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Nicole Giacinto @niccg24🔁 Lou Lamoriello sounds off on hiring Barry Trotz as the @NYIslanders new head coach.


Darren Dreger @DarrenDreger🔁Sources say Barry Trotz and the New York Islanders are closing in on an agreement for Trotz to be the Isles next head coach.
Zach @GarthNeedsToGo🔁 Lou Lamoriello sounds off on hiring Barry Trotz as the @NYIslanders new head coach.


Islander Mania @islandermania🔁 Lou Lamoriello sounds off on hiring Barry Trotz as the @NYIslanders new head coach.


New York Islanders @NYIslanders🔁Islanders News: President and General Manager Lou Lamoriello announced today that the team has hired Barry Trotz as H ead Coach.
Elliotte Friedman @FriedgeHNIC🔁No one is expecting Lou Lamoriello to confirm anything...but word here in DAL is a five-year deal for Trotz at least $4M per year.
•Nosferatu @xMikeyGonzalez🔁Going from Garth Snow and Doug Weight to Lou Lamoriello and Barry Trotz is the biggest upgrade in the history of upgrades. Literally like going from a toothless crack addict hobo to Mila Kunis. Unreal.
Sal @SAL8116🔁Barry Trotz addressed the media for the first time as the Head Coach.

🎧Listen here:

Craig Reid @ccmreid🔁I think if Trotz doesn't get hired on the Island, the Isles had no shot of retaining Tavares. Now with his hiring tod ay, I think Tavares will listen. Could be a recipe for success for a franchise that has been garbage for 30 years.
Sporting News NHL @sn_nhl🔁"It's good to be wanted."

Barry Trotz said his decision to leave the Capitals was a matter of "principle" after contract discussions broke down.

on the new Islanders coach:

Sal @SAL8116🔁The hiring of Barry Trotz proves the Islanders mean business, writes:
🦂Avalanchian🦂 @Avalanchian71🔁Also they have been grooming their assistant coach Todd Reirden for awhile to take the job. They also didn't allow h im to interview for other jobs because they were ready to replace Trotz most likely anyway.
Rod in Regina @RinR1966🔁Islanders News: President and General Manager Lou Lamoriello announced today that the team has hired Barry Trotz as Head Coach.
Rob Smith @robsmith46🔁The last several coaches before Trotz all had one thing in common...1st timers that worked cheap. They also own the W izards who haven’t won a title in a while. I think it’s part of Leonsis’ corporate line...we don’t pay for quality coaching.
NHL Sabres News @NHLSabresNews🔁Barry Trotz + John Tavares + Lou Lamoriello = Stanley Cup???

Here's Trotz on how he sees the future of the

mwestlakejr @HappyMeal214🔁“When you’re able to get a man with so much experience, success and not only that, but is also a great human being, it’s great for the franchise.” -Lou Lamoriello on Head Coach Barry Trotz
Marco Annibale @mmmmmaaaarrrcco🔁 What a brilliant move by @NYIslanders - Lou Lamoriello who hires Barry Trotz as head coach! Instant credibility!
Ass in Jackpot 🏳️‍🌈🌹 @RoseTintedVisor🔁@alanhahn Can you sneak in your thoughts on Barry Trotz buddy or did I miss it? isles country fired up AF
Marco Annibale @mmmmmaaaarrrcco🔁

I love Lou, Lou loves me

We're a happy family

With a great big firing of Snow

And a hiring of Trotz from me to you

Won't you say Lou loves me too?

Puck MS @OJIBAJO🔁So Trotz sign with the Islanders. Reports are that his 5 year deal is worth double what he would’ve made annually on a shorter contract with the Caps, according to the Associated Press.
Washington Capitals News @dmddusseau🔁 A talk with Lou Lamoriello excited Barry Trotz about joining Islanders
Hockey Night in Canada @hockeynight🔁Barry Trotz + John Tavares + Lou Lamoriello = Stanley Cup???

Here's Trotz on how he sees the future of the

DINO COSTA @DINORADIONYC🔁The narrative has undergone a significant changeover since the end of the season. First Lou Lamoriello, today Barry Trotz. very own joins The SHOW tonight.

Kurosh Ruch-Kamgar @kruchkamgar🔁

seems clear talked to earlier in year. did fine – perhaps should sign him; fired him w/ Trotz in mind
I think Trotz knew himself he wanted out. All this bluster sounds like disguise -- but for whose ears – fans, players?

The NHL Informant @nhlinformant🔁Trotz provides stability. A huge add for sure. More discussion today between JT and agent, Pat Brisson, but Trotz hire helps Isles case.
#FireErnie @NotToBeThatFan🔁Trotz said it was "principal." Didn't feel like the value in his extension was fair for market value. He asked if something could be done. The Caps' response told him it was time to move on.
Islander Mania @islandermania🔁Lamoriello on Trotz: "I think what we need is an individual that can walk in that locker room, with the players who are there who have not really had a lot of success, and he walks in there [with] instant success. People follow that, and I think that’s a very important thing."
In Lou We Trust. @Tonelli2Nystrom🔁Why I love Barry Trotz: Game 3 2015. Early morning tailgate raging. Entire caps team boards a bus from the Marriott t o go next door to the coliseum & avoid walking through the drunk fans. Barry Trotz didn’t get on the bus and instead walked through the parking lot by himself.
Islander Mania @islandermania🔁"It's just great for the franchise."

