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Mary Anne Yarde @maryanneyarde🔁Berengar scowled. “Otto has Germany quite under his thumb, it seems.”
“The rule of King Otto sounds wise indeed,” Adelheid said. “How fine it must be to enjoy such harmony in his realm.”

99p 99c

Diana Mooney @mooney365🔁Arnold casts a malevolent gaze over the crowd gathered. He’d give ‘em a magic show all right! A flick of his wrist & a skin fizzure races down his forehead. He steps forward, molting his skin into a gelatinous clump in one movement. Through sinewy muscle & bone, he grins.

Angie-Marie Delsante @DelsanteWrites🔁🎨 UNDER
🎨 [img]
🏹 [img]
🏹 MC
Trisha Patrice @TrishaPatrice13🔁From below they sang a haunting chorus, and after some cursory safety checks, they were turned into a tourist attraction.

Angie-Marie Delsante @DelsanteWrites🔁AT A LOWER LEVEL Your Words THEME for July 12 is ***UNDER*** all genres * wips & published * buy links absolutely welcome * hosted by LET'S GET READ
Cheyenne Bramwell @PoemsbyCheyenne🔁There ain't nothin' like a southern summer storm. It's like an ice cube run down a swampy-hot spine. The air gets soupy, your shorthairs stand on end, and you feel like a flea on a dog, watchin' God throw lightning bolts under a fierce mulberry sky.

Nancy Pirc @nancy_pirc🔁From forbidden tongues come the most atrocious secrets suppressed beneath a carousel of rehearsed lies, but also sweet sincerities that could strip apart the loneliest hearts and build them anew. His eyes speak of both troubles.
Joshua Haveman @JDHaveman🔁Under each word is an accusation, and her every glance seeks out my secrets. #Thurds #FeelLines
Carol Beth Anderson @CBethAnderson🔁An arm came under her back, and another under her knees, and she was pulled close to someone’s chest. Her eyes still twitter.com closed, she breathed in deeply. The scent of bread dough, cook smoke, and sweat filled her lungs. “Tullen,” she murmured.
Shawn Burgess @ShawnBinjax🔁Arnold casts a malevolent gaze over the crowd gathered. He’d give ‘em a magic show all right! A flick of his wrist & twitter.com a skin fizzure races down his forehead. He steps forward, molting his skin into a gelatinous clump in one movement. Through sinewy muscle & bone, he grins.

Robyn Roze @RobynRozeAuthor🔁Without waiting for more, Evan sprinted out of the house. He exited through the courtyard and out into the orchard. Under the moonlight, he flew past the EMT’s unloading a gurney to take up the trail.

DMShepard, Electrical Engineer, writer of random @dmshepard13🔁Without waiting for more, Evan sprinted out of the house. He exited through the courtyard and out into the orchard. twitter.com Under the moonlight, he flew past the EMT’s unloading a gurney to take up the trail.

A.B.Funkhauser @iamfunkhauser🔁“What’s with all you -ass tough guys owning shark tanks? What’re you a fucking super villain? said Nick, as he shoved the screaming mob boss under water and let the guy’s pet hammerhead snack on him.
Katie Aguilera @seekingredress🔁"They're gonna love you," Anna said as she pulled the car under the sweeping covered entryway.
"Yeah, I'll fit right in."
Danielle Ancona @AnconaDanielle🔁In a little brick Brownstone, on the fringes of Flushing, under folds of mint green goosedown soaked in sweet nothings and young sweat, I tucked my heart between the bedsheets, and I fear it never left.

Danielle Ancona @AnconaDanielle🔁I bolt out into the first rainstorm that comes following my freedom. Ren thinks I'm a lunatic, but I've never been able to stand in the rain.

I spread my arms and tilt my face up to the grey skies, letting the clouds' happy tears wash away the remnants of my past life.

Katie Aguilera @seekingredress🔁"Why doubt his word? I assume he's talking under pressure?"
Alex K. Logan @AlexKLogan🔁“What’s with all you -ass tough guys owning shark tanks? What’re you a fucking super villain? said Nick, as he shoved twitter.com the screaming mob boss under water and let the guy’s pet hammerhead snack on him.
Jason J Black @jasonjblack🔁Under a cloudless sky the Fire Fortress stood majestic, its pale stone muted rose gold in the early light. Fiery torches burned in vast iron sconces at the gates leading to a wide bridge, wreathed with the bones of the dead, where a river of molten rock churned beneath
vivan @vivankabir🔁I pushed through the throng of soiled souls. Past linen skirts brushing trampled mud and stained chemises under ripped doublets. Past young girls, peeking through fingers intended to shield innocent eyes. Everyone wanted to see the condemned, to watch the axe fall.

