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elizabeth @gatorgrad73🔁 The #Gators need to give the ball to Kadarius Toney more.
Gators Football @GatorsFB🔁KADARIUS!

A 36-yard run by Kadarius Toney evens the score at 7-7! 14:16 left in the second quarter. The TD is the f irst of Toney's career.

MARLON♠ @ThatKidTswift33🔁 True Freshman Stud Alert: Kadarius Toney 🐊🏈🔥 #Gators
Alec Calvillo @AlecMCalvillo🔁7.5/8 The Pirates score a touchdown in the fourth quarter by wide receiver Toney Daggett. Pirates 27 Tigers 42.
Joey IV @joeyivie🔁Keep feeding Toney 😲😳🐊
Thomas Goldkamp @ThomasGoldkamp🔁#Gators even it up with a touchdown from Kadarius Toney out of the Wildcat. Dude is electric.
Shane Brown @ShaneBrowns🔁@AlligatorArmy We need to use Toney even more. More blitzes more wildcat.
Patrick Sean II @thepatricksean_🔁Toney balled out tonight!! He only touched the ball 6 times.. it should be 16 times. #GoGators 🐊😈🔒🙏
Christopher Yanes @MrChrisBits🔁I'm sorry LDR doesn't deserve credit, Toney, Powell and Davis won that game. Let's Franks play with them.
Affable Midwesterner @M_Toney🔁@aminzvafa /whispers

it def won't be in the bag after LeBron leaves again next summer

Andrew Spivey @AndrewSpiveyGC🔁@CaseyGoldstein because he had a pass deflected and he caught it and Toney had a reverse pass.
Soos @Sooser3🔁Not a Del Rio fan but the offense did move the ball and scored twice. Malik Davis grew up tonight and Toney needs more touches
Casey Goldstein @CaseyGoldstein🔁@AndrewSpiveyGC I didn’t watch the game. Why does Franks have receiving yard and Toney passing?
Thomas Dougherty @tdou04🔁Serious question.. does franks only know 7 plays? Can he not throw the same swing passes or flip to toney for a pass or line up at WR?
Alex in Clearwater @alexburr42🔁@pat_dooley as much shit as Mark Thompson has got for his blitz pick up, he deserves credit for the block on Toney's run.
Agent Andy 🏡👀👌🤘 @TeamAndyR🔁Just opens up the playbook, less mistakes. Gotta mix FF in though. Davis and Toney need to be there too. Wake up cal l for veterans!
Budget Moses @firstXavenger🔁@ThaPumas @FL_Gator_Matt @AlligatorArmy I give the reason we came back to Powell and Toney.
Innuendo @charlesmangus🔁@NickdelaTorreGC Toney needs to be the full time QB
Brandon Norris @bskeet84🔁Toney 6 touches 😂😂😂😂😂😂
G0lden Graham @jgraham2_🔁 hey @JBreezyII i'm on th Toney starting QB hive now... forgive me
Killa Cam @CAM_BAMtheloman🔁@LauraMRutledge Toney 😂
rosagator98 @rosagator98🔁Davis, Cleaveland, Toney, Powell... all clutch!!
47 ♃ @AR_Era🔁 Jerry gone talk dat shit cuz of dat TD pass by Toney. I like it tho
Romey Rome ♍👑 @Romey_Da_Homie🔁Malik Davis, Toney, and Cleveland is our future
Travis @TallyJazz🔁@AlligatorArmy The running game came through at the end and Toney made some plays. Thanks
Ty Ty @iball4evauh🔁@TheMsWhite Toney better than all of them, Mac won't give him a chance though.
Sunshine Lady @Yes_Indee_d🔁 So Toney at Qb, Malik Davis at RB...right?
t. @trhellberg🔁#Heart Davis, Powell, Bryan, Swain, Toney, Jefferson and Townsend. Special shout out to Kentucky's Haynes for the hold #GoGators
Tooltime @Itstooltime2014🔁KADARIUS!

A 36-yard run by Kadarius Toney evens the score at 7-7! 14:16 left in the second quarter. The TD is the first of Toney's career.

Matthew Trosky @MrTrosky🔁Play calling made the difference in last series. Commitment to run game. Davis at RB, Toney has to touch it, and must est run game
M🐘RV☘N @MarvinBama15🔁@LauraMRutledge Has to be Del Rio. Use Toney as well
Audrey Toney @audrey_toney🔁Duke beat UNC today, 27-17

Duke is now 4-0. UNC is 1-3.

Duke has won 4 out of the last 6 matchups.

That is all, have a good day. @GatorCritic🔁This is the coaching staff that has next to no idea how to constantly get the ball to Toney, who is the offenses best play maker
Vonte Adams @adams_vonte🔁 Keep feeding Toney 😲😳🐊
HowellGator @HowellGator🔁Screw it... Start K. Toney at QB! Kid's 🔥🔥
Rodney Ivey ii @rodneyiveyii🔁 START TONEY AT ALL POSITIONS
Captain Jike @SpLASH_BOI_Jike🔁Jerry gone talk dat shit cuz of dat TD pass by Toney. I like it tho
Jarret Van Gurp @jgurp14🔁@Gators247_ Won’t happen, but start Toney
Jordan Glasgow @SportsTalkJordy🔁I am not to sure he (Nuss) had anything to do with the increase in touches Davis and Toney got late in the game
Gator4life4 @Gator4life4🔁@rich559 Powell and Toney wildcat
Garvey @GatorTee🔁How many touches did Toney get in the 1st half vs. the 2nd. Seems like he only got 1 or 2
Jimmy @JimmyG1574🔁Malik and toney both gonna be superstars. Cleveland is one of the best wideouts in college with better play calling
Preston Fuller @GatorLakerColt🔁@realbsikes @GatorsBreakdown Idk if im more geeked for this win or the podcast. Malik LDR Toney it will be jam packed
The Ms White @TheMsWhite🔁Aye but Toney almost got my QB switch vote after that throw to Cleveland 😂 but Del Rio came through
Branden Welford @Notorious_BW🔁Malik, Toney, & Cleve can be deadly. Whoever the QB is....
GATOR (GREGORY) @gregmoore280🔁Toney and Malik are the start of a dynamic skill position group on O (so far). Need a dependable OL and QB and we cook no matter the coach.
Jordan Glasgow @SportsTalkJordy🔁Gene Chizik, a defensive coach, knows to get Davis and Toney the ball... yet Nuss still can’t see that 🤷🏻‍♂️


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