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Trenton Staton Rabin @StatonRabin🔁Clint Frazier when he was with the Trenton Thunder for injury rehab games last season.
trenton @trenton_cerny🔁 Canela just had a baby so I’m taking care of her and her kids for #FathersDay 😂
Trenton Kiersten Ziray-Chinnock @KierstenMagic🔁 Clint Frazier when he was with the Trenton Thunder for injury rehab games last season.
Trenton WX Trenton @wc_trenton🔁Mon 21:00: Cloudy; Temp 23.6 C; Humidex 31; Wind WNW 13 km/h; Humidity 81%; Press 100.8 kPa / rising.
Trenton vorhees @vorhees95105575🔁@cantcensorthisB I was close I knew it would be Trenton or camden.
Trenton GCEMTWxSTEM @GCEMTWxSTEM🔁Tomorrow's sunrise/sunset forecasts for GCEM Trenton High School (
ChrisRiz™ @ChrisRiz🔁 He's back tomorrow...

Trenton josie moore @Jm28Jomo🔁 22 injured, suspect killed in Trenton arts festival shooting
Trenton Brainchild @Trenton_DuVall🔁 This is the dumbest thing I've ever started to make and I LOVE IT
John Cardillo @johncardillo🔁Mass shooting in Trenton, NJ last night.

20 shot. 4 critical including a 13 year old boy.

But you’re not hearing about it because the shooters were warring gang bangers, most likely non white, and it happened in “gun free” NJ.

Alyssa Milano @Alyssa_Milano🔁Another mass shooting. 20 INJURED, SUSPECT KILLED IN TRENTON ARTS FESTIVAL SHOOTING. #NoRA
Shannon Watts @shannonrwatts🔁New Jersey volunteers tabled at an all-night event in Trenton and created an art installation about imagining a worl d free from gun violence. At 2:45 am this morning, gunfire broke out near our table, injuring 20 - including a 13 year old who is in critical condition.
Trenton Bagby @trenton_bagby🔁@dennydog18 This is gonna cause some XXX-Tension on Twitter
Paul Biteme @Findomaddict555🔁What about Trenton mass Shooting? What about the NRA members who shot and killed a carjacker in Washington after he s hot two people and tried to kill two people in the store? Those events don't fit your Die In bullshit? Amazing how no mention. You are typical. Ass
elijah sexton @elijahzanesexto🔁Officials said there had been threats of violence before the shooting at a festival in New Jersey. Trenton's mayor-elect said he received a screenshot of a Facebook post that said: "Please, please do not go to Art All Night! They will be shooting it up!"
Ryan P. Haygood @RyanPHaygood🔁The stakes were high yesterday in NJ’s elections, but NJ denied the vote to 100,000 people with convictions—more people than live in Trenton, NJ’s capital. Join our campaign to pass historic legislation (S-2100/A-3456) to enfranchise 100,000 people.
Trenton @trenton_tigney🔁rest in peace 🙏🙏🙏 I never told you how much you inspired me when you were here thank you for existing
Irely Sloan @ireely_OVOXO🔁RIP X .. crazy my little brother was showing me his songs on our way back from Trenton & than we get home and he tell s me they shot him. That’s CRAZZZYYYYY .. i wasn’t a fan, didn’t listen to him but it’s so sad man
Kelly @TVObsesssed🔁 The Trenton, New Jersey, mass shooting isn’t getting much national attention. It should. via @voxdotcom
Christi Wheelock @ChristiWheelock🔁The Trenton, New Jersey, mass shooting isn’t getting much national attention. It should. via @voxdotcom
The News Globe @TheNewsGlobe🔁Trenton Grieves After a Shooting at Event That Was ‘a Beacon’ -
josie moore @Jm28Jomo🔁Witness video shows the aftermath of an overnight shooting at a Trenton festival that left one suspect dead and 22 people injured:

Beckysch @Bjschw309🔁Mass shooting in Trenton, NJ last night.

20 shot. 4 critical including a 13 year old boy.

But you’re not hearing about it because the shooters were warring gang bangers, most likely non white, and it happened in “gun free” NJ.