Casey Donart @CaseyDonart🔁Buried underneath layers
of words and silence
I buried my secrets
For years I lived
under ice
until I found
tha twitter.com t thawed the snow
and set me

Alex K. Logan @AlexKLogan🔁Heuer nodded, preferring to limit his voice. His accent had begun to give way under the burden of too many ales.

SoulSearching🕶 @Lovelessgrl691🔁climb underneath & claw inside
make yourself at home
this is where
u now reside
make it cozy
like a parasite to a host
scrape at each scar
in hopes for more shards
push at the walls
knowing u'll stretch them thin
& no one will notice
u festering
under my skin

A. Goddard @AGoddardwriter🔁Gashes arced to create the shape of a bite mark. The skin was blue and puckered under the strain of the stitches. It twitter.com didn't look so bad now that I could see all the damage.

"This will be a lifelong reminder to stay out of other people’s business,” I sighed.

Brandi E. Collins @caniscareyou🔁“I do believe in God. I have to believe every time I see a sunset. Just look at it. It’s all too perfect to just be c twitter.com hance.” He took Taylor’s face in his hands and looked at her under the soft glow of the sky. Her beauty was enough proof for him that God existed.
140line @linein140🔁Under the sunny blue, below shade of cypress, whisperers tween kisses cooled unbound toes in brook of love.

Alex K. Logan @AlexKLogan🔁Adler Inn was set on a high hill, under a dark moon, at the edge of nowhere. Some say that old Milton Copperbottom built the beastly thing far from man's prying eye, to keep it safe. It seems we meager men were the only ones with something to fear.

140line @linein140🔁She'd gone under, well below the line she'd planned to go. She expected to become a monster, just not to savor the guilt.
Trisha Lea @TrishaLea84🔁The glass cabinet held all the strange and wonderful tools of her trade: a black mirror, scrying stones, a crystal b twitter.com all hidden under a black velvet cloth, a collection of feathers from different birds, several pendulums, and of course, a wide variety of crystals and herbs.
Brandi E. Collins @caniscareyou🔁She watched Layne at the sink, noticing the green shade of his hair under the fluorescent lighting. As Taylor’s eyes twitter.com drifted down his back, Layne turned around and caught her gaze as she looked up.
He grinned. “I caught you. You were checking out my ass.”

Mark Paleologopoulos @MarkPaleo🔁He misunderstood. What he thought were plays to "snag him" were simply the missteps of a hurried woman. It's easy to forget about the earrings you left on the nightstand when you're sneaking out under cover of darkness.
Lea Carter @LeaCarterWrites🔁 It had taken only a few hours to realize that there was a minimum of alternatives from which to choose. A few were d twitter.com iscarded as being illegal under Silver law, others as unlikely to succeed…and then, someone had suggested this plan. It was unheard of, but legal…
140line @linein140🔁 He was angry, but it was a palatable honey coating to the turmoil which lie beneath.
#Thurds #140Line
A.B.Funkhauser @iamfunkhauser🔁He gripped the cup in his trembling hand and brought it to his lips. It was unpleasantly tepid, bitter and thick, but under that, barely perceptible, he could taste the merest flowery trace of his preferred poison and he drank down the whole repugnant cup. Hair of the dog
140line @linein140🔁Below the vicious whispers, my suspicion shreds their punk ass lies like a war machine. Under this friendly smile I've got teeth like a chainsaw.

Leslie Ahrenne 🦋 @LeslieAhrenne🔁 Enid canvassed her memory banks. Helena had a brother with a modded GTO. Sometimes they’d hang out in the garage to get a better look at the car guys that gathered around her.
The badging was unique but not unfamiliar. “You have a 454 under there.”
ℓα∂у кяιѕтιηα @WickedParamour🔁I say your name under my breath, then again, and again. I hope the ether trembles with waves of this longing, a nudge at the universe.

