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#TrumpRussia Seeker of the Truth @Grtseeker🔁 Putin owns Trump. #TrumpRussia #MorningJoe
Dr. Dena Grayson @DrDenaGrayson🔁🔥PENCE🔥

Back in the summer, Pence’s lawyer practically *begged* Team🇺🇸Mueller for an interview, but they told h twitter.com im to pound sand‼️


Because Pence is a TARGET, not a witness, in the 🇷🇺investigation‼️🤗

Omar Vaid @omarvaid🔁. We demand you apologize immediately for calling for the arrest of Barack Obama. Interesting that you are not callin twitter.com g for arrests of the Benedict Arnolds in the White House.
Scott Dworkin @funder🔁This is hilarious. Devin Nunes & other House Republicans-who have been conspiring in the scandal coverup with Trump- twitter.com are preparing contempt action against FBI & DoJ for not giving them documents related to the scandal they’re implicated in.

Jen Atkins @Jennifer_Jayde🔁Everyday, you wake up thinking that it can't be any worse. Then the President of the f-ing United States tweets suppo twitter.com rt of a pedophile, while denigrating the people of the . And the sun isn't even up yet.

Erik Solevad Nielsen @eriksolevad🔁Trump's lawyer offered a dubious explanation for Trump's bombshell tweet about Michael Flynn twitter.com
James Yoakley @jyoak🔁@realDonaldTrump You realize this makes zero sense. #TrumpRussia #MuellerTime We need @GDouglasJones. Make America Respected Again
Shaun @kane513🔁This is hilarious. Devin Nunes & other House Republicans-who have been conspiring in the scandal coverup with Trump-are preparing contempt action against FBI & DoJ for not giving them documents related to the scandal they’re implicated in.

Penelope Cellucci @PeneCell🔁I’m glad he and his scowel stayed home. He knows he is not popular. #TrumpRussia twitter.com
soodlee™ @isoodlee🔁@realDonaldTrump And grabbing little children, like u
#TrumpRussia #mondaymotivation #RoyMoore #Impeach #MuellerTime #MAGA
✒️Maddi “No more Nazis & bots!!!” Hausmann🖋️ @madhaus🔁You do know Brian Calle is tied to right? Also, look up one of the new owners, Makarechian, and his organization called GenNext: here's a sampling of what they do (spoiler alert: they're shadow brokers):

TexasTechsun @texastechsun🔁A shiny object to shift media focus from Flynn & admission of obstruction of justice. The desperation of a cornered a twitter.com nimal.

Linda Curtis @linjcur🔁🚨Matt Drudge Zings Mueller Probe: What Is The Punishment When The FBI Lies To Us?

Shuman @Shumankaman🔁@realDonaldTrump Birds of Feather. #RoyMooreChildMolester

#TrumpLies #Impeach45 #TrumpRussia #MAGA #Resist #MoronInChief

Jennifur @FurForceFive🔁Why Flynn ultimately betrayed Trump theweek.com #TRUMP belongs behind bars. #LockHimUp #TrumpRussia #Flynngate
Richard Paz @rap5657🔁#TrumpRussia OIL OIL OIL forget coal comeback Awaiting Trump's coal comeback, miners reject retraining reut.rs
Robin @rob0349🔁It's obvious that . tweet endorsing for U.S. Senate is intended as a distraction from his self-incriminating Tweet & twitter.com all the other news Don't be distracted
Veritas Dei Vincit @Lady0fTheManor🔁 Why did Brian Ross of #ABCNews do the #FakeNews story on #TrumpRussia? #RT #TwitterPoll
TobinEcht 🌎 @TobinEcht🔁Except:
1) is not the law of the land yet.
2) For most Americans, stock market is a long-term investment not tied to twitter.com single day activity.
3) Offshore cash goes to investors not jobs.
4) Trickle-down economics doesn’t work.
5) isn’t going away, fuckface.
MiMi BenSassi @rockinbensassi🔁My oh my, spoken from the horses mouth... twitter.com
B2 Resists @beewaa1🔁Your supporters are not in the stock market! This is for you and your family and your billionaire cronies! twitter.com
Brian Hjelle @Brian_Hjelle🔁 cnn.com
Now has graduated to full distraction status.
Don't drop the ball now tweeps! Up to US.
🇺🇸🔥Ron Myers😤😭2nd account Merry Christmas All @RonMyers98🔁Still No Evidence Of Collusion, But Is A Different Matter. Tic Toc -
BabyMama @clorisdelores🔁VIDEO: Republican Steve Schmidt Drops A Truth Bomb!


Those are the goals that RUSSIA wants for the USA

Diane McHugh @DeeMc47🔁“Jared Kushner colluded with Russia, that’s been proven at this point.” Scott Dworkin


margie murdock @margiemurd🔁Putin committed an act of war against America. Trump shook his hand and praised him. Think about that.

