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Todd Gurley Harrison Falcons16-0 @OTEDMN🔁 Todd Gurley had a night!
Mrs. Chanandler Bong @mannabutt🔁 Everyone with Todd Gurley on their fantasy football team
PublicAccessAmerica @PublicAccessPod🔁 RT : Todd Gurley owners bless up 🙌
2nd touchdown of the 1st quar…
Todd Gurley Jacob Ingram @JacobIngram_🔁 Tag your opponent if you started Todd Gurley this week.
Todd Gurley @Ñ+ @ItsMeAnt916🔁 Todd Gurley has scored 6 TDs this season.

At the moment, that’s more than 25 NFL teams.

Martin Slade @slankypuss🔁 I think Todd Gurley just saved Jared Goffs life #TNF
Todd Gurley ANTONIOUS WILDER @kingbrewcity24🔁 “You’re welcome.”
—Todd Gurley to all his fantasy owners
Todd Gurley Kennie Eberhart Jr. @KennieEberhart🔁 Todd Gurley is the first to do this since Megatron.
Todd Gurley Daniel Jason Meineck @DanMeineck🔁 Todd Gurley can't stop scoring.
Todd Gurley ESPN @espn🔁“You’re welcome.”
—Todd Gurley to all his fantasy owners
Todd Gurley SportsCenter @SportsCenter🔁Todd Gurley is the first to do this since Megatron.
Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter🔁Rams’ RB Todd Gurley is the first player since Calvin Johnson in 2011 to score 6 touchdowns in the first 3 games of the season.
The Tea-Wolf @KrissiTrash87🔁Wow. Todd Gurley is running the football with authority, man. There's nothing girly about this guy. Just call him Todd Manly
marco carrion @wwelifer1🔁@DemBoyz_News @todd gurley fake news!
Bearcat Edits @BearcatEdits🔁@DaveyyDizzle RT if you had Todd Gurley 😛
Luke in Philadelphia @tramL116🔁@bri_earnshaw I bet you don't even know Todd Gurley's middle name
GottiSays @GottiSays🔁Todd Gurley scored 3 TD's last night becoming the 2nd player in history to have 6 TD's in just 3 games. Calvin Johnson was 1st.
Cody Rowe @codyiam🔁Hat-trick hero.

Todd Gurley is proving to be a Fantasy Football dream pick.


Jan Sloan @mimijanx2🔁 Hey y'all, did you see Alum Todd Gurley play 🏈 Thursday night⁉️ We Rock‼️ ❤️❤️❤️ UGA
Eric Vincent Gorham @Yeahb00🔁 Thank you Todd Gurley #Fantasy
Elliot @ElliotM36🔁 Todd Gurley now has 6 touchdowns in 2017.

He had 6 touchdowns in all of 2016.

أوستن @AustenHdz🔁 Todd Gurley to Michael Irvin: "We gonna whoop up on your 'Boys [next week]" 🤔
Alan Griffin @Scally43🔁@miakhalifa To be fair tho Todd Gurley is a fucking monster and the gators are... well... not that... at all
Newsline @newsline🔁Jared Goff, Todd Gurley help lift Los Angeles Rams to wild win over San Francisco 49ers
Jimmy Traylor @liltrails2🔁 Todd Gurley scored more touchdowns in one half of a game than the Florida Gator offense could in 7 quarters
Connie Queen @ConnieQueen6🔁@FootballUGA @TG3II Thanks Todd Gurley for showing us some NFL players have morals values and Respect for their country!!!!
Conlan @CGrossMan19🔁Of course the guy I play in fantasy this week has Todd Gurley
702 Breaker$ @702Breakers🔁09-22-2017 TODD GURLEY II AUTOGRAPHED JERSEY GIVEAWAY WINNER!! CONGRATS & THANK YOU!!!: via @YouTube


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