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Trump Jr Louisa Troughton @TroughtonLouisa🔁 This line in the BBC's analysis of Donald Trump Jr's email revelations is exquisite
Trump Jr Gabriel Adeniyi @freefineapple🔁Trump Jr. Just pulling down to built on same foundation.
Trump Jr Steve Masters @masterstips🔁#ThingsDonaldTrumpJrLoves Donald Trump Jr loves playing invisible trumpets.
Trump Jr Teresa J. @eliza1133🔁 An astonishing lede.
Trump Jr buckiprof @buckiprof🔁 "I have never even heard of Donald Trump Jr."
The New York Times @nytimes🔁Donald Trump Jr. was told that material damaging to Hillary Clinton was part of a Russian effort to aid his father
Yashar Ali @yashar🔁Re-upping this story from last year that a college friend of Don Jr's shared about his experience with Trump and Trum p Jr.
Jonathan Jewel @jonathanjewel🔁Paul Manafort's ironclad alibi for his meeting with Donald Trump Jr.: He didn't read the email
Harlan Roberts @HarlanRoberts4🔁@thehill @maziehirono - some common sense for you - Donald Trump, Jr. Russian Collusion Email Scandal | True News
Per-sister @keylime1472🔁Former Watergate prosecutor Nick Akerman says Trump Jr. emails are "almost a smoking cannon." Told me "there's no question this is treason."
cp @cultA_KlAsh🔁Donald Trump Jr just tweeted evidence that his brother-in-law lied on his SF-86 security clearance form -- a federal crime
Barb @Bcalsh🔁So the "happens" 2 break a big story on Donald Trump Jr right as the James Comey memos come under scrutiny 4 being classified. Hmm🤔
Marlene @Marlene02374846🔁Jared Kushner is copied on the Donald Trump Jr emails


Vicki @vandjg0go🔁 Trump defends Trump Jr.: 'I applaud his transparency'
sonny1471 @sonny1471🔁Flashback: Watch Manafort, Don Jr., Conway, Pres. Trump, Priebus, and Lewandowski all denying Trump campaign contact with Russia.
JLyn @sparkle_jenni🔁It's now PAINFULLY clear when trump said "I love the poorly educated," he was talking about Donald Trump Jr. & Butthead.
Scott Monaghan @scottmonaghan🔁The quality of the intel is irrelevant; the problem is that Trump Jr. took the meeting at all, legal analysts say
Bobby G @BGraham_MA🔁 #ELB: Common Cause Files FEC and DOJ Complaints Against Donald Trump Jr.
Jack Lambergher @LambergherJack🔁Trump Jr. conspired with a foreign invader to affect a US presidential election. Trump Sr. was probably party to that, will likely be proved
TheLightning Covfefe @TheLightning101🔁Liberal media in a frenzy because Donald Trump Jr released all his emails. Should've just deleted them. We know that's fine with them!
Rick Reese @KingTurd63🔁Donald Trump Jr. Nothing Burger is MSM/DEMS deflecting frm Obama's election meddling/ deralick of duty on Russian interference for 8 Months!
alt_splicing @alt_splicing🔁Donald Trump Jr. is poised to lead the US-Russia cybersecurity initiative. The first meeting already occurred last summer. More to follow.
Barbara Thompson @Barbara51864478🔁 Donald Trump releases official statement hanging his son Donald Trump Jr. out to dry
Sue Hernandez @sierracheyenn17🔁 .@POTUS defended @DonaldJTrumpJr as more revelations surfaced about a meeting with a Russian lawyer
Jane Searles @janesearles_jan🔁. reads statement from POTUS about Trump Jr & Russia Appreciates His Transparency
Thomas Bricker @Kiraroshi1976🔁 BREAKING: Russian lawyer who met with Donald Trump Jr. says she doesn't represent the Russian government, only herself.
Sherri Quinn @SherriQuinn9🔁Don Jr.
Donald Trump Jr
THE Latest Phantom Scapegoat For HER Humiliating Election Loss

↘️ Russia - Clinton ↙️

John A @arabadjis1🔁 There is not one shred of legitimacy left in the trump gang of thugs. via @usatoday
REBECCA #Covfefe @REBECCACRAMER5🔁TONIGHT: will have an exclusive interview with about his meeting with a Russian lawyer
Sam @MllkshakesBro🔁PLEASE RETWEET to show Dishonest DEMS/MSM that
all we have is Love & Support
for Donald Trump Jr.

