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#Trump AmberR🌙se Griffis🌹 @WensdaiAddamns🔁I'm sensing a pattern....
#ivanka #trump #resist #TheResistance #TrumpsRacist
Laurence Tribe @tribelaw🔁Karma is catching up to #Trump: twitter.com
Fox News @FoxNews🔁#Trump's Ex-Wife: Donald's 'Definitely Not Racist' But He Is 'A Stable Genius' insider.foxnews.com
#Trump Jo Ann Mahoney @JoAnnMahoney6🔁 No way Chubsie Ubsie is 239


Laurence Tribe @tribelaw🔁I’ve listened to the WStJ tape of saying he’d probably have a good relationship with Kim-Jong un and must say I no l twitter.com onger think was lying about what he said. The word “probably” fits his subjunctive account, and the recording is ambiguous. Fair is fair.
Blue Musky @BlueMusky🔁Amen ! It's not rocket science, Sherlock: "Government Report: 73% of All Terrorism Related Offenders Over Last 15 Yea twitter.com rs were Foreign Born"~>
Michael Kish @MichaelKish007🔁 isn’t . The idiots are the ones. has managed to get under the thin skin of and their not able to handle it!! twitter.com The is !! They report their own personal rather !!
Daniel Greenwald @DanielGreenwal1🔁Secretary of is a spineless whose anemic character was amply revealed today during Congressional testimony. I'm su twitter.com re-like many appointees-she has no job qualifications whatsoever. 🤔
M. Delbert @TheGreatTruths🔁Strategies to defeat a

Ladders work.

Tunnels work.

Holes in walls work.

Rope works

Billions to delay entry by 2 twitter.com minutes tops.

Is it fun lying about something that is not denying.

You are pathetic.

bry.#swg. @bry0000000000🔁 is awesome no little boo hoo liberal bs twitter.com
debbie cordoza @dannluvbears🔁 and his party are about to shutdown the government friday.

Aren't you glad you put these guys in charge of everything America?

EuCoDu @EuCoDu🔁. The doctor who did the Trumps physical is not a neurologist, or pychometrician. Only these professionals can make twitter.com a valid cognitive evaluation, which normally lasts at least 4 hours. Please bring an expert to explain this. 'sCognitionProblem
Tamika @MikaShay32🔁LIES! #Trump #Russia #Racist #TheResistanceVOTES twitter.com
Konnie Kar @kkarop🔁In Case You Missed It
Jim Acosta Suggests Doctor Could Be Withholding Information About ’s Health

Can we get an exam on Jim Acosta?😏

Marla Davis @marla_j98🔁.: "We really feel much more optimistic, specifically in the last three months, and that's all President ."
Deplorable 👠Sheil @DeplorableSheil🔁 #Trump's Ex-Wife: Donald's 'Definitely Not Racist' But He Is 'A Stable Genius' insider.foxnews.com
Monty Burns @real_MontyBurns🔁This can’t be RT’d enough. The word “shithole” is being projected onto ’s DC hotel. (via ) 👏👏👏👏👏

Christine Mitchell @cubasemoi🔁No respect. #Trump is showing his true, arrogant colours. twitter.com
Leone @leone_kurlinski🔁 Continues to Win Because He Speaks Directly to Us Through Twitter & Through Campaign Style Events that Bypass the Media. We Must Not Get Discouraged! We Must Continue to Fight & Share 's Message Through Social Media. We Will Not Be Defeated! We Will Win!
MeadowLyn @MeadowLyn🔁 said "Why can't we get more people from and . just reported Norway. He also gave several million dollars to Rand Paul to restore sight to several hundred . And Rand Paul did the surgeries. It was Trumps personal money. What a Racist.
#UNBORNness Otaviano @UNBORNness🔁 - Racist False Narrative Destroyed by Jesse Jackson who praises & thanks Trump for lifetime of service to African Americans.
🄺🄰🅈 ❄️🌊 @tngsmama🔁POLL: Do you believe ’s assessment of Donald Trump’s health?

Please vote☑️ + RT♻️

Greg Hong @realGregHong🔁NEUTERED!: Stubborn ass jim from the animal farm fails basic respect for the presidency...again. Accosting the pres twitter.com ident once too often, President orders the offensive ass out of The Oval Office.