Diana Mooney @mooney365🔁"Of course it’s risky. Anything worthwhile is. I’m not going through life hiding under a blanket and sucking my thumb. If I’m hiding anywhere, it’s in the cockpit of my spaceboat." UNDER
Jessica Shaut @JessShaut🔁Then i'd be forced to admit there were moments I could have walked away and didn't. Not because I didn't want to be s twitter.com hown up, or because I didn't want to look like a coward, but because there was just something about him that got under my skin and twisted me all up inside

A.B.Funkhauser @iamfunkhauser🔁”Well, what now, Silver Hawk? This is my first experience with a highwayman. Do you demand coin or my virtue?”
His eyes bulged from underneath his mask. “Good God you're bold! Are you by chance American?”
“I am, but that shouldn't signify in a robbery.”
Jessica Shaut @JessShaut🔁Taking one last look around, she dropped her hand somewhat under the table and flicked her wrist. I yelped, nearly t twitter.com oppling my chair as I jumped at the sight of flames dancing over the exposed skin of Laney's palm.

A.B.Funkhauser @iamfunkhauser🔁With a final puff, he dropped the cigarette and ground it under the ball of his foot, holding his hand out to her.
She may have to go to him, but she was most certainly not going to be friendly.
A.B.Funkhauser @iamfunkhauser🔁Some people loved going to the sea on a bright day. Not him. Although he was now literally at the sea, under the warm sun, he didn't feel like enjoying any of it. He only wanted to hang on. Until the rescue team arrived.

A.B.Funkhauser @iamfunkhauser🔁Dr Julian Thistlewhisp unlocked the polished walnut door to his sanctum. Feeble sunlight filtered through his ornate window, alighting among the thousand items littering his gargantuan marbled walnut desk. Digging under some papers, he retrieved a tin of lemon drops.

A.B.Funkhauser @iamfunkhauser🔁Heuer nodded, preferring to limit his voice. His accent had begun to give way under the burden of too many ales.
#Thurds #140Line
Jessica Shaut @JessShaut🔁Graceful black lines wrapped around the base of her neck, half hidden under her shirt. The parts I could see curved a twitter.com nd twisted together to form the tips of what looked like flames dancing against her skin.
An image I was positive wasn't there the last time I'd seen her.

Roppotucha Greenberg @roppotucha🔁We made love under the rusty bridge. We ignored the troll.
After we broke up, the troll spoke: 'I got a riddle for y twitter.com ou'.
There were four of them, cute, alien, beloved, his and mine, watchful in the water. 'Give 'em back,' I said. 'Solve the riddle,' said the troll.

Polly LM @p_machor🔁Meet me under the stars
Where the earth, sky and sea meet
Greet me with a kiss by the firelight
Make me immortal
Take me to your realm where the land is evergreen and ancient fountains speak in riddles before the sun calls me away
Let our final moments last forever

Thompson Is Back In the Editing Cave @MostlyMcLeod🔁@NicholasAWrites Please explain #thurds....I know Thursday and lines you wrote, but what else?
αηηίε @anniescribes🔁I say your name under my breath, then again, and again. I hope the ether trembles with waves of this longing, a nudge twitter.com at the universe.

heather hood @heater0387🔁Above the waves you are lost to me, a vision of sunshine and sadness. So I will bide my time under the sea, gathering handfuls of pearls, waiting until we meet again, so I might lay each one, round and glistening, at your feet.
A.B.Funkhauser @iamfunkhauser🔁I’m staring at the ceiling, a man torn between two passions. One lies next to me under the covers, her arm draped around me, a soft smiling adorning her sleeping face. The other exists inside me, a commitment to my art form I can never quite fulfill.

A.B.Funkhauser @iamfunkhauser🔁Ripples danced toward me as it moved beneath the water. Long, rigid finger-like appendages grasping my legs as the water stilled. The hands felt unnatural, like vines taking a hold of me, & as a pinch jerked my knees, my worries suddenly melted away.

Rachel Newcombe @rachelnewcombe8🔁 ruined him. Left him OD'd in an alley after the Dolls show.

But some nights his bones can't resist the anarchy of it all. He crawls out from under the ground, finds some leather, fishnet, a little lipstick, and summons the undead with his brash guitars.

A.B.Funkhauser @iamfunkhauser🔁“Now, I wouldn’t do that,” he said. “The Túlen are under orders to attack the townsfolk, it’s a struggle to tell them which ones not to.”

Jessica Shaut @JessShaut🔁Scowling at my reflection in the mirror, I glared at the dark bags under my eyes. Given how pale I was, it looked lik twitter.com e I got Hulk smashed in the face. Wonderful.
"You look like you didn't sleep at all."

A.B.Funkhauser @iamfunkhauser🔁The late-night calls, whispering into your phone shred my heart.
You hide under the guise of late nights at work but smell like perfume &sex.
You sit next to me, but the distance between us is so great, I hear an echo when you speak.

