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#ThunderUp Victorious1MzV ♀Boss @Victorious1MzV🔁PETTY 🤣🤣🤣🤣 !!!!!!!!

#NBAFinals #ThunderUp #DubNation #NBAChampions

#ThunderUp Kelly @kellyogle🔁KD could have been an icon, now he just looks like a mercenary. #ThunderUp
PICK & ROLL Nation @_pickandroll_🔁@warriors @TacoCalleros Thunder Fans & Management/Owners mood... #ThunderUp 😂
#ThunderUp thebrettjames @TheBrettJames🔁Too soon??? #DubNation #DefendTheLand #NBAFinals #OKC #ThunderUp
#ThunderUp LA @LaWainright🔁We made him into the CHAMPION HE IS. YOU'RE WELCOME
#ThunderUp #OKC #NBAFinals #NBAFinals2017
#ThunderUp Taylor @ladytay_🔁I just happened to put this shirt on for bed lmao the good ol days 😭 #thunderup
#ThunderUp Cindy Ludwig Gatlin @blesstgirl🔁I miss this Kevin Durant 😢 #ThunderUp #NextYear
#ThunderUp Zain Majeed @finessefob🔁 ABOUT THAT TIME!!!!! @KDTrey5 #bestduo #thunderup
#ThunderUp CopperKid @copper_kid🔁@okcthunder #ThunderUp Just gonna leave this here.
#ThunderUp Shane Garrett @MajorNykon🔁 KD could have been an icon, now he just looks like a mercenary. #ThunderUp
#ThunderUp Justin Dougherty @DoughertyJC🔁Just woke up to "the news." It's ok. #ThunderUp @NEWS9
#ThunderUp Amy @FootballFan74🔁 Just woke up to "the news." It's ok. #ThunderUp @NEWS9
#ThunderUp Adam Stowers @adstowwastaken🔁Snakes can hold trophies? 🐍#Photoshop #NBAFinals #ThunderUp
Gabe Ikard @GabeIkard🔁Well the inevitable nightmare for all Thunder fans has arrived. Time to move on.
Please give Westbrook all the money he wants.
OKC THUNDER @okcthunder🔁A road trip with his family brought this seventh-grader from Albuquerque to the home of his favorite team, the Thunde r.
Welcome To Loud City @WTLC🔁42 triple-doubles, scoring title, probable MVP, 1st team All-NBA, Supermax deal...Just sayin #ThunderUp
M&M's @MorandaMichele🔁Now it's time to come back home KD.. @KDTrey5 #thunderup
Tay_andretti101 @Davis_Boy101🔁So um @KDTrey5 u got yo ring now... U coming back? 👀 #THUNDERUP
marion don @prettyboyhuncho🔁Can't wait for the next season! #ThunderUp especially the nuclear athleticism of @russwest44
ModernDaySlave @thatmooncricket🔁If OKC ever build around Russell Westbrook the right way and get him a competitive roster he will get one 💤 #ThunderUp
Mike Keahbone @keahbone🔁Retweeted Danielle Smith (@jacksonsmom22):

#notmychampion #ThunderUp

James Shackelford @J_Shackelford🔁Thunder Up #ThunderUp
Cathy Steiner @catspjs79🔁Hallelujah!!! This long, arduous, joke of a season is FINALLY over!!! Hope it was all worth it
ML @MattLemley77🔁 No NBA trophy will ever compare to the SUPER team you have created this year! !
RIP E-Double @BossManeMani🔁 anyways... #ThunderUp
Myraa Jaee @CountyBabee🔁Glad my cousin got a ring but aye , FUCK GSW! KD u still a bitch in a half! Cavs y'all some pussy ass nigga bitches too! 😂✌🏽#ThunderUp
Dawn Williams @OUvalentine🔁Congratulations Golden State or whatever...#stillthunder #thunderup #stillbitter
Mike @MACraw_🔁 Yo this might be the saddest video ever son 😿#Thunderup
sahdiquelfc @TopGaMer77🔁Sam know what to do now. Get lebron asap lol #ThunderUp
Randal Bayouth @RandyRozaaay🔁 Always wondered what this night would feel like. The conclusion is: not great. #ThunderUp #closure
Derrikk Ray @dkRayy🔁@russwest44 love you Brodie. Never ever change. #ThunderUp. #LoyaltyOverCupcakes
stellar. @theyseaaaaa🔁Still #ThunderUp
Oscar E @eoscar13🔁Wow. That is wildly inaccurate.
perhaps: "amongst all the haters, a deserter was adopted."

