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Travis Reinking Joe English @Mr_Insanity97🔁 BREAKING: @MNPDNashville has released Travis Reinking's mugshot. He is being held on a $2 million bond.
Tennessean @Tennessean🔁#BREAKING Waffle House shooting suspect Travis Reinking's $2 million bond revoked
Tariq Nasheed @tariqnasheed🔁This here is the reason the media and LE kept pushing that "mental illness" narrative with Travis Reinking. They were all on code so that the courts would be more lenient on him. This man did a mass terrorist attack, and the court set a bail amount. Bail? For mass murder?
Travis Reinking newnoticetrump @donald17t🔁History of red flags didn't keep guns out of hands of Waffle House shooting suspect
Trey Songz @TreySongz🔁Travis Reinking’s bond revoked and Meek home. Today is a good day. 🙏🏾
BeachKid @surfcityphoto🔁 ‘Waffle House hero’ raises more than $130,000 for families of shooting victims
Arthur Stein @arturo_stein🔁The next time a Starbucks employee, or ANY employee from a business serving people, thinks about calling the cops on a Black guy, ask yourself if you're kicking out a Waffle House hero like James Shaw.

White Supremacist Travis Reinking remains on the loose.

Jessica Scott @JessicaScott09🔁As the article notes, this interview was conducted before the AP story mentioning the Colorado co-worker's statement that he talked about being a sovereign citizen.

"What We Know About 'Sovereign Citizens' and the Waffle House Suspect"

Lilly @thegolden_gal🔁Waffle House shooting: James Shaw Jr., the man who disarmed alleged gunman Travis Reinking, is hailed as "Tennessee's hero."
Merlin @MerlinGyr🔁At a news conference Tuesday, Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall called Sunday's mass shooting "evidence that we have too many guns and too many mentally ill people.
Ternell Jade @MizTification🔁James Shaw, Jr., the Waffle House customer who stopped domestic terrorist Travis Reinking’s rampage, has raised more than $30,000 for the victims of the shooting.
Ju @4_ju_m🔁Could you imagine Donald Trump and Fox News headlines about Travis Reinking. If he was a muslim they’d be calling for a travel ban. If he was undocumented they’d be calling for a wall. If he was black they’d be blaming black lives matter. Since he is not, nothing but silence
Jimmy Vu @JimmyVu10🔁BREAKING: Travis Reinking, 29, of Morton, IL, is person of interest in Waffle House shooting. Vehicle the gunman arrived in is registered to him. Gunman last seen walking south on Murfreesboro Pike. He shed is coat and is nude. See Reinking? Pls call 615-862-8600 immediately.
Tony Porras @Tony_Porras2050🔁If Travis Reinking was a Muslim member of a left-wing group, and killed 4 white people, Trump would have tweeted a dozen times by now.

Instead he was a White American-born member of a right-wing extremist group, who killed 4 minorities, and Trump is silent!

Rick A Claus @rickaclaus🔁BOOM! Nashville Waffle House shooter, Travis Reinking was part of a rightwing extremist movement, "Sovereign Citizen". It appears to be no coincidence that targeted people of color & I'm not going out on a limb here saying that Trump won't be condemning this attack anytime soon.
LisaGreen @Green5Stars🔁Travis Reinking bond was revoked and he will remain in jail where he belongs. Thanks to everyone who participated and called the Judge to get his bond revoked.

Wayne Kimbell @wayne_kimbell🔁AP has a profile on Travis Reinking with some things I didn't know in it. Openly gay, fixated on Taylor Swift, talked about sovereign citizen movement, suffered from delusions FOR YEARS.
Awesomeblox @awsomeblox🔁I'm still waiting for President Trump to condemn the WHITE Nashville Waffle House shooter, Travis Reinking, who was a member of a Right-winged extremist group, and who shot and killed 4 minorities with an AR-15.

Still waiting....
Still waiting....

Monica Sinkfield @MonicaSinkfiel1🔁The FBI knew about the shooter beforehand!

Travis Reinking was arrested by Secret Service in July for being in a restricted area of the White House.

How is it that so many killers/terrorists carry out attacks while being known to the FBI?

Very dubious, indeed.

Will Wallace @willwritesgood🔁 All in a day’s news
Gregory W. Chupa @gregory_chupa🔁 by Norton Identity Safe
Charles Brobst @cabrobst🔁And who disarmed Travis Reinking, would've walked into any and be treated like a criminal while the he disarmed would be treated like a good guy, that's the society lives now since came into office.

Wade @hamp2879🔁There was a mass shooting early this morning by a suspected white supremacist named Travis Reinking at a Waffle House in Nashville TN. He killed 4 people and injured many others, and unconfirmed sources are telling me that the victims he targeted were Black people.
TammySahargun @TammySahargun🔁"When you put those two things together in our community, the potential for things like this is going to exist," Hall said.
Humble Beast @Swervo337🔁 Travis Reinking’s bond revoked and Meek home. Today is a good day. 🙏🏾
Laura Silverman @LauraJSilverman🔁All in a day’s news
Etta Devine @EttaDevine🔁Travis Reinking, who murdered and terrorized Waffle House patrons last week, was just offered bond.

