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#ThursdayAesthetic Edith Lalonde @lalondee10🔁Theme - Best Friend!
#ThursdayAesthetic Mary Dunbar @MaryCDunbar🔁My #ThursdayAesthetic is Best Friend from FTP
#ThursdayAesthetic Edith Lalonde @lalondee10🔁Theme - Love Interest!
#ThursdayAesthetic Cassie Belka @CassandraBelka🔁#ThursdayAesthetic - Love Interest

Owain, a palace guard with a penchant for espionage. But who is he, really?

#ThursdayAesthetic sojourner's boss bitch @writersrepublic🔁Slow-burning frenemies forced to form a coven? Yes, pls #ThursdayAesthetic
#ThursdayAesthetic Ally Ally Oxen Free @AllyMalinenko🔁I made a #ThursdayAesthetic for #Scfi girl gang thieves in space WIP

(it's my first ever don't laugh!)

#ThursdayAesthetic Victoria Shelley @jvns5867🔁#ThursdayAesthetic Love Interest 1/2 - Eve Beautiful, sharp, and ultimately doomed.
#ThursdayAesthetic Eden French @E_FrenchWrites🔁#thursdayaesthetic for my WIP...a #ménage reimagining of Cinderella #fairytales #eroticromance
#ThursdayAesthetic Christina Wise @christinatwise🔁#ThursdayAesthetic - here’s my sleeping Prince 🤴
Andrea McAuley @aemcauley🔁OH MY GOSH, I almost forgot today was #ThursdayAesthetic!
#ThursdayAesthetic Emma Berquist @eeberquist🔁 trying my hand at this #ThursdayAesthetic
#ThursdayAesthetic 🌜 Kala ✨ @writerksm🔁 oh I heard that the #ThursdayAesthetic theme is love interest how convenient for me.
#ThursdayAesthetic Brittany J. Thurman 🙅🏾‍♀️ @janeebrittany🔁#thursdayaesthetic for my #wip......
#ThursdayAesthetic Andrea McAuley @aemcauley🔁#thursdayaesthetic Because I've been obsessed with soulmate friends lately, have some Dawson AES. 💛
#ThursdayAesthetic Janet Walden-West @JanetWaldenWest🔁LOVE INTEREST / BEST FRIEND
Why yes, I believe I shall. Meet Brody, part of Sloan's world. #ThursdayAesthetic
#ThursdayAesthetic ✏️Megan Gaudino🧜🏽‍♀️ @mkgaud🔁Current #WIP featuring all the mythical creatures!

#ThursdayAesthetic #amwriting #YAlit

#ThursdayAesthetic Katarina Bot @amwritingbot🔁 Current #WIP featuring all the mythical creatures!

#ThursdayAesthetic #amwriting #YAlit

Katherine Matuszak @kmatuszakwrites🔁This week's theme is Love Interest. Here's Reggie, Tabatha's new roommate at a witchy work-study program and, oops, twitter.com her new crush, too.

(I've had the "plants not pants" image saved for weeks in anticipation of this theme. Hehe.)

Dana @girlygirl242🔁One of my coworkers was coughing really loud I thought he was choking, so I ask if he's okay and he says very calmly twitter.com "Ya, I'm fine, I'm just dying" Same fam
Anniwaa Buachie @AnniwaaBuachie🔁When you take a break from reading and learning lines...
THE GAME CAN’T LOVE YOU BACK is here 5.15 @KACozzo🔁 Jamie Abrams is the arrogant playboy pitcher whose soft side will make you melt faster than the ice cream he scoop twitter.com s on Friday nights.
Rebecca Barrow @RebeccaKBarrow🔁meet Byatt for this week's

the love interest, the best friend, and also something else we probably shouldn't talk about

she wants to be a good person okay it's just a little boring????

N.R. Khan @nrKhanfiction🔁Feihung. Heir to a smuggling ring disguised as a traveling circus. Little to no faith in humanity after the loss of h twitter.com is elder brother. He only trusts his nephew, a good deal, and his dog. He can't stand naive idealists. He's their LI tho🤷‍♀️
Artmoleto @artmoleto1🔁an archaic language
talks with
reaches out


The Raptor02 🔥25K🔥 GainDrive #GabberHubDotCom @Therealroland02🔁“The developments that the characters make as the story progresses are well executed. I found this book very moving at times, and did not want the story to end.”

