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Trey Gowdy @JohnMcCainsTumor @jackdorseyzero🔁 Trey Gowdy On Washington Post: ‘Conflict Sells’
Trey Gowdy mueller it over.... @grifthunter🔁@ABC Here’s the beginning of the end for Trump crime family.. even Trey Gowdy knows.. Trumps guilty.
Unsullied Woodland Fairy @JenBJenNCurly🔁 This is the truest thing Trey Gowdy has ever said
Trey Gowdy The Skywalkers Live @CrazyHanSolo🔁Trey Gowdy be like...
CNN Politics @CNNPolitics🔁Rep. Trey Gowdy says he thinks President Trump should talk with special counsel Robert Mueller: "If you have nothing to hide ... sit down and tell him what you know"
Sean Hannity @seanhannity🔁Rep. Gowdy GOES OFF on 'Terrible' Congressional Probes...
CNN Politics @CNNPolitics🔁Rep. Trey Gowdy discusses his retirement from Congress: "I haven't been good, I don't think, in Congress and I don't enjoy it"
Pat forSethRich @bornsunshine🔁 CHANGER Trey Gowdy Just Sent Donald Trump A Message That’ll Have Him Cheering Like Crazy! - throwing hat in ring as FBI Director. -# - Way to go Trey, my favorite Patriot, A great man we should be so proud of him.
kj @kjsd61🔁Rep. Trey Gowdy says he thinks President Trump should talk with special counsel Robert Mueller: "If you have nothing to hide ... sit down and tell him what you know"
kcraigable @kcraig_101🔁 Once again, I’m sitting here thinking WTH, Trey Gowdy?!
Lisa 🇺🇸❤🇺🇸 @Lisa_Lisa_NJ🔁Even more GREAT news!
Screen hoopla news
Maryann @MaryL1964🔁Trey Gowdy seems to be trying to rehab his image before leaving office. Let’s not forget that he was in charge of the Benghazi Select Committee whose purpose was to tarnish Hillary during the election. There were EIGHT Benghazi investigations.

Deb Richards @GonnaGetGotSukA🔁For those of you who are under the impression that Trey Gowdy is a smart lawyer, I offer this advice he gave to President Trump as Exhibit #1 that he is not.
Ze Mad Hatter @CurlyMorton🔁Notice that all the men are Man-Spreading and the two ladies....wait one of those ladies is Trey Gowdy.
☘️LORAINEღ @lor65🔁Let me get this straight. Trey Gowdy is a former PROSECUTOR and he is advising the President to speak with a PROSECUTOR? Gowdy is unaware of Salinas v. Texas - the SCOTUS decision that makes talking to the police extremely dangerous.
Muellertime @dewayne_philip🔁The witch Hunt was Trey Gowdy and his wasting millions on Hilary, keep guzzling that Fox piss your brainwashing is al most done, fucking idiots!!
ElizabethCMcLaughlin @ECMcLaughlin🔁Once again, I’m sitting here thinking WTH, Trey Gowdy?!
Linda Price @LindaPr51394557🔁Nothing Dump has done so far has been enough for and to act. Why would they now? Trey Gowdy said they are cautious about seeming to work w/Dems & he thinks first before he says anything positive about a Dem. They are so worried about their constituents.
USA Hipster @USAHipster🔁Gowdy on New Developments in Mueller Probe: Trump Should Not Breathe 'Sigh of Relief'
Slater Browne @SlaterBrowne🔁@Don_Integrate Sad,what happened,Trey Gowdy,was once with America,a true American.
Mary Staples @Dogherder1🔁Trey was a handsome gop vampire who enjoyed drinking the blood of young babies but even he couldn’t get on board the Putin for president express train. There would be no borscht Frappuccinos for Trey Gowdy.
Amr @Sharouny🔁Trey Gowdy and the rest of the do-nothings that run to the CNN's of the world to talk smack about they're own party, is the MAIN reason why the DIMs keep winning special elections. Not a great way to motivate your base.
Valerie Johnson @Valerie74189942🔁Trey Gowdy Moves To Destroy Obama’s Shadow Government. Support Him? < America Fans via
Debra❤️Bama @tci92🔁 Trey Gowdy is a snake. Watch out for him Mr. President!
Cheryl Taylor @cheryltaylor204🔁Trey Gowdy: Robert Mueller’s investigation could still find criminal case against Donald Trump - -
Moon til Noon @moontilnoon🔁 Tim Scott and Trey Gowdy pitching unity on MSNBC. Fuck out of here.
Karen S. Sheets @KarenSheetsDPO🔁 Ex-Benghazi chair Trey Gowdy: ‘I haven’t been good in Congress and I don’t enjoy it’
Moon til Noon @moontilnoon🔁Is Trey Gowdy really on our TV’s lecturing US on the importance of “not making a judgement first — and then try to find facts to back it up”?
Covfefe-USMC 🇺🇸 @MAGA_USMC🔁. on New Developments in Mueller Probe: Trump Should Not Breathe 'Sigh of Relief'
Sue @GolfGalSue🔁Trey Gowdy On Washington Post: ‘Conflict Sells’ via @dailycaller
Dagny Delinquent @DagnyDelinquent🔁"Eh, hey, if you didn't do anything, just tell the state everything it wants to know!"

