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bpl. @prissybri_🔁 Y'all: #ThisIsNotUs


xoxo, Gaga @ladygaga🔁I pray a true leader will rise to expel hatred from America. This is not US! This is Anti-American #ThisIsNotUS #Charlottesville #BeKind
KeL @DopeAsKel🔁 Y'all: #ThisIsNotUs


Belinda O. @belindabee83🔁 Y'all: #ThisIsNotUs


xoxo, Gaga @ladygaga🔁Tweet & tell him how you think he could and be a better leader.
xoxo, Gaga @ladygaga🔁I know we are not created to hate each other, but to help & love. Use hashtag #BeKind #ThisIsNotUS to tweet positive messages. #Charlotte
Tara Sim @EachStarAWorld🔁If , explain:

-Genocide of Natives
-Jim Crow
-Chinese Exclusion Act
-War on Terror
-Muslim Bans...

I could go on

Donalee @LadyDonalee🔁Trump says "it's both sides." Really? One side beats; the other is beaten.

MockeryOfADemocracy @MockOfDemoc🔁People are saying . Of course it is. Refusing to grapple with that fact how we got here in the first place.
G👠 @leyshleean🔁Sister Souljah with Dr.Cornel on the Phil Donahue Show discussing "The Issue of Race", 1992

Digby Chicken Caesar @Angry_Klopp🔁"One picture worth 10,000 words."
Chinese Proverb
ً @bIueffect🔁 Then who is it? 63% of white men & 53% of white women voted for KKK-endorsed Trump. The majority of EVERY OTHER ETHNICITY didnt
Anna @kontitty🔁

Yes it is. Always has been. Stop tweeting feel good hashtags and go fix this shit. It's not on us. It's on you.

Chloe @lethargicgemini🔁Every white person that tweets is being complicit in not addressing the rampant racism and bigotry that in their community
Venus @Venusgems🔁He did it. Brought us back in time. #maga #Charolettesville #thisisnotus
KAT @missujdenver🔁#Charolettesville for everyone condemning all white ppl & the #ThisIsNotUS hashtag. It's coming from white ppl who are ON the side of ....
#MileyWhatsGood @hadejiabri🔁 is the worst hashtag of the week & it reeks of oblivious privileged ppl. What's happening at is America.
The Time Reclaimer @Mndspeak88🔁Confused why there is a hashtag. This looks a lot like America to me. Deja vu.
Kierstyn Fisher @Kierstyn_Epic🔁#thisisnotus
Terrorist driver's mom tells reporter "I didn't know he was going to a Nazi rally, I thought he was going to a trump event". 🤔
Shane Swindle @shaneswindle🔁 “Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in the world, but has not solved one yet.” Maya Angelou #thisisnotus
Ruari Burt @RuariBurt🔁As white people, tweeting does nothing. We must work to raise up (not shout over) poc's voices, and fight alongside them.
kristie @kristiedantes🔁Lady Gaga & white people using the hashtag is the perfect example of them acting like America wasn't built on white supremacy.
тaj мarĸѕ @thee_taj🔁 A racist birther white supremacist is the "president" and he's got Nazi advisers. LMAO #ThisIsNotUs. Of course it is.
onedovealone @onedovealone🔁 The brutality that happened in Charlottesville is sick! America is at a low point tonight! ANTIFA, BLM, KKK MUST STOP the HATE!
dante ™ @danteisbored🔁 Instead of saying #ThisIsNotUs how about you critically examine how you've personally enabled white supremacy?


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