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Hilary Banks @misstoshaboo🔁 Ignorant niggas: "Tomi Lahren is fine! I'd smash"

Me when she cries rape afterward:

Tomi Lahren SJ @DemobratGyrl🔁 This is what UGLY looks like.
This is Tomi Lahren (@TomiLahren) .
That's all I have to say.
$@!%*?¡ @FUCKYOU2GRANDMA🔁 Ignorant niggas: "Tomi Lahren is fine! I'd smash"

Me when she cries rape afterward:

POZEGA @harispozega🔁 Tomi Lahren bout to date a skreet nigga in 2.5 seconds
Chase Mitchell @ChaseMit🔁Can’t Tomi Lahren just marry a third-string quarterback and go away
Matthew Chapman @fawfulfan🔁Okay, do let’s call it like it is:

Tomi Lahren is a racist.

Tariq Nasheed @tariqnasheed🔁So brothas are really on here lusting over suspected white supremacist Tomi Lahren, just because she was reciting rap lyrics? It don’t take much to win over these sunken place dudes
KaLésha @LeshaLerato🔁niggas dead ass over here calling Tomi Lahren fine after her hotdog head ass called black men every derogatory term in the book, I see why black women don’t take us serious.
just me @SherryLCox9🔁Durban Lies again
Tomi Lahren slammed for defending Trump's shithole comments
¥ @Ajsoxo🔁Not surprised that Black men are lusting over white supremacist Tomi Lahren. This is the same white woman who compared Black Lives Matter to the KKK, attacked Black NFL players, etc, yet all she gotta do is sing along to a rap song and you niggas fall in love with her. Sad.
#dd/LG @ItBeezLikeThat🔁Sunken In Love: Tampon Lasagna Gentrified 21 Savage & Now Musty Crusty Mouth-Breathers Want To Smash Her Sinister KKKakes To Smithereens
Dumebi @True_Igwe🔁 tomi lahren: nigger!
black men: shidddd, call me nigger atleast you callin!
Sir Michael Rocks 🇵🇷 @BlackPuertoRicn🔁 ... no nigga has said this about Tomi Lahren 😂😂 😂
rojelio @rojelioooo🔁Sarah Hyland drags conservative political commentator Tomi Lahren: "There's a special place in Hell for you."
adriana? @electradriana🔁can tomi lahren dapat kusta and die i cant stand her racist ass
J @HurtKobianThat’s Andrei Kirilenko 🔁 Just came across these pics of Tomi Lahren without makeup. Lmao niggas really lusting over this??
𝔠𝔞𝔪𝔢𝔯𝔬𝔫 @camhailey🔁good morning to everyone except tomi lahren
Dre ☺️ @dreamvillian_08🔁So Tomi Lahren just interviewed me & I made sure I let her know how problematic & racist she was. She literally was so condescending talking to me & I let her know that as well, while still being classy & tactful
Becky Mills @Fat_Ass_Monkey🔁It’s sad even white men is calling Tomi Lahren out. This white guy have no reason to do that because she doesn’t talk crap about him daily. But leave it up to some black males to have no dignity or self respect. That’s why black women don’t have a hard time respecting us
sanjay kapila @sanjay_kapila🔁tomi lahren is the embodiment of every white high school kid who almost broke their neck looking at the Muslim kid in class whenever the teacher mentioned 9/11
Frederick C. Trump @TrumpFrederick🔁If there aren't shitty, racist Americans who enjoy half-baked thoughts from a mediocre, white supremacist moron, then how does Tomi Lahren have a large audience? Let's be honest. Call it like it is.
Babygirl @_chelseanicolee🔁Who called Tomi Lahren attractive? Is the bar set that low that all it takes is a white woman to sing a 21 Savage song for you niggas to get heart eyes
Bon Bon @gumboqueen3030🔁 Tomi Lahren is white supremacist. Period


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