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Truffle Butter: Become Trend on twitter at (2017-05-19 08:48)

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Popular tweets tagged with Truffle Butter:
Yo Mom is Basic @Undercoverhoe_🔁 @NICKIMINAJ that truffle butter sample on #SwishSwish y'all did that #NickiBBMAs
Truffle Butter Living Filth @Jarahyll🔁I guess I shouldn't actually say that it sounds like Truffle Butter when that song was based on a sample
Truffle Butter Ibrahimsim @kpriri🔁 Truffle Butter Pt 2
Wendy WHALElliams @Quin_ON_A_CONE🔁 @NICKIMINAJ that truffle butter sample on #SwishSwish y'all did that #NickiBBMAs
nick @nickicts🔁 @NICKIMINAJ that truffle butter sample on #SwishSwish y'all did that #NickiBBMAs
Eve Barlow @Eve_Barlow🔁my mate made me step out a gig to listen to that new @katyperry truffle butter 'swish'. it was worth it but this better get a retweet/fave.
spencer claus @spxncxrx🔁Swish Swish is just Truffle Butter.......... but gay.

I like it.

Momoko Radio @MomokoJamz🔁#NowPlaying Nicki Minaj - Truffle Butter (Feat. Drake & Lil Wayne)
Living Filth @Jarahyll🔁Nicki's bit on Swish Swish feels like a mix of Truffle Butter and Light My Body Up.
👁 @elliesprism🔁@heavymetaIovers oh my god Perez did say the song was like truffle butter
banguza @banguza🔁 why it sound like Truffle Butter?
Living Filth @Jarahyll🔁@elliesprism It sounds very similar to Nicki's Truffle Butter
🐳 @heavymetaIovers🔁@elliesprism it sounds like truffle butter
Diego. @DiegoHeGu🔁@hisillusion Truffle butter sounds exactly the same
Chriςto @FlyrixStar🔁Swish Swish is like two twitter Stan accounts met irl and have a fight while Truffle Butter is playing in the background
James Ockerby @JamesOck_🔁someone make a Swish Swish, Truffle Butter and Girls Like remix and see what happens
Patrick - Michael @plopaze1234🔁I am enamored with "Truffle Butter" becoming a pop banger.
Still kids. @Chaeyonce🔁The swish swish beat sounds like Truffle Butter Bitch , nah I am really loving this it's a cute bop
Matheus @mathcoimbra_🔁Morto que Katy liberou de surpresa esse feat com a Nicki 😱
Me lembrou Truffle Butter

B.T.B. B-LUV @BTBBLUV🔁Listen to B.T.B. B-Luv Mixtape 2016 # 36 They Know Truffle Butter Ft Abrea by B. T. B. / B - LUV #np on #SoundCloud
i love butter @beurrebot🔁 Swish swish isn't bad tho, I'm just unenthused. Not sure why she felt the need to recycle Truffle Butter, but okay. Cool
Darrõ @HarroDarro🔁Truffle Butter vibes yo
◐ Gaga | Panos ◑ @GagaNetCrew🔁Swish Swish beat sounds exactly like Truffle Butter
helen @Iukamodric🔁idk what swish swish is sounds like truffle butter
Ē @EleomarMillan🔁 La base de Swish Swish me recuerda a Truffle Butter me encanta
maddie holden @winningprotocol🔁crazy how hard swish swish goes. that truffle butter baseline
Radio Star KSA @RadioStarKSA🔁#nowplaying Nicki Minaj - Truffle Butter (Ft. Drake & Lil Wayne) #starksa #top40 #pop #dance
#NickiBBMAs @NickiBBMAsXo🔁 #SwishSwish Was giving me a lil truffle butter vibe #NickiBBMAs


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