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Travis Pastrana @onthewebit🔁Travis Pastrana Pays Tribute To Evel Knievel | | Motorcycle Reviews, Forums, and News
Travis Pastrana SRT:LIFE @SRTLIFE_DC🔁VIDEO: Travis Pastrana Jumps 52 Crushed Cars! | Evel Live!
Travis Pastrana TorqueTube @TorqueTubeDC🔁VIDEO: Travis Pastrana Jumps 52 Crushed Cars! | Evel Live!
Crackles Dawg @Crackles_Dawg🔁 That was a Badass jump by Travis Pastrana..Just Crazy!! 🏍🤦🏽‍♂️ #EvelLive #Vegas
Travis Pastrana mountainviewdigest @mountainviewdgt🔁Travis Pastrana Nails All Three of Evel Knievel’s Historic Jumps – History
Dana White @danawhite🔁Travis Pastrana attempts the Evel Kinevel jump over the fountains tonight!!! Live on channel at 8pm ET/5pm PT!
USA TODAY Sports @usatodaysports🔁Travis Pastrana nails three iconic Evel Knievel stunts during #EvelLive tribute show.
chollow @ciciholl🔁 Travis Pastrana\'s \'Evel Live\' Soars on History, Lands 3.5 Million Viewers
chollow @ciciholl🔁History’s ‘Evel Live’ Draws 3.5 Million Viewers; Ranks As Top Cable Special Of The Year via
Prattman @T_Prizm🔁Travis Pastrana, Tanner Hall, Lebron, Serena
John @AZRedskinsFan🔁I was really into Evel Knievel as a kid. Bought the merch, watched the stunts, tried neighborhood versions. Still wince every time they show him bouncing along the ground in slow motion, breaking damn near every bone in his body at Caesar’s Palace.
Motorcycle Maxx @MotorcycleMaxx🔁Travis Pastrana Jumps 52 Crushed Cars: EVEL LIVE
What Happened 2 LV @wh2lv🔁New show released, Subjects:
Thailand Cave Rescue
Travis Pastrana
History Channel
Evel Knievel
Indian Bike OC @indianmoto_oc🔁Tonight is the night.

Watch recreate three of Evel Knievel’s most famous jumps, including the Ceasars Palace fountain, at 5PM PDT on channel.

Learn more at

Langston Motorsports @langstonms🔁Iconic Daredevil Travis Pastrana Pays Homage to Evel Knievel in Vegas

Our modern day daredevil, Travis Pastrana, set s out to recreate three of Evel Knievel's most iconic jumps on his Indian FTR750. Link in the Bio. …

Brett bergstrom @Brettbergstrom2🔁 Iconic Daredevil Travis Pastrana Pays Homage to Evel Knievel in Vegas
Langston Motorsports @langstonms🔁Iconic Daredevil Travis Pastrana Pays Homage to Evel Knievel in Vegas
Jeff Wagner Agency @JWagnerAgency🔁Did you hear? "Evel Live" was the highest rated cable special of 2018. Check the blog for all the details of Travis P astrana's historic jumps.

Domain Name Digest @DNDigest🔁Top story: Travis Pastrana Crushes Evel Knievel's Motorcycle Records in Las Vegas | The Manual , see more
sid magic @sidmagic🔁Travis Pastrana? Never heard of him. This is Gloucester Mike. He couldn’t afford a motorcycle but he wanted to be a daredevil, so he did it on his bicycle. Absolute, unequivocal hero. @VegasNews🔁Motorcycle Daredevil Spotted at in Las Vegas - via - Read more at
PetrolHeads London @petrolheadsLDN🔁Just over 50 years after Evel Knievel’s ill-fated attempt to jump the fountains at Caesar’s Palace, Travis Pastrana successfully recreated the stunt on an Indian Scout FTR750!
Fish Pimp @Fish_Pimp🔁I feel like Evel Knievel landed on a door stop of a ramp, not a huge bouncy house.

Travis Pastrana Crushes Evel Knie vel's Motorcycle Records in Las Vegas | The Manual -

Simon ©ousins @simon_cousins🔁Travis Pastrana Crushes Evel Knievel’s Motorcycle Records in Las Vegas.
Vultus Probe 🏈 ⚾ 🏉 🐯 @VultusProbe🔁Travis Pastrana Jumps 16 Greyhound Buses: EVEL LIVE via @YouTube
Vultus Probe 🏈 ⚾ 🏉 🐯 @VultusProbe🔁Travis Pastrana Jumps 52 Crushed Cars: EVEL LIVE via @YouTube
Vultus Probe 🏈 ⚾ 🏉 🐯 @VultusProbe🔁Travis Pastrana Honors Evel Knievel: Caesars Fountain Jump via @YouTube
104-3 KCY COUNTRY @kcycountry🔁Pastrana used an Indian Scout FTR750 to jump 143 feet to clear 52 crushed cars and 192 feet over 16 Greyhound buses a nd concluded the "Evel Live" event on the History Channel by jumping 149 feet to clear the fountains.
jheffdeleon @jheffdeleon🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Daredevil Travis Pastrana Tops Three Evel Knievel Records in Las Vegas
Nick de Meyer @CoremotionsPT🔁This Weekend, Travis Pastrana Attempts the Jump That Nearly Killed Evel Knievel
Aaron P. Rawls @AaronRawls2🔁 Dear George Clooney,

A Vespa is not a fucking motorcycle.

Travis Pastrana

💗Angela Girlani 蔡思燕💗 @maria_chai🔁WOW Who managed to catch this this week?! 😱😱
Travis Pastrana Honors Evel Knievel and completes the Caesars Fountain Jump 😵
David Phan @MoFoCThat🔁A Look Back at Evel Knievel: A Daredevil Unafraid to Fail
Irelands Motorcycles @irelandmotor🔁Travis Pastrana Las Vegas stunt | In numbers |
Chris @Chris83262409🔁Were you like and inspired by Evel Knievel growing up?

Post a photo of yourself as a young daredevil using .

Watch "Evel Live" Sunday at 5PM PDT on the channel.

Learn more at

Jeremiah Preisser @GriffosHanky🔁Survive and Advance: Guest Newest Member of the Pro Football Hall of fame Robert Brazile; Plus Travis Pastrana Soils the Legacy of Evel - The Grueling Truth
Tim Woods Design @timwoodsdesign🔁⚡️ “Travis Pastrana recreated three iconic Evel Knievel jumps in one night”

Wesley Outland @WesleyOutland🔁ICYMI Sunday: Here's a look back to all 3 in 1 night motorcycle jump stunts Travis Pastrana did on BREAKING RECORDS but paying homage and respect to the greatest Daredevil of All Time Evil Kneival.
107.9 WYYD @1079YYD🔁Travis Pastrana Honors Evel Knievel With Vegas Jumps
whats up @legosports🔁I liked a @YouTube video Travis Pastrana honors Evel Knievel by jumping Caesars Palace fountain in Las Vegas |
Dirt Rider Magazine @DirtRiderMag🔁Travis Pastrana paid homage to Evel Knievel by recreating—and exceeding—three of the late daredevil’s most iconic jum ps, performing them on live TV.
Lloyd Ash @Lloyd_Ash🔁 Travis Pastrana Crushes Evel Knievel’s Motorcycle Records in Las Vegas - The Manual via @GoogleNews
Chris Wallace @foxpokerfox🔁A little gif I made from Travis Pastrana after he jumped a bunch of buses a few days ago in Vegas. Feel free to use i t to indicate things that are badass, winning, or Murica.


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