tarvydas @afuckingwriter🔁'Gobshite' embroidery created by Allie Lee of the Profanity Embroidery Group (PEG) which was exhibited at The Anti Trump Art Show in London

Take 2 Tours @Take2tours🔁Theresa May has invited President Trump to our country at a time when his dangerous and inhumane policies are putting the lives and wellbeing of millions of people at risk.
NihikiNeko @nihikineko2🔁These signs were ‘the highest level of special’: some of my faves from the march.
Trump Army @ManuelB59425346🔁Right now, is giving a masterclass on how to do a press conference. Mass immigration from Africa and the Middle East has hurt Europe deeply, and he held firm on that.
Paul Dillon @DILL0Nesque🔁The De-evolution of Mankind (Pelican Books, 1975). scarfolk.blogspot.com
MIKE BUONAIUTO @Mike_Shapes🔁 Watch and share the highlights from today’s protest in London.
This is what happened when we said no to Trump’s hat twitter.com e:
When we unite, we cannot be ignored.
MIKE BUONAIUTO @Mike_Shapes🔁 Watch and share the highlights from today’s protest in London.
This is what happened when we said no to Trump’s ha twitter.com te:
When we unite, we cannot be ignored.
Annette Maillet @AnnetteMaillet3🔁A Little Reminder as & sit Down to Tea with Queen Elizabeth II.

Maybe Queen Elizabeth can Give *45 a few Pointers on what True Patriotism & Service to One's Country Looks Like.

Jeanne Birdsall @JeanneBirdsall🔁There will be no violence, and no destruction of property. There will only be from thousands, the steely determination that fascism must be defeated before all of our lives can return to normal. Be strong and know, we beat fascism before and we can do it again.
David Bell @DavidChasbell🔁We’ve spat in the faces of our EU partners to sell ourselves to a racist monster who cages children and puts toddlers alone in court. What the fuck has happened to Britain??

NY Nite Owl @SoarForFreedom🔁🕊️✨God Blessed !✨🕊️

2018:🇺🇸 & at🏰
welcomed by🇬🇧British PM Theresa May & husband Philip.
I'll bet thought of how ,His❤️Parents would've been.



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