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NomadCovfefe @NomadCovfefe🔁 .Here's my non-political tweet for tonight, enjoy! #ThursdayThoughts #dogslife 🐶


#ThursdayThoughts LorenzoMarioAngelini @Lorenzo_Mario88🔁 Never quit, always push forward #thursdaymotivation #ThursdayThoughts #Success
Josh ن 🇮🇱מִיכָאֵל @palavrossavrvs🔁 @comermd I love #DrawMohammed day...cheers #ThursdayThoughts
#ThursdayThoughts JmP @OneMustFocus🔁 STORMS don't SCARE me, they teach me how to sail my ship! #SkillUp #ThursdayThoughts
熱血政也(マサヤ)6/22日本にまた行く @ryukenmasaya🔁 Is it the weekend yet? #mrbean #thursdaythoughts
#ThursdayThoughts ❤ Bhagya ❤ @its_bhagya🔁 .@OfficialHelly7 is giving us some serious motivation. Share your #thursdaythoughts with us.
#ThursdayThoughts Cutter Streeby @CutterStreeby🔁 So true - just be yourself, in life and writing!
#ThursdayThoughts Steve DiGioia @SteveDiGioia🔁 #ThursdayThoughts - are you viewing others with potential of what they could become?
#ThursdayThoughts homestartlorn @homestartlorn🔁 Some beautiful #ThursdayThoughts on the importance of book hoarding.
#ThursdayThoughts Sherry Tekulve @GrammerSherry🔁 We dodged...

THIS bullet. ⤵️

#ThursdayThoughts #MAGA

#ThursdayThoughts Pete_Hatherall @Pete1315🔁 RT if you agree #ThursdayThoughts
Ted Lieu @tedlieu🔁The fact there are no tapes shows that was making stuff up to try to intimidate a witness.
Holly O'Reilly @AynRandPaulRyan🔁As of now, there are 11 GOP senators that have concerns with the bill. If three vote against it, the bill fails.
RoseAnn DeMoro @RoseAnnDeMoro🔁Millions will lose access to healthcare just to line the pockets of the rich: .
Bob H @roberth48🔁The fact there are no tapes shows that was making stuff up to try to intimidate a witness.
LucyTyas @LucyTyas🔁'You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.’ from Kay in
Momma Media Network @MommaMediaNetwo🔁Things To Do With in

norma murrayinahurry @MurrayNormski77🔁Accept no one's definition of your life, define yourself. - Robert Frost Rt
lucy @lucyapps_🔁 Why say ur "on the bus" when ur actually IN the bus? #ThursdayThoughts
Linda Greenen @01greenen🔁 Dem: pre-existing condition didn't choose to pay more
Senate GOP: aborted fetus didn't choose to die
Bill @Bill55P🔁 🤔

Let Put An End To The Party That Is Constantly Throwing Under The Bus!

🇺🇸 ❤️

Cheryl Bliefernich @cbliefer🔁Vulnerability is not weakness. It is the bravest way to live and takes the most strength.

Anant Singh @writetoanant🔁What's HOT in Mumbai this week? KODE by Check out our review
BasedBudMan @BasedBudMan🔁
Oblivious to the irrationality of their obstructionism, Dems still can't figure out why they keep losing elections.
Emz @ebrownrochester🔁

Ripping it away from 23 million people.
Killing 1 million jobs.
It's just wrong.
We can't afford it.

bernie tatro @BernieTatro🔁It's almost as if the DemocRATs are always high.... oh wait. Nvm.

Stay out of touch ! 👌

California Patriot @shademan88🔁US city installs Shariah hotline for hate speech snitches

Madman Espresso @MadmanEspresso🔁Wisdom from a Madman ☕

ehsan @takal99🔁 You were born to do more than just pay bills and die.


Edith pridmore @ejjpridmore🔁
Listen to delusional Nancy Pelosi brag about how she benefits the losing Dem Party 😂

Wanderscape @gowanderscape🔁A dip a day keeps the doctor away. and from
Andy Wedge @andy_wedgeIt's you can a New online product from our plant range. Just 🔁
skyfolly @skyfolly🔁Minions of books... so little time. Its cooler today come & have a browse
ladyjapproved @ladyjapproved1🔁Love this!


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