B. Stew @BStew72401153🔁These people are stupid. That's the worst Photoshop ever, looks like Microsoft paint. And none of them are saying a w twitter.com ord about it.
Outsiderlookingin✌ @ChellOwens🔁Steve Bannon meets with house investators today.
I wonder how much he enjoys being called by

Sing like a bird Steve ⤵️

Joe @joezacc49🔁 @realDonaldTrump Do you approve of #Trump?
✞≻ᗰᗩᖇIᒪYᑎ ᗷ.🇺🇸🎂 @MarilynB777🔁EVERY accusation the MSM has tried to pin on #Trump about his physical and mental health, was PROVEN WRONG TODAY👏👏👏!! #Hannity #Tucker
Bill D @zeusFanHouse🔁The was its own onto all along.

Trump is in & , non-partisan .

I did try to tell you. 😎  ~

Charles W Blount @CharlieBlount🔁On top of the World Trade Center in May of 2001. You can see my Parents office on Wallstreet. Too much media on 'af twitter.com ter the hit', this is what we lost. #911
Donna L. Hardin @4chloebear🔁It's amazing that gets Scolded for things gets a pass for. Indeed.
Tyrannosaurus Rex (Male) @TyrannosaurusM9🔁Donald is a conspirator, a criminal, a racist and a national disgrace.
SupremeAli @Supremepotus🔁Roy Moore got 3 percent of the Black vote.... You think large amounts of Blacks are
going to support your President? twitter.com Keep Dreaming... had 3 abortions and you think he is ....
#TheResistance @stockguy61🔁 Maxine Waters to Skip 'Racist' #Trump State of the Union, Black Vet's Reaction Goes Viral goo.gl
Julie Paden @Juliepcat3🔁Diamond and Silk: " is not a racist. He's a realist...There is an old saying: What You Think You See in Others is What's in You. Maybe They Need to Get the Racism Out of Their Own Hearts Towards so We Can Move this Country Forward.
Kynan brown @KynanB33🔁I am loath to come to the defense of 's blathering, but facts are facts: When he referred to "very fine people" in , he was NOT speaking of the neo-Nazis. He singled out them as "bad people." It is simply dishonest to suggest otherwise
Sandy @TrumpsTrucker🔁🌪️

As the dominoes fall...the attacks against will escalate🔥

Knowledge is power, and power is strength 💪

🏆 Fake
🏆 News
🏆 Awards

..will expose em all ⛈️

1-17-18 is TOMORROW!👌

Brenda Whaley 🎠♠💟 @BrendaWhaley81🔁'I've Seen Fire and I've Seen Fury' Jimmy Fallon Busts Out His Best James Taylor for This Parody
S Nogg @SNogg3🔁 Is Donald #Trump racist?
Ginny Pattison @Ginnypatti🔁 to : You Can Begin to Prove You're Not Racist or Bigoted By Supporting Bipartisan Immigration Compromise.

Poor Chucky. Sit down!
Trump is NOT a racist or bigot! This is about America's SECURITY, NOT votes for Democrats.


andy.swain @andyswain5🔁President 's Job Approval by Religious Identification:
—2017 average—
•Mormon: 61%
•Protestant/other Christian: 48%
•Catholic: 38%
•Jewish: 26%
•Atheist/Agnostic: 23%
•Muslim: 18%


Seriously @Switch2decaff🔁She is a crook, trading and investing on insider information like all Congressmen are allowed to do!!!

This must cha twitter.com nge President Trump.

Cecilia @sessie03🔁Maybe should watch what presidential sounds and acts like. the one and only, a true leader, inspiration and preside twitter.com nt of the people, you are missed Sir.
Vcondley @Vcondley2🔁President Taft was 6'0 340 pounds.

Regime is trying to say Trump is 6'3 (He's 6'1) and 239 (Hahahaha)

Man's from Durban @ThisIsMfundo🔁So much of chaos this weekend... &M ...time to take a deep breath and have a peaceful Sunday 😉
نوري الحربي، @hIxr7Zd2DcmWjNK🔁Dr. King believed America was 'sick' in his day. That being the case, today’s led America is gravely ill.

May newquest @MN4Trump4P🔁 has learned Administration will appeal the decision by SF court.

Expect DOJ to seek review directly from but will also appeal the case to the Ninth Circuit.

