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The Champion. @mrinovative🔁When Joy said “Well I’m offended by Republicans!”......#TheView
Penny Candy Machine Ring @Xanderdash🔁 #TheView Joy got #MeganMccain all the way together.
#TheView View Your Deal @ViewYourDeal🔁 @TheView wow!!! They got here fast!!! love ❤️ @ViewYourDeal #TheView
The Champion. @mrinovative🔁The guests were in the audience like...#TheView
#TheView P/1 Harbour View @Grade2BiHi🔁“Bump” (secret ing) into the weekend! Happy Friday families! Enjoy #TheView ❤️
#TheView Real Magic TV: Live @MRTVLive🔁 Love, love, love @joelmchale! @TheView #JoshSabarra #JoelMcHale #TheView #NewYork #NYC #Manhattan
#TheView Josh Sabarra @JoshSabarra🔁Love, love, love @joelmchale! @TheView #JoshSabarra #JoelMcHale #TheView #NewYork #NYC #Manhattan
#TheView Josh Sabarra @JoshSabarra🔁Friends for 23 years and counting! @TheView #TheView #JoshSabarra #NewYork #NYC #Manhattan
The View @TheView🔁Thanks to for guest co-hosting! Have a fabulous weekend, America — and take a little time to enjoy ! 👊 twitter.com
arnold 🛸 @ec_fanaddict🔁Also, took the job after fired Jed. She very well knew what she was getting into and she certainly can leave when h twitter.com er contract is up if she feels lectured. Horrible decision on her part to come to a show like if she isn't capable brushing it off!
Tina Derke @TDerke🔁Retweet if you want OFF panel bc you're sick of her inability to remove her feels and ego from EVERY topic.
WornOnTV.net @WornOnTV🔁New #TheView outfit: Sunny's blue long sleeve mock neck dress: wornontv.net
50 Year Old Gamer @50YearOldGamer🔁 #TheView is trending.
Was hoping this hateful anti everything turd nugget round table was canceled.
A1AUTOMOTIVE @A1Anaheim🔁 How you think we all feel about you boo hoo you can go with crazy than your a public figure start being smart abou twitter.com t it please
Metalman5 @Civicomity🔁So gleeful I am not forced to watch . What a sickening, life sucking group of gasbags. It takes a great deal to be mo twitter.com derate or republican and be "interviewed" by those spoiled brats.
Chuck Stacey @chuckstacey🔁 Make no mistake aren't offended by you. We find U obnoxious, pathetic, irrelevant, and an overall blowhard. You alw twitter.com ays fallback to the typical, Republican's R evil, Trump is a racist. Just because you want something to be true doesn't make it so.
Penny Candy Machine Ring @Xanderdash🔁So none of y'all was going to tell me about Meghan and Joy on #TheView today???? LMAO. #BEEF
Patricia Thomas @patteapig🔁 Whoa!!! Miss @MeghanMcCain doesn't have Whoopi to protect the "baby" from pushback.

YOU go Joy!

#TheView @TheView

Brooke Parker @gramfurn🔁Thought about when Omarosa was on "The View"! Ugh! #TheView #WendyWilliams
Autry Tha Kid @latristan1🔁 Mo’Nique, Kat Saddler, and Tamar Braxton are scheduled to be on #TheView in these upcoming weeks.
I cannot wait.
Lucero Zapata @LuceroGZapata🔁Excuse me..... are offended of your crazy, hysterical conduct everyday.....you are 1 of the reasons why has lower ra twitter.com tings. You are not even a Dem......you are such a frantic anti
debbie feldkamp @dkf46🔁 Meghan McCain is toxic. She's a disrespectful, entitled brag.


G B @RabRakha14🔁@JoyVBehar and @MeghanMcCain not getting along makes watching the show so uncomfortable. #theview @TheView
J.R @orangeblue_fan🔁 as a American I am offended by you. Your a overrated rich out of touch elite. You and your libtard girlfriends call twitter.com womanizer yet praise the Clintons. Bill how had multiple affairs to include a BJ in the oval, and Hillary who attacked his victims
maylaniee 💫 @myln_rnp08🔁A must see and much love to see more
Mary Hilliard @maryhilliard45🔁 really needs to get rid of Meghan. I didn't agree with some of Jedediah's points but she would have never stood beside clear racism.
Kristin Andrene @KristinAndrene🔁keep speaking up/out, Joy, and we'll keep listening ( is a ..., one of the better , lol) twitter.com
Nairobi lewis @Robilynn4🔁 One day Joy Behar is going to reach across that table and yank Meghan McCain. #TheView
arnold 🛸 @ec_fanaddict🔁Umm, how is her opinion unfair to , . How?! She's certainly correct considering the Republican President and Republic twitter.com an WH COS defended and covered for a wife beater! .
Phillygirl1441 @Phillygirl1441🔁 I stood up and clapped 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽when Joy Behar put Meghan McCain in her place...😂😂😂😂😂
Fortified Fortresses @laurafortified🔁 @ThomasWictor @laurafortified Well played, Thomas Wictor.
Very well played.

#TheView #TRUMP #MAGA #BetteMidler #RandPaul

Ryan Guerra @ryansworld16🔁 is one of my absolute favorite Republicans! While I may be a democrat I believe it’s always best to hear both sides twitter.com to an argument even if you disagree with the other side and Meghan does a good job of hearing it out. PLUS she loves the gays! 🌈❤️
Vagabond Wordsmith @manasparadkar🔁What did today was a class act! Silenced the loud mouth with truth. I am shocked how personally Meghan takes everyth twitter.com ing & uses the shield of party affiliation so conveniently.
Kim Seefeld @KAS_SB🔁@FoxNews @TheView @JoyVBehar As an Independent I am more than offended by you I consider you sad, viciousand irrelevant #Behar #TheView


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