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mankaveli @rouge_0ne🔁 #Thunder fans anticipating those Paul George to the #Lakers rumors...
#Thunder RuCo.🛑 @RubenebuR🔁#NBA
The @utahjazz Win! Serie...🏀

The #Thunder FAIL @russwest44 @carmeloanthony @Yg_Trece

#Thunder Ondrej Herceg @OndrejHerceg🔁After early first round exit, what's next for the @okcthunder? #OKCvsUTA #ThunderUp #Thunder #NBAPlayoffs #nba
Pat Red Russell 👠 @BethpageGirl🔁 Big Three for the #Thunder finish 23/66. Ouch.
Westbrook was 18/43.
Ryan Ward @RyanWardLA🔁#Thunder fans anticipating those Paul George to the #Lakers rumors...
Jordan Schultz @Schultz_Report🔁Paul George's last two elimination games are a house of horrors:

2017 w/: 15 points on 5-21 FGs (3-9 3s), 4 TOs in 4 twitter.com 4 minutes

2018 w/: 5 points on 2-16 FGs (0-6 3s), 6 TOs in 46 minutes

Jordan Schultz @Schultz_Report🔁Since Kevin Durant left , Russell Westbrook has lost consecutive playoff series. RW has averaged:

31.7 pts
9.4 assis twitter.com ts
12 rebs

But ... Russ has shot:

38.9 % from the floor
30.7 % from 3
5.6 TOs
Lowest VORP since 2013

2018 was RW's lowest playoff Offensive Rating EVER

Mac☘️ @Lingo_fye🔁 WATCH: Russell Westbrook fires back at Jazz fan during Game 6. #Thunder #ThunderUp #TakeNote


Ravan S. Armstrong @RavanShamelle🔁Russell Westbrook on altercations with fans at - Game 6: 'It's truly disrespectful' (via ) 📰 READ:
10 Years Of Katy Perry @KatysShokay🔁
''... now I'm taking it back
as f*ck
You can't quiet this
Yeah, I'm taking it back
Yeah, lit all the way up
Even in the , I ''

juliebean @juliagulia614🔁Westbrook had a horrid series. Don’t let the big numbers fool you

Katy Perry Edit™ #10yearsofkatyperry @katyperyedit🔁
''... now I'm taking it back
as f*ck
You can't quiet this
Yeah, I'm taking it back
Yeah, lit all the way up
Even twitter.com in the , I ''

Pistola Perez @pistolaperez🔁Give that boy a ring anyway!!! HES A FUCKING CHAMPION!!! THE GREATEST TO EVER DO IT!!! ??? twitter.com
hyperlikesgames @hyperlikesgames🔁Thunder announcer M Pinto about the foul not called on Paul George’s 3 at the end of the game. “What a GUTLESS non-call by this 3 man crew!” “Absolutely pathetic! The league should be ashamed.” .
**JAyy•ROck @Man0fThaaYear🔁Russ Westbrook looking at PG and Melo in The Thunder locker room after the Jazz game.

Swagginonsports @Swagginonsports🔁@utahjazz defeat the @okcthunder 96 - 91 and will be moving on in the #NBAPlayoffs. #NBA #Jazz #Thunder
D. Sheed @dsheed🔁 Will Carmelo wear a mask when opts in for $28 million next year or just rob the #Thunder in broad daylight.
🚶🏾‍♂️ @kiingflvco🔁Paul George and Westbrook two all star players really getting shook by these boys in the NBA playoffs
DFS Prime Lineups @DFSPrimeLineups🔁🏈🏀⚾️PRIME SPORT ALERT Re-Tweet from SportAlerts🏈🏀⚾️ "Russell Westbrook ( #Thunder ) has 40 points vs #Jazz"
Kylo Twittingham @Quoth_the_Maven🔁We go live to #Thunder fans (and Russell Westbrook) right now... twitter.com
Andrew Adams @_Andrewadams11🔁So, the , the team that were supposed to be a bottom-feeder team in the NBA are going on to a Game 7 against LeBron James in the first round, while the "highway robbery" get eliminated by a rookie.
Erik Gee @GeeHSO🔁It's 2 am if you're bumming about loss, then listen to the LOCKED ON THUNDER PODCAST and drown your sorrows. twitter.com
Steve Gerritsen @stevegerritsen🔁@JohnnyObeid And #Thunder fans blame the loss and series on the refs rather than reality. #ThunderUp #TakeNote #NBAPlayoffs
BlueLarsenandtheStout @BlueLarsenmusic🔁As a fan, I also have to say... is a great talent. Does PG have the skills to do it all? Yes. What he lacks, shoul twitter.com d you have watched all year, is the heart and killer instinct.
Hip Hop Soul @HipHopSoulNews🔁 (96) (91). move on to the 2nd round and get ready to take on . Preparations for next season begin for the .
Carmine Carcieri @chinstrapcc🔁I don't think a lot of people get the Westbrook argument. No one is saying he isn't a superstar or a transcendent tal twitter.com ent...he's just a complex player who is difficult to team up with.
Hip Hop Soul @HipHopSoulNews🔁 107 99. lead the 3-2
Next Game - , Apr. 27, 2018 • 10:30 PM ET
Vivint Smart Home Arena • , UT
Radio: WWLS 98.1FM OKC, 97.5 FM | 1280 AM The Zone +
NewsOKSports @NewsOKSports🔁Saturday's replica edition cover off the 's 96-91 season-ending loss to the .
Jonathan Lamar @JonathanLamar88🔁In the latest episode of "What Happened" #thunder #NBAPlayoffs twitter.com
BlueLarsenandtheStout @BlueLarsenmusic🔁As a fan, 2 things... 1. Give credit. They were the better team, and it was pretty clear that was the case all ser twitter.com ies: consistency, better team D, wayyyy better coach. 2. is insane. Rookie?! Unreal player. Superstar. Respect.


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