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Thibs Tom_Schneider @Tom_Schneidr🔁 When you think about the possibility of Thibs not ending your career by the time you're 29.
Ian Kenyon @IanKenyonNFL🔁I don't really blame him for the Wiggins contract, but Thibs has given $307 million in contracts to this group:
- Jef f Teague
- Taj Gibson
- Gorgui Dieng
- Cole Adrich
- Andrew Wiggins
Kamenetzky Brothers @KamBrothers🔁C’mon, Thibs. You know you wanna trade KAT for your old friend Luol Deng. Reup with Derrick Rose. Get the band back together... AK
Phil Mackey @PhilMackey🔁OK, the Thibs era has officially reached the danger zone. This is not a drill.
Papi😋 @UFatherIDad🔁You don’t lose Towns. You just don’t. You fire Thibs, you fire GM. You fire trainers and security staff and chefs and trade Wiggins and Butler and whoever else. You don’t lose Towns. You have him on his rookie deal. Everything else comes after “Keep towns.”
Girth Brooks @gradyunlaced🔁Cant believe KAT told MIN he wasn't happy and they in turn let the league know theyll listen to offers for him instead of asking him who they have to fire to make him happy. (It's Thibs duh)
Tomas Mayfield @sooperjordan🔁If Towns doesn’t like playing with Butler, you let Butler walk (after exhausting all options to make it work). If Towns doesn’t like Thibs, so long. Same with Wiggins.

The only entity in Minnesota that is irreplaceable now that Prince is gone is Karl-Anthony Towns.

Dr. J's Fro @DrJFro🔁Definitely fire Thibs and trade Wiggins.
David Carey @dcarey71🔁 Thibs would just build the longest road, even continuing to build off the board.
The Waiver Wire @thewaiverwire1🔁@redrock_bball I feel like wiggins will cause a problem next season if thibs is still coach. They don’t seem to get along
Sam Peterson @jesusonstilts🔁 Imagine choosing Thibs over Towns
Vinny L. @VinLospinuso91🔁 OK, the Thibs era has officially reached the danger zone. This is not a drill.
Antonio Kante @kante_antonio🔁So what will the fume be today? Line-up? Conte? Ref? Gary C? Thibs? Jose?
Al Quarles @iamalquarles🔁@BleacherReport @ZachLowe_NBA @WindhorstESPN Thibs is running young players out of the building.
David Stein @bigguylloydDS🔁TSR Time guy needs to tell Glen Taylor to fire Thibs. I'm pretty sure he runs the team anyway
Reusse @1500ESPN_Reusse🔁I was hoping that man of the world, Thibs, would get invited to the wedding. I guess not.
Zach Bacon @FVScouting🔁You don’t trade Karl Towns on his rookie deal. If they keep Thibs over Karl, I’m done. I’m just done.
Antoneus Johnson @TonySoSuave🔁@BigDink_DLA @osevany21 @TheHoopCentral @ZachLowe_NBA Way too old school. Thibs highkey stuck in 2011. He has to evolve with the times asap.
Neil @sexybaboy13🔁@jchristianr_ Thibs and Rose's ankles and knees and we good.
John Christian Ramón @jchristianr_🔁@sexybaboy13 Idk man, you may need to take Thibs and the ghost of Derrick Rose to balance the contracts.
Antoneus Johnson @TonySoSuave🔁No doubt, but Thibs has to do better too. Team should've been better than what they were, terrible coaching. He has t o stop playing them so many minutes, burning them out by the playoffs. Wiggins also needs to develop because spacing is an issue.
Wilko @wilko_mart_cach🔁If Phoenix find a situation where they can trade the number one pick for KAT, they should do it without hesitation i mo. Towns is a generational talent who's been badly misused by Thibs. A Booker/Josh Jackson/KAT core is ridiculously good.
Josh Lloyd @redrock_bball🔁I don’t want to say I told you so, but I’m pretty sure I mentioned the possibility of this Thibs bullshit a while ago while I was ranting about him. He’s a shit coach and GM and needs to go
Jeff Goudy @stouds20🔁This isn’t HS sports Hood. NBA is a business and THibs is going to blow up a core group that can compete at a much hi gher level than we have had. Thibs didn’t get us to next level with his coaching I know that because we would have been better defensively if that was the case
Tom @Tom_Kahnke🔁 Seriously, it’s time for Thibs to now
marsh @Mar_Shaunny🔁If Glen Taylor let's KAT be traded and keeps Thibs on in his duel role, oooooh boy Wolves twitter is going to melt the fuck down.
Zacharie @tybaltmiguel🔁@iamjemsantos ever since they hired thibs
MINTimberwolves @TimberwolvesMin🔁I don't really blame him for the Wiggins contract, but Thibs has given $307 million in contracts to this group:
- Jeff Teague
- Taj Gibson
- Gorgui Dieng
- Cole Adrich
- Andrew Wiggins
Antoine @_Thibs_🔁Men are trash
Stanimal @FearSJ7🔁 16. The Larry Brown Pistons and the Thibs Celtics were the 2 best defensive teams ever.
Kane Pitman @mkebucksaus🔁I’m not 100% sure, and I might be going out on a limb here. But it could have something do with Wiggins and Butler j acking up more shots despite KAT having FAR better shooting numbers across the board and in general being their best offensive weapon. Thibs though.

