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N🧛🏻laChick @TheNolaChick🔁Tinsley, you're not even engaged. Girl, wtf you doin'? #rhony #rhny
Kate Chastain @Kate_Chastain🔁The only thing that would have made that egg scene with Tinsley and her mother any more over the top would if they h twitter.com ad been having caviar with their champagne. Such a missed opportunity for a theme party
lyn wheaton @mtnmamaste🔁@evelina22368 Dance, Tinsley, Dance!
Luci @Lucinoluci🔁 Don't ever show this much of Tinsley again, or I am boycotting this show! #rhony
Greg Bennett @GreggyBennett🔁I’m usually all in on Tinsley, but tonight was... tough
Jennifer Jacobs @JenniferJJacobs🔁WHITE HOUSE DELEGATION at Trump-Kim summit:
—Mike Pompeo
—John Kelly
—John Bolton
—Stephen Miller
—Sarah Sanders
—Mir twitter.com a Ricardel
—Matthew Pottinger
—Sarah Tinsley
—Stephanie Syptak-Ramnath
—Michael McKinley
—Allison Hooker
—Brenan Richards
—Melissa Brown.
ViGeorgi @vi_georgi🔁Tinsley has an obsession... #RHONY
Karen Huger's Mole @KarenHugersMole🔁Tinsley shopping for wedding dresses not even being engaged is like Scheana naming her ROBBB baby Madison Marie Parks Valleta
NotWearingMarchesa @MayorMaccaNot🔁Tinsley is such a whinger. #rhony #RHONYC
Julie @JulesIllini🔁I seriously think something happened to Tinsley psychologically when she was between 6-8. She is emotionally stuck at that developmental stage. She looks and dresses like a contestant on Toddlers and Tiaras. I’m waiting for the lace socks and MaryJanes.
DJ @swyayadj🔁Maybe put Tinsley eggs in there. Kills two birds: Skinnygirl branding, cheaper for Tins, bill doesn’t go to mom, no m twitter.com ore egg/wedding dress scenes. Win win win win.
Stacie Cooper @StaceCoop🔁I got do without these scenes with tinsley & her mother. It is putting me to sleep #RHONY
Meg 🇺🇸 @SombreroReef🔁#RHONY Soooo Tinsley & her mom are freaking me out... " I think you're jumping the gun...". You think?!!!!!
Common_Nonsense @common_nonsense🔁I bet the man in the bridal shop wanted to shoot himself. Tinsley and her mom swilling champagne, bawling over frozen twitter.com eggs, slinging tears & snot over an expensive wedding dress he knows they won’t buy.
IamTru @so0overit🔁Tinsley & her Mom are me and my daughter. Wow it was like watching us on tv! I hope this means it’s common. #rhony
cinnamon hearts🐾 @cinnamonhearts3🔁I'm not understanding Tinsley storyline tonight. #RHONY
Kate Casey @KateCasey🔁Wondering if Tinsley's mom Dale sleeps in brooches and a fur coat. #RHONY
Debi @Rozesrblu🔁Tinsley and her mom have a codependent relationship. #RHONY
Be Awkward😎it's Ok! @WonderG78🔁 Tinsley trying on wedding dresses for shits and giggles is Single White Female Status


Greyson #BB20 @IiIbigbrother🔁Tinsley has been trying on wedding dresses for 15 minutes and Danielle Staub is a friend of the Housewives. SOMEONE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME.


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