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#TrumpInSD#TrumpInSD Jorge@WallSt @WallDesu🔁 Find someone who looks at you the way our troops look at President Trump. #TrumpInSD
Ian James @TDSIanJames🔁Hundreds turned out to protest Trump’s visit in San Diego: ‘We also know what it looks like for America to turn its b twitter.com ack on Immigrants.’
Ian James @TDSIanJames🔁Top protest slogan today seems to ‘Bridges Not Walls’ #BorderWall #TrumpInSD
#TrumpInSD Gwen Stephens @Gwen_Dances🔁“Eight styles of walls” 😂

#Trump #WallsDontWork #TrumpInSD #TrumpInCA

KPBS News @KPBSnews🔁Protesters are gathering in ahead of the president's visit. Follow for updates. twitter.com
The Fish in a Barrel @dafishinabarrel🔁“You have to know what’s on the other side of the wall.” - Trump

Why?? If you're worried what's on the other side, t twitter.com hen your $18B wall (that Americans are now paying for) isn't doing its job.

Lew Oliphant @mrxeriscape🔁Thank you for working hard to secure our Border Wall and make America a safer place to live for everyone.

Elena Haskins @ElenaHaskins🔁NO DACA! NO AMNESTY!

Identity Evropa activists in San Diego went to the rally today to voice their opposition to amnesty.

Many great discussions were had with Trump supporters, who are growing increasingly interested in Identitarianism!

Lacy Cooke @lacygcooke🔁"Have to have see-through," says of inhabitat.com tter.com/i/web/status/973937561935605760" target="_blank">twitter.com
Failure In Chief @Failure_inCheif🔁It was so interesting to be in to see the samples of the wall being built right next to a wall that already exists. twitter.com Someone said it was redundant. I asked them not to use big words
lunatico @moontic58🔁Your tax dollars are paying for Trump propaganda videos for his wall.
Grace @graca5683🔁 President Trump slams Governor Jerry Brown, says the Governor is doing a "very poor job for California."
kathy @BarnesBrainard🔁...except when a veterans center gets shot up, and the government takes no action to prevent gun violence.
Javier Cervantes @Cervan1ino🔁President Trump addresses US Marines at Miramar Air Station in California and is met with loud cheers. So proud of Semper Fi to all my fellow Marines! 🇺🇸🇺🇸
joel garry @joelgarry🔁US protesters go to Tijuana to get closer to #TrumpInSD google.com
karole @karole1945🔁Thank you for working hard to secure our Border Wall and make America a safer place to live for everyone.


Julian Paez @jpaez_paez🔁 Touch down: @POTUS landed at @MCASMiramar before departing to meet with @CBP officials. #TrumpinSD …
Richard Alan Eaton @emotionalstress🔁Thank you , for helping to keep the peace during President
TomasBravo @tomas_bravo🔁U.S. President Donald Trump smiles as his motorcade passes a police officer in riot gear following his tour of border wall prototypes in San Diego.
Steve Rogers @realADC133🔁 US Marines laugh at #FakeNews when President Trump refers to them being in the back. 😂 #TrumpInSD


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