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Tomorrow is Earth Day The Quote @defeatquotes🔁 Tomorrow is Earth Day! Let's make a plan to save our #Earth on #EarthDay.
Tomorrow is Earth Day April @ClarkAlmassy🔁Tomorrow is earth day hope you have great weather and can get outside and enjoy it
Tomorrow is Earth Day Bobby & Dallas @bldouglasjr🔁Tomorrow is Earth Day #GOP @realDonaldTrump Earth Day.
Tomorrow is Earth Day Smart Beginnings RVA @SBGR2016🔁 Tomorrow, April 22, is Earth Day - it's the perfect time to read "The Lorax" by Dr. Seuss.
Lamboo Technologies @Lamboo_Tech🔁Tomorrow is Earth Day! 🌎 Here are 10 things you can do to help save the earth
Fusion @Fusion🔁Tomorrow is Earth Day!

We've come a long way since the first Earth Day in 1970––but there's still much to be done:

Mercy For Animals @MercyForAnimals🔁Tomorrow is Earth Day: Here's how killing animals is killing the planet.
Al Jazeera News @AJENews🔁Tomorrow is Earth Day.
Gypsy @ZiaZingara🔁 The SF and NYC power outage timing is interesting with Earth day tomorrow.
Naga @nagatzhul🔁Tomorrow is Earth Day ~

Also known as the day self-righteous Lefties preach about the environment while leaving a huge mess in their wake!

LECDI @LECDI1🔁Tomorrow is ! Teach your students about the environment using our free articles, videos, and worksheets!
Lila Levy @lilalevy🔁Tomorrow is Earth Day! Now more than ever it is so important that we protect our environment.
Renee Lascala @ReneeLascala🔁Tomorrow is Earth Day! Every year, we throw away enough plastic to circle the earth 4 times:
Coconut Bliss @LunaandLarrys🔁Earth Day is tomorrow and Earth Orgins in Ocala, Florida will be celebrating! Bring your kids…
FUKBANNONSHUTMEUP @Evilgenius68🔁 Tomorrow is Earth Day.
We should celebrate it while there is still an Earth.
Major Patriot @MajPatriotUSMC🔁Tomorrow is Earth Day....the high holiday of the cult of climate change and other lunacy. Show them all what you think, burn an old tire!
Kimberly Schwartz @Kimberkitty97🔁Tomorrow is Earth Day

The day for self-important Leftists to tell us how much they care about the environment while leaving tons of trash!

Rafael Ramirez @comgod1🔁Tomorrow is earth day!! @Al_Gorelioni🔁An Earth Day poem...

Tomorrow is Earth Day
And Earth Day is gay
So use a tire
to light a fire
under a nest
where the baby birds retire

Ali John Seden @AliJohnSeden🔁Retweeted Busabout (@Busabout):

Tomorrow is #earthday and we'll be helping @WildlifeSOS save India's elephants!🐘...

Hair Lingerie @HairLingerie🔁Hair Lingerie Salon Feature: RA_ Bar Beauty 🖤

Since tomorrow is Earth Day, this West Hollywood hidden gem...

kim @colombiana818🔁Tomorrow is Earth Day. Another day where people pretend to care about the environment while trashing our oceans and supporting animal ag.
SMDI Automotive @DriveUsingSteel🔁Tomorrow is Earth Day, but the steel industry's efforts to create a greener future aren't limited to April 22.
Matt Ascanio @AscanioMatt🔁 Tomorrow is Earth Day which means we'll get nagged more than usual about magical climate change ... yay.
Larry Blain @LarryBlain2FBY🔁Tomorrow is Earth Day the day Donald Trump despises most of all...
Emmie @emmiessmith🔁 Tomorrow is earth day - take the time to question what YOUR actions do for, or against the well being of the earth.
JackReacher @DCjusticeseeker🔁Obama should have stolen from HUD to pay for infrastructure instead of ObamaCare?

Tomorrow is Earth Day so, no el ec. is good?
MIT Tata Center @TataCenterMIT🔁Tomorrow is Earth Day! 🌎 See how engineering students are seeking to solve major food & water security problems:


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