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Thunder Eddie McQuade @EddieMcQuade2🔁 Thunder protects home court! Takes Game 4 and a 3-1 series lead. Final 118-94 #ThunderUp!
LongRonVonHugenDong @Genital_Thunder🔁 Once again the San Francisco Shock is proud to present... Deep Thoughts by @Danteh ⚡️
Thunder marvae sims @MarvaeSims🔁 Niu-Li is the rumblin' thunder.... thighs >:>) for @VersusMe101!
Thunder Sunday At Noon @Sunday_at_Noon🔁Thunder drops on 3•23•18
Thunder Vauxhall -3jeriko @3jerikoV3jeriko🔁 thunder⚡️
Thunder Brie @BrynnEvida🔁 Thunder drops on 3•23•18
Thunder Carlos Almón Muñoz @CAMFilmmaker🔁I was lightning before the thunder ⚡️
Thunder OKC THUNDER @okcthunder🔁Thunder takes care of business.⚡️
17 made threes last night.

Watch @carmeloanthony drill the record-breaker.

OKC THUNDER @okcthunder🔁Need all 280 characters for this.
@ the break Thunder (33-26) leads NBA in
✔️Loose balls reco vered
✔️2nd chance pts
✔️Offensive rebound %
✔️Russ # 1 dimes & fast bk pts
✔️PG # 1 steals
✔️Steven # 1 offensive reb % & % of points in the 🎨
eUnited Alec @Arcitys🔁@C_17_Thunder @DonnyTemp im playing w both of them
MAGA Thunder @MAGA_Thunder🔁So what does the Left have? Gun control, global warming, divisive racial and sexist identity politics, no borders (e nd of the U.S.). Half the party has become Marxist. The other half is a weird corrupt, crony-capitalist Hillary wing.
Peace Maker Society @PeaceMkrSociety🔁Imagine Dragons - Thunder via @YouTube
Tom Bulger @TomBulger10🔁Funny you don’t seem like a bot. But having looked through your feed I have a real good idea of what you are. Enjoy your celebration of the fact that a hostile foreign power helped elect the candidate they viewed as most favorable to them. A proud moment
Luce @andersenment🔁Thor Odinson: God of Thunder, King of Asgard, wielder of mjolnir, strongest avenger....interior designer??
Thunder @C_17_Thunder🔁@DonnyTemp @Arcitys Arcitys rn Simp>Temp lmao
Yung Farrier @basareomotoha🔁Mixed doubles curling gets Olympic boost in Thunder Bay
Mr Danish @Danish_SayZ🔁 When i'm silent,
I have a thunder hidden inside.
Paul @PaulButler45🔁Yet I'm signed up for 2 more years in Thunder Bay. Good times y'all
Luke @Thunder_Cat_123🔁Just utter dick sludge EVERYWHERE on the TL today. The whites are angry again that a black person said a white person has room for improvement. That’s apparently “running their mouth” to these shit sockets
🌊Brody🌊 @Howard11Brody🔁 Thunder vs cavs🤔
guillain_sh @GuillainSh🔁In 1978, 18 farmers set off China's historic process of reform and opening up. What did they do at the secret meeting, and why? : The First Thunder of Spring
Pam Rich @pamrich7🔁Dan Gilbert's son survives brain surgery, asks if Cavaliers beat Thunder
BAKABAKADESU @BAKASH0G🔁@Mitsuhitoj @Souldes1989 @Celthar Good. Thunder Res at Lv3? Palico with HR rado Mace?
Go CRUSH him! I slept him 4 times..
Est. 1991™ @nathenmikeuxl🔁@MAGA_Thunder @realmurdog2020 @e13W52 @MarkDice Lmfao 😂😂😂
It's Just Numbers @NumbersMean🔁@MAGA_Thunder @nathenmikeuxl @realmurdog2020 @e13W52 @MarkDice There are two presidents to not hit 3% if you count Trump.
M o r t y 🔱👻 @U_RespectThis🔁🔥👌 is in that trey rhythm. 5 straight games of 5 or more (Thunder record). Just in time for on All-Star Saturday Night.
Sam Breitstein @Breitstein42🔁@SFGrAdventure Poor advertisement, no rides are open during thunder storms. Theme park saftey 101.
Est. 1991™ @nathenmikeuxl🔁That's not a policy you retard. Especially when he doesnt even understand what he is doing dummy.
MAGA Thunder @MAGA_Thunder🔁I've voted Democrat, Independent, and Republican in my life. In my 50 years, no politician has had as many concrete p olicy positions as Trump and then actually enact them. Every Trump supporter knows Trump's policy positions by heart. In the political arena, that's unheard of.
KEXP Playlist @KEXPNowPlaying🔁Japandroids - Continuous Thunder - Celebration Rock
Eleventh Hour @EleventhHour_🔁@genesimmons The God of Thunder in the City of Sin... All Hell’s Breaking Loose!
Adrienne Moreau @AdriMoreau🔁"Experience the glorious end of civilization close up and personal" Thunder Road - Ice and Fire by Amos Keppler
EAST END LESBIANS+ @EastEndLesbians🔁 Thunder and Black Lightning: Black Lesbian Representation is Here! –