JewishConnectivity @JewishConnectiv🔁Yes, I do follow Donald Trump Jr on Twitter. Don't you?
Joanne Carrier @joannelarae🔁 ANOTHER NOTHINGBURGER=> Russian Lawyer who Met with Trump Jr.: "I Was Not from Kremlin" (Video)
Tammy @w59_tammy🔁 Why does it look like someone close to White House is trying to destroy @DonaldJTrumpJr?
qurqle @qurqle🔁 Donald Trump Jr is like 2 seconds away from having his briefcase pop open and spill a bunch of rubles all over the street
Kevin Watson @Smetrius01🔁Donald Trump Jr. doesn't use Hillary's advisors therefore he actually has his emails, they haven't been subjected to Bleachbit.
Mary @reesworld1🔁Don Jr., Eric & Ivanka Trump will all be called to testify in front of both the Senate & House in probes—I'll make sure of it.
Obi-Tom Kenobi @notthefakeTom🔁Trump administration: There's no evidence of collusion. 12 legal experts: Yes, there is.
(((Caoimhghin Ó))) @komaramusic🔁Dianne Feinstein: “We need to have Donald Trump, Jr., and other individuals come before the committee, in open session, as soon as possible”
James Humphreys @BPratto🔁"Donald Trump Jr" releases his emails.

Hillary Clinton used bleach bit on hers.

See the difference?!?

CAT @damnitcatherine🔁ATTORNEY: play it cool and this whole thing will blow over
DONALD TRUMP JR: ok ok [picks up phone and dials 911] I DID A TREASON FOR MY PAPA
alicia kumar @AliciaKumar🔁Fox News edited out mention of Russian government when quoting Trump Jr. emails via
Stand With Trump @GiGito31959🔁LOL cites Trump's joke about Russia & Clinton emails to show relevance of Don Jr. emails. That's the "tell" they have nothing.
Adam Taxin @Adam_Taxin🔁"Attorney @GreggJarrett: What #DonaldTrumpJr. Did Was NOT Illegal – Even Political Collusion It Is Not a Crime"
CestQuoiLaGauche @CquoilaGauche🔁We re-formatted all those Trump Jr. emails to make them easier to read -- chronologically.

You're welcome.

White Is A Construct @CurseYouKhan🔁Trump Jr. joins his dad's clothing line, the people of Mexico and his stepmom in the exclusive "high quality" category
Rod Blackhurst @rodblackhurst🔁Flynn: Met w/Russians; lied
Page: Met w/Russians; lied
Sessions: Met w/Russians; lied
Kushner: Met w/Russians; lied Donald Trump Jr: Me too.
Alt Facts Checker ™ @Icheckaltfacts🔁 This is the man who connected Donald Trump Jr. to the Russian lawyer
Lena Link ❤ 🇺🇸 ❤ @lena_link🔁 Attorney Gregg Jarrett: Gregg Jarrett: What Donald Trump Jr. Did Was NOT Illegal
CelebFreeZone🇺🇸 @stonewall_sue🔁Russian who met Don Jr was a tabloid set up. Lawyer linked 2 firm who compiled the notorious dossier against Trump.
Julia @JuliaCHowie🔁Everyones talking about Donald Trump Jr & Russia but am I the only person thinking that be doesn't like either of his parent??? Probably
World News Tonight @ABCWorldNews🔁.: We must determine if Trump Jr. meeting was "testing of the waters" by Russians to see if campaign "would be receptive."
Randell @RandellMcDonal1🔁 Trump Weighs In On Don Jr. Email Chain: ‘My Son Is A High Quality Person’ via @dailycaller
Marianne Flanagan @MimiMom8083🔁 Guess what? The Steele dossier said the Putin regime was funneling anti-HRC info to the Trump camp.
Tom Davidson @kingofgonzo🔁. breaks down just how much the Trump Jr. emails appear to shift the overall Russia story
Elizabeth Bradbury @isabellabc🔁Julian Assange let it slip that he has Trump Jr's contact info…

How would he have that if they weren't in contact re: Russia/Hillary?

