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Daniel Park @danielyp29🔁 Tom Brady trying to run with the football
Chris Long @JOEL9ONE🔁He also thought it’s my job to run with Tom Brady w QB wheel route on a reverse pass. Lmao.
Jordan Kaplan @JKap415🔁In our lifetimes we've bn able to witness

Cristiano Ronaldo
Roger Federer
Lionel Messi
Steph Curry
Lebron James
Tige r Woods
Michael Phelps
Tom Brady
Usain Bolt
Floyd Mayweather
Serena Williams
Kobe Bryant
Nick Foles

Love or hate 'em just appreciate d greatness. We've bn blessed

The Checkdown @thecheckdown🔁After Tom Brady got open, @MalcolmJenkins expected a completion 👀🔊 (via @NFLFilms)
Skip Bayless @RealSkipBayless🔁You can't tell me Josh McDaniels changing his mind about head-coaching Andrew Luck's team doesn't have something to d o with thinking he will be Tom Brady's head coach sooner than later.
Saksham @SakshamMohan🔁Tom Brady and Cam Newton acted identically after losing the Super Bowl.

Neither shook hands with the opposing QB or coach. Both gave short, somewhat angry press conferences. Yet the reaction was... *clears throat* really damn racist.

trash can man @Patlachapelle33🔁 Tom Brady’s gonna rage eat an extra almond tonight
Much-O Broken-O @MrsJuliaRawls🔁Tom Brady walks off field without shaking hands: “fierce competitor, hates losing”

Cam Newton walks off field without shaking hands: “classless thug, doesn’t get it”

neit. @Neitraa_🔁“Eagles won’t make the playoffs”
“Eagles won’t win the division”
“Eagles havent beat anyone good”
“Eagles are done w/o Wentz”
“Eagles wont be the #1 Seed”
“Eagles wont win a playoff game”
“Eagles won’t beat the Vikings”. “Eagles won’t beat Tom Brady”
anodyne @DiChristine🔁 @billdonahue2 @giseleofficial @VogueItalia @masonauthor Lighten up Francis.
Chris Gardner @chriswithdabred🔁I mean, look at and their coverage. It doesn't look like Tom Brady shook hands with Nick Foles... but it was "probably an accident". Now let's juxtapose that with how Cam got treated.
Wallace de Souza @Hoessway_🔁In our lifetimes we've bn able to witness

Cristiano Ronaldo
Roger Federer
Lionel Messi
Steph Curry
Lebron James
Tiger Woods
Michael Phelps
Tom Brady
Usain Bolt
Floyd Mayweather
Serena Williams
Kobe Bryant
Nick Foles

Love or hate 'em just appreciate d greatness. We've bn blessed

Marcus Mosley @MarcusM03495348🔁Tom Brady sucks
alivia gillis @aliviagillis🔁Tom Brady has a countdown clock installed in his home gym ticking down the days, hours, minutes and seconds to Super Bowl LIII.
Brandon Warne @Brandon_Warne🔁@WillBrinson He dropped the microphone like Tom Brady, well
Dson @KidShowbiz33🔁TOM BRADY PUBLICLY SUPPORTED MALCOLM BUTLER. In your face, Bill. Coach Belichick continues to get a pass for 1) giving up 41 points to a backup QB in the SBowl and 2) benching Malcolm Butler just because he wanted to play the ex-Eagle he traded for, Eric Rowe.
Zach @zachpruitt🔁Cam Newton? Sure, he lost -- but it's "not about race". He's just a sore losing who lacks sportsmanship and character.

So, Tom Brady, once again: He "probably just forgot to shake hands" with Foles.

Cam? There's intend. It's in his fucking CORE.

Mike Ruello @MikeRuello_🔁Had to share

Two orders of fried cheese curds- $50, one ticket to the Super Bowl- $2,100 and my son celebrating the win at the Super Bowl as Tom Brady gets helped off of his butt !!!!!

Chuck Z @Zambito24🔁Tom Brady. They’re best friends. No way Tom wanted to start over at OC at 41 years old. Wouldn’t be surprised if Tom paid him a couple million of his own money behind the scenes. Stuff like that happens all the times in sports and is never talked about.
J⚡️ @heyyy_jack🔁The last four Super Bowl losing QBs somehow managed to congratulate the winning QB after the game.

But not Tom Brady. This photo doesn't exist for any of his 3 Super Bowl losses.

Dude is so classless. It annoys me that he gets a pass for this

anodyne @DiChristine🔁 The truth is the Eagles played a far better game & that’s why they won! Not b/c ur husband won 2 many times! It’s a team effort ur husband doesn’t play alone.

Gisele Bundchen's actions after Tom Brady lost the Super Bowl

Notorious T.I.G. @trentg1397🔁I hate Tom Brady and everything about the patriots but this has to be a joke. Brady has already passed Montana in every Playoff stat. Fuck out of here with this nonsense 😂
Shane Morris @IamShaneMorris🔁Thread Update: Many people have pointed out I was wrong. Cam Newton DID in fact shake hands with Peyton Manning... s o he displayed **BETTER** sportsmanship than Tom Brady.

In correcting me, you all only further proved my point. Thanks for trying?

Jordan Blascoe @JABlascoe🔁@derek_burger07 happy birthday, bro! Sorry that Nick Foles beat Tom Brady in the Super Bowl.
b @icreatedopeness🔁"A battle line has been drawn once again between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick."

on Brady supporting Malcolm Butler by liking and commenting on Butler's Instagram post

Rhonda Avant @AvantRhonda🔁Nick Foles, who started the season as a backup quarterback, outplayed Tom Brady to lead the Philadelphia Eagles to a 41-33 victory over the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl
Fap Prescunt @fapper_prescunt🔁Holy shit. Doug Pederson & Nick Foles just beat Bill Belichick & Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. I still can't frickin' believe it.😂😂😂😂
Black Letter Law @BetterCallBLL🔁Except they didn't act identically.

Tom Brady fulfilled his post game media obligations and answered questions prof essionally.

Cam Newton did not.

Boston Herald @bostonherald🔁Buckley: Stunning day of news for leads to stunning victory for Tom Brady: "Forget Tom vs. Time. This is Tom vs. B ill... -
Ryan @Seeney_🔁10 years ago Tom Brady and his supermodel wife were enjoying a Super Bowl dynasty. Without any idea there was someone sitting in a dorm room at Arizona who would end it all some day...
Jersey Jim @JerseyJim15Tom Brady should give his MVP trophy to CARSON Wentz to show that hes not a NAD SPO🔁//" target="_blank"> Nick FOLES for the EAGLE WIN

■ This would show Tom Bradeyis a good sport

j @itmatters2me🔁@TonyDungy Bless you, but I was praying for Tom Brady.
Alexandra Schmidt 🌻 @alexxschmidt🔁The fact that Tom Brady stormed off the field to go French kiss his son instead of congratulating nick Foles & the eagles on the win makes me sick.
Blake Kiekenapp @BKiekenapp🔁No one argues that Mj isn’t the GOAT because he had a great team (which he did). He’s still the goat because he was t he leader and the best player on that great team. Same case with Tom. And I could understand the good player better system argument, but Tom Brady is a huge part
PRE-KARDASHIAN KANYE @CushKobain🔁@NFL_Access Lmao, its all fun and games till the fire dept cant find your burning house because your neighbors hate Tom Brady so much.
chey woods @_cheyyyyyy_🔁 defeats Oklahoma. Philadelphia defeats New England. Coming up on ? Trae Young highlights and a discussion on Tom Brady.
Dulcé @surseoir🔁 but you know who’s really out of line? Tom Brady.....for french kissing his kids


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