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Makoto Chiba 🇨🇦 @MentalOtaku🔁 "love that sailor moon was dubbed in Toronto"
"how do you know that?"
OXTAIL GAWD @ThatDudeMCFLY🔁Toronto been so alive this winter, I don't know what's about to happen in the city this summer. New Drake soon reach, The Raptors and the Leafs can potentially make noise in the playoffs, kush soon legal ........jeez.
TorontoToronto Jeremy Smith @jeremysmith1963🔁 Thank you so much for such a great night @iconforhire! You brought the heat to Toronto!
𝖉𝖊𝖏𝖆𝖍‏ @soIawna🔁 “That’s craaazy yo, some white kids are craaazy”

Leave it to a Toronto man loool

Doug Ford @fordnation🔁Stopped by the Toronto Sportsmen's Show today. Appreciate all the kind words and the overwhelming support for the |
SLAM Magazine @SLAMonline🔁Russ up in Toronto today:

•37 points
•14 assists
•13 rebounds
•5th straight triple-double
•23rd triple-double of his season
•102nd triple-double of his career
•Thunder beat Raptors

Most Valuable Brodie

China Xinhua News @XHNews🔁Toronto Zoo bidding farewell to its beloved pandas. Its four bears are heading off to their new home in Calgary after captivating visitors for a final time on Sunday
K107fm JamZ @k107fmjamz🔁BRINSON & JAI - 3D STAND OUT #Toronto #Ohio #Gospel #CHH
keyphrase @keyphraseco🔁local movers toronto
Cannabis Resins Mag @cannabisresins🔁 TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tilray, a federally licensed producer of medical cannabis, announced today that it has signe d a binding letter of intent (LOI) to be the exclusive collaborator of a major pharmaceutical company to accelerate innovation a…
Slim Dude @theslimdude🔁The remains of Ontario’s first parliament are buried and long forgotten in downtown Toronto. Now citizens are helping to tell its story
Ontario411 @Ontario411_🔁‘Someone’s got a gun!’ Two dead, one a bystander, in targeted shooting at North York bowling alley crowded #Toronto
Promethium @Promethiumband🔁Ep 24 is live & it’s a con special. We chat too about cons in the US & UK plus chat to about Festival.
We announce the 1st set of guests for 2018 plus music from 😀

NBA World @NBAWorldNewz🔁Raptors’ winning streak ends on a technicality, or two | Toronto Star
My Self Reliance @myself_reliance🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Forging a Hewing Broad Axe with Shawn James and Toronto Blacksmith's
roberto angel ros @robertoangelros🔁Il coro di Toronto omaggia Prince > Choir! of 1999 Voices Sings Prince - When Doves Cry *OFFICIAL VID* via @YouTube
Ward13Bikes @ward13bikes🔁Girl, 11, in critical condition after she was hit by minivan while riding her bike in Burlington
CBC Toronto @CBCTrafficTO🔁Downtown #Toronto: Charles Street CLOSED btwn Yonge and Balmuto St, due to a police investigation
Tim I Gurung @TimGurung🔁. made history today against our friends from Toronto. Our first pro game we were fortunate enough to win 36-19.
Janice Smith @JanDSWProf🔁Loving LYFT app! Talk about fast, friendly, economy car service! @lyft #lyftrocks #toronto
Elise Racicot @elise_racicot🔁One year after launching its first Canadian accelerator in Toronto, announced that it is launching a based accelerator in partnership with .
Hallelujah mother fucker @BillyAIDSVirus🔁people wanna project a lot of ideas on toronto. i'll tell you one thing for certain tho, when teens run away. they r un to toronto. i don't care vancouver is warmer, i ran to toronto.
Two Wheels Good 212 @twowheelsg🔁Toronto removes cars from transit right-of-way, one at a time. #ideology
My ex @tweetmyex🔁Today is national going to be in Toronto next weekend and you should come to this day.
Hit up for further inquiries 🐛 Amberleigh West
Macedonus 🇲🇰 @macedonus🔁Thank you to the thousands of who came out to our protest in support of and declared to the world that !!
MARC MICHAELS @stompo2000🔁 Doug Ford, Ontario PCs ready to battle for the spotlight with Liberals
Girthquake @4pplincognito🔁I live in Toronto so I'm naturally a raptors fan by default. I KNOW for a fact we're making it to the conference fina ls this year. You think raptors are making it to the actual finals??
Vicki @inklessvix🔁There are SO MANY talented babes in Toronto and so many trailers that need your support! Take a look at these trailers for some laughs and to lend a hand (or eyeballs in this case):

ReelAbilitiesToronto @ReelAbilitiesTO🔁Hey Ontario educators! Join us tomorrow, March 20 at 8 PM, for a Twitter chat about , our new program that brings fil ms and discussion about equity to the classroom.

Korvus_Korax Ⓥ @Majes_Mossnip🔁🔺🔺 Event 🔺🔺
1st Annual Commercial Seal Hunt
WHEN: Monday March 26th at 11:00am
WHERE: Ontario Legislative Building, University Ave,
Du’Prinder @Duprinder🔁@meagfahey I’m currently in Buffalo and a Toronto news station showed a blurb on it.
Juan David Gómez @JDGomezMar🔁Where does Toronto's diversity live?
Not in the higher income neighbourhoods, 72% White.
Socio-spatial polarization remains high.

White 1.3M: 49% of City
South Asian 339,000: 13%
Chinese 300,000: 11%
Black 240,000: 9%
Other Visible Minorities 508,000: 19%

Alex 'KK' Irwin @KnightysKnight🔁Congrats to the 5 regional champs - see you in Seattle!

A - Los Cerritos, CA -
B - North Park, Dallas, TX -
C - Toronto Square One, CAN -
D - Garden State Plaza, NJ -
E - Intl. Plaza, Tampa, FL -


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