Ingrid Dreimann @anifinmo🔁With Trump Jr. admissions on , here's what must happen:

-- Ind. Commission
-- Revoke Kushner clearance
-- No sanctions relief

ForeverTrump @MAGAgr8t🔁Wow, way to be loyal to and , Fox News! Et tu, Brute?

John Frank @John_Frank1954🔁It is likely the emails were obtained through a FISA warrant, and subsequently leaked by people with access.
Sunshine🌻🌻🌻 @DimoreeP🔁June 3, 2016: Don Jr.'s email shows he was flatly told Hillary dirt would be from Russian government in effort to help Trump

July 24, 2016:

Tara Dresbach @TaraEDbach🔁Cast the Trump collusion movie with Trump supporters.

as Kasowitz
as Don jr

Canada 1st @WakeUpCanada1🔁?????Why did twitter censor this tweet of Russian Lawyer on TV tht admitted she had NO Gov Connection!
Donald Trump Jr.
Memphisbelle @Memphisbelle51🔁Another twitter expert who doesn’t understand the law.

Read for some facts…

Joshua A. Maxwell @0swald_Rabbit🔁 But his emails
lorbe @lorbe🔁Don Jr. July 24, 2016.

On the Clinton campaign's claims that the Russians were helping Trump: "It's disgusting. It's so phony."


John Amoss @JohnAmoss🔁I see liberal media today outraged over Trump Jr emails &yet are curiously silent on the concentration camps during Anglo-Boer war 1899-1902
Thomas Bricker @Kiraroshi1976🔁 Analysis: 6 things to watch for next in the Donald Trump Jr. saga
STOP TRUMPCARE @WomenSaveUSA🔁Russian Lawyer is doing interviews on her meeting w/ Donald Trump Jr. Putin is sending his message loud and clear-Trump better stay in line.
Gregory Danner @electricboyo🔁USCIS & DOJ granted her a "parole letter" but why WAS SHE ALLOWED TO MEET w Trump Jr, sans actual VISA
ps, she requested visas for her kids
krizz santos @krizzy__j__baby🔁 Donald Trump Jr. has tweeted some interesting thoughts on Russia over the years...
greg scheinert @GregScheinert🔁Donald Trump Jr released his emails because he has nothing to hide. Hillary still hasn't released her emails. Oh yeah, she deleted them.
Ellen Greaves @ECGreaves🔁Fmr. DoD official floats idea: Veselnitskaya was a dangle, sent by Russian intel, to see how Team Trump would react
Michael Christiansen @BenBake09510119🔁Trump, Jr. smart to release emails. Tabloid guy set him up w Russian lawyer who promised Hillary dirt. She didn't deliver. That's the story.
Ralph Cerchione @Dry_Observer🔁... fmr. watergate prosecutor says the latest reporting on russia-trump jr. looks like "clear proof of collusion."
Ruth.Weinfeld @WeinfeldRuth🔁Via : CNN's Jake Tapper: Donald Trump Jr. is only willing to talk to "his father's favorite… |
Lisa Gregoire @lisaanngregoire🔁"A writhing ball of snakes pretending to be a government" - brings his A game to the Trump Jr fiasco
DZDOom @KidKreole🔁Donald Trump Jr. realizing his dad would let him go to prison for 300 years to get out of attending a 2 hour Senate hearing.
Bentley Gardener @BentleysQuest🔁 notice how Trump Jr. wasn't like "what Russian campaign to help my dad?!" Rather: "yeah, rad, let's meet"
Jim Murray @JimMurr52417153🔁This is not Bernie Sanders talking. Listen to what George W. Bush's former ethics lawyer has to say about Trump Jr.'s meeting.
UK Wildcats #1 in KY @hamboky🔁WH official to on Don Jr emails: “This is sum of all fears stuff. It’s what we’ve all been dreading.”
KELLY RYAN OBRIEN @kellyryanobrien🔁Donald Trump Jr.'s emails expose his attempts to compromise the integrity of our elections. 6PM at the WH: PROTEST to hold him accountable.


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