#deadstar @ayeegabe🔁 Dumb ass can't even open the Bottle #ThunderUp
Will Richardson @spinning_will🔁Wow. That is wildly inaccurate.
perhaps: "amongst all the haters, a deserter was adopted."
Kung Fu Cody @CP_145🔁 @nbastats @cavs @KDTrey5 you got your ring, and it only cost you your soul. Sell-out. #ThunderUp
Besim Pushkaaaaa @besimvela🔁Hey, @KDTrey5 you got what you wanted, now come back to OKC and bring us a ring. #ThunderUp
Teague Moore @iced_TEAgue_🔁We coming for the crown next year #ThunderUp
Connor Kelly @CKelly0🔁Until next time, NBA! I will always love you. #ThunderUp
ㅤ @carldelacuesta_🔁congrats idol! but still a bitch move #ThunderUp
‼️Kealon‼️ @kealonb_🔁Congrats @KDTrey5 played hard. Still #ThunderUp tho😂😂💯
Trenton Tate @2quick2contain🔁@grantbutler0 Fuck KD #ThunderUp
ㅤ @ricardopriyono🔁my 2018 predictions;
die mannschaft world cup winners.. again 🇩🇪 auf gehts!!

okc nba champs #thunderup


Genna @gennaking58🔁@AdamJosephSport Why the last time? He is and always will be the #RussellWestbrook #Westbrook #ThunderUp
Camac @CadeCamac🔁 Kd, you broke my heart man. 💔#ThunderUp
Alek Severkovski @severkovski🔁Still don't want KD back #ThunderUp
Dan Formsma @danformsma🔁dear kids, work hard at what you do and don't just pick the best team, sorry @KDTrey5 is setting a bad example for you. #ThunderUp
Unknown @ThrowtheLob🔁Bro no need to disrespect the Cavs. GSW has the greatest team probably of all-time what you expect 🤷‍♂️ but Russ MVP BITCH!!!!😂 #ThunderUp
J tiller® @jeffsinatra🔁OKC got it next year, fuck all y'all sorry ass teams 🔥 #ThunderUp
Jake Bellinger @jake0thunder🔁 Time to look forward for Russell Westbrooks MVP award, and obviously next season. #ThunderUP
Sir Kelvin @kevo7000🔁@Coach_Selmon Wow look who lurking on Twitter lol Ya know its #ThunderUp on mine all day 😂
Mr. Turner @DollarsignboyET🔁Regularly scheduled programming. …
👑 King @504loaded🔁I want Russ to win a ring so bad man like you just don't know it'll happen within 3 years #thunderup
Anton Miguel Motus @countonmiggy🔁Props to my boy @KDTrey5 well deserved. Still gonna be rooting for @russwest44 and the Thunder. #ThunderUp
bryan coatney @CoatneyBryan🔁Well the NBA signs off tonight, until next time! #ThunderUp
bryan coatney @CoatneyBryan🔁Imagine how much sweeter the championship would be with OKC #ThunderUp
Hannah. @hwatson35🔁 "I hope the KD in your life leaves so you can become the Russell Westbrook you were always meant to be" #ThunderUp
brandon wolves @spookywill🔁you hugged the wrong point guard you dick
Buck Ringgold @BR_TimesRecord🔁Kansas. Kansas. The football team at the college the snake played for STILL LOST TO KANSAS. #ThunderUp
Joselito Kinyua II @KinyuaJoselito🔁 Well done Kevin Durant though it hurts you left our Franchise #ThunderUp for Champions to win the Championship. @nba
Cameron Glenn @camerondynamite🔁But I'm not, and it sucks and I hate that he won and I don't even want to watch him play anymore. #ThunderUp
PedroCultureオクチクラ @pedrovasquez71🔁@UpTheThunder Russ will be the MVP no doubt about that #INRUSSWETRUST #thunderup
Joselito Kinyua II @KinyuaJoselito🔁Well done Kevin Durant though it hurts you left our Franchise #ThunderUp for Champions to win the Championship. @nba
matt mounger @MattMounger🔁This was harder than watching texas win a national championship in football #ThunderUp
Nick @Kerzyr🔁@ochocinco When Bron and/or KD retire or get hurt, sadly for the rest of us. #ThunderUp
Jalen Patterson @JP_CTG🔁 IM HERE FOR YOU @russwest44 #ThunderUp
Colton Rapstine @colt45rap🔁@Kyle_Self1 Preach Kyle! #ThunderUp
brandon wolves @spookywill🔁@KDTrey5 wish this one was for us, your real team. the one who cheered you at the airport after each win or loss. but congrats. #thunderup
FinesseIt* Kadeem..™ @XoOfKadeem🔁IDC not one of you females a real fan... #ThunderUp⚡️😋
ㅤ @RondoCuhhz🔁ok kd u got what u left for now come back 🤦‍♂️ #ThunderUp
Efrain Vargas @vargas_efrain🔁@WTLC 😂😂 #ThunderUp Really excited to see the improvements next season actually.
Jim @jgrahn26🔁Westbrook had every right. Steven Adams just supported his guy. Enes has his father in Turkey he's worried about. Nic e try
Jordan 🤙🏾 @LilJordanBlast🔁Aight warriors got enough praise it's still #ThunderUp
Zach👻 @ZachBot_4000🔁Welp. Now we wait til next season where hopefully, the Thunder do better! #ThunderUp #NBA
Thanh Lu @thanhlu🔁I hope every Thunder player watched KD win. I hope it stokes their fire. We out for blood next season #ThunderUp
Kenrell 🤙🏾🤷🏾‍♂️ @TruthorDARR_ius🔁@russwest44 we gone be alright! #ThunderUp . Your time is coming! MVP! MVP! MVP!
Antwerp Six @VernForPrez🔁I will gladly unfollow people posting Westbrook slander.


Gavin @GXVlN🔁This made me happy #ThunderUp
jeff @10middlefingers🔁I'll sleep well knowing @russwest44 is on my team. #THUNDERUP
Steven Jones @stevejones_15🔁Can't wait to see this team work hard and earn their ring! #ThunderUp


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