Craig @justncyde🔁Nick Gilbert awakes from brain surgery, asks for Cavaliers-Thunder result
England Valmont @fuklikeme🔁Zeus is the Greek sky and thunder god. His symbols are the thunderbolt, eagle, bull, and oak.
Tracy Polhill @TracyMMPohill🔁It's the matriarchs that make a movement. Watch Lakota grandmother Madonna Thunder Hawk discuss the role of women in treaty rights, clean water, and the fight to preserve culture.
Mako @e13W52🔁Undoing Everything Obama did is why we elected him LMF AO. Hey Obama how's that fundamental transformation of Ameri ca working for you now
sarah @SarLOEY🔁May thunder fire them
Rudd Foundation @RuddFoundation🔁Close enough to go home for the weekend, far enough to begin a new journey of life in the ! ESU reps will be at under the Thunder Dome TONIGHT to help you begin your journey!
Chase Higgs @CHASE_higgs🔁@SportsCenter @JHarden13 Thunder had Durant, Westbrook, Harden, Ibaka, and Waiters all on one team and couldn’t win a title?. Lol
Est. 1991™ @nathenmikeuxl🔁@MAGA_Thunder @realmurdog2020 @e13W52 @MarkDice The Left trying to talk about gun control policynas we speak. You're definitely confused.
John Tate @Twism44🔁Special shout to & the WV Thunder program. There will be 9 Thunder teams competing in the - We really appreciate their support!
Andy Murray @realmurdog2020🔁OK, as you surf the news/internet this week... pay attention to who is talking about race and racism. It's wedge iss ue for a Left that can't talk policy. Everything is perceived through the filter of race. Sad and bankrupt.
Joe Barnes @jdbarnes1958🔁@Colby_Daniels That's the same guy that robbed the Oklahoma City Thunder.
The Firm Cardio @TheFirmCardio🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Imagine Dragons - Thunder
DigitalPour on Tap @digitalpourtaps🔁Paddle Hard Brewing - Paddle Hard Microbrewery (): Paddle Hard Tropic Thunder IPA () is on, replacin g Paddle Hard Santas Naughty Stout ()
MAGA Thunder @MAGA_Thunder🔁What was fake under Obama? He is the only President in U.S. history to not hit 3 percent GDP.

Black unemployment und er Obama was dreadful. He was atrocious for the black community.

Paddle Hard Micro @PaddleHardMicro🔁Paddle Hard Tropic Thunder IPA (@PaddleHard_Brew) is on, replacing Paddle Hard Santas Naughty Stout (@PaddleHard_Brew)
Est. 1991™ @nathenmikeuxl🔁@realmurdog2020 @MAGA_Thunder @e13W52 @MarkDice He's never had any policy except build a wall and undue everything Obama did.
Thunder aggbot @Thunderclusters🔁Welcome to All-Star 2018! -
Joel Cairo @joelcairo7🔁Hank and Thunder meet. They were both interested, but neither reacted strongly. We'd love it if these two special geldings became friends.
Innocent Words Mag @IWMag🔁 in the IW Office:

Tape Head / Live in London
From One Place... To Another Vol 1
On Through the Night / High & Dry

Henry David Thoreau @rogerrrr10🔁Tropic Thunder kills me every time 😂
Thunder 2.0 @Thunder__COD🔁@GoldCockGod I like gaming 😂🤙🤙
Annie.Roberts3 @Roberts3Annie🔁@EXOVotingSquad @weareoneEXO The eve, thunder and transformer

#iHeartAwards #BestFanArmy #EXOL #iHeartContest @weareoneEXO

PorcupineEeyore @PorcupineEeyore🔁@Krakenstein @GCraftyCouture @desetal @Granddad_Sr "You never go full waifu!"

From the inevitable Tropic Thunder remake, presumably.

MAGA Thunder @MAGA_Thunder🔁If the NFL wants to commit suicide, that's on them.

But Trump isn't going to surrender the culture war to the anti-A merican Left anymore.

And it drives them nuts.

Thunder Things @Thunder_Things🔁@ThunderND Hey there’s no Paul George... 🤷🏻‍♂️ where did he goooo?
Est. 1991™ @nathenmikeuxl🔁@MAGA_Thunder @realmurdog2020 @e13W52 @MarkDice But they were fake under Obama Administration lol
Dr. John Thackery @JuanCaro94🔁 from new :

😵Wolves starting 5 has better DRTG than Warriors starting 5

🙉Thunder = 19th in DRTG since Roberson injury

🔥104 players have >=40 pull-up 3PAs. Top 3 in 3P%:
1 Tobias Harris
2 Joe Ingles
3 Klay Thompson


Mako @e13W52🔁@realmurdog2020 @MAGA_Thunder @nathenmikeuxl @MarkDice More andy dont stop
Steve Magic @TheSteveMagic🔁 tbh is just trying to steal my thunder, it was I who discover said emote 🤔🤔🤔 how could you do this to me 😭😭
Chris Ruck @RuckChris🔁Year franchise was founded.

