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#ThursdayThoughts Bill Gassett @massrealty🔁 Your marketing should impact others #ThursdayThoughts #socialmedia
#ThursdayThoughts Elsa @elsamgtz🔁 I may be the biggest fish in the sea, but I am as gentle as can be! 🤗🐋🦈 #ThursdayThoughts
#ThursdayThoughts Melvin Gonzales @Mel_fitness68🔁 Wise words. #ThursdayThoughts
#ThursdayThoughts Reason @reason82b🔁 I LOVE the internet! 😅
#ThursdayThoughts Jaynae Edney @EfficientlySimp🔁 Who can relate? ♡ #bossbabe #quoteoftheday #picoftheday #ThursdayThoughts
Trump❤Choo-Choo❤ @AmigaDeTrump🔁 Here's my non-political tweet for tonight, enjoy #ThursdayThoughts #dogs 😁🐶❤💵💵💵


Krisztian Csizmadia @CsizmadiaKrisz🔁 Crazy Cool #Robot



#Robotics #Tech #GrandSlam #ThursdayThoughts

#ThursdayThoughts nhbg @nhbg79🔁 Maybe I should go to work dressed like this ? #ThursdayThoughts
Nola Magee @Nolamagee🔁 Every Trump supporter’s reaction to Bush’s speech today.


Penguin Books UK @PenguinUKBooks🔁‘After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.’

Philip Pullman


Kambree Kawahine Koa @KamVTV🔁Oh look, George W. Bush is pushing the Democrat propaganda on TV. Did DNC give him their @CNN talking points of the day?
#ThePersistence @ScottPresler🔁President Trump is the first sitting US President in history to visit the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Trump isn't Hitler

Susan B. Beckner @SusanBBeckner🔁'Response to PR was a 10 out of 10'

🇺🇸Good job 💪🏻

Queue San Juan mayor w/ 🙄

Thornton Rose, Jr. @thorsunn2🔁A little reminder for and his supporters

L C Lynch @lionsviewfar🔁💥FINALLY💥
AG Sessions May Investigate Hillary Clinton's Role In Uranium-One Scandal

monger @cr_monger🔁 Well said!
🇺🇸Terre 🇺🇸 @TerreBehlog🔁 "Suspected Wine Country Arsonist Is An Illegal Immigrant..."

spookyasmin 🕸 @bxtterflyniash🔁 When an animal is suffering, they're counting on YOU to speak up ❤️ #ThursdayThoughts
Midlands Mum @Aceso84🔁Last Chance to 3 Pack Thong!!
& To Enter Todays Draw!! @masteryourcard🔁The latest The Personal Finance Fix! Thanks to @LendingClub @BudgetsAreSexy @ESIMoneyBlog #ad #thursdaythoughts
He's my president! @JaneRepublic🔁 evidence mounting against Obama
coverup is bigger than Watergate

VIVIENNE CHICK @VivienneChick🔁 "When I was doing Carry On Cowboy, I used to arrive at the studio by horse. They laid bets I'd arrive before the milkman"
Wendy in Virginia @Patriotic_Va🔁💥Boom💥 Bribery, extortion, utter corruption! does go far 2 deep 2 prosecute?
Una Blogger @unablogger🔁 George W. Bush just help re-elect Trump 2020. His propaganda democrat speech is EXACTLY why Hillary lost.
YGOR SUNNY @YoYgor🔁@lostmysoulinJP @iamisabelle @tylerthecreator #SpiritDay #ThursdayThoughts the game
Kyle Hamwey @kyle_hamwey🔁Everything is offensive to , even encouraging a healthier lifestyle.

Annette Mukiga @AnnetteMukiga🔁Face your past without regret. Handle your present with confidence. Prepare for the future without fear.
Will Or Be @DonJuan2be🔁 Deplorables know! Those with Trump Derangement Syndrome deny. #MAGA #ThursdayThoughts #FakeNews
MichaelStrachanowski @Strachanowski🔁 If your business or product doesn't have 2 things, it cannot scale to real wealth: Volume & Margin #ThursdayThoughts
Pam in Montana @pamreeb🔁"George W. Bush" Once you realize they're anti- Globalist, it makes sense
where were you for 8 years❓

Prince George @PrinceHRHGeorge🔁 #ThursdayThoughts This about sums up my day at school so far #boring #schoollife
perutgendut @perutgendut2🔁Thursday Friendly Reminder... No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart 🙌💗
Aworefa emman atess @atess_simple🔁 Our God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Praise Him! 🙌🏽 #ThursdayThoughts
Kathleen Hollings @khhollings🔁 “The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them.” - Ida B. Wells #ThursdayThoughts
Tha Level Gawd @LEVELGAWD🔁Disney Fine Art Lithographs
Available now at
An Toran @ankaratoran🔁Retweet if you'd let captain your ship
YGOR SUNNY @YoYgor🔁@PatchTheNapper @tylerthecreator #SpiritDay #ThursdayThoughts the game
SherriParkerCreager @sherricreager🔁 ! from in !
Prince George @PrinceHRHGeorge🔁 This man needs a bit more practice before he qualifies for the next olympic games


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