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#TrumpRussia 🗽BlueTexan👻🎃 @lkjtexas🔁@DonaldJTrumpJr @IvankaTrump 😂😂😂Alot has changed! #TrumpRussia
Steve Marmel @Marmel🔁Trump: 400K new "followers" over the last few days.
The bots are lined up and ready to go, folks.
Be prepared.

Steve Marmel @Marmel🔁When attacked by Trumpians tomorrow.
After ANY news.
Half - TWENTY MILLION - are fake.
Trump's latest twitter audit twitter.com .

🖕👉🐘 @rogue_gmac🔁@ABC Failing is the new winning. #TrumpRussia
Scott Dworkin @funder🔁Fmr GOP Rep. Chaffetz says “Mueller is a great selection. Impeccable credentials. Should be widely accepted”


Michael J. Evans @EvansMichaelJ🔁Rick Gates, indicted w/Manafort, was in & out of WH in early days of Trump presidency, says WH advisor
Bridget Berich @Docbfb2Berich🔁 Paul Manafort's last tweet. Happy Indictment Day, Paul! #TrumpRussia twitter.com
Notmy Prez @stilllwithher🔁 Kushner, Trump Jr, and the Flynn family. Getting nervous yet? Mueller, is coming for you real soon. #TrumpRussia
AvaHarlow @AvaHarlow🔁If I'm the White House, it’s Papadopoulos that I’d be worried about.
James Miner @jminer137🔁In 8 hours the defense has gone from:
1. “Nothing about !” to
2. “Low-level volunteer!” to
3. “Back off or I’ll nuke the world!”
🎃₮'ṔἄṲ🎃 @WomanResistorNC🔁A good time 2 re-read this guide by on how 2 read & interpret news.

Lily Voss @VossLily🔁🔥🔥🔥Sources tell me things are going to start moving fast and furious in Mueller's probe. More indictments, more people charged.
(((Balth Bartram))) @balthsbart🔁No kidding. Nail a few, watch the others panic. They will lead investigators to the strongest evidence.


Jeff Ruff @1jeffruff🔁Flynn can't be too far behind, unless he's already 🎶🎶 singing!

The Real Red Lobster @realredlobster🔁Reporter: What do u do in Russia?

Don Jr: I've looked at everything from resorts–hotels–golf courses.

marina @MaresaContreras🔁Kushner Doesn't Read, Calls His Father 'Daddy,'😂 Y does he have ?
trisha mckelvey @trishamckelvey🔁
Clovis must NOT be confirmed to USDA! He’s connected to , & isn’t a scientist!
Mieke Schotting @SchMieke🔁NEW PODCAST: Indicting the Mainstream Media. How media failed on , , etc.
Cathleen @TlaleyDesigns🔁Mueller’s strategy: Treat the campaign like the mafia vox.com
E.H. Hau #Persist @ActionTime🔁We See REAL Possibility that To Step Down By 2018 as FBI Probe Shows Colluded with Russia
Gracie Waggner @GracieWagg🔁💥BOOM!💥 👇🏻 twitter.com
Woman of Letters @WickedestWitch1🔁been there, done that. did i mention who cares? if he committed a crime, lock him up. still has nothing to do with twitter.com
M.Jones @MsMaddieGonzale🔁💣Papadopoulos shifts 🇷🇺timeline MUCH earlier👉🏼knew of "emails" in Apr👉🏼DNC hack revealed in June‼️

TrumpHouseOfNuts @Trump1is2nuts3🔁I think this is the true Donald ( ), the 1992 Donald
April Thompson @dishgirl4🔁 Looks like the "Witch Hunt found a witch, Bitch"
@POTUS @realDonaldTrump
tastewart @tastewart🔁 If you were Manafort and Gates, would you flip and tattle? Absolutely. #TrumpRussia twitter.com
Christie Woolsey @Boxers4pres🔁

Believing in Easter Bunny doesn't make it real.
Believing FOX news is the same.
Neil Larsen @BerserkerNeil🔁@realDonaldTrump Your kind of quiet today little man
Too much Truth to deal with today?


