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#ThingsOverheardAtChurch Done with trump @debleg58🔁 #ThingsOverheardAtChurch
Evangelicals philosophy
#ThingsOverheardAtChurch Cat Snedeker @CatSnedeker🔁 #ThingsOverheardAtChurch "God told me to hate you."
#ThingsOverheardAtChurch 🇨🇦~CanadianLassKinda~🇨🇦 @hgmackinnon🔁When's Pope Corky's turn, damn it?
Carmen H. @carmenhenry_co🔁 So this hashtag #ThingsOverheardAtChurch
Brad Wietersen @ImBradMan🔁 "I never thought I'd see the day that Satan would become the President."
#ThingsOverheardAtChurch Hashtag Roundup @HashtagRoundup🔁#ThingsOverheardAtChurch is this week's Young At Heart Tags hosted by @47young1
Jeff Dwoskin - Hashtag Roundup @bigmacher🔁#ThingsOverheardAtChurch

Oh Hi Sarah Sanders, we, unfortunately, have to ask you to leave. Thanks.

Sarah Sweet @SarahSw64100156🔁 I’m starting to think this whole Melania BeBest thing is bullshit #ThingsOverheardAtChurch
Cathy H @Caddyweese🔁If Jesus were to return to Earth today, Republicans would accuse him of being a dangerous middle eastern man who's trying to spread socialism.
cobaltchicken @cobaltchicken🔁 It’s ok that trump is separating brown children as long as we show up to church on Sundays #ThingsOverheardAtChurch
Schrödinger's Catbox @EMosburg🔁The drip drip drip of melting candle wax.

Just kidding, that’s noiseless.


FishThatSavedPgh @TimothyRawlins3🔁Lies


Brad Wietersen @ImBradMan🔁 "Are you Sarah Huckabee Sanders?... I'm afraid you have to leave."
Brad Wietersen @ImBradMan🔁"They asked Sarah Huckabee Sanders to leave here too!"
(The candles kept blowing out!)

Mattrick @MClittlebigg🔁
This wine is so cheap. Considering that churches are tax exempt you'd think they can afford better wine
hayat @hayat94671207🔁"For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in,"--Matthew 25;35

onemanbandit @onemanbandit🔁 “As a conservative Christian, I believe that marriage is sacred. And so do 4-out-of-5 of my ex-husbands. Praise God! Glory!”
j. jimenez @jjmnz71🔁 What’s the WiFi password here #ThingsOverheardAtChurch
AlternativeFacts @AlternatFacts🔁I could not agree more..lol.. its all about & &
martha walter @marthaleewalter🔁 Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy. Lord, have mercy. #ThingsOverheardAtChurch
David A LaBar 🇺🇸 @DavidLabar7🔁
Yes, Lord.
In my heart I know,
I am very sinful.
I accept Jesus' sacrifice
on the cross for my sins.
I accept Jesus as my
Lord and Saviour.
Take over my life
and make me whole.
Show me how I should live.
In Jesus' name,
Best Darn Diddly @BestDarnDiddly🔁“Why can't I worship the Lord in my own way: by praying like hell on my deathbed?!”
Schrödinger's Catbox @EMosburg🔁Sweet old ladies saying kind things about our kids.


VRadio Las Vegas @VRadio🔁WHEN YOU GET UP FOR THAT NEXT or the King of Budz...

Stop and click play and stream our 5.

Schrödinger's Catbox @EMosburg🔁The occasional irritating voice boosted by microphone for full devastating effect.


Geoff H @geoff_hunt🔁 Merry Christmas !
How’ve you been??
Haven’t seen you since Easter. #ThingsOverheardAtChurch
Mattrick @MClittlebigg🔁 #ThingsOverheardAtChurch
Hey little boy, come with me in the confessional booth, I have some candies there
Schrödinger's Catbox @EMosburg🔁A variety of languages.


Schrödinger's Catbox @EMosburg🔁Our parish priest is an old friend from the 80s, so there’s always a “blast from the past”.


Victor Overall @JamChrisJoy🔁- Bear with me. I'm new to the priesthood
- It's okay. Anyway, forgive me, father, for I have sinned. A woman gave me a blowjob

- What does the father usually suggest for a blowjob?
- A bag of chips and a soda

Shelp Rock @slprck🔁 #ThingsOverheardAtChurch

Why those that can't SANG always squealing and trying to swallow the microphone?

Schrödinger's Catbox @EMosburg🔁An unpredictable mix of saccharine and truly beautiful music.


Verpiss Dich @ratigan512🔁Don’t worry about the children separated from their parents as long as he is willing to stop abortions and keep women oppressed he’s our guy and btw how’s your mistress ?
Schrödinger's Catbox @EMosburg🔁People singing off-key.
Makes my ears ring.


Edward Slizewski @SlizewskiEdwar1🔁

🙋 In God We Trust 🙏

This Nation, Under God, Shall have a New Birth of Freedom 🙌


Schrödinger's Catbox @EMosburg🔁Appeals for money. Not complaining, just saying.


Greg Bowles @GBRapier🔁"So we're voting FOR the guy who's on his 3rd wife, grabs women by the pussy without consent & cut off his disabled nephew's health insurance and AGAINST the woman who's been married 40 years and created the Children's Insurance Program? Um... why?"
Diva Vito @DivaVito🔁 Do they care if I make change in the offering plate? I only brought a $10
CITIZENS for CHANGE™ 🌊 @cfcpac🔁You’re a Christian? I thought you were a supporter. Real Christians don’t support a racist , sexist,bigot who separates children from their parents and denies refugees asylum. So no you’re not a Christian you’re a bigot.
(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ @Granny_4theWIN🔁 A loud thump.
Randi @Ichkabibble72🔁Jeff Sessions was gonna be the guest speaker but even the church was appalled at him using the Bible as an excuse for tearing families apart
Davey Gravy @MrDaveHudson🔁 I skipped breakfast. I'm going to get in line for some of that "body of Christ" I keep hearing about.
aliceleephillips @ALEMOsirius🔁 Look around you,at the Hate,the Violence & the Despair,our time here is almost at an end,rescue those that you can because soon it will be time to meet Our Lord in The Air.
PoliticalJunkie 📿🎓 @DemcratsRbetter🔁#ThingsOverheardAtChurch wake up & sit your but up before me & The Lord smack the taste out of your mouth. ✋ 🙈🙉🙊
Jack Shmidt @JackShmidt2🔁Psst- don't you think it's weird that the Jesus on the cross is white? It doesn't make any sense!


Rev. Cobra Commander @RevCobraC🔁"And all the people said: #COBRA!" #ThingsOverheardAtChurch #SundayMorning
Markuz Dezell @MarkuzDezell🔁The officer used his cuffs

The lady give him her muff

Use your gun

For adult fun

Then when you’re done lick my b twitter.com um

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