First reported by Jake Gibson

Sandra K Eckersley🔹 @SandraEckersley🔁The pro-life zealots are happy to rip families apart when it suits. Christianity in the USA is a sham. #Trump #DACA twitter.com
David Schreck @StrategicThghts🔁Doing “mini-mental” for dementia on #Trump is no way close to testing his 40 year personality disorder. twitter.com
Nunzio Abruzzi @NunzioAbruzzi🔁 lies, it’s a pattern, the truth is almost always the polar opposite of his assertions. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but our might be an . Now about the size of his nuclear button... ?
Marla Davis @marla_j98🔁 #Trump administration withholds funding for @UN Palestinian refugee agency foxnews.com
The Crappy Christian @crappyxtian🔁:Turns out 's affair with PORN STAR LASTED FOR A YEAR, while HE WAS MARRIED to . PLOT THICKENS folks!!

Deborah NYC @DebsWorldNY🔁Deplorable. #Trump #criminalenterprise twitter.com
🇺🇸Linda Rawlings @RawlingsBob🔁 #Trump is right, #Haiti is a Shithole.
@realDonaldTrump @USAID_Haiti @USEmbassyHaiti cards.twitter.com
MAGA🌹Rose @MAGARoseTaylor🔁Seriously folks

It was confirmed today, after all we witnessed live & in color, down to the idiot asking about dentures


They serve only

Not we the people

So they are a clear & present danger!

hyland11 @hyland114🔁"" He has incredibly good genes & that's just the way God made him" Dr. Ronny Jackson,
Doctor to President

passed his physical with flying colors/much like the economy~firing on all cylinders

He's playing em' like a Stradivarius

نوري الحربي، @hIxr7Zd2DcmWjNK🔁How can you stuff? marks out of view, buffeted by race claims: (from ) apnews.com
Sari ✍🏼 @SMCADMAN🔁Stop fucking around with phoney-baloney mental status exams for dementias doesn't have, and LISTEN to medical specia twitter.com lists like psychiatrists who are telling you what Trump has!
Trump Newz @Trump_Newz🔁Maxine Waters to Skip 'Racist' #Trump State of the Union, Black Vet's Reaction Goes Viral goo.gl
M. Gibson- Leek @Scattermae777M🔁 Supporters Must Be United to Make a Difference. Individually We Are Powerless, But United We Will Be Unstoppable! Lets Not Allow Our Differences or Egos Divide Us, But Let Our Common Goals United Us and Drive The Trump Agenda. Lets Work Together. It Is Our Only Option!
🇺🇸Anna Belle Deplorable @Anna_D_Plorable🔁🇺🇸 🇺🇸 kicked out of the circle of trust after a wild weekend in Vegas. Also no longer welcome at Pence dinner parties or the baptist church.
ANtoniO @____anTONIo___🔁I just bought my first digital currency on Coinbase - try it!
Get 10€ by clicking on this ref code

Susan Womack @susangpwomack🔁 hatchet-woman Sarah Sanders was on live TV blaming the minority party for not getting a deal done on . Let's not forget that is the reason we're even "negotiating" over . He caused this mess by killing the program last fall.
alibullard @alibullard🔁good point. I'd love to see that anger directed at Pruitt, Stephen Miller, Mike Pence, and the himself. They all nee twitter.com d to be lambasted endlessly.
John @jwmatoney_john🔁 Supporters are Outstanding! The Left Calls Us Racist. The Left Calls Us White Supremacist, The Left Calls Us Unpatriotic. The Left Can Call Us Whatever They Want. The Outpouring of Support for Is Undeniable! Trump Supporters Love ! Proud to Stand With You!
Johnathan Gionova @jgionova🔁I guess Dr Ronny Jackson believes that only the good did young!!!

Wowser Brindow @wowserbrindow🔁@ScottAdamsSays reporters questions on #Trump's health. They're still at it. 🤣 youtu.be
Daryl Montgomery @nyinvesting🔁How's that global warming going? AP: "Even the eyelashes freeze: Russia sees MINUS 88.6 degrees F" twitter.com
KyanaBelle 🦅🌀🕊 @KyanaBelle🔁There are days when I am reduced to tears of mourning for a country I was once proud of. There are days when I am con twitter.com sumed by fear about whether my family will be able to escape as refugees when our society collapses, if the & aren’t stopped in time.


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