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Katarina Huizar @EnjonineBveit🔁 Honestly shipping Tonya Harding & Timothee Chalamet right now. I love you, 2018.
Eric Simcox @ericsimcox🔁I love that Tonya Harding and the dude from The Room were at the Golden Globes. #GoldenGlobes2018
AllisonB @itsAllAlly🔁 Honestly shipping Tonya Harding & Timothee Chalamet right now. I love you, 2018.
Tonya Harding Triple AAA @aelexaddo🔁 Tonya Harding looks like she just saw a Black person minding their own business.
Tonya Harding Sabrina @Sabrina____B🔁 Tonya Harding participating in a standing ovation for Barbra Streisand #2018
Tonya HardingTonya Harding tataretatare... spicy, very spicy @thesixthatchers🔁 timothée realizing THE tonya harding is sitting right next to him is a mood
Akilah Hughes @AkilahObviously🔁Tonya Harding is white people OJ.
Parker Molloy @ParkerMolloy🔁The year is 2018 and both Tommy Wiseau and Tonya Harding were featured during this year’s Golden Globes. Oh, also, a featured extra from Home Alone 2 is president now.
E! News @enews🔁Timothée Chalamet just realized that he was sitting next to Tonya Harding at the and his jaw literally dropped:
Lea Porgana @chickalea🔁@pknail @uponadream OMG that is Tonya Harding? I thought maybe it was her after I asked but thought I was reaching. omg. Lol!
Dr Jangeng Dibantang CAA @jangengdibantin🔁Goodness, Tonya Harding is trending. I should hold my tongue, but I really cannot.

Tonya, you nearly ran me and my friend Chris down with your Yellow Geo Tracker when we were kids. You were never kind to my friend Nate, who wanted to be just like you at the CTC Ice Rink.

Adorable Inga @IngaSher🔁Only someone in morally bankrupt Hollywood (Allison Janney) would actually thank a thug like Tonya Harding for their story -- knee-capping (literally) Olympic competitor Nancy Kerrigan. Sick.
Jennifer @jsd25🔁Can someone explain why we are celebrating Tonya Harding? She tried to end someone's career... how is that ok? I see all these tweets about her being abused but no just no... it's ok to tell people's stories but it's not ok to glamorize what she did....
Dr Jangeng Dibantang CAA @jangengdibantin🔁 Nancy Kerrigan says she never got a direct apology from Tonya Harding via @YouTube
YourLocalDrugDealer @IThinkIamDante🔁The year is 2018 and both Tommy Wiseau and Tonya Harding were featured during this year’s Golden Globes. Oh, also, a featured extra from Home Alone 2 is president now.
CNNGorillaChannelNews @lmilziz🔁Don't know what really happened w/ "Tonya Harding" & she shouldn't be made a hero, but it's been 24 damn years folks. In that time she's suffered every kind of scorn & hate imaginable. She's served her time. And seeing Hwood showing more mercy than conservatives...disappointing.
Haley Nickert @HaleoDcapricorn🔁 If Tonya Harding doesn’t end up going home with Tommy Wiseau, this whole evening has been a waste. #GoldenGlobes
Robato11 @TheRealRobato11🔁Seems like having Tonya Harding, and Denzel Washington all in the same reaction shot should unlock the DaVinci Code or something.
Alexandra Romanov @Alexandra1R1🔁it's easy to get the room to clap their hands together when you have a room full of people that fawn over you. This is not real world