Tobias Wentoft @TWentoft🔁this better be what dwane casey is gonna do with those trade offers once we dump thibs
Baby Wick Muff Sr. @benmuff10🔁@JustinSurrency I’ll always love Thibs, but he hasn’t changed with the times. He gotta go. Becky Hammon.
BRANDON @B_RadTee🔁If Towns gets traded and Thibs stays, I will NEVER cheer for the Wolves again.
T'Lallu @KushTrance🔁@_MD36 Should have fired Thibs by now
Alexa Chantal Mulder @Lexi_Chanty🔁@Patrick_Fenelon I wanted David firzdale as coach for wolves after Sam got kicked out it’s clear thibs just wants his old bulls squad back
AltuveMVP🥇🥇🥇🐅 👶🏿🍄🌷 @SDoorhandle🔁 Thibs salivating thinking about running Kawhis quads into dust
AltuveMVP🥇🥇🥇🐅 👶🏿🍄🌷 @SDoorhandle🔁 @TylerIAm Thibs gonna trade KAT for Noah.
Erik @WolfinBrabant🔁What sucks the most about all of this. KAT and Wigs need continuity. They changed coaches almost every year since the last year in HS. Going from Bill Self/Calipari to Flip, Smitch and Thibs(2nd yr)

We need a coach to stay for a few years.Thibs is just not the guy.

TyreeHardy @TyreeHardy628🔁 @BrycePaytes @ZachLaVine @BleacherReport @ZachLowe_NBA @WindhorstESPN Not thibs he'll do it
AltuveMVP🥇🥇🥇🐅 👶🏿🍄🌷 @SDoorhandle🔁 Tatum, Rozier, the Kings pick. Have a nice life Thibs.
Erik @WolfinBrabant🔁Obviously it could annoy dudes when Thibs never says anything negative about Butler and has infinite criticism of the young guys.
Erik @WolfinBrabant🔁I'll go on record for the first time saying this. I'm done. Fire Thibs

There's too much smoke and negative stories. The KAT trade stuff is overblown but the fact that this even turned into a story says enough.

Drew Steele @DrewMetal14🔁Or Tyron Lue: Everyone in America knows he isn’t the real leader in any huddle that team comes together for. Could a nyone picture Thibs yelling at LeBron? Thibs would be canned before the timeout was done.
Matty Foles @MattyMcP25🔁 Thibs is an enabler and a coward and doesn't ever take responsibility for shit
Joe Koerner @JoeFromThePub🔁If the #AllEyesNorth trade KAT I'm 100% done with this organization. Get your shit together and chose KAT over Thibs.


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