Lou Lamoriello says the were 'fortunate' to land Stanley Cup winning-coach Barry Trotz. Our writes from Dallas:

Islander Mania @islandermania🔁Lou Lamoriello's state of the here in Dallas:

"Fortunate" to land Barry Trotz as coach

"No idea" on what John Tavares is thinking about re-signing

My latest for


SportsAsToldByAGirl @SportsAsTold🔁Barry Trotz Steps Down, Takes Over Islanders
NewsJunkie101 @SmartOne8927🔁 New York Islanders hire Barry Trotz, a coach fresh off winning Stanley Cup with Caps. @swhyno
Owen's Staff @OwenTheTonk🔁Super excited about the Isles hiring Barry Trotz Now we need Tavares to come back!
Rock Cutler @rockcutler80🔁Islanders hire Barry Trotz as coach.
$$$Wasted @UncommonSense76🔁@DarrenDreger @PaulZeise RIP Barry Trotz
Hernan Cespedes @hecespedes🔁In addition He knows our players coming up the system. Trotz is only aware of who is or could be dangerous. For god s akes stick to a coach. Shit happens. We need some consistency.
James Tanner @James_Tanner123🔁The dumbest thing I've ever heard, the absolute dumbest, is that Barry Trotz - a coach who makes at least one ridicul ous lineup decision per week - is going to be the deciding factor for Tavares.
domenico Jj @DomLongo22🔁Remarkable to watch Lou “Lucky” Lamoriello being able to accomplish more than LOW IQ Garth Snow did in a very short period of time for the New York Islanders. Now, big bad Barry Trotz is replacing dreadful Doug Weight behind their bench. Garbage Garth looks very weak. Too BAD!
Julia Rose @jay_babayy🔁"Barry brings to the New York Islanders franchise a tremendous amount of knowledge, experience and success.”

Barry Trotz named Head Coach:

Isles Realist @IslesRealist🔁Cuomo is winning regardless as NY is as liberal as it comes. With Lou and Trotz I have utmost confidence team can tur n things around. Weight was so incompetent Trotz will be good for 12 more points alone
domenico Jj @DomLongo22🔁 Does anyone think the Sharks or Montreal is gonna be a better destination to win than the Lamoriello/Trotz #isles?
C⚡️ @coreyoneill18🔁Thanks for everything Trotz ☹️ sad to see you go #ALLCAPS
Matthew Glickman @matt12193🔁Lamoriello said Trotz's structure will help defensive game "tremendously."

"Your game starts in your defensive zone… His style, his system is really consistent with the way I think."

Tyler G @ItsTylerG_🔁 Barry Trotz is the coach of the New York Islanders. Official.
National Statistical @NationalStat🔁📰 NHL coaching changes tracker: Islanders hire Barry Trotz, will reportedly pay him $4M a year ()
STANLEY CUP CHAMPION @AdamKrouse🔁Ernie Grunfeld can go 20 years without reaching the conference finals and somehow earn a quiet ass extension.... meanwhile

Trotz wins coach of the year, 2 President's Trophy, 3 division titles, 2 outdoor games, an conference title and a Stanley Cup... but he can't get shit!

NatStat NHL @NatStatNHL🔁📰 NHL coaching changes tracker: Islanders hire Barry Trotz, will reportedly pay him $4M a year ()

Nicole Giacinto @niccg24🔁Did ask Barry Trotz about John Tavares: "I think what I know of Lou, what I know of John...I felt strongly that once Lou gets with John ... Lou's going to execute a plan, a long-term plan that will be very successful so we can chase the Stanley Cup and win a Stanley Cup."
Comp Clarketon @clarkedc13🔁@DougMaclean Doug it’s code for “I low balled Trotz so I could bring in my guy”
domenico Jj @DomLongo22🔁 Not in your opinion. That’s straight up fact. Trotz himself is more than has been done since 2001
Peter Kirk @peterkirk🔁Yankees: Top 5 team in baseball

Rangers: Recent PS appearances, committed to a full rebuild

Giants: Still in their winning window

Jets: Young stars

Isles: Lamoriello and Trotz

Devils: Playoff team

Knicks: Fizdale, KP, moving towards the future

Nets: Cap space galore


Hernan Cespedes @hecespedes🔁I don’t agree. Getting these kids used to another coach is a waste of a year. He led this team the Second half AS AXP ECTED now keep it going! Trotz is a great coach, but we can’t afford another year of letting our players get used to the system.
The Sports Network @_SportsNetwork🔁The Sports Network NHL notebook: Cup-winning Trotz named Isles coach
Rich Kruse @Rich_Kruse🔁 Hiring of Barry Trotz proves Islanders mean business via @Newsday
KeithH @captwinkee🔁Said it when Lou was hired: I don't think he takes the job without having a good idea JT was staying. Now you have Barry Trotz in the fold. It's all falling into place.
RICH 🇩🇴 @ElRicky_🔁 Barry Trotz is the new head coach of the @NYIslanders.
Javier Flores @Wiz_Kid_21🔁Of fucking course the Wizards that this guy ..Jesus Ted you really troll the only team fan base that have stuck with you all these years and first Trotz and now this shit


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