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#TrumpResign NoNo2GOP 📎 @NoNo2GOP🔁 This would be the most Retweeted and Liked tweet of all time.


Beau Willimon @BeauWillimonThe time has come. has proven himself unable to govern. Join in calling for . Tweet & 🔁//twitter.com/i/web/status/899421800706265089" target="_blank">twitter.com
Seth Abramson @SethAbramson🔁Trump is unwell, unfit, bigoted, dishonest, corrupt, disloyal, and *dangerously* ignorant—he MUST resign. RETWEET if twitter.com you agree.
#TrumpResign Donald Grassmuck @dgrassmuck🔁 You CANNOT be president of only SOME of the people.

It is time for #TrumpResign.

George Takei @GeorgeTakei🔁What is your reason you'd like to see #TrumpResign? I want a safer, cooler world for future generations. Tweet yours. Let's get this going.
Karen @Fergie383🔁 We deserve empathy. #TrumpResign
(((Eileen Conn))) @milleronia🔁.-

We want u to resign. You know why. For all of it. Everything you've done. Resign.


alanpdx ‽ 𒀩 @alanpdx🔁 "Why should we be deported?" he asked, "This is very, very hard for a family." ? independent.co.uk ? #trumpresign
saradute @s_dute🔁 SCIENCE! #TrumpResign
#TrumpResign @Ihavenoprez🔁 is a demand by the American people to this pathetic President. We have to keep pressuring. Support:
Donna @donnamoon81146🔁Reminder For Liberals,
Should Change Their Slogan To:
"Lose, Cry, Repeat!"
Grammitude💥 @jgsworld08🔁 We deserve humanity. #TrumpResign
Vernon Snodderly @Top_Sergeant🔁 ROLL CALL: RETWEET if you're a proud member of #TheResistance & you want Donald Trump to resign immediately! #TrumpResign
LucidPanorama @LucidPanorama🔁It's not a question of whether, but when. Join me to demand . Let's return to arguing about the best way forward--without him.
P Baird @farandwee🔁RETWEET to demand effective immediately

He has proved he has never been fit to serve as President of The United States

Grammitude💥 @jgsworld08🔁 Climate science is real. #TrumpResign
Chrystal LEANNE 💜💜 @persistentlady7🔁 We deserve respect. #TrumpResign
Scott Dworkin @funder🔁We deserve better. #TrumpResign
Fatema @FatemaFareh🔁 Embarrassed! These results are certainly embarrassing. #TrumpResign twitter.com
Suzy Sheridan @hellcatqz🔁Immediately after you should stop what you're doing and tweet out —then RT other people's tweets—then repeat.🤓
Kelly @kskinnervan🔁 We deserve love. #TrumpResign
Crissy mcadam @crissy_mcadam🔁 "If someone starts tweeting at 3 in the morning because SNL made fun of you, then you can't handle the nuclear codes." - Obama
Cyn @SweetCyns7🔁 The time has come America.


cipher awareness @CitizenFront🔁 Trump is incompetent.

#TrumpResign twitter.com

BRIAN FRASER @bfraser747🔁This talk about & now . Pay no attention. is going to remain until 01/20/25
Eliyahu @EliyahuOren🔁Why should ?
R ussia criminality
E moluments/nepotism
S tupid, dangerously so
I nsanity
S enility
T yrannical narcissist
Christine Fleuriel @cfleuriel🔁 So @realDonaldTrump & @GOP, is this what you call responsible fiscal conservatism?
#TrumpResign twitter.com
SocialistRant🔥🔥 @socialist_rant🔁 THE Jerry Falwell, of the Immoral Majority? Yeah, he's a keeper!! #TrumpResign twitter.com
Nelly @Nelly70Marin🔁US taxpayers forced to pay $60,000 in golf cart rentals to Trump usat.ly
Pam Kling Jones @Realmommabear🔁The time has come. has proven himself unable to govern. Join in calling for . Tweet & RT each other. Be loud.
anne morrison @JagbusAnne🔁 POLL: Would you like to see #TrumpResign?
CY @yakjakgoofygirl🔁 We deserve stability. #TrumpResign
FRANCO MENDOZA @francot56🔁 insane trump #TrumpResign twitter.com
Carolina De Robertis @caroderobertis🔁Because Nazism and the KKK are disgusting and repugnant & anyone who doubts it is unfit to roam the streets let alone lead #TrumpResign
Susan GmommaObama @sweetgreatmom🔁 Trans should be allowed to serve@in the military. #TrumpResign
DUMPTRUMP @laurawilsonhun1🔁 My friend's grandma should be able to leave Syria and stay with him so she doesn't die #TrumpResign
Mathew @REALMATHEW🔁 Why would #TrumpResign? We're about to hit 3.7% GDP. Something Obama could never do.
Sue @beatlebabe49🔁 @DonnyBoucher34 @GeorgeTakei #TrumpResign because he is destroying our country and our democracy!
Marcella @grg_mc🔁 RETWEET IF YOU WANT @realDonaldTrump to SHUT THE HELL UP! #TRUMPRESIGN twitter.com
Tom LeBlanc🦎 @leblancweb🔁Hey ! Did you see is trending 3rd on Twitter? That can't be good for the .
The original Kim K @Kimmi0415🔁 I love when #TrumpResign trends
Kevin Waldron @OutragednOc🔁You mean #TrumpResign #TrumpResign #TrumpResign is trending?! twitter.com
Sergio Dericks @sergio_dericks🔁Every time we think *45 can't further demean the office he finds a new low. Enough is Enough
Mark Burger @markburgerenerg🔁 I want a government run by and for the people, not dark money and greed. #TrumpResign twitter.com
Sue @beatlebabe49🔁 @GeorgeTakei #TrumpResign because he is making the US a joke around the world and he wants to destroy science
Georgia Garrison @straitarrow10🔁Why do I demand that ? Simple. When someone creates a fraud University just to scam people, they're not looking to help people.
#TrumpResign @Ihavenoprez🔁MEGA FACEPALM: Trumpling Katrina Pierson Calls Slavery Good in Awful Attempt to Defend Trump
uǝɥoƆ ǝʞᴉW @cvcats🔁@BeschlossDC We won't have a president. The US will be ruled by a dictator, unless we do something soon. #TrumpResign
RGCain @rgcainmd🔁 @funder @MitchelJoslin #TrumpResign #TrumpResign just #ImpeachTrumpNow @GOP
ImpeachForAmerica @ImpeachForUSA🔁Can't we keep #trumpResign trending?! It should eclipse the eclipse!
Sarah Crutcher @crutcher_sarah🔁 #TrumpResign

Dear @realDonaldTrump you serve the American people and they want you to ______ ______. (Please retweet)

Robert Brian Lowe @robertblowe🔁.-Since u don't believe in science go ahead & stare into the sun when the occurs.

Ed Jones @jones7955🔁 I can tell u this. Tomorrow #TrumpResign will trend all day & night. Guaranteed. #TheResistance is on it.
zomaar-een-mening @BartjeDordt🔁 RT if you're done. #TrumpResign


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