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X @xgotnext🔁 Saturday's Top 10 plays! 👀
Top 10 sunny @sunny4uf🔁#funny Top 10 Most Viral Funny Videos
Top 10 TODAYVIRAL MAG @2dayviralmag🔁Top 10 Wealthiest musicians in Nigeria 2017
Friends TV Show @FriendsComedy🔁 The Top 10 Weirdest Race Cars
RIP @CyborgSandwich @Cyborg_Sandwich🔁Jokic a "top 10 player" but made Zaza Pachulia look like John Wall
Official @PEPalerts🔁Miss Filipinas Teresita Ssen "Winwyn" Marquez is the first name to be announced as part of Top 10!
Kirk Herbstreit @KirkHerbstreit🔁My top 4 after WEEK 10


Next 2 in....


Verrit @verrit🔁The top 1% now holds 38.6% of America's total wealth, and the bottom 90% holds only 22.8%. #inequality
Arnold Melm @countUP🔁Top story: Final Cut Pro X 10.4 Announced With New Wheels and Curves Colour Con… , see more
Raoul Duke @Cantona_10🔁Need big upgrades on Mkhi, Mata. A CM for when Pog or Matic not available, a LB.

3 top quality players short even with a fully fit side.

Social Vignerons @SocialVignerons🔁 💰🍷💰🍷💰🍷Top 50 Most Expensive Wines in the World - Social Vign erons
Brooks Sutherland @brookstake🔁NEW BucciMane Top 10 🏒🥅
1 StCloud
2 Denver
3 NDakota
4 Harvard
5 Providence
6 MinnSt
7 Northeastern
8 Minnesota
9 Clarkson
10 NewHampshire
go to new account @Minecraftkid54🔁I liked a @YouTube video TOP 10 ACIDIC BLITZZ! INSANE NO ARMOR WIN!
High Broadcast @high_broadcast🔁College football rankings: Coaches Poll Top 25 features 5 SEC teams after Week 10
ตั้ม_สิบล้อ @p_viritpol🔁 Fact: Mourinho’s team has scored only 1 goal away from home in the PL against the Top 6 sides in his last 10 attempts.
The Hot Mammas @thehotmammas🔁Back in 1969, Jerry Reed recorded his top 10 crossover hit “Amos Moses.”
Gillian Van Stratt @van_stratt🔁. wins its 8th game vs an AP Top 10 team over the last 5 seasons. Only Alabama has more such wins over that span.
the lucaz 👽 @reizquad🔁Dusk Till Dawn has now charted in the Top 10 on the official charts of over 25 countries in the world, tying with IDWLF and Pillowtalk! Congratulations & 🔥
3D Render Robot @3drenderbot🔁Top 10 lesson ideas for 1st grade students. Engage young learners!
Melatonin @Almall_49🔁Top 10 Lies:
- I'm sorry
- I hate you
- I love you
- I'm over him/her
- I'm fine
- I'm sorry
- It doesn't matter
- Nothing
- I don't care
Dr. Dane Moore @Dmo1453🔁 The top 1% now holds 38.6% of America's total wealth, and the bottom 90% holds only 22.8%. #inequality
Halkat Jawani @OneLoveManUtd🔁Watford lost all luck despite good performances since Brexit mug Deeney opened his mouth,from finishing in top 10 to relegation battle
Kristin LeAnn Dunkin @krlstinsayss🔁Check out these top 10 things to do while out and about in Paso this .
MXFuzions @JamesTesco🔁I liked a @YouTube video Another Top 10 Memorable Graham Norton Show Moments
RyanFoland #GingerMC @ryanfoland🔁Check out this hilarious set of videos! The dog who takes the bush route is my Fav. via @afvofficial
Prabesh Lamichhane @34prabesh🔁 I’m sick to death of us dropping 2/10 performances away to top teams
to_wit @mweshler🔁@ELGINDOTCOM I’m with it. Get the top pick and new QB for another 10 year run.
toptention @toptention🔁Top 10 Famous War Horses in History - #Misc
Citizen Don Kekye® @citizendonGh🔁 Beating United is always sweet but beating Mourinho’s United has to be one of my top 10 fav things in life
Jennifer Rice @JenniferRice6🔁 are one of the top 10 hazards in . Are you ? can help you plan ahead
Melissa Garrett @GarrettJag543🔁 After @ShalaneFlanagan 3 other U.S. women in top 10. Allie Kieffer 5th 2:29:39. Taylor 8th, Steph Bruce 10th.
Laura @PunkerTY🔁Between Wrestle Kingdom and having a Fozzy single hit the top 10, Jericho is at a time to be alive ain't he
Edith Feskens @edithfeskens🔁6 of the top 10 risk factors for the global burden of disease are diet related!
DemisAnAngelWeSee❤ @sadieswan_jones🔁Let's see:
TMYLM sales were 78K
TMYLM is selling more than Revival after 4 weeks of it's release worldwide
Revival: 250K
Not to mention her album is still in the Top 10 after a month of its release.
Jake💎🤙🏻 @__jakeeee__🔁Absolutely HUGE final set in my push for Top 10. Can only wait now. Wish I had Henry from Monday, would be Top10 100%.
Ash Callahan 🌼 @acallahan13🔁My voice is top 10 most obnoxious and irritating things I’ve ever heard
Birgit Scheerenberge @scheerenberger🔁Looking for the most popular things to see and do around Ningaloo Reef and ? Here's our top 10:
Karen Michael @AJkarenmichael🔁Texas Tech earned Champion team at the Cargill High Plains Contest! The team won 4 categories and had 4 out of the top 10 individuals!
Ayo @DJftbl🔁2. United have scored 2 goals in 4 games v current top 10 teams. Same old questions on Mourinho's ability to organize the attack.


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