Said no attorney every--except, apparently, Trey Gowdy. This man is a dunce, a moron, a complete nincompoop. I have no idea how he graduated law school.

Boom!TetrisForJeff @thespadebaron🔁#NasimAghdam not trending this morning? What a shock
#MorningJoe trey gowdy
JingleBobSmith @sitycent🔁No attorney in their right mind would advise a client to talk to the police. Ever, and neither would Trey Gowdy. Make s me wonder.
Joe @zap_joe🔁What does the AWAN family have on Jason Chaffetz and Trey Gowdy you ask???
EVERYTHING!!! This is why they stepped down when they did.

Jane Baldinger @Janedrummer🔁 Trey Gowdy likes fairness. ROFLOL 😂

Could @treygowdysc be leaving bc he settled a $150k (taxpayers paid) wrongful firing suit he was responsible for dur the taxpayer wasteful Benghazi witchhunt, where he also admitted to doctoring evidence.

stebo @stebo5🔁The only "unlikely" thing about Tim and Trey Gowdy's friendship is the fact that Tim is the black guy and Trey is the white guy.


🇺🇸 Trey Dawg 🇺🇸 @ThePatriot143🔁 Trey Gowdy is a Crisis-Acting-Attorney....THAT IS ALL!!!!!
Butchiepool @butchiepool🔁Rep. Trey Gowdy strikes me as an opportunist and very controversial: onetime he’s fighting avidly for the President and his policies, now this comment he made here is a clear indication that he wants the President jailed. Trump lies all the time.
CF5853 Witnessing @5853Cf🔁Yeah Trey Gowdy is also one on the ever-growing list of politicians not seeking re-election. As hard as it is to admit it, he isn't the man I once thought he was. Looks like he sold his integrity off to the highest bidder somewhere down the line.
sandychair @sandychair🔁Rep. Trey Gowdy Chastises Republicans Who Were Determined to Make Obama a One-Term President
tommyzax @tommyzax🔁@David_Leavitt Trey Gowdy for President!
SoCal☘️IrishGal💋 @SoCalEdgyGal🔁 Rep. Trey Gowdy On Why He’s Leaving Congress: ‘I Like Jobs Where Facts Matter’
Nate Aldridge @thenatealdridge🔁 Trey Gowdy tenure in Congress has been a rocky one. Gowdy, elected dur Tea Party wave 2010. He used $150k in taxpayer 💸 to settle w a fmr aide who alleged he was fired for not focusing his investigative work on Hillary
Julie4evert @julie4evert🔁@kilmeade @TGowdySC @SenatorTimScott @foxandfriends Does anyone else think Trey Gowdy reminds you of Matthew mcconaughey?
Maxe @Maxe2009🔁@WilliamNSmith3 @Thomas1774Paine I think you could be right ... WOW ... very disappointed in Trey Gowdy @TGowdySC
LoveMeSomeTrump @HollyNiotti🔁On CBS, Trey Gowdy says of the House intel committee's Russia probe: "Congress has proven itself incapable of conducting serious investigations."
Nate Aldridge @thenatealdridge🔁 Reminder the 30k emails were not missing.

The FBI Confirmed that, they were deleted by & IT employee who forgot to delete them after Hillary turned them over to GOP Benghazi committee.

So y did Chaffetz & Trey Gowdy lie?

JC♡ @earth_to_jen🔁": Face it, Trey Gowdy failed miserably on Benghazi. He allowed it to drag out and in the end, let Hillary get away with murder.


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