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Trubisky aasseew @asdfgeeeee2🔁For new Bears coach Matt Nagy, connection with Mitch Trubisky means everything
Trubisky PMac @Real_Meathead🔁 Chiefs Coach Explains The Moment Trubisky Won Over Matt Nagy #Bears
Trubisky Chicago Bears @ChicagoBearsRR🔁Nagy’s experience should benefit Trubisky
Josh 🇭🇷 @BornWijnner🔁@Billy_WHUFC Bears, solely because Mitch Trubisky is a gunman
Trubisky Bears Report @bears_fanly🔁Matt Nagy chose Mitchell Trubisky over Andrew Luck #Bears
Trubisky 🇯🇲OG 🔯💯2️⃣💯TONE @OG2TONE19🔁 Matt Nagy chose Mitchell Trubisky over Andrew Luck #Bears
David Kaplan @thekapman🔁Source tells me the Indianapolis Colts were all in on hiring Matt Nagy. Uncertainty on health of Andrew Luck vs Mitch ell Trubisky + Nagy’s belief the Bears roster is much better made decision for him. “Pace landed him by convincing him sunny days are ahead for the Bears.”
Chris Wesseling @ChrisWesseling🔁Andy Reid has told that Nagy is the best head coaching prospect he’s ever had. Will be interesting to see Trubisky d evelop under his watch
Adam Rank @adamrank🔁Matt Nagy and Mitchell Trubisky are next year's Sean McVay and Jared Goff. Guess that makes Jordan Howard the Todd Gurley.


SPEED TREND @SpeedTrend1🔁Nagy’s experience should benefit Trubisky
Kent Sterling @KentSterling🔁Franchise QB? You may be tweeting beyond Trubisky's ability to perform. I like him, but no one knows whether he's a f ranchise QB. Let him get that QBR over 30 before proclaiming his greatness.
Chris Yi @chrisyoungyi🔁Everything happens for a reason

The Chiefs loved Mitch Trubisky through the 2017 Draft process and were going to trade up.they blew an 18 point lead against the Titans so the Bears can interview and hire Matt Nagy before the 12 am Tuesday deadline for Fangio’s contract to be up

TRUBISKY/NAGY UNSTOPPABLE @BearsEst1920🔁You saying Trubisky didn't play well proves that you are completely unfamiliar with him as a player and shows you lac k credibility.
TRUBISKY/NAGY UNSTOPPABLE @BearsEst1920🔁@fangioszn @packers @Big__Blake50 In case you forgot, the packers don't have Tom Brady. Also Trubisky will be good.
Nathaniel Tolliver @NTolliver1987🔁Yep. And the difference is, Brissett was meant to just hold down the fort until Luck returned. Aka he’s just the back up. The Bears gave up multiple draft picks to move up one spot to make Trubisky their franchise savior.
Matt Maltese @RealMattMaltese🔁 Find yourself a girl that looks at you the way Matt Nagy looks at Mitch Trubisky.
A herbo @c_adrian52🔁Matt Nagy might be a year early as a HC hire but he's a tremendous coach. Rather be a year early than a year late. He'll open up the offense for Trubisky. Will develop WRs. Really like the hire.
Drew V. @DreVandenB2000🔁This isn't just the best play I've seen Mitchell Trubisky make, it's one of the best plays I've ever seen a rookie quarterback make PERIOD.
DJackson @action4life🔁 Mitchell Trubisky is gonna be a good QB.
‏ً @Trxbisky🔁 What I'm trying to say is Mitchell Trubisky had a quality rookie season.
Jacob Gallucci @JacobG88🔁“Beginning in high school, football was my sport; I wanted to be that D-I player.”

Nagy's experience as a QB should benefit Trubisky.