Honkus McGhee @HonkusMcGhee🔁Why isn’t a mass shooting with 20 shot the night before Father’s Day trending nationally? An AR-15 wasn’t used, it was in a state with some of the strictest gun laws and it was likely caused by a gang beef. All narrative killers so they won’t run with it.
Collin Zucker @collinzucker🔁@Danny_Heifetz Yanks can take him the way he’s playing. Would look real good in a Trenton uniform.
Paul Cetnar @pcetnar🔁We awoke to news of a mass shooting right here in Trenton.

Art All Night is a time when we all come together. We cannot let gun violence tear us apart.

These are not inappropriate times to talk about gun policy. These are the most important times to talk about gun policy.
Penny Relentless @PennyRelentless🔁22 people were injured and one person was killed during a mass shooting at an art fair in Trenton, New Jersey, over the weekend.

But under some definitions of a mass shooting, this incident actually wouldn’t count as one.

RIP X + JIMMY WOPO @OVRCZOfficial🔁This was in trenton yesterday at 3am, 22 injured and one killed
SEPTA @SEPTA_CHE🔁Chestnut Hill East: Train #773 to Trenton estimated to be 12 minutes late, scheduled to depart Chestnut Hill East at 9:39PM.
B. @_briadl🔁It was a mass shooting in Trenton last weekend?
briajia🤪 @__bribratt🔁 I hate Trenton high we can’t even design our caps df🙄
diy✨🦋 @Adiyahx13🔁I hate Trenton high we can’t even design our caps df🙄
🌎 @SemanticEarth🔁What will it take for us to acknowledge we have a problem!
It can’t just be us young people fighting 4 change, we need you to!

holly @hollyrobeff🔁@trenton_klinger but i am sorry i offended you, didnt mean any harm
JerseyGirl @jerseygirlk🔁Detroit, Birmingham, Philadelphia, Trenton, St Louis, Seattle(starting deep downward spiral). As red states turn blue they go from from reasonable and manageable to crime ridden, violent, drug infested poverty hubs. Liberal policies fail everywhere, all the time. No exceptions
Bumbot @Bumbot2🔁Trenton the teacher was in canada with a crazy named Bertram. A dog walked past them named Algoasaurus and handed the m a beer called Steel Reserve 211 (High Gravity) and turned into a Hackney Pony and flew into the sunset.
holly @hollyrobeff🔁im sorry that his mother had to read the horrible descriptions of how he raped and kidnapped an innocent girl and nea rly beat her to death. im not trying to make light of his death, im just saying i dont feel particularly sad that a man capable of that is gone.
SSG.D @2A_GraphX🔁: Mass Shooting in Trenton, New Jersey Leaves 20 Victims including 13-Year-Old Child

Mara Velisse @MaraVelisse🔁The Trenton mass shooting isn’t getting much national attention. It should!!! - Vox
Trenny-BJ @Trenton_becker🔁Can’t wait for you to grow up and bug me to play catch in the front yard, go fishing and hunting, or teach you how t o talk to ladies. We’ll hold off on the ladies for a little while though son 😉
AxelJonathan @Axejonathan06🔁morgantown west net virginia dating direct drummondville girls who durham want to fuck greenock free open adult chat in saint type louis swingers club trenton new jersey independent escort agency senior couples and sex
Trenton @trenton_briggs🔁 Doesn’t matter how pure your heart is, someone will always find hatred torwards you.
El Trapo @trenton_klinger🔁@hollyrobeff He had a mother that loved him and I’d probably crying rn. This is a loss of a life and reading this made me sick.
Dennis Ullman @drumsincca🔁WE ARE OPEN!! Cedar Cove Campground, at Carrying Place near Trenton, is on Weller's Bay. Cedar Cove Campground has a spacious play area and fishing on Weller's Bay with access to Lake Ontario: pickerel, bass and salmon. Canoe/kayak/paddleboat rentals.
Caramel Ice @neely_trenton🔁RIP Jimmy Wopo, for my money the best rapper to ever break out of Pittsburgh.

Radiant 1000-watt charisma and a legitimately original stylist. Kendrick's "Humble" was nothing if not an homage to "Elm Street."

This is just terrible and senseless.

