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Gingeriffic @mchastain81🔁YES!!!! Del Potro forces a fifth set!!! Thiem had TWO match points in that set.
Van @HailToDaQuinn🔁I cant believe #Delpotro made this comeback 😳😳😳now I feel bad for #Thiem #USOPEN
Ayman Hossam Fadel @aymanfadel🔁Roger Federer learning DelPotro & Thiem start 5th set @usopen #tennis #USOpen
Thiem Hajjej Oumayma @Hajjej_Oumayma🔁 Spot the Thiem fan
Thiem US Open Tennis @usopen🔁Del Potro BREAKS BACK!

Thiem served for the match at 5-3 but Delpo isn't ready to leave NY just yet...


US Open Tennis @usopen🔁It was unthinkable an hour ago but has stormed back to take the 3rd set 6-1 off Thiem!

Grandstand on fire currently !

US Open Tennis @usopen🔁The🇦🇷 crowd ROARS as finally breaks Thiem and takes the lead in the 3rd set!

Atmosphere is electric on Grandstan d...

SI Tennis @SI_Tennis🔁Going five on Grandstand!

Juan Martin del Potro saves two MPs and wins the fourth set 76(1) to force a decider vs. Thiem. #USOpen

rajesh @rajeshworld🔁#Thiem failed to serve out the match Vs #Delpo 5-3 in the fourth. Argentine takes the set on TB & it goes to a decider #USOpen
En la masmédula @kaysersoze1🔁 Electric atmosphere as del Potro forces a tiebreak!

Who you got?

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Samrat @SM1967_🔁That Del Potro forehand ooft, 2 sets all now. Thiem bottled serving for the match.
Ali @lee_tennis🔁I left the match at Thiem serving 5-3, 30-0 4th set. Missed the most amazing part obvs. What happened? Vamos Delpo! Finish him. #Usopen2017
Mert Ertunga @MertovsTDesk🔁Oh dear.. #Thiem collapsed like a snowman in the sun in that tiebreaker.. Del Potro extends it to a fifth set.
TommyS @vamostd🔁Delpo-Thiem turning into the match of the year. #Usopen2017
Ben Rothenberg @BenRothenberg🔁 This Delpo-Thiem match is 50% nonsense, 40% madness and 10% germs.
Bruce Tennen @BruceTennen🔁Del Potro was in the hole 2-5 AND TWO match points and won the fourth set to force a winner take all fifth v Thiem. #USOpen
Theresa @EmbracetheKarma🔁@hotdog6969 the goat just won that fourth set against Thiem...
Hugh Nguyen @HughBNguyen🔁 OH MY LORD. What. A. Shot!!! Del Potro takes the 4th set over Thiem, we are going to a 5th. Amazing stuff #USOpen
Dominic Thiem Fan @thiem_fan🔁Into the 5th set
Melvin @MTKigz🔁Yep.
Delpo-Thiem are actually going 5 and the guy has flu.
Who does that?
Come on Juan.
Olga G. @iTufani🔁Wow, what a character from JMDP. Looked absolutely beaten after first two sets. Now has an upper hand after Thiem's meltdown. Crazy match.
Brett Farrenkopf @bmf1314🔁After this summer I think Kiki and Thiem should just break up.
Karen Surman @karen_surman🔁Del Potro saves 2 match points vs Thiem, wins 4th in a tiebreak. Off to 5th set. What great theatre!! Love the Argentine's fight!
Arghavan Salles @arghavan_salles🔁If you are not watching Del Po and Thiem @usopen right now, you are missing out! Amazing match so far. One set left.
Dan @Jondanagan🔁@CriminalCosta Such a bottle from Thiem 😭😭
Alex Red @AlphaBettor🔁LOL thought I already had my dose of incapable Austrians this last few days. Seems Thiem warns to top what the football team did.
GenieKikiElinaBianca @GenieArmy_UK🔁I love these two!! Feel sorry for Thiem 😏
Tennis Pig @TennisPig🔁I am a happy camper. Men's draw needed a signature match and right now, Thiem-DelPo is becoming it due to the mega-heart of @delpotrojuan
Greg Frank @g_frank6🔁Unreal atmosphere here on Grandstand for Delpo-Thiem. Hell of an effort from Delpo with 2 aces down 2 match points. To the fifth!
Frank Garrity @FrankGarrity🔁Great call by @espn staying with DelPotro/Thiem 4th set rather than giving us early Federer.
Jackie Watkins @JwatksJackie🔁WHY do we need to change to the Federer match??? Wanna see the 5th set of Del Potro and Thiem!! What a fight back! #USOpen
J. La'Shay @Endurance97🔁To be honest, I'd rather watch the 5th set of Thiem vs. Del Potro, @espn. To be honest. #USOpen
Lu Tran @peeowed🔁Someone please tell me, is this a hurculean effort by Del Potro or epic choke job by Thiem?
Salo Zundel @FalconSZ🔁Delpo Thiem doesn't get much better than that. Beast vs beast
Tennistweeties @tennistweeties🔁what a comeback! del potro takes it to a 5th after being down 2 sets to love and faced match point in 4th 61 62 Thiem then 61 76 Delpo
carey b @bodie0🔁 The Dud That Became an Epic: Delpo and Thiem are going 5. #USOpen
The Jamaican Abroad @JamaicanAbroad🔁US Open 2017: Dominic Thiem and Juan Martín del Potro go into fifth set – follow it live!
13 @tonythirteen🔁@NNemeroff now Thiem is in trouble
Ataraxis @Ataraxis00🔁@mimisitaz Also because it's Thiem
Catherine Johnson @CathM_Johnson🔁Best tennis match ever! #USOpen #Thiem #DelPotro
Charles McNulty @CharlesMcNulty🔁Thiem collapsing on grandstand.
kesty @kesty🔁This del Potro/ Thiem match is INSANE. #USOpen
IamBertGertasun @IAmBertGertasun🔁@espn stay with Thiem and Del Po for the 5th!!
Tami Taylor @angiemili96🔁Man, if you love tennis you should be watching Thiem vs Del Potro.
JustMaria @lifeloveartfilm🔁We are in a 5th set!!!! DelPo/Thiem.
Jermaine Grimes @Dying2meetAva🔁THat hold at 2-5 as well was key to at least apply pressure on Thiem to serve it out - such a unique type of pressure and Thiem cracked
Pelé @peledeer🔁Surely that's gotta me mentally breaking for Thiem to go from 2 sets up to 2-2! Can't see del potro losing now #USOpen
Tennis.Life @tennislifenews🔁It may not be hot news but if you're wondering why Mladenovic is Team Thiem, I'm told there's a budding romance 😍❤️
Spry Icicle @SpryIcicle🔁ohmygawd Del Potro v Thiem is very excellent #USOpen match! ahhhhhh!
Kenneth Aaron @KenAaron🔁Crazy comeback in progress at the #Usopen2017 - DelPotro v Thiem
Aaron James Santiago @YoreTiller🔁Del Potro is bringing the drama back in this match. Thiem just blinked twice! 5th set! #usopen #4thround
Franco @francocarsi🔁Ah noooo Thiem ❄⛄⛄
Jim Biringer @JimBiringer🔁Delpo back from the dead. Down two sets and two match points to Thiem and forces a fifth set. Davis Cup atmosphere on the Grandstand.
Rob @Smarty3385🔁If you don't watch tennis you sure are missing out on Del Po Thiem
kin| Boardinggate101 @kintoy🔁Thiem totally brinks, Del Potro recovers, and now the Argentine comes back. Now 16 16 61 76(1). Going to the 5th. Wow
End of an era Nicola @Da__Nicolas🔁 Holy Toledo the argie crowd is absolutely rocking any giving Delpo much needed energy vs Home 🏡 Thiem
T o ll g a @_MaviLacivert01🔁Juan Martin del Potro! Now I have to choose between the match Potro - Thiem or Federer - Kohlschreiber haha. :(
Tennis Stats @TennisStatistic🔁 wins the 4th set of pulsating match v to take the match into a 5th set 1-6 2-6 6-1 7-6
LEENA @lmussaad🔁Federer is playing and I can't take my eyes from Delpo vs Thiem 😅


