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playonproflex @Playonproflex🔁 Just hanging out with Foundation Degree student Joshua Smith 🙃🙂 #ThursdayThoughts
#ThursdayThoughts Vinicius Antonello @quetzacoalt🔁 Make no mistake... #ThursdayThoughts
#ThursdayThoughts moncef_sediri @moncef_sediri🔁 "Style is loving yourself until everyone else does too." #Prince #ThursdayThoughts
Ramzi😊رمزي @MamsiRamzi🔁 It's a beautiful day 🌷
#ThursdayThoughts Cathy Williams @TySiriolCeramic🔁 All glory comes from daring to begin. - William Shakespeare #quote #ThursdayThoughts
#ThursdayThoughts Mark David Gerson @MarkDavidGerson🔁Ability can take you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there. - Zig Ziglar #ThursdayThoughts
#ThursdayThoughts Fast&Up India @FastandUp_India🔁Do you agree? Some #ThursdayThoughts from us to you!
#ThursdayThoughts#ThursdayThoughts#ThursdayThoughts#ThursdayThoughts jaxmaxmouse @jaxmaxmouse🔁 Retweet if these are the best #ThursdayThoughts you've heard all day...
#ThursdayThoughts The Kekconomist @kekconomist🔁 @Chicago1Ray #Antifa #LIBS hate ##Kekistan
#ThursdayThoughts #MAGA #freekekistan
#ThursdayThoughts Michelle Champagne @pierrettechamp2🔁 What a difference a little caffeine can make!
#ThursdayThoughts#ThursdayThoughts H @oilman999999999🔁 🔥🚨NICE SYRIAN FLAG🚨🔥
This is 👉🏻@RichardBSpencer👈🏻 LMAO!


#ThursdayThoughts DavidG.NJ @imdavidlg🔁 This sums the internet Liberal up perfectly... 🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂😂


#ThursdayThoughts nononsense @nononsense_nick🔁 #ThursdayThoughts
'Free Speech for Thee, 📣
But Not For Me!' #1A 🙊🤐
#BerkeleyProtest 🔥
#Antifa 🍼🍭
Peer Counseling @CypressBayPeers🔁 Just some #ThursdayThoughts.
#ThursdayThoughts WE @WEMovement🔁‘You are who you surround yourself with. That’s why I come to #WEDay’’ — @selenagomez #ThursdayThoughts
Franklin Graham @Franklin_Graham🔁"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever." (Hebrews 13:8) #ThursdayThoughts
Holly #TheResistance @AynRandPaulRyan🔁Uh, oh.
Your prolific tweeting can only mean one thing:
distraction from Mike Flynn and .
We see you, 45.
Steve Phillips @rumpletig🔁Spit ball Jim Acosta harasses again today.

Guess he enjoys the beat downs


#GoodForYou ♡♡ @pdjselena🔁‘You are who you surround yourself with. That’s why I come to ’’ —
350 Austin @350Austin🔁 #ATX #ThursdayThoughts
"Just because its lawful, doesn't make it right"
IRD @TheIRD🔁#ICYMI, Survey: Americans Say Bible is Helpful, but Don’t Read It | via @ChelsenVicari #USA #Bible #ThursdayThoughts
CoolHandLuke™🌹 @Bigger_Bull🔁 What if I told you (((they))) keep us fighting each other so not to reclaim D.C. & lynch them for destroying America? 🤔
Shravani |#BawseBook @TeamSuper1D🔁‘To spread the love, we’ve got to love ourselves first’ — at
Toby Keith @TobyKeith1Music🔁When you hear is in town.
Camren Achele 😍 @ACHELE_FOREVER🔁 ‘With the WE generation in the driver’s seat, the future is promising’ — #WEDay love via @shaymitch #ThursdayThoughts
Jon Andreasen @JonAndreasen🔁Oversight Dems demand vote to force release of Trump's tax returns:
rita roberts @cumtudu🔁Never forget those who invested in you.

RANGER WOMAN @rangerwomen🔁If this has not made you happy, nothing will! Just take the black pill and start looking towards 2020 !

Ohio Recording Co. @ohiorecordingco🔁97% of the people who quit too soon are employed by the 3% that never gave up.

Gabrielle Ridgway1 @GabbyRidgway1🔁Jonathan Antoine "Bring Him Home" .
KiltUrAzz @lechonkwali🔁Still better than being called a liberal! 😉Good morning Patriots!

Danuta Gloc @degrastyle🔁
"I can make that"

Joyce 🐝 Bowen @crwriter1🔁 Why U should be on award-winning 🐝🐝 🇺🇸🌎
Angela S @DraftRider100🔁If you're a HUGE Judge Jeanine Fan watch Her disembowel
The Clinton's & Susan Rice then RETWEET 🕶

In Some Near @thelibraicon🔁What a difference eight years makes.

Caitlin @ccrouieau🔁 "The Hands Resist" by Edgler Vess in 042817
G.One! Super Hero!! @raoneclub🔁The latest The Ra.One ! Super Hero!! Daily! Thanks to @drshahrukh #thursdaythoughts #otd
🗳 2018 🇺🇸 2020 🗳 @babysgramma🔁
Potus COULD and SHOULD stop bringing in these refugees!

Nabeel Khan @hyp3rfr3ak🔁 When short people smoke weed they don't get high, they get medium... #ThursdayThoughts
ZenSocial Supporters @ZenTMSupporters🔁Ability can take you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there. - Zig Ziglar
DIPALI BORAH LASKAR @dipaliblaskar🔁A new water bottle that is biodegradable and edible —saving 1 billion bottles of waste per year
DzDownUnder @DzDownUnder🔁BOOM!! No more masks for Antifa !! 1st Arrest ✔️✔️

Susan Stamp @suzyqcakelady🔁 I couldn't have said it better myself! Fuck them FUGLY Trump Bros! What a disgrace to America and a waste of our air!😩😂🖕🏼
David Fraser @LieBustingKiwi🔁.Far left Austrian President says all women must wear headscarf
Ken Campbell @CrankyChief🔁⚡️KARMA STRIKES!
😂WATCH Maxine Waters
suffer brain freeze during
dumb rant on North Korea

Eskild Lund Sørensen @Iskili🔁 Wind turbines have more than doubled in power in just 10 years - that's innovation for you!
Joe Hearn @JoeHNewYork🔁 says on show them how to steal from Charity

#KBGANG @kbbash568🔁Always do this..... ... by
Justin Walburg @NubbyBunny🔁 Why not give out a few tickets to the Five Year Anniversary $55 Special? RT and I'll pick a few ppl soon
Dan Herrin🎯 @DanOHerrin🔁I think its time President Trump enacts Anti Rioting Act
18 U.S. Code § 2101 GUILTY
sparkobuzzer @sparkobuzzer🔁 "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever." (Hebrews 13:8) #ThursdayThoughts
Ray Bree @BreckBree🔁NEWT: The ACLU has a "fascist mentality," & as for the 9th Circuit, "Don't Impeach, ABOLISH!"


Sharon Williams @Agnapoop🔁 RT/Follow us for a chance to win a London Thames River Cruise for two 🇬🇧
SouthAmericanGirl! @SouthAmerican14🔁 Has me looking at a Movie Pic from Zombie with a Shotgun grab a reward
SpreadingHope @LetsHelpHope🔁 Great post! #ThursdayThoughts
Dep(LAURA)able @OldSalz🔁Dirty Shady needs to be investigated she's on the payroll of


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