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Trump Caves: Become Trend on twitter at (2017-09-14 14:25)

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Popular tweets tagged with Trump Caves:
Trump CavesTrump Caves American Lish @lish0531🔁 Trump Caves ?????
Caitriona Perry @CaitrionaPerry🔁The Steve Bannon-led lashes out at for his Dem Deal on , calls him :
Trump Caves NADA PARADOX @dilloking🔁 "Trump Caves" Please. Chill. Ignore #fakenews
Trump CavesTrump Caves Mike house @mike_felan🔁 Is it true that "Trump Caves" to Pelosi and Schumer? Idk. But this doesn't look good.
Charlie Sykes @SykesCharlie🔁Check out this headline -->
Jennifer Rubin @JRubinBlogger🔁Trump embarrassed by being fleeced by Schumer and Pelosi reneged. Can't do business with abject liar who caves to whomever in front of him
Stormy Lane @American_Driven🔁 2,100 recipients had their status revoked for being criminals or gang members.
tom schade @SchadeTom🔁WINNING

👉DHS issues waiver for Wall construction
👉Ryan agrees to fund Wall
👉Pelosi and Schumer forced to LIE about

Trump Caves

CJIJAJTJ @cjijajtj🔁 Watch out for liberals pretending to be former Trump Supporters "crying" about how "Trump Caves."
Ga 4 Trump 2020 @fishinchickga🔁Please beware of trolls pretending 2 be DJT supporters w less than 50 followers. They r in high gear tonight w news about DACA & Trump caves
SoulChaos @SouChaos🔁Really? If Trump caves on amnesty and wall, siding with Pelosi and Schumer... blame Paul Ryan? I mean I don't like Paul Ryan but... really?
Pokerhanos @pokerhanos🔁Only real idiots would think Trump caves..Trump is a businessman who is working with and what will help him get it done for the Americans
cmm912 @cmm912🔁 Check out this headline -->
Kristin Eng @kle317🔁 @Acosta McConnell ,Ryan, TRUMP.
Caves to Chuck and Nancy!
James Solis @JamesASolis🔁Trump Caves - turning into low energy "Jeb!"
Jonathan Doe @JonathanDoe8493🔁If true, this will be Trump's undoing!
He will go to the dark side without my support!
I will turn my back on Trump, if he caves on the wall
MayDay @meckeesh🔁The #Breitbart #MAGA crowd is batshit crazy.

#Trump Caves on #DACA, Wants 'Quick' Amnesty for 800K Illegal aliens

divided/by/zero @pistach01🔁Really? If Trump caves on amnesty and wall, siding with Pelosi and Schumer... blame Paul Ryan? I mean I don't like… …
Hands off the kids👠 @carpediem1013🔁Do you believe Trump Caves and gives into Pelosi and Schumer & won't renigging on his promise to his supporters.
Justsayin' @6bird4🔁Trump Caves No Deal
this is how you fix it. You show compassion and you follow the law! Because it's the right thing to do on both accounts.
Anti_Liberal @Anti_Liberal73🔁#Trump Thinks for better of the Country,and we get Trump caves Trending? Wow!! I voted for a #POTUS who will work with all -Me
Richard @bluffcreekdog🔁. No. If true, blame Trump. GOP sucks, but if Trump caves on amnesty & the wall, that's on him. Quit coddling him.


Omer Causey @Am1stActionComm🔁@RealJamesWoods If Trump caves on amnesty, he will not get reelected. Base will collapse and turn on him.
Carol💕Trump @AnnCarolPerry1🔁Report: Trump Caves on DACA, Wants 'Quick' Amnesty for 800K Illegal Aliens - Breitbart
UniterOne01 @UniterOne01🔁"Trump Caves" is another Liberal Left movement trying to sway Trump supporters for dropping their support.

HailTheNewDawn @EsotericFrogGod🔁#AmnestyDon Trump Caves die-hard supporters are fuming after an apparent about-face on ‘dreamers’
Sunny Skies 🇺🇸 @KielSunny🔁"Trump Caves"
Americans First remember? Remember Jamiel Shaw? Was his father a prop?

Jerry Jones @Bud_Doggin🔁What happened at dinner? Trump, Dems don't see eye to eye "Trump Caves"
Sunny Skies 🇺🇸 @KielSunny🔁 "Trump Caves"

Apparently Potus has forgotten about the bad apples like the one who killed
Jamiel Shaw Jr.

America First @wthisagigawatt🔁Big time Trump supporter but WTH is up with his tweets this morning. Trump Caves?
Noreen Metz Williams @MetzWilliams🔁@Acosta McConnell ,Ryan, TRUMP.
Caves to Chuck and Nancy!
Independent1 @theclew24🔁>No border wall
>No H-1B halt
>No E-Verify
>No end to birthright citizenship
>Just amnesty
zelidasquare @Zelidasquare🔁"Trump Caves"
👍 Agree 💯‼️
Jamiel Shaw Sr: “My Son Was Murdered by a DREAMer”

NIKO, I'm with Trump @NikoTheFarmer🔁 If Trump Caves on DACA, he'll be able to hold his next rally in an elevator


Nikki Maley @MaleyNikki🔁🚨🚨 Horror Report: Caves on DACA, Wants Amnesty 800K Illegal Aliens over US needs
LiberatedCitizen @LiberatedCit🔁@ChristiChat #NoAmnesty keep your promise #AmnestyDon "Trump Caves"
louise morett @LouiseMorett🔁The Steve Bannon-led lashes out at for his Dem Deal on , calls him :
UniterOne01 @UniterOne01🔁 Hmmmm?

#AmnestyDon #DACADeal Trump Caves???

❤🇺🇸✴WE THE PEEP✴❤🇺🇸 @MormonismsACult🔁If Trump Tweets in AM "No DACA Amnesty no how" I'd follow him thru gates of Hell.
If he caves on DACA Amnesty, I'm done with .
Emby Sett @EMBY1🔁"Trump Caves"
Settle Down Folks, Trump Didn't Cave On The Wall Or Blanket Amnesty, He Is Just Negotiating🤔

UniterOne01 @UniterOne01🔁"Trump Caves"? Trump is crazy like a fox. He will NEVER forget his base. This is the MSM/DEMS new attack plan on him. Ignore them.
Queen Puabi 🔹 @Queen_Puabi🔁There is no Trump Caves, only meeting in the middle for America! #ArtOfTheDeal #MAGA
borisdblade @bladez_edge🔁@scrowder Trump caves on this, he's burned well over half his R support and a good majority of his voting base.
Fool me Once @deplorable_ivy🔁trump caves? was gonna b over turned by the courts this year,he forced congress to deal with it,something obama couldnt do
👌Brent 👌 @Nexus7900🔁 Trump MUST stick to his campaign promises or he will lose his base. No amnesty PERIOD! Understand?

Trump Caves

Rebekah Donohue @donohue_rebekah🔁Trump supporters reaction to "Trump Caves"on is priceless. They are in such denial, pissed, and jumping off the Trump train.
SpiffyWolf @spiffyw🔁 @mitchellvii Trump caves on amnesty means bye bye Trump in 2020.
HailTheNewDawn @EsotericFrogGod🔁 "Trump Caves"
How about believing Potus looks like he's about to betray us 😡😡
Queen Puabi 🔹 @Queen_Puabi🔁Yeah, we see you trying to split up the Trump supporters. Trump Caves to NOTHING but a good deal. #ArtOfTheDeal


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