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Tommy McFLY ⚾️ @TommyMcFLY🔁You guys! Trea Turner came to play #OnePursuit @Nationals
ESPN Stats & Info @ESPNStatsInfo🔁Nationals are hitting .121 through 3 games. Trea Turner, Daniel Murphy, Jayson Werth, Anthony Rendon and Matt Wieters are 3-for-51 (.059)
Washington Nationals @Nationals🔁Trea Turner doubles and #TGTNH!
Ozzie @OzzieStern🔁Trea Turner's jump throw is so sweet
ESPN Stats & Info @ESPNStatsInfo🔁Trea Turner's 2B ended his 0-13 start to the NLDS.

He tied the longest hitless start to a postseason in team history (1981 Larry Parrish).

John Dodge @dodgerman🔁 Trea Turner's foul was hit 110.7 MPH...
bk333 @bk183🔁Still reeling from Trea Turner getting on base for & scoring vs
Oddly he looks like Michael J Fox & bats like Basil Brush.
Daren Willman @darenw🔁Trea Turner's foul was hit 110.7 MPH...
Ryan Dietzenbach @RyanDietzenbach🔁If you didn't hear, Trea Turner only has one bunt for a base hit this year.
eli mcguire fan acco @thatdudeclow🔁*Jeter jump throws*
“Iconic, his trademark”

*Trea Turner jump throws*
“It slows down his throw. He’ll probably have to change that”

mollz🤙🏻 @ojeezmolley🔁Trea Turner's jump throw is so yummy
Daniel Schell @DanielSchell14🔁Trea Turner you are not Derek Jeter stop pretending . #NLDSGame4 #cubs #nationals
Baseball Wise @Baseball_Wise🔁Who the heck told Trea Turner that it was a good idea to jump every time he throws? I know it wasnt Dr James Andrews, maybe the baserunners?
v @theEDMchild🔁trea turner getting outs>>>his ABs
Andrew Sedensky @asedensky🔁 Trea Turner is now 0-for-13 in the NLDS. He's a huge reason the Nationals offense has struggled.
Ryan @beyel1🔁Trea Turner, games most unnecessary jump thrower
Doc @Doc19Wooster🔁Trea Turner is good.
YsKeek 💥🎃 @daddykeekers🔁Trea turner cold idc
Theo Von Booenheim @robotlemur🔁Trea Turner's little jump throw is adorable.
Sean Cohen @cohen_sean🔁That Trea Turner jump through looks like you accidentally press the wrong button in a video game. Still pretty though
Diamond Hoggers @DiamondHoggers🔁Trea Turner looks like Pinnochio
Arian آریان @fakeArian🔁trea turner is the cutest baby
Mr. Irrelevant @MrIrrelevantDC🔁Trea Turner’s jump throw is my spirit animal.
James Poellnitz @Low_Key_JP🔁These Trea Turner jump throws.... I'm not a fan of. I would never teach a kid that
Scott @BringYourOwnP🔁I wonder if the Padres are still glad they got rid of Trea Turner given what they've been running out at SS the last couple of seasons.
Brett Eldredge Fans @drunkonbrett🔁I love Trea Turner and I'm Facebook friends with him but can he not?
Burns³ @TBurnsy3🔁I am Trea Turner's run and jump throw
Chris Wilson @SwilsonMan🔁Trea Turner has been a busy man tonight.
Andrew Simon @AndrewSimonMLB🔁Trea Turner really likes those jump throws.
Shawn McBride @posture90🔁 Did Ernie Johnson just call Michael A. Taylor Trea Turner? These @TBSNetwork guys are awful.
kat @katdadddddy🔁Then says the struck out Trea Turner with the bases loaded when it was Jayson Werth
Sarah Cumbie @sarahcumbie🔁@dshif To be fair Michael A. Taylor and Trea Turner do have something in common: they both look like they're in high school
Paul Connolly @paulconndc🔁Did Ernie Johnson just call Michael A. Taylor Trea Turner? These @TBSNetwork guys are awful.
The Duke of Hokies @Duke_of_Hokies🔁Idk if my favorite player is Michael A Turner or Trea Taylor
Jen Babish @JBabsSportsChic🔁Hey Ernie....It’s Michael A. Taylor and Trea Turner
Graham Kenyon @gram63🔁Still reeling from Trea Turner getting on base for @nationals & scoring vs @cubs
Oddly he looks like Michael J Fox & bats like Basil Brush.
13 Straight @AndrewLaycock15🔁Trea turner going yard tonight
Sluggo @SluggoQT🔁@KenDilanianNBC Spaghetti dress and all? Who is Trea Turner? 😜
Jerome A. Coleman @YungRome22🔁It can't get much worse than that. A well-placed single likely clears the bases with Trea Turner on 1st. A 1-0 game was almost 4-0.
Tony Hack @anthony_hack🔁 Trea Turner has his first hit of the series. A double to left.
SaveHannibal4Gigntor @GigantorVision🔁Ok I say we switch from complaining about Turner and complain about Werth instead. Not that I really ever blamed Trea puppy #Nationals
blog4k @blog4kinfo🔁Dusty Baker offers hitless Trea Turner some words of wisdom before Game 4
Ant Ricciardi @Ant_Ricciardi91🔁The reason Trea Turner is so patient today Ron is because he’s not hitting so he’s hoping he gets walked. #Cubs #NLDS
Bob Warja @BobWarja🔁Announcer says "You couldn't have 2 faster players on the bases" as their fastest player, Trea Turner, stands at the plate.
McAndreFlurry @TheReal_BLamb🔁*Trea Turner batting*
“Washington couldn’t have two faster runners on the bases”
David Webber @davidpwebber21🔁"Nationals couldn't have two faster runners on the bases" says Ernie Johnson as Trea Turner, the fastest man in baseball, is at the plate
Danny Favret @Danny_Favret🔁Trea Turner could erase a lot of bad thoughts about him this series right here. #Nationals
Jeff Meyer @jj_meyer18🔁Remember: the Pirates drafted Trea Turner.
Imran @ImranG_416🔁Any single hit Trea Turner any hit right now, make yourself a bigger star
Joshua Campbell @CampbellJD🔁The rally depends on Trea Turner welp
LoveAndBaseball @TJLoveNBaseball🔁Sac Bunt by Strasburg and now it's 2nd and 3rd, two outs.

Trea Turner can bury the Cubs with one hit

Ollie James @OllieNYankees🔁Nationals 1 Cubs 0 [Top 4th] [2 Out] [0 balls] [0 strikes] ... Man on second and third [P: #49 Jake Arrieta] [B: #7 Trea Turner]


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