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Thomas Davis Panthers247 @NFL_Panthers247🔁Shaq Thompson has the back of Thomas Davis after suspension:

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Thomas Davis KYLE BEEZY❗️❕ @Young_Hoggg🔁 Panthers LB Thomas Davis suspended four games:
Thomas Davis Panthers Report @PanthersFGSN🔁Shaq Thompson defends Thomas Davis after suspension #Panthers
Thomas Davis Zesty NFL Panthers @zesty_panthers🔁Panthers Davis suspended first 4 of final year
Thomas Davis @Tennis🔁Day one of @DavisCup saw split ties, writes @thomas_cluck917 |
Thomas Davis Thomas Cluck @thomas_cluck917🔁 Day one of @DavisCup saw split ties, writes @thomas_cluck917 |
Thomas Davis NFL @NFL🔁Panthers LB Thomas Davis suspended four games:
Ian Rapoport @RapSheet🔁 LB Thomas Davis announces he’s tested positive for a banned substance. A heartfelt and emotional statement.
Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter🔁More on the four-game suspension for Panthers’ LB Thomas Davis:

Walter Cherepinsky @walterfootball🔁Disaster Grade for the Panthers and Thomas Davis' suspension -
Chad Neerhof @cneerie76🔁Thomas Davis sure does a lot of things that are "out of character" for him. Give me a break, he's a dirty cheater, w ho happened to get caught.
Remember Scalia. More than ever. @Mattfobrien🔁I'm not a Panther fan, I have no connection to this team or person.

I believe every word of this and think every yo ung player should try to model themselves after Thomas Davis.

Good luck sir.

Jeremy Werner @JWerner247🔁Trenard Davis drops a good deep ball from Thomas
Bo Owns Izzo @OwnsBo🔁It was an illegal hit. Cheap. Dirty. Im all for legal hits. Thomas Davis is a turd of a human. Ban him for life
Kilbride GAA @gaakilbride🔁#RosGAA Tansey Cup
05mins 2nd Half Kilbride substitution On:Brian McDonnell Off:Thomas Davis
NativeAmericanGhost @Bboy7886🔁Thomas Davis haters need to holla at me after they’ve stuffed book bags for hundreds of underprivileged kids and fed hundreds of families thanksgiving meals. I’ll wait.
One Odd Duck @drunkenchef87🔁A lot to unpack from Thomas Davis' message about facing a 4-game suspension. Closes it out by hinting 2018 may not be his final season.
Carson Thern @CarsonThern🔁Thomas Davis says he's not a cheater in his apology but yet he's taking performance enhancing drugs? Actions speak louder than words
Austin Artinger @AJ_Artinger41🔁Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis announces he has tested positive for a banned substance
(via )
SalesMan @95KeepPounding🔁Thomas Davis haters need to holla at me after they’ve stuffed book bags for hundreds of underprivileged kids and fed hundreds of families thanksgiving meals. I’ll wait.
Tony Rodriguez @TonyRod80447421🔁“This caught me completely off guard. I’ve been taking the same supplements for seven or eight years-have been tested by the NFL throughout and have never tested positively before.” -Thomas Davis
madison darden @mdardenn5🔁The Thomas Davis situation stinks. Great reputation. Been taking the same supplement for years & now it has a banned substance in it. Guess we never truly know what’s in the pre workouts we take. I’ve been a fan of Pre Jym since combine training.
Jordan Roberts @jrobb51588🔁 “ I’ll serve my 4 game suspension. Who’s knows.... maybe this isn’t my last year”
- Thomas Davis
Johnathan Micklos @JEMicklos🔁 Thomas Davis announces he tested positive for banned substance
#OVO October 15th @ChanJohn15🔁Durham Elite SF Willo Thomas (6’1, 2021) will participate in the Best in the Prep All Star Game at Sheridan College Davis Campus (Brampton) on April 28th, 2018.
(((Mike Reader))) @mreader🔁Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis just took a big hit. Will his legacy ever recover? explores a surprising stumble.
Richard Piotrowicz @nowherman6🔁@AaronNagler @tae15adams to borrow a phrase from Christopher Hitchens, if you gave Thomas Davis an enema he could sleep in a matchbox.
Team Kemistry BBall @K4KTeamKemistry🔁TK 21' pills off a W vs. Mario Elite 51-49

Jacolbi Harris (5'10) 12pts lots of assist
Brian Perry (6'5) 9 pts
Thomas Davis (6'1) 8pts crucial boards
Jaylon Calvin played aggressive D all game 5pts

Jonathan Ⓥ @jbeachbum30🔁After sleeping on it and having a cup of performance-enhancing coffee, here's what I think about Thomas Davis getting a four-game suspension for violating the NFL's performance-enhancing substance policy:
henry gentilucci @hpgent1🔁@ThomasDavisSDTM If anyone gets a pass it's Thomas Davis. I believe him. Mulligan for TD # 58
Tyler Cash @bigpoppycash🔁It's been said that LB Shaq Thompson has "superstar" potential.

With Thomas Davis suspended, the opportunity is truly there to prove it.

Crystal Chrissy @Crystal09198175🔁Former Georgia linebacker Thomas Davis announces he will serve a 4-game suspension
Emily Davis @emilay_davis🔁Denmark has erected its first statue of a Black woman. ‘Queen Mary’ honors Mary Thomas, a resister of colonial oppression
Touchdown Wire @TheNFLWire🔁Panthers players, rivals come to Thomas Davis' defense
Miles Jamieson @The_MilesFiles🔁 More on the four-game suspension for Panthers’ LB Thomas Davis:

John King @JkingMN🔁@SkylerKrehbiel1 @NickTheSlick12 Yo Nick the Slick twelve, tell me more about how Thomas Davis is a great man with great character... 🤔📉🧐
John King @JkingMN🔁@hunter_simmons @JonAnthonypicks @KelliStorey @ThomasDavisSDTM Lol tell me more now about how great of a guy Thomas Davis is...😂
TIM @TIM______🔁Panthers veteran LB Thomas Davis said he'll be suspended for the first four games of 2018 after violating the NFL's PED policy.