MadMD ❄️ @laurapedirose🔁 @4everNeverTrump And who hand-picked Pence as Trump's VP?


Hmmmmmm 🤔🤔


Jericho3K @Jericho3K🔁Hey

Trump's campaign chair was indicted for conspiracy against the US. Will you start 🇷🇺hearings now⁉️🙄

janismclaren @janismclaren1🔁. on : Understanding the debunked conspiracies, Manafort, Gates, and Papadopoulos indict… pscp.tv
I-Do 2👍🏼 @MIdifference2🔁Tony Podesta and John Podesta right now.

That whole Mueller / Manafort / didn't exactly work out as planned.
Right liberals?

Barb PL @BarbPL🔁The American people deserve answers about . If Trump fires Mueller, we may never get them.
Gene Blodgett @GeneBlodgett🔁 Remember when we used to have a President?

That was nice.

#ImpeachTrump #25thAmendment #Obama #TrumpRussia #Collusion

CoolVirginMary @mystbabe777🔁Hey Sessions, hope your memory improves, real soon.

💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰 twitter.com

Lance Cooper @804StreetMedia🔁I'm with you both. #TrumpRussia must go. twitter.com
BecaLyn @BanowskiRebecca🔁 George Papadopoulos has confessed to what we suspected all year. #TrumpRussia #IndictmentMonday twitter.com
(((Timothy Thelen))) @timmthelen🔁You think Rep. Nunes will stop injecting himself into the #TrumpRussia investigations when he's indicted in a few weeks?
Hank Fan @droops42🔁GUILTY: George Papadopoulos worked very hard to setup meetings.

The campaign induced him to keep them on the down low.

Rex Byner @RexByner🔁
Why couldn't the Founding Fathers have thought of this?! twitter.com
Aphid Attack 🇺🇸 @AphidAttack🔁 Understanding the debunked #TrumpRussia conspiracies, Manafort, Gates, and Papadopoulos indictments. pscp.tv
Devon Ellington @DevonEllington🔁 POLL: How long will Republicans cry "Hillary Clinton" and hope it deflects/absolves from everything?
#TrumpRussia #Mueller
Joe Isonhood @IsonhoodJ🔁 Oops.
#TrumpRussia twitter.com
Shire46 @Shire46🔁@Mikel_Jollett Investigate @FoxNews their part in the #TrumpRussia Collusion. There is culpability there.
Boycott Trump @BoycottTrumpFor🔁We need a special prosecutor 4 ASAP! *45 is hellbent on continuing with the deflections 2 save his massive ass. Hell 2 the no!
j cowley @cosmicfirepeace🔁How much does #DonaldTrump &family owe #Putin? #TrumpRussia #Conspiracy
Big Tone @BigTone48674406🔁💣BOOM💣

Papadopoulos plea PROVES 🇷🇺. told him of HRC "dirt" in the form of "1000's of emails" AFTER he joined campaign‼️

SuzetteHussein @runesrevenge🔁Per well-placed source👉🏼more than *50 people* have been indicted already in 🇷🇺

Today is just the beginning, folks‼️


Paul Vistalli @PVistalli🔁Donald, this guy is definitely going to turn on you. Resign or be impeached. twitter.com
Ken @DigikenKen🔁Are you upset that the investigation has cost taxpayers almost $300m and has resulted only in unrelated tax charges? Vote & RT!
Ricksta @rickstas🔁What's it gonna take to get this little racist elf rat bastard locked up?

Maureen Shea @msnbme🔁The latest Daily Giggles ! paper.li Thanks to @destheray # #trumprussia
CATrlvn @catrlvn🔁Ryan AND McConnell have helped cover-up #TrumpRussia➡️now @GOP scandal➡️sold out 🇺🇸to protect a criminal president politicususa.com


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