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DaneRaider1 @DaneRaider1🔁@ChrisWesseling @AroundTheNFL Got Trubisky and traded for mahomes today. Future looks bright
Trubisky NFL @NFL🔁Trubisky ➡️Robinson.

Coming SOON to the @ChicagoBears! 🐻

Trubisky $ @CallMeChoo🔁 Trubisky ➡️Robinson.

Coming SOON to the @ChicagoBears! 🐻

Anthony Cushion @acushion21🔁#bears fans/Mitch trubisky after today...
Big Cat @BarstoolBigCat🔁Whomst would like to get triggered?

NFC North QB Rankings
1. Rodgers
2. Trubisky
3. Stafford
4. Cousins

Field Yates @FieldYates🔁An early winner of the NFL offseason: Mitch Trubisky.
BigNick54 @NickCianci1🔁 Mitchell Trubisky is winning big today...
Bears_lead_da_way @wampler_jon🔁Mitchell Trubisky
Jordan Howard
Tarik Cohen
Allen Robinson
Cam Meredith
Taylor Gabriel
Kevin White
Adam Shaheen
Trey Burton

I am beyond satisfied for the moment.

Ciaran 🃏 @PowerSportzHall🔁Serious question-

Did the become this much more attractive for FAs based on a new coaching staff & Trubisky or did Ryan Pace decide to start heavily pursuing his top FA targets now that he has "his" coach?

Food for thought.

Kyle Egan @kyito747🔁 depth chart ....

QB: Trubisky
RB: Howard, Cohen
WRs: Robinson, Gabriel, Meredith, White, Wheaton (for now)
TEs: Burton, Shaheen, Sims (for now)

Tyler 🦈 @balorhasrisen🔁UPDATED
This is actually an offense that is going to score points.
QB Mitch Trubisky
RB1 Jordan Howard
RB2 Tarik Cohen
RB3 Taquan Mizzell
WR1 Allen Robinson
WR2 Cam Meredith
WR3 Taylor Gabriel
WR4 Kevin White
WR6 Josh Bellamy
TE1 Adam Shaheen
TE2 Trey Burton
Armin Muric @Armin_Muric13🔁Mitchell Trubisky, when he hears the Bears have added Allen Robinson, Taylor Gabriel and Trey Burton to their offense:
Justin Dickens @Just_Justin8🔁All good, but fwiw- the eye test tells me Trubisky is better than Blake. Watching both their games throughout the sea son, Trubisky has a higher ceiling and yanno, was only a rookie!
J Good @JGoodWithSports🔁The added Allen Robinson, Trey Burton, Cody Parkey, and Tyler Gabriel. Nagy has given Trubisky weapons. Special team s is upgraded. Now need some help on defense
Mario 🦅 @ArrequinMario🔁That Bears offense 😳 Robinson and now Burton?! Trubisky is going to have a good year
Nate Parrish @Problemattic🔁On early downs, the Trubisky led-Bears were:
• 70% run from 12 personnel,
• 70% pass from 11 personnel.

The league average was
• 60% run from 12,
• 58% pass from 11.

No team in the NFL was worse with play call predictability from 11 & 12 personnel than the Bears.

Karl Craddock @KarlCraddock🔁QB Mitch Trubisky
RB1 Jordan Howard
RB2 Tarik Cohen
WR1 Allen Robinson
WR2 Cam Meredith
WR3 (Draft Pick)
WR4 Kevin White
WR5 Taylor Gabriel
TE1 Adam Shaheen
TE2 Trey Burton

RT if this squad is going to do damage!

Tim Kraemer @Kraemer151🔁Going back to the reasons why I thought Allen Robinson made the most sense for the :

- Still only 24, with upside
- Expensive, but it’s not ridiculous money
- You knew Pace/Nagy were going to do everything possible to help Mitch Trubisky... and they’re not done.

Sam Herriges @spamherriges_33🔁Whomst would like to get triggered?

NFC North QB Rankings
1. Rodgers
2. Trubisky
3. Stafford
4. Cousins

Jeffraaa @Jeffraaa🔁 An early winner of the NFL offseason: Mitch Trubisky.
VEEZY @_inVEZtigator🔁Most aggressive team so far has been the Bears. Got Trubisky a pair of weapons
Edwin Martinez @Edwinm1982🔁 Bears' free-agent moves put QB Mitchell Trubisky in position to compete
UnBearaBulls @UnBearaBulls🔁The Chicago Bears will have a way better set of receivers for Trubisky with the addition of Taylor Gabriel. The Bears are making some moves. Hopefully, everyone will stay healthy
JV @DZ_49🔁@RogelioPiedra If trubisky would have balled you would be saying the opposite 😂
Houston 🐻 @HoustonTheBare🔁“Remember the day when Mitch Trubisky got all those receiving options?”

“It was a Trusday, I believe.”

“Yep. That was really the start of his hall of fame career.”


The Respected Madman @KHMakerD🔁🚨Emergency Podcast 🚨

QB carousel, Trubisky and Mahomes emerging as FA’s big winners, Elway losing his Midas touch?

Ricky Rattlesnake @THEJoeyPasta🔁 “Mitch Trubisky is going to be great.”
-Von Miller
Hafiz Banire @hbanire🔁I want to make a guarantee. Not an Alshon Jeffery guarantee. No plot twist. I guarantee that the , with Trubisky and Nagy, will dominate for a long time. They will win Super Bowls — Super Bowlssss. This is Brady-Belichick 2.0. The league just doesn’t know it yet.


Shinebrite @shine_brite20🔁@TacosNSlurpees Trubisky had no targets, especially when Zach Miller got injured
Bob Harris @footballdiehard🔁FANTASY FOOTBALL ALERT: per , the Bears are adding still more downfield weaponry in the form of former Falcons WR Taylor Gabriel; he'll join Allen Robinson and Trey Burton on Mitchell Trubisky's list of targets
Supreme Grand Master DCXVI 👿 @xLordLyonsx🔁Trubisky is not trash.
Dominique Blanton @NiqueBlanton🔁Ryan Pace fixed the Bears' problems at wide receiver and surrounded Mitch Trubisky with legitimate weapons long term to now compete immediately in one free agency.

He was not messing around whatsoever. He was not playing games.

Ned Balme @NedBalmeLives🔁Really like what the Bears are putting together for Trubisky,

Genuine 50/50 jumpball targets with Meredith and Ro binson, open space weapon Gabriel, workhorse running back and promising developmental TE

All the tools to really find out what the young QB has

Christian Van Lopik @DraftCVL🔁Allen Robinson is a legitimate No. 1 receiver. He changes the game with his presence and will make the other Bears’ receivers THAT much better.
He talked about having a QB and team he could really grow with on Monday: he’s getting it in Mitch Trubisky and Chicago.
OZ @Ozsportsfan1🔁Boooom! Landed this beauty in trade with /10!!! All on card. So nasty!! Trubisky, Mahomes, Watson, Kizer, Webb, and Beathard! 🔥💣🔥
K Lavs @kevlav23🔁@WaddleandSilvy @TWaddle87 did that idiot say trubisky needs to go to the CFL cause he’s green? 😂😂😂


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