Storm🕊 @StormResist🔁Trump slams DOJ and FBI in weekend tweetstorm

Nathan M. Alexander @nmalexander1🔁Yeah keep on telling yourself that Donald. You are the only THING worse than cancer. Mueller is coming for you. twitter.com
Grace 🌺 @GraceUnderFire🔁@SarahHuckabee Oh Sarah, dear @PressSec, we agree on something. Finally. #TrumpRussia
Johnny Catsh @John_C_Catsh🔁Spokes Hick Sarah Huckabee Sanders should have deleted this tweet before it became autobiographical. She's not very g twitter.com ood at her job, is she?
PhatzNewsRoom @RealPhatsBlog🔁Trump takes to Twitter to criticize FBI, special prosecutor


Teddy Crystal @TLC_CN🔁 Russiagaters Are The Very Worst Kind Of Conspiracy Theorists

#Russiagate #TrumpRussia #McResistance


politics @pollwatcher9🔁Wow, Sarah can tell the truth every now and again...
#TrumpRussia twitter.com
Deedro @Deedro🔁We all know that treason is the reason for tRump`s very bad start to X-mas season. 😢🎄
is here⚖️
Roland M. Ward @rmward194🔁 Raiders coach's wife fires back at Trump: I regret voting for you topbuzz.com https://twitter.com/i/web/status/937659776107888641" target="_blank">twitter.com
star girl. @Thandeleko🔁 @realDonaldTrump You need therapy. We need you to not be president. #TrumpRussia #Resign
Karen Potter @klpsnow🔁@realDonaldTrump It's really a tax raise. #TrumpTaxScam #TrumpRussia #TrumpLies #TrumpEndorsesPedophiles
Immigration Com @immigrationcom🔁“S*itting bricks,” they are. White House paranoid: 'Everyone thinks they’re being recorded' twitter.com via
Erik Solevad Nielsen @eriksolevad🔁White House paranoid: 'Everyone thinks they’re being recorded' @realDonaldTrump #TrumpRussia apple.news
Tegan Shields @tegan_shields🔁May 2016 was another interesting month

*Email sent by NRA operative Paul Erickson to Dearborn about establishing Kremlin ties
*Paul Erickson has a holding company w 🇷🇺spy Butina
*Don Jr sits w Putin’s Torshin who has very close ties to FSB at the NRA event

PhatzNewsRoom @RealPhatsBlog🔁Russia investigation sheds new light on Jared Kushner's involvement with Moscow


Brayz @BrayleegirlK🔁"Jared I'll pardon you if you agree to swap wives."
Impeach🍑Manicula👐 @ReelNewzNow🔁'Operative Offered Trump Campaign ‘Kremlin Connection’ Using N.R.A. Ties'
C.T. @Iservedrinks🔁 Every time the has lying, Trump bootlickers like &
on, it greatly insults their viewers intelligen twitter.com ce. P.S. No1 would waste their hard earned $ on their worthless book.
Judith GonzRodriguez @jgonza64🔁 you said it so stop your incessant lying. Some people are saying you're desperate because you know impeachment is co twitter.com ming.
Jesse Kineman @Jkineman🔁You sold us to Russia and we know it. Mueller is coming for you.

Moe @SnickerdoodleMo🔁I enjoy watching your melt down on tweeter. Why is Kushner in the WH when he can't pass security clearance??? twitter.com
Elaine Cruz @cruzb882🔁Trump is, and always has been a con man, and will tear down all American institutions for his own authoritarian desir twitter.com es.
Kathleen Wolchak @kwolchak🔁@realDonaldTrump You need therapy. We need you to not be president. #TrumpRussia #Resign
BettyAuburn@suddenlu @BettyAuburn2🔁Have you seen trump's tweet? He needs his Sex Predator Buddy Roy Moore to win Alabama. twitter.com
Bet Not @BetNot🔁I can't wait to see . . . et. al. voted out of office in 2018. .
StaceyS @STASTA71🔁Good morning , !
Hope you guys are doin great!
Just a friendly reminder...


TJW @747_TJ🔁“Putin” PARTY above everything else! What a leader! #TrumpRussia twitter.com
ゲン @Gen_Ago🔁Stay in school and learn how to fact check!
Randy Weiss @RanWiz🔁Here's a list of issues that the is following regarding voter suppression.
This topic is IMPORTANT - twitter.com affects the veracity of future elections. However other breaking events are more URGENT to follow: & .

LEGITTOLOYAL @LegitToLoyal🔁The scandal is the cherry on the top of a massively corrupt system. A system that has allowed inequality to reach levels not seen since the Gilded Age. A system where Congress supports a that the majority of the electorate do not want.
Abueddie 🇺🇸 @VerneLaVurl🔁Thank you to the for your hard work in protecting US from enemies foreign & domestic. Please hurry up with the big, twitter.com fat domestic threat of
cmhorton @c_millerhorton🔁Glad you know it! #TrumpRussia #ObstructionOfJustice twitter.com
Dirty Ducko ❄️ @DirtyDucko🔁Whee

👎Just plain 😏❄️👍🏻 twitter.com

Judith Hawkins @aplebeianlife🔁@realDonaldTrump Moore wrote women should stay home & have babies so that’s a pass 🙄But let’s talk about #TrumpRussia arrests & your Taxes


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