Thunder: 2008
Raptors: 1995
Heat: 1988
Clippers: 1970
Cavaliers: 1970
Bucks: 1968
Rockets: 1967
Nets: 1967
Spurs: 1967
Pacers: 1967
Bulls: 1966
Warriors: 1946
Hawks: 1946
Knicks: 1946
Celtics: 1946
Lakers: 1946
Pistons: 1941
Kings: 1923

Mako @e13W52🔁@nathenmikeuxl @MAGA_Thunder @realmurdog2020 @MarkDice More
MAGA Thunder @MAGA_Thunder🔁The numbers are accurate and widely reported by the press.

Economic renaissance is being caused by immense deregulat ion and anticipation of tax cuts (which now are official but haven't been fully felt yet).

GDP is already over 3 percent and heading higher.

Loudmouth @Loudmouthcolumn🔁Thunder "Backstreet Symphony" (Live in Cardiff) - New Live Album "STAGE" out March 23rd...
DCRaiderFan @dc_raider🔁Worth noting that of the three decent players the Raiders passed on (Pennington, Bullock and Alexander) in 2000 the R aiders had no need for (Raiders had Gannon at QB, Biekert at MLB and Tyrone Wheatley and Nap Kaufman as Thunder & Lightning at RB.) SeaBass was a need and a weapon
Andy Murray @realmurdog2020🔁You mean like when he talks about the NFL? What “policy” is that? Is that a real issue or only a wedge base issue? He brought that to forefront, why? Has nothing to do with jobs, etc..right?
Est. 1991™ @nathenmikeuxl🔁@MAGA_Thunder @e13W52 @realmurdog2020 @MarkDice If thats the case, why did he say I said it? Are you both smoking crack together?
Al Dadson @AlDadson🔁OKC : Patrick Patterson will be needed as key contributor -- via
Wheaton Thunder @Wheaton_Thunder🔁MSWIM: Chris Szymczak qualifies first in the prelims in the 100-yard backstroke with an NCAA B-cut time of 49.92 seconds. #LetsRoll
511NJ I95 @511nji95mercer🔁Delays on NJ 29 southbound approaching Thunder Rd/Cass St (Trenton) delays due to volume
Faces Rocks magazine @FacesRocks🔁Thunder "Backstreet Symphony" (Live in Cardiff) - New Live Album "STAGE" out March 23rd
MAGA Thunder @MAGA_Thunder🔁@TomBulger10 @Rockprincess818 No, I'm actually a Russian bot. I became self-aware just this last week.

We're going go Red Dawn your ass.

Dougs Mom 🥀 @BlankPetra🔁Very welcome Thunder 😄👍
terina shaw @terinashaw2🔁Been an eventful day. Big supercluster win today . Came back to Regina to be elected President of the Regina Thunder Football Club. We play in the Prairie Junior League. Football builds great citizens of the world. Proud.
WPABruins2018TipOff @WPABruinsTipOff🔁Special shout to & the WV Thunder program. There will be 9 Thunder teams competing in the - We really appr eciate their support!
Est. 1991™ @nathenmikeuxl🔁@MAGA_Thunder @realmurdog2020 @e13W52 @MarkDice He just passed a budget the other day.
Wheaton Thunder @Wheaton_Thunder🔁WSWIM: Brooke Barnes (1:53.50) qualifies first in the prelims of the 200-yard freestyle at the CCIW Championships. #LetsRoll
. @galaxy_ebooks🔁I just wanna make u cum. I love you like the crackle of thunder.
Funaab icons @Funaab_icons🔁Babaloke crooner popularly known as DE-ONE is back with a banging single titled “Celebrate” produced by BRAVOOR THUNDER, mix and mastered by MARQAI.

(download link on bio)

Kiara Hampton @Key_Air_Uhhh🔁✊🏾International Thunder✊🏾
▪️All-Star break. What are the Thunder?
◼️Player report cards.
▪️What will come out of the last 23 games?
◼️Chef Curry To Go Song of the Week. .

Est. 1991™ @nathenmikeuxl🔁Lol because you can show me the piece of legislation he signed that made those numbers correct?
𝓁𝑒𝓍 @lullayeol🔁its what thunder makes me FEEL
Ryan Borrego @ITMP_Sports🔁Thunder Basin at Cheyenne East. JV and Varsity games tonight! 3/430/6/730 Watch it LIVE Here
I'm on Easy Street @YonderlandLass🔁An optimistic Ethan faces the thunder in tomorrow’s ! ⚡
This time, it's not Mrs. Beauchamp. 😱 Tune in 8.20pm on BBC One! 📺
MaDdelYnN HaTteR @TheonlyMadd🔁I reeeeeeaaaallllllyyyyy hate when people that i only have fleeting interactions with at the gym tries to start conve rsation with me while im doing leg day.... i take my thunder thighs very seriously.
Rain ”Thunder” Dancer @dancer_thunder🔁 People are loving @drake giving away almost $1 million in his God's Plan video.


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