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Tom Bossert Cleric McManus @ClericMcManus🔁 White House aide: Groups "on both sides" showed up looking for trouble
Anne Frank Center @AnneFrankCenter🔁AGAIN! SICKENING! Today @POTUS Homeland Security Advisor has the audacity to blame "both sides" in Charlottesville.
Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 @JackPosobiec🔁What @JakeTapper is doing with Tom Bossert right now isn't journalism, its radical left-wing demagoguery
Jonathan Lemire @JonLemire🔁Tom Bossert, White Homeland Security Adviser, largely echoing Trump's "many sides," seems to suggest counter-protesters were violent too
Claire @cookiecat456🔁White House adviser Tom Bossert on CNN is insisting that both sides are to blame. This is obviously the official view. I'm sick.
Dan Vera 🌞🌝🌟 @danvera🔁 #AMJoy

If Tom Bossert found it hard to say Nazi and White Nationalists, he can always use the term 'Trump supporters'

Tina Rohrs @rohrs_tina🔁AGAIN! SICKENING! Today Homeland Security Advisor has the audacity to blame "both sides" in Charlottesville.
KRE @exinia_karen🔁White House aide: Groups "on both sides" showed up looking for trouble in Charlottesville
DJ @Dianej209🔁Loved show today. You handled interview with Tom Bossert so professionally and didn't allow him to loose us in the Trump spin. Panel grt.
(((Lyin' Trump))) @LyinTrump🔁 Tom Bossert White House Homeland Security Advisor is a puppet for this racist POTUS
(((Lyin' Trump))) @LyinTrump🔁. just asked Tom Bossert “how many protesters did the counter protesters kill yesterday” the White House is in serious trouble+
(((Lyin' Trump))) @LyinTrump🔁This Tom Bossert guy is a joke. Just like everyone in that admin. They are turning it into the White Nationalists' House. Disgrace.
TipTop Technologies @twittiptop🔁See why the buzz about "tom bossert " in TipTop is 9% positive :) & 76% negative :( Both sides equal?????
NastyNanci RESIST @NanciAma🔁Tom Bossert, WH Homeland Securiy Adviser: is MOUTHPIECE of DT, REFUSES to blame RACISTS, lumps them in with counter protesters.
KKK WH????
(((Lyin' Trump))) @LyinTrump🔁 @aravosis His name is Tom Bossert and he just compared the anti-nazi protesters to the nazis themselves. Unbeliebable.
(((Lyin' Trump))) @LyinTrump🔁. schools Tom Bossert, WH Homeland Security Advisor, another revolting toady for Trump and apologist for white supremacists
Dr D'Orazio @DrLinaDOrazio🔁I don't want to dignify him by calling him president but I must. That's the only way we get rid of him. via
WillAnnEarp @Hempforlife1🔁Homeland security adviser Tom Bossert: Trump has not given 'red line' to North Korea via
(((Lyin' Trump))) @LyinTrump🔁On CNN, Tom Bossert literally just blamed "both sides" and accused the anti-Nazi protesters of bringing violence to
(((Lyin' Trump))) @LyinTrump🔁Tom Bossert Homeland Security Advisor says there were good ppl among White Supremacists & does not assign blame 2 a group.
(((Lyin' Trump))) @LyinTrump🔁Tom Bossert dancing around ?'s on is embarrassing. The administration refusing to call out white supremacist terrorists is despicable.
Jackson Hipp @RealJacksonHipp🔁Trump's statements on the events in #Charolettesville were pretty vague and so were those of Tom Bossert on CNN today
Jackie P @foundin77🔁White House aide: 'Both sides' sought trouble . Another Nazi sympathizer in t he White House?
Carter Reed @CarterReed11🔁"Tom Bossert" answered your question, five different times, , are you dense? You are unable to accept a straightforward answer.
Linda Ajello @mamajello🔁Just watching @S_O_T_U_ and Tom Bossert is a disgrace to his position.
Deplorable Meany @meanymom54🔁Homeland security adviser Tom Bossert defends Trump's reaction to Charlottesville violence via
Joanna @ArtemisAstarte🔁Trump aide on white nationalists clashes in Charlottesville: Groups on both sides showed up looking for trouble
Coffee Lover @msopee🔁@jaketapper Great intvw of Tom Bossert on @CNNSotu! Bossert, Trump et al just don't get it do they? Condescending bastards!
Susan Bond @susanbondesq🔁WH homeland security adviser Tom Bossert on CNN Sun. to defend Trump's comments/said there were good people among those White Supremacists
Belle Curves @JaynePenelope🔁 What @JakeTapper is doing with Tom Bossert right now isn't journalism, its radical left-wing demagoguery
Rashad @Monstarrr86🔁Tom Bossert & Trump are sending dog whistle winks to white supremacists,essentially putting a target on the backs of poc & non racist whites
Kathleen2157 @Kathleen2157🔁 Someone should have asked Tom Bossert if he was told not to call 'em Nazis/White Supremacist or if it's personal preference.
Cecilia Reynoso @luzciegadora🔁We don't know how they can say some of this stuff with a straight face
karenhuang @scent_petrichor🔁Ugh! This is disgusting.
Jen @Title9Jen🔁@NatashaBertrand @jaketapper White nationalists watching that interview, saw Tom Bossert was on their side. I'm appalled.
Newshawk @USNewshawk🔁"White House homeland security adviser Tom Bossert discusses President Trump's response to the violent clashes...
Nina Spelman @N_Spelman🔁Adviser: Trump Didn't Want To 'Dignify' White Supremacy By Condemning It
Park Ranger @netminnow🔁Just more of the "both sides" crap from the Trump White House. Tom Bossert blames counter protestors equally.
Doctor Patois @drpatois🔁WATCH: WH Advisor Tom Bossert full interview with as he speaks for Trump on . …
Tad Jay Holmquist @tad_jay🔁@jaketapper @TomBossert45 Tom Bossert clearly sold his soul, to get his job.
Lucky Mendez @rmendez1🔁 Here is my full interview with Trump homeland security adviser @TomBossert45 #CNNsotu
M K @l800mph🔁White House aide: 'Both sides' sought trouble @CNNPolitics


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