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edgy kid @vaccinemacca🔁 “I have 61 tide pods, you hungry?”
@CrankThatFrank @jessiepaege
christine teigen @chrissyteigen🔁trump became president the same year people started eating tide pods
Tide Pods Rebecca Lei Wong @RebeccaWong27🔁 @tide @RobGronkowski @tide sitting down to a plate of your special edition tide pods tonight
Artistical Whale @GabbyDaEpic🔁No forbidden sauce
No Tide pods
The memes have retaliated on us
Jess Dweck @TheDweck🔁“In this pro-Trump town, they never stopped eating Tide pods.”
Mohamed Salih @MohamedMOSalih🔁Hello 2018,

1. Stop being racist
2. Stop eating Tide Pods

Smokey @LaurenLennon93🔁 trump became president the same year people started eating tide pods
🇨🇦 Oh Canada 🇨🇦 @ralphlehmann1🔁 I woke up at 3 AM to all you people talking about tide pods and now I'm hungry.
Tofai @xjose101🔁What should Tide PODs be used for? DOING LAUNDRY. Nothing else.

Eating a Tide POD is a BAD IDEA, and we asked our friend to help explain.

pops 😏🔥🏳️‍🌈 @staychiefin757🔁 Do Not Eat Tide Pods
DOC CHICKEN @Nick12593🔁 Hello 2018,

1. Stop being racist
2. Stop eating Tide Pods

August @AbolishAugust_🔁 1998: In 20 years we'll have flying cars

2018: we literally have to tell people not to eat Tide Pods

The Mommy Times @MommyNooz🔁Local parents and teens react to ‘Tide Pods challenge’ - mommytimes.org
░e░r░i░c░ @LoafOfSass🔁So what your telling me is that daddy Trump gave us delicious Tide Pods twitter.com
Josh Qualls @jay_quails17🔁 I bet you shield potions taste as delicious as tide pods look
The Dyspraxia Guy @TheDyspraxiaGuy🔁A laundry detergent company had to put out a video warning people not to eat plastic pods filled with chemicals made for washing clothing and we wonder how Trump could’ve won.
jake merch 🍞🌹🏴 @jakefm🔁@norm Eating Tide Pods is good, nerd.
; - Ino Yamanaka - ❁ @AttakaiHana🔁|| You don't know how good Tide Pods taste though. You gotta savor it.
jay @ludaiza_drrms🔁wow tide pods followed me
Kierra Kingsolver @kierrak721🔁 stop eating tide pods and do drugs you fucking losers
यू पी का लौंडा @indianwhale🔁When you think about it, Donald Trump is actually the perfect leader for a nation that requires a "do not eat" warning label on a box of Tide pods.
Luke Winter @im1trashcan🔁@tide @RobGronkowski Yummy tide pods
Mark Di Carlo-Lawyer @markadicarlo🔁 *strings Tide Pods together to make a necklace*
KFC Crispy OG @OGPatriick🔁14 days into 2018 and niggas out here eating tide pods
_̶̛̭̓ŏ̷̯̩_̷͖̼̾̀̍̓̓͊ẹ̶̅̽͊̚_̷̢͕̮̓̄̈́i̸͋ @_o_e_i__🔁I wanna eat tide pods too. But not the cookie one. twitter.com
Definitely not me @WhoToldYou2🔁 What's worse, dumb kids eating tide pods or bored adults tweeting about it.


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