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Hey, Nikki! @missnikkiest🔁Vlad: Rex has serve his purpose. Thank you for the oil deals. Donny, you know what to do.
Trump: Hold my cheese burg twitter.com er. *grabs phone*

Holly H 🌸MAGA🌸 @Hbarto🔁look into the and and KNOW they wanted to destroy everything great about USA! twitter.com
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Tait Michael Brown @slamman140🔁#TillersonMemoirTitles If Trump was apply for a job when I was Exon, he would not make it past security.
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I got fired by a fucking moron

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Michael Petty @pettytweet🔁“I had one of the most powerful jobs on earth and was fired by a F@%king Moron via TWITTER!” twitter.com
Hey, Nikki! @missnikkiest🔁You're next Mnuchin!
Robert Pomeroy @robertapomeroy🔁 Rexiled #TillersonMemoirTitles
Hey, Nikki! @missnikkiest🔁The president who lied about Golden shower #TillersonMemoirTitles
Jessica Nathan @JessiAnn11🔁LMAO!! AM DYING OVER @StephenAtHome Fallen tribute to @RexTillersonWH @colbertlateshow "The Coffin Wasn't Airtight" #TillersonMemoirTitles 😂
Say what? @Trumpsplanation🔁Exit Stage Left!
Shahar Hameiri @ShaharHameiri🔁#TillersonMemoirTitles My Time as Secretary of State and Other Short Stories
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A lot can happen in 4 days... twitter.com
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Around the World in 80 Days, Give or Take
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Elmer Adrenaline Chile @elmer_a_chile🔁 Eat (the salad)
(Pretend to) Pray
Love (Putin’s money)
Shee🔵Na @your_bunny1🔁Eat (the salad)
(Pretend to) Pray
Love (Putin’s money)
Marco Aurelio @EmpMarcoAurelio🔁 @west4east Let’s hashtag this. #Trump #Tillerson #TillersonMemoirTitles #Pompeo #Rexit #TrumpColluded #TillersonOut
Bonnie J. Henry @_bh27🔁 How My High IQ Drove Trump Crazy. #TillersonMemoirTitles
Kathy P @KathyP62280202🔁Boy Scout Guide to working for a F*^#ing Moron #TillersonMemoirTitles
Darby Phillipps @DarbyPhillipps🔁McCain: Trump’s CIA pick was involved in ‘one of the darkest chapters in American history’ | TheHill
mrs.LHS @ABPC84🔁From A to Pee, the real story. #TillersonMemoirTitles
mrs.LHS @ABPC84🔁 The Old Man and the Pee #TillersonMemoirTitles
mrs.LHS @ABPC84🔁 Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Russian Brotherhood #TillersonMemoirTitles


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