& "Tonya Harding" Fawning night

Joseph Covfefe @KennedyHDnation🔁The golden globe theme was to stand up to abuse and discrimination towards women, but Tonya Harding literally paid someone to break Nancy Kerrigan‘s leg and the room is applauding her?? 🤔
America First @America_First25🔁I hear Tonya Harding was at the Golden Globes?? Sounds about right for the Hollywood crowd. I hope she sat next to Meryl Streep or Ashley Judd. Misery loves Company.
Temi F. @Bow_2_Sweetpea🔁 Tonya Harding is white people OJ.
Dave @Dave_in_718🔁Viewers question Tonya Harding’s appearance at Golden Globes 2018 via @SFGate
Cezz @CEZZ1032🔁So the Golden Globes has people "standing up against assault"& those same people are applauding Tonya Harding? Fascinating.
Rebecca ✊🏻 @candidlyrebecca🔁Welcome to 2018, where Tonya Harding and Tommy Wiseau pose together at the :
Cezz @CEZZ1032🔁So the has people "standing up against assault"...and those same people are applauding Tonya Harding? Welcome to 2018.
Cezz @CEZZ1032🔁I’m sorry, but I remember the whole Tonya Harding thing very clearly. She was a sore loser and criminally involved in an attack on one of her competitors. She’s a disgrace to athletes, and it has nothing to do with her rank in society.
vania bessos @bessosvania🔁 Timothée Chalamet looked at Tonya Harding and gave her a nod and a smile. All my worlds are colliding at the Globes
#BastardPresident @DIRTYYYSOUTH🔁 Sorry Allison Janney, but Tonya Harding is trash. #GoldenGlobes2018
The Joe Reed Team @TheJoeReedTeam🔁#realestate Allison Janney thanks Tonya Harding during Golden Globes win
Ellie S @EllieSkipper01🔁I’m so in disbelief that didn’t win best Actress for musical/ comedy at the 🤬 She plays Tonya Harding so well and the amount of preparation she did for that role was crazy. You won in my eyes girl x
Dr Jangeng Dibantang CAA @jangengdibantin🔁 Nancy Kerrigan gotta be Hot.

25 years later ...

You woulda thought Tonya Harding got hit in the knee..

Carole K @jypseamoth🔁Tonya Harding being cheered at the on a night they are taking a stand against women being assaulted is gross.
Lanz @PKprime12🔁 I can report the real Tonya Harding fell down a small flight of steps at the InStyle after-party.
Danila ~ 🥀♡△⃒⃘ @danila_96🔁. and Tonya Harding: A conversation about 'I, Tonya' and a tumultuous life
Shannon Adele Allen @spiesjeff🔁Imagine telling someone in 2008 that Tommy Wiseau and Tonya Harding were going to be applauded at the while Donald Trump was President. You would have been institutionalized.
Erik Michaelsen @michaelsen_erik🔁Tonya Harding is trending so I thought I'd remind everyone what it sounds like to get clubbed in the leg and have your dreams shattered by a violent attack.

You know. In case some people forgot that victims have faces. And voices. And dreams. 👇

Kodak DP @kodak_dp🔁Allison Janney Thanks Tonya Harding During Golden Globes Win - Variety #golden
Kodak DP @kodak_dp🔁Allison Janney Thanks Tonya Harding During Golden Globes Win - Variety #golden
FACTKING FACTS @FactKINGFacts🔁Popular on Google: * Golden Globes 2018 * Big Little Lies * Kirk Douglas * James Franco * The Handmaid S Tale * Tonya Harding * Oprah * Laura Dern * Saoirse Ronan * Carol Burnett * The Marvelous Mrs Maisel * Call Me By Your Name * Emilia Clarke * Stephen Miller * Gary Oldman *…
Karl Sokalski @JumpingBud🔁Just bc Tonya Harding's mother was abusive towards her, it doesn't erase the hatred she felt toward Nancy Kerrigan. Saying she didn't know what her husband was planning is like saying the pulse nightclub shooter's wife didn't know. Such BULLSHIT! Tonya LOATHED Nancy
Danila ~ 🥀♡△⃒⃘ @danila_96🔁.: ", I thank you for your unbelievable, brave, fearless portrayal of Tonya Harding. You set the bar."
Alexander Vandenberg @xandervander_🔁@kyratyler You do realize Tonya Harding is a publicly disgraced sociopath, correct? Which one of your worlds does she inhabit?
AllisonB @itsAllAlly🔁 Never thought I'd see Timothee Chalamet and Tonya Harding in the same frame. #GoldenGlobes2018 INTO IT
HOOD VOGUE @kxyonn🔁Why do folks hate Tonya Harding so much?? Wasn’t it her husband who made her commit that incident or am I wrong??
Michael Dambold @michaeldambold🔁Today In History 1994: Skater, Nancy Kerrigan is attacked, when a man attempts to break her knees with a club, just 2 days before Olympic Trials. It was later learned that is was Kerrigan’s rival, Tonya Harding, also up for the Olympic spot, that hired the man to attack her
MARTY COUNCELBAUM @WALSTGUY🔁Tonya Harding goes after the bar tender at the Golden Globe after party when she finds they are out of Vodka 🍸🍸🍸? ?️🗡️🗡️

AllisonB @itsAllAlly🔁 Timothee sitting over Tonya Harding's shoulder might've broken me
Sita @sitasitasita_🔁So the has people "standing up against assault" and those same people are applauding Tonya Harding? Don’t get me wro ng Margot Robbie did an amazing performance but what the actual f*ck.


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