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Nancy Pelosi @NancyPelosi🔁There really is a tweet for everything.

Note: #TrumpBudget cuts health care funding, including Medicaid. twitter.com
ArcticFoxx @arcticfoxx🔁And as expected, the damns the middle class, hurts the environment, hurts teachers, hurts the poor, hurts children, takes away healthcare from the sick, hurts the elderly, adds several Trillions of dollars to the deficit. 2018 is a fight for our very lives.
Senator Jeff Merkley @SenJeffMerkley🔁This is a train wreck… no, literally, it’s a train wreck waiting to happen. After three fatal crashes in two months twitter.com , why would cut Amtrak funding in half??
Nancy Pelosi @NancyPelosi🔁The #TrumpBudget in a nutshell? The wealthiest will celebrate. Working families will sacrifice. goo.gl
Save America🇺🇸 @sareed59🔁The proposes delivering nutritious food to poor families Blue Apron-style

Since taxpayers are paying for food stamps, we should be able to make sure they’re actually getting food and not selling the food stamps for cash to buy drugs

Donald Trump's Nasty Budget

Princess Of Yemen🇾🇪 @0Ymn_princess🔁The most achieved by the -i in the face of & & their mercenaries in internal and external fronts for 2018 twitter.com
Debbie Sideris🌈❄🌊 @debbiesideris🔁The would eliminate
22 national agencies and programs

Cherie Ann Turpin @drturpin🔁Retweeted Kristen Clarke (@KristenClarkeJD):

BREAKING: #TrumpBudget would eliminate DOJ's Community Relations... fb.me

Covfefe #Maga @Covfefe_john555🔁 proposes eliminating federal funding for left-wing propaganda NPR and PBS. Great idea! No more stealing our tax dollars to pay for leftist propaganda!
Princess Of Yemen🇾🇪 @0Ymn_princess🔁 & training show that the -i people are determined to win against aggression in battles twitter.com
Cherie Ann Turpin @drturpin🔁BREAKING: would eliminate DOJ's Community Relations Service office launched after passage of Civil Rights Act of 1964 to help communities address tensions arising from discrimination on the basis of race, color, and national origin.
Sir Mountable of Cocksuckerdom @A_hungry_Fool🔁There really is a tweet for everything.

Note: cuts health care funding, including Medicaid.
Gillian Lindahl @Gillin7🔁This is a train wreck… no, literally, it’s a train wreck waiting to happen. After three fatal crashes in two months, why would cut Amtrak funding in half??
Marty Yates 🤖 Not A Russian Bot @marty713🔁 SpaceX #MAGA#ObamaGate
CIA under Clinton gave Iran blueprints to build a bomb through a Russian called Operation Merlin
Chris Opfer @ChrisOpfer🔁What does have for labor and employment? These stories and other are now posted at:

: Funding Plan May Bolster R bnanews.bna.com eorganization Proposal

: Agency Sees Flat Budget Request

OFCCP: Agency Gets $91M in White House Proposal

Gypsy Soul Into the Mystic @OctaviaCarrol🔁Just like Trumpcare & the before it, the will force America’s working families to pay the price for the GOP’s giveaways to the wealthiest Americans.
magnus cornoble @gremlinaire🔁's plan would add $7 trillion to the deficit over the next 10 years…“I probably could have made it balance,” Trump’s twitter.com budget director, Mick Mulvaney, said, but “it would have taken funny numbers to do it.” 

No, it would've taken discipline & maturity.

Covfefe #Maga @Covfefe_john555🔁 The #TrumpBudget is a good start, but we need even MORE cuts. Our country is in too much debt.
M. Span @MSpan10🔁Rural Trump supporters believe he’ll bring jobs back to their communities but proposes eliminating the Rural Business and Cooperative Service, which provides loans, grants and payments intended to increase opportunities in rural communities.
Rep. John Yarmuth @RepJohnYarmuth🔁Just like Trumpcare & the before it, the will force America’s working families to pay the price for the GOP’s give twitter.com aways to the wealthiest Americans.
ReadySetGo @KingLlewy🔁The assumes the current economic expansion, already 9 years old, will last another 10 years, with an average annual growth rate of 3%. In reality the next 10 years will include a deeper, and longer lasting recession than the Great Recession that spanned 18 months.
Ace Jenchura @JennnnChura🔁Donald Trump’s day so far:

- Releases asinine
- Jeff Sessions “Anglo-American”
- Donald Trump Jr. is going to prison
- Whoever mailed fake poison to Jr’s wife is also going to prison
- Come on, don’t pull that crap
- Robert Mueller’s got this
- It’s still only 5pm

skins314 @skins314🔁The lays out the administration’s agenda to undermine women’s health, strip away people’s rights, and impose their ideological beliefs on the general public.
Linda Schmidt @PolicyDrSchmidt🔁Your daily reminder that Trump:

▪️Breaks his promises
▪️Pushes policies that hurt his supporters

Xerophile 🌵 @segmentis🔁With the by 2027 the national debt will equal $90,000.00 due from every man, woman and child in America.

sarahmassey @sarahmassey🔁Are you a budget nerd and don’t have the time to read the ? Dylan’s got you covered.

Hint: It’s a dumpster fire:

ALovelyDay @Mickysplace🔁If Americans want a picture of who President Trump works for, the combination of the & this make it crystal clear. He’s for the rich & powerful at the expense of the middle class.
Columbus Neon 🌐 @ColumbusNeon🔁 Yes, we are entitled to collect benefits we have paid for during our working years.
braggingdragon02 @braggingdragon1🔁The would see another increase under , growing to nearly $200 billion. Details:
john starzaki @K1er🔁 Should Include $25 Billion For The Wall & Another $25 Million For A Some Nice Artwork😎

Just Security @just_security🔁Today's Early Edition: justsecurity.org and more ... twitter.com
Covfefe #Maga @Covfefe_john555🔁Why don't the liberals complaining about the cuts in the move to a communist shithole like North Korea or Cuba where the government controls EVERYTHING (hospitals, internet, schools, food etc.) and everyone is dirt poor? The left is advocating a communist system.
CareerFed @careerfed🔁 #TrumpBudget assumes much higher economic growth than nearly all outside forecasters. nbcnews.com
Dudley's Mom @Holdoneasy🔁The blows up the national debt 35% by 2027 when it will average $90,000.00 for every man, woman and child in America ... remember the budget surplus when Clinton was in office and the U.S. was on a path to $0 debt by 2012?

Bonnie Persists🇺🇸 @BonniBK🔁

* 34%
* 27%
* & Other Social Programs

will use that 💰on:

* Useless
* Agents

, &

Dr. Doug Hayter @DrHayter🔁 .@AASADan responds to #TrumpBudget aasa.org


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