TRUBISKY/NAGY UNSTOPPABLE @BearsEst1920🔁@fangioszn @packers @Big__Blake50 L.O.L. At least Trubisky didn't throw 3 INT's in a game this season...unlike Rodgers.
TRUBISKY/NAGY UNSTOPPABLE @BearsEst1920🔁He's a young ascending great guy/player. Has a lot more in him than 34 year old Rodgers. Get used to Trubisky. He's g oing to be around for a LONG time.
Chris Carlton @Chris_Carlton🔁A few ways takeaways we can glean from this. In the end, Nagy essentially chose Trubisky over Luck, whose shoulder health remains a major uncertainty.
PettineSZN @fangioszn🔁@BearsEst1920 @packers @Big__Blake50 Hundley>trubisky
The Uman 🇵🇱 @Uman85🔁 Nagy interviewed Mitch Trubisky for 6 hours in pre-draft prep for Chiefs ... said he was blown away by his football smarts.
Keith Callaway @RunningBoob🔁@ChadLJordan @Adam_Klug Prob replace Big Ben or Ryan with Wentz, Brady with Trubisky.
Nathaniel Tolliver @NTolliver1987🔁you Play who’s on your schedule. At the end of the day they only won one more game than the colts. And Trubisky hasn ’t shown a damn thing yet to prove that he’s the guy of the future
PettineSZN @fangioszn🔁@BearsEst1920 @packers @Big__Blake50 Bears fans been saying that for years. U might wanna change yours too trubisky is shit
Mike W. @M_wilson_85🔁As the new Bears’ head coach, Matt Nagy has his work cut out for him.
on his keys to success:
David Rush @CrookedRednBlue🔁@ForTheCOLTure Trubisky sucks
Josh Lee @jeddylee_14🔁 Trubisky actually had a better PFF grade than Brissett playing a tougher schedule throwing to Dontrelle Inman and Jo sh I'm gonna give the edge to MT
Drew @promoman9🔁Give him the Julius Peppers Lambeau tour. If he turns down Rodgers for Trubisky, that’s a red flag anyway
Cousin Mort @CousinMort🔁@NFL @pepsi Trubisky and Cohen.
LOST @LostTTG🔁 Trubisky >
DIME @DIMEx619🔁Trubisky >
Chicago Bears Fans @BearsViews🔁#BearsNation #Bears #ChicagoBears For new Bears coach Matt Nagy, connection with Mitch Trubisky means everything
Josh Lee @jeddylee_14🔁Brissett is not markedly better than Trubisky if he is...How is Irsay better than McCaskey? I'll give you LOS and cap space, but Bears arent cap strained to where they can't get who they want. I guess I'd like you to go on.
Nathaniel Tolliver @NTolliver1987🔁Luck/Brissett > Trubisky. Irsay > McCaskey. Lucas Oil Stadium > Soldier Field. Colts - $84M under cap for '18. Bears $42M under. I could go on.
sgrhojam1922 @sgrhojam1922🔁Ryan Pace says Mitchell Trubisky was not involved in the HC hiring process: “We talked about it but at the end of the day we didn’t include him in the interview process.”
Van Wey @ColeVanWey50🔁 *Matt Nagy hugs Mitch Trubisky in his first exchange with him*
BEARS FANS: “Super Bowl!”
Kent Sterling @KentSterling🔁Luck/Brissett > Trubisky. Irsay > McCaskey. Lucas Oil Stadium > Soldier Field. Colts - $84M under cap for '18. Bear s $42M under. I could go on.
mjk @IndyColts09🔁One armed Luck is better than Trubisky ever will be, and the Colts have the 3rd most cap room in the league
chris lawrence @CsL594🔁Nagy is a big trubisky guy. They are close already & he believes they can make a super bowl run eventually from what I was reading about him last week.
Jonathan Kinsley @Brickwallblitz🔁What I'm trying to say is Mitchell Trubisky had a quality rookie season.
Jonathan Kinsley @Brickwallblitz🔁If I had complaints, it would be some misses on open receivers. But since Trubisky already has great poise and pocket movement, it's not a major concern, and he can fix that anyway.
Jonathan Kinsley @Brickwallblitz🔁Still calculating some areas of the field, but overall Trubisky's downfield accuracy wasn't bad at all.
Scott @scottbvb🔁The best part about Trubisky is how poised he is under pressure. Consistently keeps his eyes downfield, a sign that you're gonna be good in this league.


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