OneNJen @OneNJeni🔁 The Trenton, New Jersey, mass shooting isn’t getting much national attention. It should. via @voxdotcom
Fantelli @Trenton__🔁This got me fucked up. RIP X. Enormous talent and limitless potential and a strong desire to be a better person. God bless his family, friends and fans.
Staton Rabin @StatonRabin🔁Aaron Judge when he played for the Trenton Thunder. For more pictures of Aaron and the Baby Bombers when they were i n double-A at the Thunder, see Derby's book:
Hisfave @Urmansnumberuno🔁 I won’t be listening to ya anymore! This morning comments made about Trenton NJ was the icing on the cake! He kept w ith racist comments the one day with the Caribbean ppl now Trenton. I’m done
El Trapo @trenton_klinger🔁Man...lowkey I’m really sad. I know he did some hella bad shit, but you can’t deny his incredible talent or creativity. Dude was fucking good man, he wasn’t like the rest of these new rappers. Rip x
Jersey Pete™ 🔥🔥 @jersey_pete🔁I need that route! The only affordable trip home now is on frontier to Trenton, then I have to Uber home. It's furthe r away, but it takes less time than getting back to Jersey from NYC!
eltie @eltie196_🔁Mass Shooting at New Jersey Arts Festival Leaves 22 Injured and 1 Dead
Regina A. Buitenkant @margalith🔁 The Trenton, New Jersey, mass shooting isn’t getting much national attention. It should.
B. Provert @BProvert🔁Over night multiple individuals opened fire during an art all-night event in Trenton, NJ. 20 individuals are being treated for a variety of gunshot wounds and other injuries.
trenton @trenton_cerny🔁Only this guy can practically yell in front of one of the most skittish animals on the planet and not scare them away. A real life Snow White y’all
SecretSquirrel 275 @DarkOpsSquirrel🔁 remains massive crime scene. I’m live at 5 ⁦⁩ with latest.
Nicholas DeFilippo, CPhT @ConnPharmIntern🔁In light of the recent shooting in , NJ (which hit close to home as I lived in Hamilton and many of my friends attend ed the event) and other shootings that left holes in our hearts, here’s a thread about how gun violence has irrationally affected my actions.
Bunkunin @bunkybun🔁The Trenton, New Jersey, mass shooting isn’t getting much national attention. It should. via @voxdotcom
trenton @trenton_cerny🔁 I’m guessing this isn’t virgin airlines
deplorablelimeytexan @limeydevl🔁The Trenton shooting doesn't fit the gun grabbers' preferred narrative. Gang members, black people and a convicted murderer on parol. Never mind.
MyDogTrollsSpicey @saira_smith🔁 sends love and support to the victims and also our NJ members who were tabling at the Trenton NJ All Night Arts Festival. Another horrible shooting with 1 dead and 22 injured. We don’t have to live this way. Text JOIN to 644-33
Dougy's Daily Digest @skinnergj🔁‘How many times can our hearts break?’ Bishop of Trenton asks after shooting via @skinnergj
kevin bonner @Kevin_Bon_🔁Twitter isn’t blowing up because this isn’t even entirely about gun control? Twitter didn’t even blow up when 22 peop le got shot in Trenton! Where have your tweets been about the school shootings funny how your agenda changed man
SEPTA @SEPTA🔁Trenton: Train #9784 going to Temple U is operating 20 minutes late. Last at North Philadelphia.
Trenton Moore 🇺🇸 @Trenton_M_🔁X had a troubled past and made a lotta bad decisions. He had the reputation he did for a reason.

But dude didn’t deserve to go out that way. Nor is it a good look to be figuratively dancing on his grave.

Let the kid rest in peace.

TangleVillage @TangleVillage🔁Anti-gun-violence mural hung by Moms Demand Action volunteers at Trenton, New Jersey shooting scene before shots were fired
The Kali Mom 💜 @TheKaliMom🔁I wish the news would cover @aantrenton for more than a tragedy but for its positivity it brings to Trenton.
Lord Groundhog @LordGroundhog🔁Art All Night: Artists remain dedicated to promoting Trenton despite shooting
Dan Federico @DanJFederico🔁 Holder is really coming along. Looks like the guy who sparkled in Trenton and Scranton.
Leah Jones @LeahJones1127🔁@Trenton___ I’ve watched this about 50 times and I’m not even mad at it.
St. Christoper🦌 @chrisriley3030🔁@tb_trenton Hmm you better enjoy your summer. It’s a whole different ball game once u get there!!!


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