ChopOn @Heels_Panthers🔁Bad news: Thomas Davis posted a video to his Twitter saying he failed a drug test and is suspended for the first four games of the season.

Good news: Thomas Davis finishes the video saying “...and who knows, maybe this isn’t my last year.”

Benjamin Bell @TattooQ🔁 LB Thomas Davis announces he’s tested positive for a banned substance. A heartfelt and emotional statement.
PantherSluis @brianbeversluis🔁Thomas Davis is one of the best overall people, mentally, emotionally, and physically, to ever play for the Panthers, period. Don’t let a couple of hits from a violent game cloud that.
Claude @UNLTD76🔁Between the Thomas Davis story & the botched handling of Kemba becoming the Hornets all-time leading scorer, the Observer’s took a big hit. Will its legacy ever recover? Fixed it for you.
NFL Hungary @NFLHungary🔁 ICYMI, Panthers LB Thomas Davis has been suspended for the first four games of the upcoming season:
Anna Stumpf @astumpf🔁Wow. This is powerful. This is a man with a story to tell and he does it well. I hope this is an example for other a thletes on how to handle your personal brand, PERSONALLY. I'm a Thomas Davis fan as of right now. I hope the NFL investigates this.
Connor K @ConnorKyles🔁Thomas Davis takes so much judgment. I say without all those lower body injuries he could’ve avoided those high targe t hits last year. Still my number 1 Panther.
Susan @CLTSCGirl🔁Darin Gantt is still a pompous ass no matter what his view of Thomas Davis is.
Michael Felder @InTheBleachers🔁Watching the various reactions to Thomas Davis news is very interesting
Tina C. #furbabymomma @5158Poundin🔁I proudly support Thomas Davis. He’s a WPMOY winner, gives back to the community, both known by media & done in private. He epitomizes what a good teammate should be and is an even better human being. Sorry that you aren’t aware of that, but neither he, nor I care what you think.
Ryan G. @rws5197526🔁"We went to the National Championship". Congratufuckenlations man. I hope you enjoyed it. What did Bennett lie about? ? I saw video evidence. And right now i see evidence that u don't know anything about Thomas Davis. You're going at the wrong Dude my sad friend. You'll lose dude.
Savanna Norris @savannajoi59🔁Thomas Davis is one of the classiest individuals in the NFL and one of the best human beings to ever wear a Carolina Panthers helmet. I know he would never try to cheat the game and I believe every word he says. Slander of TD will not be tolerated
Tina C. #furbabymomma @5158Poundin🔁Honestly, the stupidity from people over Thomas Davis is rivaled only by the Cam Hater Morons. These people are so butthurt that they can’t sit down without a pillow.
Michael P.McCarthy @michaelp2153🔁Thomas Davis violates PED policy, will miss four games - #GoogleAlerts
Joe Tay @vinaco21🔁In a heartfelt video, Panthers LB Thomas Davis announced he's been suspended four games after testing positive for PEDs
Could Have Been ROY @Mistericy🔁In his entire career Thomas Davis hasn’t had ONE case of PEDs and the NFL SUDDENLY thinks the man is a legit user? Nah fam. Something is fishy here and it isn’t the sushi I just ate.
Ryan G. @rws5197526🔁Show us this Long list of Thomas Davis behavior off the field. I'll start so I can show you what you should be lookin g for.


I'll tell you hes a Walter Payton Man of the Year. But that doesn't matter right? You will lose this fight dude. He's a God compared 2 U!

badgermaniac @THEbadgermaniac🔁@AaronNagler @ZachHeilprin @tae15adams Thoughts and prayers to Thomas Davis.
KYLE BEEZY❗️❕ @Young_Hoggg🔁 LB Thomas Davis facing 4-game PED suspension. Says he’s been taking the same supplements for the last 7-8 years. He sincerely apologized to PantherNation and wants everyone to know he isn’t a cheater.
Source: JoesephPerson


Tavern WI Sports @TavernWISports🔁Thomas Davis is trying to play the victim for him failing his drug test. This after trying to play innocent after his vicious hit on Davante Adams, even though he has a history of being a dirty player. This guy is a scumbag.
Julie Gentry @JulieGentry44🔁@mrsdavis58 I'd go to war with and for Thomas Davis 366 days a year. We'll ALL Stand STRONG for your ENTIRE family.
Dublin CCC2 @SpLoMo_DCCC2🔁#U16HLD1

Thomas Davis 4-13,
Na Fianna 3-8,

#SportLoMo Official Results

Best In Prep All Star Games @BestInPrepASG🔁Durham Elite SF Willo Thomas (6’1, 2021) will participate in the Best in the Prep All Star Game at Sheridan College Davis Campus (Brampton) on April 28th, 2018.
truthteller4ever @mickeyfinnagain🔁Thomas Davis is a HEAD-HUNTER extraordinaire! Apology-Tour with Mark Zuckerberg... lie-much?
PAPi-BLANC0 @Will_Ramsey34🔁How can you not respect this guy as a football player honestly? Ignore the rivalry I respect the heck out of you Thomas Davis👍
Kate S-o-b-iesiak @kateisfun🔁This was professional and heartfelt. Everyone I know who has personally met Thomas Davis says how humble he is. Sorry this happened and hope he can bounce back.


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