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#traffic Traffic Bot @loudounbot🔁HIT AND RUN ACCIDENT
Windsor Locks Sq / Craighill Ter, Ashburn
#traffic #loudoun
#traffic Swiggy @CaptSwiggy🔁FYI @hfxtraffic or someone with a largr following, mind RTing? #Traffic's gonna be a mess. 😓
#traffic TrafficStAlbans Area @TrafficStAlbans🔁St Peters Street now! September 22, 2017 at 08:15PM #StAlbans #traffic #travel #weather #news #update
#traffic Autovie Venete @AutovieTraffic🔁#traffic 21:11 #A23 - #accident at TANG. UDINE towards BIVIO #A4
#traffic News Radio 610 WTVN @610wtvnnews🔁ACCIDENT in CENTER LANE of 670 West after 3rd & 4th Sts. #Traffic HEAVY from I 71. #Columbus
#traffic Johnny Hill @JohnHillTraffic🔁ACCIDENT in CENTER LANE of 670 West after 3rd & 4th Sts. #Traffic HEAVY from I 71. #Columbus
#traffic WPLG Local 10 News @WPLGLocal10🔁A disabled car is still impacting your commute on I-95 NB before Miami Gardens Dr. Two lanes are blocked. #TRAFFIC
#traffic ABC13 Houston @abc13houston🔁#TRAFFIC ALERT: Major closure of I-10 in downtown Houston this weekend
BBC Learning English @bbcle🔁Learn an expression for when you have a lot of on the road and it’s moving very slowly 🚗 🚗 🚌 🚴

Winnipeg TMC @WinnipegTMC🔁TRAFFIC ALERT: REGENT & LAGIMODIERE Eastbound median lane blocked by collision. Tow is on the way.
First Site Guide @firstsiteguide🔁So you want to speed up your , but you don't know how?
Don't worry - we're here to help!
TTWN Grand Rapids @TotalTrafficGRR🔁Accident in #ComstockPark on US-131 NB approaching 14 Mile, stop and go traffic back to Pne Island Dr, delay of 20 mins #traffic
KIRO Radio 97.3 FM🎙 @KIRORadio🔁.@NEWSGUYSULLY on the general lack of understanding about merging. @KIROTraffic #traffic

alberto pauro @AbehAbeh🔁Do you want to your website? Unique platform gives you just that & boosts SEO rank at the same time >
QX104 @QX104winnipeg🔁Crash where lag meets regent. Lanes blocked. Traffic already moving slow #QXNation #Winnipeg #Traffic
TTWN Columbus @TotalTrafficCMH🔁Accident, center lane blocked on I-670 WB before Neil Ave, stop and go traffic back to Third St, delay of 2 mins #traffic
Peter Owen DVSA ADI @BecomeADI🔁Heavy traffic delays on the A12 from Brentwood towards the M25 - Essex Live #traffic #news
NC's #1 HOST @Mista_ALLSTAR🔁 & Limelight Presents 🚦
Green 💚 : Single
Yellow 💛 : Complicated
Red ❤️ : Taken


NC's #1 HOST @Mista_ALLSTAR🔁Friday Sept 22

@ Limelight

Hosted By

Rsvp To Get In Free Before 11:30


Forbes Hewlett @ForbesHewlett🔁There will be some road closures in Toronto this weekend to keep in mind. #Toronto #GTA #InvictusGames #Traffic...
Engineering UK @Engin33ring🔁See our latest vacancies including this Assistant Manager based in
TTN Philadelphia @TotalTrafficPHL🔁Jammed in #Philadelphia on I-95 NB between Brg St and Cottman Ave, right lane blocked at Cottman Ave, delay of 6 mins #traffic
TTWN Birmingham @TotalTrafficBHM🔁Accident cleared in #Birmingham on Hwy 280 EB after Riverview Rd, stop and go traffic back to I 459, delay of 6 mins #traffic
TTWN Birmingham @TotalTrafficBHM🔁Accident, three lanes blocked in #Jefferson on I 65 SB before Green Springs Ave, stop and go traffic back to 4th Ave S - Exit 259b #traffic
BeitGh @BeitGh🔁9 Tips to Increase Blog

95.5 WFMS Radio @WFMS🔁 #TRAFFIC ALERT Big back ups due to this on the Southside.@WFMS @WTHRcom
Gafyn Hughes @GafynH🔁And by the way Kelly my man make it a Friday or Saturday so we can get reaaaalllllllyyyyyyy giddy hoooraaaaa
TTWN Sacramento @TotalTrafficSMF🔁Accident, left lane blocked in #Sacramento on Cap Cty Fwy WB before Exposition Blvd, stop and go traffic back to EL Camino Ave #traffic
Sean-Patrick Hillman @SMHillman🔁Pls vote for @NMalliotakis as @NYPDnews under @NYCMayor @BillDeBlas
can't enforce anything #NYC #traffic #police
Johnny Hill @JohnHillTraffic🔁Caution coming in from OH 310. #Traffic
✨Little Nala✨ @NiaTheLioness_🔁 • 🚦
💚 -Single
💛 - It’s Complicated
❤️ -In A Relationship
Rsvp👇🏽 | guest list
Mimi Pearce @MimiWTHR#TRAFFIC ALE🔁//" target="_blank">
TTN Worcester @TotalTrafficWOR🔁Accident in #Worcester on I-290 EB near EX 17 - Rt-9, stop and go traffic back to EX 10 - Rt-12, delay of 11 mins #traffic
Sean-Patrick Hillman @SMHillman🔁.@NYPDnews can't manage #traffic enforcement resulting in #business losses in #NYC #TheDailyMixTV #commerce #travel
TTWN Grand Rapids @TotalTrafficGRR🔁Accident, both shoulders blocked in #Wyoming on US-131 NB at 54th St, stop and go traffic back to 68th St, delay of 4 mins #traffic
News 96.5 Traffic @965traffic🔁#Beachline: EB @ Conway, truck trailer moved to the left shoulder. Delays start before Boggy Creek. #Orlando #Traffic
TTN Baton Rouge @TotalTrafficBTR🔁Accident on left shoulder in #EastBatonRouge on I 10 WB at Dalrymple Dr, stop and go traffic back to Essen Ln, delay of 13 mins #traffic
Total Traffic SEA @TotalTrafficSEA🔁Accident, three lanes blocked in #Bellevue on I-405 SB at NE 8th St, stop and go traffic back to 116th St, delay of 18 mins #traffic
TTWN Birmingham @TotalTrafficBHM🔁Accident cleared in #Birmingham on Hwy 280 EB after Riverview Rd, stop and go traffic back to Green Vly Rd, delay of 12 mins #traffic


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