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Toronto lucas 🦋 @camiIasboy🔁 My bro @ShawnMendes killin' it at the @AirCanadaCentre in #Toronto
Toronto Trendsmap Toronto @TrendsToronto🔁'rigged' & 'godwins' are now trending in #Toronto

Toronto mz.nitra05 @anitrarhonta05🔁 Watch Migos bring out Cardi B at Veld Fest in Toronto.
Toronto Adrish Halder @adrish_halder🔁 TORONTO IM COMING HOME !!!
Freddes M @freddessm🔁 Break From Toronto
Chase Gibson @ChxseXX🔁 Break From Toronto
Toronto GameShooter Sport @RoyalistBoss🔁The ninja and Jaden... Jane and finch classic 2017
Basketball lives in Toronto...#runupthescore
Toronto Darryl J Simpson @dsimpson32🔁 Team dinner in Toronto to finish the trip. Heading home on Monday. #PonyUpNorth
Toronto GFE Escorts 👠Post Ad @GFEmodel🔁Listed on TheHiddenPages
Blondie Massage Spa @BlondieMassage
Toronto Massage
Rumnaz Hossain @belieber_7_🔁 @haileyibaldwin Old Toronto vibes with my big bro @sirrKidrauhl
billboard @billboard🔁.@ShawnMendes gets warm reception at hometown arena show in Toronto
Charlie Puth @charlieputh🔁Thank you for having me again Toronto! It's an honor. :)
Kurt Eichenwald @kurteichenwald🔁Attack on Mosque: Silence. Murders of Toronto Muslims by Trumper: Silence. Nazi riot: Silence

Morning Joe says something mean: Trump rants.

#NoFalseEquivalence. @Estherever4life🔁At Light Presbyterian Church, where everyone waits to see Rev. Lim, who had been imprisoned in North Korea and arrived in Toronto yesterday.
Big Belly MC 🇧🇧 @AONBIGGEST🔁A little slice of Toronto is all i need 😋
MARANATHA ! @bymrnth42🔁 .@ShawnMendes gets warm reception at hometown arena show in Toronto
비우 @princessbeew🔁More nifty buildings!
Garmen 🇺🇦 @GarmenSt🔁Dubai, Rome, Toronto

becomes the first to win THREE Premier 5 titles in one season-->

Artsworker @artsworker🔁@thisisdanwilcox Bob from Toronto here with another obscure request. Can you play Freakshow by Ghostpoet please? It's a new song.
(((EinLi))) @EnLiEretzAheret🔁 Article on @HenMazzig in the Toronto Sun:

INFUSE Humber @INFUSEhumber🔁Take your cute dog for a walk! in the Park
Epic Relevance @EpicRelevance🔁 Variance Regularizing Adversarial Learning #toronto #deeplearning
Nadine James @nadine_muzk🔁@coldplay can I play this with you? 22nd Toronto?
BeachHeadINC @BeachHeadINC🔁Solution Designer job at BeachHead Inc - Toronto #Indeed #jobs
Femme Warrior @femme_warrior🔁Black Lives Matter protests at historic Toronto Pride Parade hosting Justin Trudeau | National Post
Sweet Whisper @siashams🔁 news in brief, August 12
비우 @princessbeew🔁Nifty building!!
@ Nathan…
IndieDevsUnite (bot) @indiedevsunite🔁O Canada,
Land of Video Games and Film!

Posteezy @postnologin🔁Photo Booth Toronto [ ]
Emanuela @brassy🔁Friends in Toronto are looking for someone to run a STEM/coding club at their kid’s school as after-school program. Anyone there doing this?
IoT OPINES 🗣 @IoTBlogs🔁CanadaIOT » Toronto Pearson International Airport installs Canadas first smart elevator #…
Hendrik Pape @hendrikpape🔁#Toronto is quiet tonight! Look forward to a bed and hot shower after @bootsandhearts (@ Maple Leaf Square)
Juan Hodem @MedohSCK🔁Shout Out To All The Asian Aunties And Grandmamas Selling The Shit They Get For Free, From Market Street SF To Spadina Ave In Toronto 😂🙏
💙🌙 @bluuemoooon🔁Bronson, Australian Shepherd (6 y/o), Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto, ON, CAN • "He howls when he's happy and he likes licking legs."
#1 Traveling Fan!! @MakingTownsGuy🔁Super excited for our debuts in Ottawa & Toronto Oct 28/29 headlined by + UK Talent
Ryan Pond @ryan_pond🔁@MicaBurton Not gonna like thought that said Toronto almost replied with "what you got against Canada"
David Couch @dreambuilder44🔁 Get ready to start a new business that rewards you for helping others! Click the link to learn more
critchen nubbet @whisperbabes🔁hey jake paulers i move to toronto in 12 days
WiZKiDNEWS @wizkid_news🔁 wizkid sept 17th evey african living in Toronto gonna be there gonna be a madnesss
kay 🌸 | TYSM ALFIE @frantaftsiivan🔁@artistictyIer @Louis_Tomlinson Wait you live near Toronto?
💭Natalie💭 @Natalie_Evans22🔁 .@JanelParrish @DSWallach and @katedangerfield Cast in Toronto’s Stage Production of Grease
iwax travel @iwax🔁 Rol San - Dim Sum Lunch in Toronto's Chinatown #travel #tbin
Tanya Moodie @tanyamoodie🔁Torontonians plan Monday rally against white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, Va. | Toronto Star
sweaty @intrnetdaughter🔁I know Canada is far from perfect but I have a rly hard time imagining a bunch of nazis marching through Toronto
insadity @pi55a🔁anyone in Toronto would like to go watch Pvris with me?
Gilles Harand @gillesharand🔁The probability of precipitation will reach 60% in Toronto in 3 days
Gilles Harand @gillesharand🔁The probability of precipitation will reach 60% in Toronto tomorrow
Torsade de Pointes @JimCapsCup🔁LeBron Toronto ASG
Stephie Noble @snoshow🔁@runawaytours Boston or toronto or vancouver
David Khan 🇨🇦 @Dave_Khan🔁Whether you call it street checks, carding or stop and frisk, the practice is unfair and discriminatory in Edmonton or in Toronto.


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