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#TrumpRussia Citizens Fed Up @CitizensFedUp🔁Trump stiffs more contractors...
#TrumpRussia #MarkTheResistance @mfbusto11🔁 Trump stiffs more contractors...
Dr. Jonas Chartock @jonaschartock🔁 Comey practicing his walk into his post-Memorial Day Senate testimony.... #TrumpRussia
#TrumpRussia PJ McIlvaine @PJMcIlvaine🔁 Donny, you're out of your element! #Resist #TrumpRussia #UniteBlue #NATO
George Takei @GeorgeTakei🔁If there truly is "no there there," one has to wonder why Jeff Sessions has worked so hard to conceal his Russian contacts. #TrumpRussia
Scott Dworkin @funder🔁Paul Manafort stayed in contact w/Trump & Reince Priebus after FBI launched #TrumpRussia probe @politico #TrumpLeaks
Scott Dworkin @funder🔁Floodgates Opening: How Alleged Russian Hacker Teamed Up With Florida GOP Operative

#TrumpLeaks #TrumpRussia

MoonaNV @Moona9🔁NSA Chief Admits Donald Trump Colluded With Russia

Rantdog @OddZombie🔁THERE IS SOMETHING VERY WRONG w/ a man that celebrates w/ Middle East
Yet sours w/ NATO

Tina Pereira Sisti @TinaSisti🔁 GREAT AMERICA PAC? I Have that tied STRAIGHT TO @HOSTKEY @TGowdySC cc @FBIWFO #TrumpRussia
Karen Taylor @KarenTa78838802🔁Kushner "forgot" 1 Billion dollars in loans. His jailbird dad trained him well. But FBI closing in!
Betty Walden @BettyWalden13🔁 You're looking pretty deep with Russia, GOP.

#trumprussia #theresistance #FridayFeeling #trump

#JailTraitorTrump🗽 @KathyNeeds🔁Russian hacking and GOP collusion proves the election was stolen. Trump's presidency is a fraud.
Joyce Jelinek @JoyceJelinek🔁Dear Liberals, Aren't you just a little bit embarrassed that you fell for the fairytale? Are you even capable of embarrassment?
M Dixon @Mesobriquet🔁 @sendavidperdue What's broken is the current administration. #Trumprussia
Tracey Carr @9GdyOea62Ya1Awm🔁Sally Yates just gave Ted Cruz the legal body slam of the century. *STANDS UP AND CLAPS*
TaxTechnology @TaxTechGuru🔁The latest The #Tax Conference News Daily! Thanks to @ConferenceNotes @agan143 @freedomrider364 #trump #trumprussia
Sylveon @Shock_Yang🔁"This is only a distraction to throw us off the trail of #TrumpRussia, or he duped Putin too" - Pundit
Ginn Toxic @Ginny_ficaddict🔁If still has power over House subpoenas, he hasn't actually recused. What a f*cking joke!
LIGHTNINGLADY36 @lightninglady36🔁What a small, small man! #TrumpRussia #ImpeachTrump #trumpmustgo
Debra Milazzo-Shanno @DebraMilazzoSha🔁 We must do everything we can to remove trump from office.

#FridayFeeling #USA #RT #trump #trumprussia #theresistance

mary @MkgilMary🔁Trump is a clear and present danger. He must be removed from office.
Lori @seagal_lori🔁I can say with a HIGH DEGREE OF CERTAINTY
& Putin's ASSet

Trumpsparency @Thor_Sun🔁Except for affirmative action for redneck states in Electoral College, HRC won by >3M votes. is Putin's puppet 😠
Lori Potter @Elpotterishere🔁 Only way Trump could disgrace this nation more is if he took a shit in the Oval Office. #Trumprussia #Impeach
Dee @72gowerstreet🔁

STRIKE! while the iron is hot. Every day he remains he does more damage to the USA.

Arnie Santori @arniesantori🔁 Trump couldn't have had a worse or more embarrassing NATO trip if Putin had planned it... Oh wait... #TrumpRussia
Al Ro @alroresists🔁 Yep. We see you traitor @POTUS @realDonaldTrump #ImpeachTrump #TrumpRussia #WhatIsJaredHiding
p dug @dugovics🔁I bet Trump pardons his fam & friends before they're even charged.

Yep, he can do that.

Lori Potter @Elpotterishere🔁We are making a difference. When you , amazing things can happen.

Ken Warnock @KenWarnock🔁We knew this was just a matter of time. Given the spotlight on , DT doing this is proof of his entanglements/loyalties to Russia
Christopher Wasson @ChrisWasson052🔁 has 4 wings: Hacking Collusion, Russian Cash/Loans, Dirty Tricks Coordination, Espionage. Kushner? Maybe 3 out of 4.
Steve Braley @Steve_Braley🔁Nothing enrages Trump more than seeing dominate the news EVERY SINGLE DAY, derailing his agenda. When enraged, he i s weakened.
Tayloche @tayloche🔁Trump's administration wants to kill off millions of Americans by starving the elderly, poor and disabled...
dan sutton @dannon787🔁 Condemns ‘Alleged Leaks’
"John Boehner"
andrew sawka @AndrewSawka🔁Always thought Rogers was smoking hot nothing better than a patriot in uniform :)
H. A. Goodman @HAGOODMANAUTHOR🔁.@farenthold addressed @KimDotcom #SethRich probe on CNN #Congress #Congress2017 #Trumprussia #conspiracy
Debra Milazzo-Shanno @DebraMilazzoSha🔁GOP/Trumpers: "There's no evidence of collusion."

Ahem 👇👇👇

Fran Rosenburg @fran_rosenburg🔁When you make an ass of urself in front of NATO!

Liz Soderstrum @elizsode🔁Complaint Filed on Jared Kushner w/Dept of Homeland Security for his Russian bank meetings.

Daniel March @TheDanielMarch🔁So James Comey gets Old Media all excited about Trump Memos, but now won't let us see them.
Debra Milazzo-Shanno @DebraMilazzoSha🔁GOP, stand against Trump and Russia's act of war against us or leave. This is America, not Russia.

Lori @seagal_lori🔁Trump's presidency is dead and he doesn't even know it yet.

Tony Ferreone 🇺🇸 @homieferreone🔁It's Time to Demand . Climb down the rabbit hole.

Lady Lloyd @lloyddabbler🔁@swin24 @washingtonpost @nytimes Come on, we haven't had a #trumprussia two-scoop yet this week. I need one for the weekend. Bring it.
Pat Hahn @slkpca🔁Comey had to act on Russian Clinton intel he knew was fake, the risk of not doing so was too great. must answer for this.
WylieTrish @PBanderob🔁 More red flags regarding Cayman-based CMZ financial group (2013) MANAFORT #TrumpRussia
Calum Webster @CalumWebster🔁 Watching #Trump push and bully his way with #NATO is not just embarrassing, it's dangerous for the world #TrumpRussia
gsPATTON @gspatton007🔁Gotta hand it to 'em
Even 's weren't THIS persistent

Sheila Humphries @sheilafaye01_g🔁PRECISELY. is no longer the Republican Party, it's the Party aka Putin's Party. 👇🏻
Dr. DaShanne Stokes @DaShanneStokes🔁Russian hacking and GOP collusion proves the election was stolen. Trump's presidency is a fraud. #trumprussia #theresistance #rt
LIGHTNINGLADY36 @lightninglady36🔁American voters have sunk to an even newer low! #TrumpRussia
julee hebert @hjuleehebert🔁Dworkin Shared Docs Reveal Senator Mitch McConnell & Governor Scott Walker Are Crooked


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