Pamela Hyden @PamelaHyden🔁"It don't matter if you black or white"...or anything in between ... Michael Jackson messages of UNITY will resonate from generation to generation - He has reached immortality thru his art ! Just as he had dreamed.
J. Kathleen Cheney @jkcheney🔁Here’s my for another WIP. F/F Romanian Jewish vampires, another re-told fairytale, an ancient prayer book and cemetery, and owls!
Lorenzo de Medici @Lorenzo_freedom🔁Do you need some freedom when working from home?
Jennifer Irwin @jenirwinauthor🔁Check out my news update on my blog and see what's coming tomorrow...


belle 🧜🏼‍♀️ @IsabelStrychacz🔁Today’s theme is Love Interest / Best Friend! 💗 My MC has her love interest (Sebastian - first collage) and her pla twitter.com tonic best friend (Gideon - second collage)
Andrea McAuley @aemcauley🔁"He's bonding with you, and you will never know what that love is like."
"I can at least try."

Last part to , twitter.com for love interest to my querying novel, Flightless. Not an angel, just a guy with wings 💙.

Akshaya Raman @akshraman🔁today's is for the rakshasi best friend with anger issues & a shopping problem. she is anti macaron which is an important perspective for me to include, but will probably kill me to write

Erin Grammar @kitsune_rambles🔁The lovers/MCs in my paranormal are a blood-drenched power couple, a witch with murderous magic and her gentle, some twitter.com what squeamish vampire husband. ❤💀🔪💋
Stacey Bartlett @stac_bar🔁 is and I can’t help myself.

Introducing Annie Mathers and Clay Coolidge of ❤️❤️❤️

Yikes™ @egistential🔁I see your dual theme of best friend and love interest and raise you one protagonist moodboard (not necessarily in t twitter.com hat order)

Briana Morgan is editing @brimorganbooks🔁 theme is love interest / best friend so have the love interest from HOW TO FIGHT DEATH. i finally finished the first draft of this the other day eeee

Heidi is the bisexual queen of hair dye & helping people but will also punch anyone if needed

Margaret Torres @xoxoLibro🔁Mai'an is the Rogue's First Mate and the captain's best friend. She's full of life and laughter, she's loyal as hell, twitter.com and if she could paint the world purple, she would.
Harbor Picture Co. @HarborPicture🔁May 25 is eight days away. Until then, we'll be staring at these amazing character posters and making predictions and twitter.com fan theories.
a.b. @annerbether🔁*shoves this out of my drafts*
- Love Interest 👀👀

- her world narrows to the rush of their magic, sand flung skyw twitter.com ard, falling solders, blood leaking from her nose and eyes, and, above it all, his hand in hers, fingers intertwined as he pulls her after him -

K.A. Grayson @K_A_Grayson🔁
Theme: Best Friends
Rachel & Deanna became best friends almost instantly - 'course Dee is probably the friendliest c twitter.com hick on the planet, but there was something about Rach that she instantly loved. Discovering she enjoyed heavy metal was just icing on the cake.
Jameson C. Smith @JamesonCS🔁 looked like fun, and since "Best Friend" was one of the themes...how could I resist? 😉

Meet Edellion (from THE ASS twitter.com ASSIN'S DAUGHTER + TAD2). Best friend and teammate to Kat. Seventeen, sarcastic, and a fan of delicious food. Assassin-in-training.

Kindra Pring @kinderpring🔁Kya's best friend (and maybe a little more) is Stella. They'd go across the world for each other, no matter how rough twitter.com the road. 🌌
jade ashli 🍂 @mapulwicche🔁i already did a #thursdayaesthetic post for the love interest Živan. but maybe i’ll do another one for my boy :,) twitter.com
Georgi Phipps @GeorgiPhipps🔁"Battle not with monsters, lest you become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes into you."—Friedrich Nietzsche
theme: love interest
Katy Upperman 💛 @KatyUpperman🔁Jumping in on because today’s theme is “Love Interest” and I can’t resist. 💛 Meet Mati, from THE IMPOSSIBILITY OF U twitter.com S, out July 31!
Ruth Holmes @RuthHolmes2🔁Val Gardena is a valley in the Dolomites, northern Italy

Rosana Kirsche @RosanaKirsche🔁My for the theme 'love interests'
I do love the enemies-to-lovers trope, so here are my two warriors from opposing twitter.com fractions, who might or might not end up together by the end of my story.
Rena Bunder Rossner @renarossner🔁Here’s my for another WIP. F/F Romanian Jewish vampires, another re-told fairytale, an ancient prayer book and cemet twitter.com ery, and owls!
🥀Amber Mitchell⚔️ @Amberinblunderl🔁Okay, this is my first time with so bear with me! 😅

I’m not sure I nailed it with this graphic but I do love these photos and I think they really capture the imagery of my pretty well.

