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Drops of Jupiter. @ALLCAPS_JAZZY🔁Whoopi just made a great point about the Democrats #TheView
#TheView CAZWELL @CAZWELLnyc🔁Okay. Is it me or does @WhoopiGoldberg have a gold pot leaf charm on her chain?? #gangsta #theview
Medhat @ThedMS90🔁it’s good seeing 5 actually knowledgable and self-aware hosts at the table today. been a while #TheView
Oscar @oscarGosei🔁2nd show without Meghan McCain this week, please tell me she been fired!?#TheView
#TheView The Speakers Corner @rock_the_word🔁 Kellyanne sold her soul a long time ago. #TheView
#TheView Germ T. Ripper @rottengerm77🔁 Okay. Is it me or does @WhoopiGoldberg have a gold pot leaf charm on her chain?? #gangsta #theview
#TheView Gwinn Douglas @RetVet2wars🔁@TheView Please 😄 you look like you're in your 20s @ananavarro 💯 You better own your truth! #TheView
The View @TheView🔁'RISE UP' CHOIR SURPRISE: and surprise the middle school choir that went viral for their cover of 'Rise Up.' See th twitter.com eir inspiring reaction to their performance with the two stars on ! 🎤
The View @TheView🔁Have a great day and take a little time to enjoy #TheView! twitter.com
dawn @me_my_and_i🔁 US blieves its political&social system is perfect & wont admit its wrong. Learn from the rest of the Western World twitter.com & Amend your Attitude. fr Canada
The Speakers Corner @rock_the_word🔁Della Reese really was like an Angel, and her show got people to examine their spiritual side. She was also an amazi twitter.com ng actress.
dawn @me_my_and_i🔁 dont forget abt effct of 'Faith'; ideology tht FEMALES are inately evil -> perceive sexual assault as 'sin' not 'c twitter.com rime'..
divaD @ItsdivaD🔁I'm sorry, , the context of what happened with Tweeden & Franken and the circumstances surrounding it is VERY differe twitter.com nt than what and have been accused of.
The Speakers Corner @rock_the_word🔁I love seeing Anna Navarro on the View. I think they should give her a recurring position here, bc she knows her pol twitter.com itics, and is very charismatic and entertaining to watch.
Brick House @MochaGlam🔁Mine ears have heard the glory of NOT having to hear the insufferable: "my father" "both sides" "the Clintons" "the L twitter.com eft" "as a Conservative" "our military" "my father "Hillary Clinton" "both sides" "my father" "the Clintons" "our military" "HILLARY-HILLARY-HILLARY!"
✮ I αʍ ωᏲαϯ I αʍ.✮ @FuturisticUFO🔁Until death do us part... #TheView
✮ I αʍ ωᏲαϯ I αʍ.✮ @FuturisticUFO🔁STFU! #TheView
Jay © @Jay415sf🔁Would love to see @ananavarro as a regular on @TheView @ABC #TheView
Kevin Clarke @kevinaclarke🔁Jed was probably the best overall conservative in years. She gelled with the cast and made bold points. But I'll take twitter.com Meghan over Ana. Meghan is bold, uncompromising and yes a bit combative and doesn't gel the best but she is who she is
✮ I αʍ ωᏲαϯ I αʍ.✮ @FuturisticUFO🔁The View whines about Fox News... #Hannity #TheView #outnumberedot
The Speakers Corner @rock_the_word🔁I think with all these women outing all these men as sexual harassers on the job, policies need to bed put in place i twitter.com n the workplace, and training on what is inappropriate behavior for men.
✨ @sharafi_brynne🔁Love the discussion on #TheView this morning. Say it @WhoopiGoldberg ! no excuses for sexual abusers!!!!
Mary Dallas @funsizeinpants🔁#TheView has been giving women a voice for 2 decades! Thank you! 🙏😘
dane southard @Ohdaneit🔁But our president is tweeting about which NFL players didn’t stand for the National Anthem & pointing out a farther w twitter.com ho didnt thank him enough

✮ I αʍ ωᏲαϯ I αʍ.✮ @FuturisticUFO🔁Your blasphemies are outrageous! #TheView
ViewSpew @ViewSpew🔁Loved seeing on this morning! She would be a great full-time co-host. What do you all think? twitter.com
Maggie @magssoul🔁@ananavarro I am so glad to see you on #theview today!
✮ I αʍ ωᏲαϯ I αʍ.✮ @FuturisticUFO🔁You cannot ignore what I AM, Bitch! #TheView
Medhat @ThedMS90🔁why gotta start the show w/ the bad news “Meghan M gonna be back on Monday”?? let us enjoy her absence for a good mi twitter.com nute
Carmen MK @MK_Carmen🔁I worked in male domonated high tech industry back in the 90s and I was never sexually harrassed! I don't agree with twitter.com your comment that only women at the helm make a great work environment
marykmaui @marykmaui🔁@JoyAnnReid The media are hateful, vile, sick, shameless political demons History will judge you ! #msnbc #cnn #nbc #theview
divaD @ItsdivaD🔁Wait, Charlie Rose thought all this was consensual? Has he no mirrors? NOBODY 👏 WANTS 👏 TO 👏 SEE 👏 YOU 👏 COMING twitter.com 👏 OUT 👏 OF 👏 THE 👏 SHOWER 👏 NAKED
rondaracha @rondaracha🔁 Really like @ananavarro on #TheView She is would be a great permanent addition to the panel.