A.B.Funkhauser @iamfunkhauser🔁 Underneath,
a strengthened spine.
A bold bone,
unyielding to the bend.


Forrest Harter @pawharter🔁 At what point, she wondered. At what point did you give up on finding true love and just get another cat? #Thurds
A.B.Funkhauser @iamfunkhauser🔁His form wavered, human shape apparently too difficult to maintain under stress. My mug was in peril of cracking under the force of his polymorphic instability so Rowan gently removed it from his hands and placed it out of danger.

Jessica Shaut @JessShaut🔁My eyes snapped open. The screams faded to choked sobs, and I pressed a trembling hand to my chest. Under my fingerti twitter.com ps, my heart raced furiously. I gasped for air to fill my drowning lungs.

A.B.Funkhauser @iamfunkhauser🔁A streetlight flickered sporadically, before settling into a dull yellow glow..The effect reminded Akira of gaslights from an earlier, more romantic time, and she lingered under it, momentarily wondering what she looked like in its diffuse glow.
A.B.Funkhauser @iamfunkhauser🔁Jason and I snuggle down under the covers. It’s so nice to finally be here like this, just us together in the quiet, with the world locked outside. We need this time together. We deserve this time together. We lie here, holding hands and talking for hours.

A.B.Funkhauser @iamfunkhauser🔁The hedgehog dilema constantly haunts him. He wants to feel the warm tender touch of human contact, yet he cannot get over all the times he’s been hurt. He puts a callous façade to protect a fragile soul.

A.B.Funkhauser @iamfunkhauser🔁Everything had a place, and everything in its place. That was William's motto. And that, along with his obsessive need to keep an exact schedule, made it difficult to get away with anything.
A.B.Funkhauser @iamfunkhauser🔁 "You always under sell yourself. Who's to say you wouldn't have done fine?"
"Sasha, I managed to traumatize you when I wasn't even a part of your life."
"Why can't you be a good father to me? What is it I did that made yoy hate me so much?"
A.B.Funkhauser @iamfunkhauser🔁The waves pulled her down toward the dark abyss. She struggled to stay afloat, clawing towards the surface, the vortex eager to swallow her whole. It was her will that kept her from going under. She did not drown. She would not allow herself to.
A.B.Funkhauser @iamfunkhauser🔁“How’s it going?”
“Horrible. The guidelines says this story needs to be under 1000 words. I’ve got 1500 words already & I’m only halfway.”
“Maybe it’s a novel pretending to be a story.”
“Or, maybe you’re just a hack pretending to be a writer.”
A.B.Funkhauser @iamfunkhauser🔁 Her guilt swims in the ink on the page, staining the words that hold just enough truth to cover the lie.
Danielle Ancona @AnconaDanielle🔁As the swarm of naiads picked up energy from the crowd, & flared in brilliant colors, Saya began to sing. Her eerie notes mesmerizing, hitting tones between thoughts. She paused at the darkness that surrounded the stranger, sensing the decay of punkwood underneath.
A.B.Funkhauser @iamfunkhauser🔁I had a shower, as hot as I could get it, and I’m clean now, in some ways that aren’t so important. I closed my eyes under the water and let it burn like stripping my skin off with lye. I needed it though. It did something for me, something good, something necessary.

A.B.Funkhauser @iamfunkhauser🔁She tucked in the sleeping child. "Goodnight sweetie, Grandma loves you."

"You're not her grandma," said the whisperer under the bed.

The old woman looked down. "Shut up."

"You're going to kill her.. like you did me."

"Shut up," she stomped. "Shut up!"

A.B.Funkhauser @iamfunkhauser🔁Selina’s gaze traveled over the cabin, the coop, the barn, and the woodpile before coming to rest on a tall tree at the edge of the hayfield. Under the tree was a small mound of fresh dirt.

She walked toward it, her heart heavy at the sight of the small wooden cross.

A.B.Funkhauser @iamfunkhauser🔁 “Never sweep your secrets under a rug, my friend. They’ll only growl at your feet.” #Thurds
A.B.Funkhauser @iamfunkhauser🔁"You think you can drink me under the table?"
"Probably. I worked my way through college as a professional drinker."
"You flunked out of college."
"Because I was drunk. Now, are we gonna do this or not?"

A.B.Funkhauser @iamfunkhauser🔁 Robbie licked crumbs and cat food smears off the oxidized striated silver wedding tray, his tail withering under th twitter.com e burden Cal had not seen fit to remove. The sight of it sickened Heuer as much, he supposed, as Katarin’s swift exit from the marriage sickened the host.


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