Emily A. Duncan @glitzandshadows🔁I did not need to make another aesthetic for this book but then I saw the theme so here's a for Morven - love interest, angry decaying god, just.... an absolute mess
Alex Brown should be writing... @gravity_fail09🔁My contribution is for my YA Sci Fi that's inspired by Filipino mythology! It features wlw, lots of folklore, politi twitter.com cal intrigue, and some Jedi-esque magic! I'm super excited to get back to this story sometime in the near future :D
Ángeles M. Pomata @ampomata🔁Why am I so drawn to the ? Water is the element of emotion and subconscious, of purification, intuition, insight, compassion and family. Water gives us life as well as heals and cares for it. It’s the source of life itself 🌊🐚👩🏼‍🎨
DanDanGeologyMan @kelsieharman🔁Tried my hand at and omg? So excited to take a break from my thesis and get back to edits.
This is Key, who is both twitter.com a love interest and a best friend. He hacks stuff and he’s made a lot of mistakes/is resident cinnamon roll.
lainey 🦊 @readalongLainey🔁"This is a bad idea," he said. "Want to get that out there so when everything goes to shit, we can reflect on this m twitter.com oment."

Bff Luca. Also the half brother of the love interest because I love the dramz.

Mary Myers @WaywardCelestia🔁I forgot #ThursdayAesthetic can I do it after midnight?! 😭
Vanessa Essler @VanPunkAuthor🔁 theme is love interest/friend, so here's one half of my star-crossed lovers, Caspar. Ever practical, yet tenacious i twitter.com n striving for what he holds dear.
Brooke S @BrookeJSauthor🔁 Not my best work aesthetic wise but this one was more difficult than others. Meet Freya, Baroness of Norwood, occass twitter.com ionally foul-mouthed with a dirty mind and often the instigator of trouble with her best friend Keira. But what are soul-sisters for anyways?
MJJJusticeProject @MJJJusticePrjct🔁"It don't matter if you black or white"...or anything in between ... Michael Jackson messages of UNITY will resonate twitter.com from generation to generation - He has reached immortality thru his art ! Just as he had dreamed.
Jessica Reed @J_E_Reed_author🔁Here’s a blog post about , including a quick and dirty how-to for those of you who are new to the world of aesthetics!
Luna Joya @lunajoyawriter🔁The scene I’m currently writing. Such strong women as adversaries. Someone will have to give. twitter.com
Deep @Nil123deep456🔁I have two different LI's in this book for two different characters. Since I already made them a aesthetic I'm just r twitter.com eposting it.
Meet my two babies, one is a cunning monster and another is a grumpy assassin.

Lindsey Duga @LindseyDuga🔁Okay, this is my first time with so bear with me! 😅

I’m not sure I nailed it with this graphic but I do love thes twitter.com e photos and I think they really capture the imagery of my pretty well.

Legal Steroids @Buy_Esteroides🔁Give this Chocolate Chip Banana & Ricotta Chia pancakes a try❗️🥞🍫👩‍🍳
•Baking soda
•Chocolate chips

Janet Flora Corso @janflora🔁Made a second one for Justice who is a far more interesting LI though that is mostly in my head... twitter.com
Victoria Shelley @jvns5867🔁 Love Interest 2/2 - Bobby "Rowan always said her sense of me was of rushing water, but Bobby was dappled sunlight twitter.com and a breeze that brought the smell of wildflowers."

Caroline Huball @CarolineHuball🔁My MC's first and forever love is the one she has for her kingdom, so welcome to Beracelle! This is the setting for m twitter.com y WIP YA fantasy. Can you blame me for wanting to spend all my free time there?

Jes Mal @AziWrites🔁There's a LI in , but the focus is on a relationship between friends.