Reality Winner, accused of sharing information with journalists regarding a 2016 attempt to subvert US voting machine software is being detained indefinitely ...without bail.

Bob Ferrapuhls 🍜 @bob_ferrapuhls🔁“Gun restriction doesn’t help anything, we need to address mental heath issues and early detection as a means of prev ention”

Hey yeah, that’s working great...

Jim-eni @jim_eni91🔁African American Meek Mills, Violates Probation, is denied Bail.

Caucasian man, Travis Reinking walks into a Waffle house and brutally murders 4 people of color with an assault rifle, and is held on $2 million bond (means that he can be out with 10% of that paid - $200,000)

Rick Ingersoll @Rick_Ingersoll🔁Waffle house shooter is a . No surprise there. So many of them are involved in criminal activity. Along with the National Liberty Alliance, they help create the ignorance they complain about. via
Snarky Snark • Dammit, #CurbYourData ! @Agcummins0🔁This is 29 year old James Shaw. He tackled and disarmed the suspected white supremacist terrorist Travis Reinking who shot up a Waffle House in Antioch Tn. This is a real American hero. He saved many lives
Frank Jenkins @fcj316🔁History of red flags didn't keep guns out of hands of Waffle House shooting suspect via Charge & Sue His Dad
Frank Jenkins @fcj316🔁History of red flags didn't keep guns out of hands of Waffle House shooting suspect via Charge & Sue His Dad
James Bunton @JamesBunton3🔁Trump can take the time during his press conference with Emmanuel Macron to condemn the Toronto van attack, but he has yet to say a word about the right-wing extremist, Travis Reinking's AR-15 attack of minorities at the Waffle House in Nashville.

I thought America came first!

Danielle Craig @DCJ2150🔁Travis Reinking, suspected of shooting up a Nashville Waffle House, is facing four counts of criminal homicide, four attempted murder charges, and one count of unlawful gun possession. His hearing has been postponed until May 7.
Susie Bowser @suzarella2🔁Waffle House Shooting: Man Who Disarmed Alleged Gunman Travis Reinking Hailed as 'Tennessee's Hero' | Inside Edition
quixoticgeek @quixoticgeek🔁Chikesia Clemons had the cops called on her for asking for plastic cutlery at a Waffle House. The cops wrestled her to the floor, threatened to break her arm, & ripped her dress off in the process.

Travis Reinking killed four people at a Waffle House & according to ...

DR Hoctor @drhoctor2🔁The $2 million bond for Travis Reinking was just revoked by a judge. We got a lot of comments from locals (and beyond) as to why he would have been given bond to begin with. Under TN state law, all are entitled to it except death penalty cases (which this is not).
Tiyana Faith ♡ @OhhhTiyana🔁Dylan Roof kills 9—arrested unharmed
Nick Cruz kills 17—arrested unharmed
Travis Reinking kills 4—arrested unharmed

Don't tell me cops have no choice when murderous white supremacists are apprehended unharmed—but innocent Eric Garner, Stephon Clark, & Aiyana Jones are executed.

Kathryn Fulton 🎃🙀 @HalloweenKat🔁I bet Travis Reinking's arrest for killing f4 people was not this brutal. 👇🏿

Racism isn't a Starbuck's problem or a Waffle House problem. It's an America problem.

Khloè's Bae @BigDontheTrack🔁I GD well police didn’t take Travis Reinking alive after he killed 4 ppl and wounded several others in a Waffle House in Tennessee. Let me guess, he surrendered, obeyed police commands? 🙄
NFL Bud @BudJudkins🔁Co-owner of a Colorado crane company where Antioch Waffle House shooting suspect Travis Reinking once worked, said she urged federal officials to keep him in custody after he was arrested at the White House last year.

Gabriel Malor @gabrielmalor🔁AP has a profile on Travis Reinking with some things I didn't know in it. Openly gay, fixated on Taylor Swift, talked about sovereign citizen movement, suffered from delusions FOR YEARS.
hannah lundquizzle™ @MIWhannah🔁The alleged Waffle House shooter reportedly identified with the extremist anti-government ideology known as "Sovereign Citizens."

Here's what we know about the movement.

Inside Edition @InsideEdition🔁Waffle House shooting: James Shaw Jr., the man who disarmed alleged gunman Travis Reinking, is hailed as "Tennessee's hero."
Larry DeMoss @ljdemoss🔁NRA: “James Shaw, Jr. should be jailed for violating the 2nd Amendment rights of Waffle House shooter Travis Reinking. Only a good guy with a gun is allowed to stop a bad guy with a gun. A GOOD GUY WITHOUT A GUN IS ILLEGAL!!!”


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