Hailey Graces Daddy @HaileyGracesDad🔁Does This Help Victims? Spend 2Segments Condemning SexualHarassment/Assaults-Then In Next Segment Promote A Sexual twitter.com ExplicitMovie- Drop Sexual Innuendos At & Sunny Asks Justin IfHis 13Yr Old Dhtr Thinks His Workouts AreSexy!
Anne @Prayformetoo🔁It's a great day to not watch due to fake Republican I finally will watch
I detest both shows, but hearing A twitter.com na makes me ill.
✮ I αʍ ωᏲαϯ I αʍ.✮ @FuturisticUFO🔁That was 27 years ago while in high school... #TheView
divaD @ItsdivaD🔁They really should've gone for @ananavarro as a full-time co-host... #TheView
Teyoncé 🍀👸🏽 @teeairawr🔁“You attract a woman, you don’t attack a woman” #TheView
🤔 RekoMnd™ 👍 @RekoMnd🔁I enjoyed you on today. I always enjoy your commentary if when I don't agree with you. I highly recommend reading 'Faith and Politics by former Senator John Danforth. Don't worry. President won't read this book.
✮ I αʍ ωᏲαϯ I αʍ.✮ @FuturisticUFO🔁Women who’ve walked in the men’s lockeroom while, they’re taking a shower... DUH! They saw me naked. LoL #TheView I ain’t complaining.
Katie Brazier @BCpostergirl🔁I enjoyed you on today. I always enjoy your commentary if when I don't agree with you. I highly recommend reading 'F twitter.com aith and Politics by former Senator John Danforth. Don't worry. President won't read this book.
Larkspur Ammons @LarkspurA🔁 terrorism should not be defined by motivation. Killing Americans on home soil for no reason no matter your race or e twitter.com thnicity is domestic terrorism. Mcveigh, kazinsky, idiot LV shooter, knucklehead boy church murderer: domestic terrorists
MzAytch @Lotsa_Latte_🔁Why do you have to be eighteen to order @thesleepstyler?! Do you get a free subscription to porn?! #TheView
av's easypeasydishes @avseasydishes🔁See this is good discussion on without . Like Jed, Ana speaks reasonably and doesn't get defensive and attack others to get her point across.
Cindy Bolin Groves @BolinSassy🔁 Megan McCain needs to calm down, get rid of the attitude & learn how to have a discussion. We don’t need another Elizabeth Hasselbeck.
🦋 Carlene🥀 @CarlenePT🔁 was a GREAT GREAT show!! NEEDS to replace ! I love different views, but McCain is not a co-host, she is rude! Toda twitter.com y with Ana it was AWESOME
Bill D @zeusFanHouse🔁 O'Donnell her win in filed by fired of , who claimed the ex-host had 2 be from her & exploded into over perceived slights by'Team '
Drops of Jupiter. @ALLCAPS_JAZZY🔁Pedophilia could be a result of a psy disorder, sexual assault could be, but it's closely linked to power & control. twitter.com If it's a spectrum, it only applies to the social manifestations. Not the cause of the behavior.
MzAytch @Lotsa_Latte_🔁President Obama got bad mouthed because he wore a tan suit, knew the "wrong" minister, didn't wear the flag pin. dt g twitter.com ets away with everything he does, and the US is quiet. If this had been 44, he wouldn't have been elected 44.
Lisa Taylor @lisa4106🔁Meanwhile this Al Franken first accuser Leanne Tweeden all over Robin Williams on the same USO tour.
Freemore @Freemore🔁 @ArnoldMcCoy4 Unfortunately Whoopi announced at the start of the show that Meghan will be back on Monday. Ugh. #TheView
Drops of Jupiter. @ALLCAPS_JAZZY🔁I understand Jay Z is going through his "awakening" period & he's learned to love & value women etc. but the two are twitter.com extremely tied. Bey works on both fronts for good reason.
MzAytch @Lotsa_Latte_🔁I'm willing to bet that there are politicians that know of girls and women who are victims of sexual harassment, that twitter.com are still doing what they must to get votes etc!
Amber Dawn @AmberDawn247🔁 I would like to see what people think about this horrible video? It has left me...speechless and angry. Anyone wh twitter.com o sees this, I would just like other peoples opinion??
Freemore @Freemore🔁 Ana is already a better fit than Meghan #TheView
Freemore @Freemore🔁 #theview meghan is like candace she just doesn't have the right chemistry for the show
Magan @ManU_cookie12🔁Can @ananavarro replace MMcCain permanently? Please ! #TheView


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