Kiva is Ana's best friend and the lieutenant of the royal guard. She's strong, snarky, and more than a little dangerous if you mess with people she cares about.

E l i S u m m e r s ☕ @EliSAuthor🔁I heard a rumour that today's is Best Friends/Love Interests. So I made a few! Holden & Aaron are both the MCs and b twitter.com oth each others Love Interests in

So here's Holden!

Kim-Lee 'Princess Shuri' Patterson @anna_lee_writes🔁And a for the love interest from THE FEVER KING.

You didn't think I'd let this prompt go by without doing an aesthetic for my favorite character, did you? 🖤☺️

Natalie Cannon @NMCannon🔁The LGBTWIP lot have met him already, but this theme is perfect for my MC’s study-buddy/suitor Hellar.

Imagine the pottery section of Ghost, except you’re playing an ocarina and Patrick Swayze is a mollusc 🐙

Natalie Cannon @NMCannon🔁 has a dual theme this week so you'll be getting 2 from me today! The first is "love interest".

Ellian, haunted and aloof, hiding his loneliness and fear behind a mask. Determined to succeed in a mission and role he never truly wanted in the first place.

Morgan Rhodimer @mrhodimer🔁I already made ship and love interest and best friend aesthetics for DTTF whoops. So here are the 3! Love interests f twitter.com or the gothic fantasy wip. (My girl Lara is a loner and has no friends lol. 🤷) here are Vendrya, Nero, and Esryn.
Holly March @marcherwitch🔁 BFF/LOVE
Milaya has no friends, but Coal might be the closest thing right now. From the disgraced House of Abbaddon, he is the last of his line "worth anything".
I don't usually write love interests into my books but... Maybe.

kay adams @KayWritesYA🔁i see you ! here is nova's love interest, elowen. i promise the colour scheme - forest fairy and river fairy - will twitter.com make sense, but it's also kinda spoiler-y. (also, that lovely blue-haired sword-wielding tattooed shield-maiden of doom is my best friend) 💜
D.L. Collins @dlcollinsauthor🔁"These violent delights have violent ends
And in their triumph die, like fire and powder,
Which, as they kiss, consum twitter.com e."
—Romeo and Juliet, Act II, Scene IV

Margaret Torres @xoxoLibro🔁• His head was cocked in that way that made her want to grip the hair on the nape of his neck and either punch him in the gut or ravish his mouth. She was never sure which feeling was stronger. •

Lorant and his pirate ‘Queenie’ are my enemies to lovers OTP.

Juliana Spink Mills @JSpinkMills🔁I’ve been drooling over the tag for weeks so this time I thought I’d try one of my own. Apparently today’s theme is twitter.com love interest? This one’s for the bad boy racer in my current WIP...
David🌍🕷⚡🐶✴Bowie @DGoweyAuthor🔁 about a WIP of mine. Sophia Uradel pretends to be Stefen so she can fight an invading army, joins a group of routier twitter.com s, helps her love interest/best friend Rys make it into a respected mercenary unit called the Company of the Fawn.
Noelle Alexis ☠️ @Noelle_Alexisss🔁• His head was cocked in that way that made her want to grip the hair on the nape of his neck and either punch him i twitter.com n the gut or ravish his mouth. She was never sure which feeling was stronger. •

Lorant and his pirate ‘Queenie’ are my enemies to lovers OTP.

Astonishing Tales @astonishingkyle🔁 theastonishingtales.com A from twitter.com
marn @ commissions open! @badscaryplace🔁ah i heard today's was love interests and i DID make this a couple days ago sooo

austin's two love interests in ar twitter.com e landis, a former indie musician, and otter, a med student! both get dragged into some Pretty Occult Bullshit

Sophia Elaine Hanson @authorsehanson🔁"When the sun rises in the Wake, it sets in the Reverie." of sorts for Nightstrider, my current WIP. I wish I could twitter.com share this story with you guys yesterday.
Ríona O'Inabha @Ink_and_Papyrus🔁“If you are completely honest with yourself,” Kara said, “there is no doubt—between me and your nation—which you woul twitter.com d choose.”
“No, there’s not,” Anjez agreed, “I would choose you.”

Margaret Torres @xoxoLibro🔁Trying to find some pics to represent my MC's bestie who's also bi for - while at work - And....that got rated R qui twitter.com ckly, my


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