Nina E. Mishkin @mishkin🔁I swear on everything holy if @ESPN doesn't let me watch the 5th set of this Del Potro/Thiem match... 😡 #Usopen2017
Karen Katchur @karenkatchur🔁And we're going to a fifth set!!! Del Potro v Thiem #USOpen
Zeinab Najm @zeinabnajm🔁Turned on the #USOpen to watch Federer but the del Potro vs. Thiem match is 🔥 right now.
Sean Lui @OneMan2Names🔁Del Potro/Thiem... An epic comeback in the making? #USOpen #Usopen2017
Dav Aulak @DavAulak🔁A lot of credit has to be given to Del Potro. But so much also has to be given to the Thiem nerves, should have won this match at end of 4th
อีบ้า @cold_lost_sick🔁Austrian typical: DOMINIC THIEM #UsOpen
Brittony @britstevenson7🔁 This Del Potro match against Thiem is freaking live!! #USOpen
Kok-Hwa Lie @KokHwaLie🔁5th set!!! What an epic match!!! #delpotro #thiem #USOpen #tennis #NewYork @delpotrojuan @ThiemDomi
Ida Claire 🕊 @dropshotsgalore🔁@ArianaKarenina They are, but not as high as Thiem or some others
Perpetua @MissCocoFierce🔁Thiem fighting
Karthik Venkataraman @TheSuperKman🔁Del Potro won't say die! After being down 2 sets to 0 to Thiem, Del Potro has tied it at 2 sets a piece! 5th set coming up! @usopen
VerdascoNONO @VerdascoNONO🔁Thiem's been 1.01 twice now
Nikita Taparia @kryptobanana🔁Wow Thiem has completely fallen apart after missing match points earlier in the set.
deepfriedlard 🇺🇸 @deepfriedlard🔁Oooof. Thiem collapsing after that failed service game.
TomásTrotta ∆ @trottatomas🔁Un freezer en el pecho Thiem..
YaniQ StrongHamer🔨 @Nic_Denja🔁@uche_mina @_Obbap @tomide_bolu tell me you're seeing this match, Del Potro vs Thiem. Best match of tournament so far
Jada @JaMuzik🔁This del Potro vs. Thiem match has me in tearsssssss lmaoooo


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