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#TheView robin sutton @kekikaad97🔁 Trump is a bad liar who is believed by fools. #TheView
LadyBlaidd @Blaidd_tx🔁 Outraged By How 💩 Has Bamboozled Them Out of Almost $200 Million americandailynews.org
Raw Story @RawStory🔁#TheView's Meghan McCain tried to justify child migrant prisons -- it really didn't go well
#TheView Antonio A. DaCosta @AATonyDaCosta🔁 I don't distrust the intelligence I distrust Trump. #TheView
TrumpCard♠️45 @TrumpCard45🔁 Dont Separate Me From Mommy.. (OBAMA)
Billie Rich @BillieRich17🔁Bring all the parents into those children's detention centers to be with their children while we improve their living twitter.com conditions. That would be an immediate beginning to a solution.
For God's Sake Someone Do Something.

Judith C Jones @JudithCJones2🔁 Rep. Admits Tried2 CoverUp Child Migrant Crisis diamondandsilk.americandailynews.org
Samantha Crider @samijs1🔁 Dont Separate Me From Mommy.. (OBAMA) twitter.com
Gerard @gerardamo2🔁Remember This?
Terry McDermott 🐦🦇 @shamgarreport🔁"Ann Coulter"

As always the left takes thing out on context. The far left have made these children child actors bec twitter.com ause liberals have never been Pro-Family. Remember the book "It Takes A Village?"

M.Rojas @guelorojas🔁Thank you for what you said about me and my conversation with the Pope. It has been incredible.
Chatpit @chatpit🔁Which performance look? Vote below!
Noni V @Valstay🔁Excellent points and real examples


NehesBaRe @ReNehes🔁I do love Whoopi's acting. My favorite Whoop film to date is where she plays a mother of a big family..where she dyin twitter.com g(can't remember the name of the film at the moment). Even was stellar to me.
Samantha Crider @samijs1🔁 Outraged By How 💩 Has Bamboozled Them Out of Almost $200 Million americandailynews.org twitter.com
Islandgirl Danielle @todayfeelsgood🔁2nd to last day of vacay in CA, watching w/my brother. And, wow today’s episode was perfection! 🙌🏽🎉
The chemistry twitter.com was great, topics were discussed passionately (but not angry 😆), the surprise call for 🤣 💕
Taylor Swift Polls @TaylorSPolls🔁Which performance look? Vote below! twitter.com
Phil @philrs7🔁Well Well Well.. What Do We Have Here!!
jennie haydon @jojomorris60🔁
is concerned about the "optics" of children living in cages like animals AND "Republicans being labeled as EVIL". In other words, the truth. Get her off the show. She promotes lies and evil just like Sessions/Trump.

Kemu @kemu808🔁Came across for the first time today. It was SO much more civilized & calmer than ! While there wasn’t any political twitter.com discussion (not sure if just today or always), all got along. No yelling or interrupting! Quite a contrast! . .
Kimye McCoy @ForMotionCreatv🔁Are people beginning to realize exactly why we call it the UniParty?

Barry Obama, Soros, Bush Dynasty, Maverick Mc twitter.com Cain,
Are ALL the SAME.


jennie haydon @jojomorris60🔁The fool in the white house can make this stop with a phone call. Oh and by the way. THIS IS the brainchild idea of this dude👇
kirk @kirkthe3rd🔁🇲🇽 Viva Mexico 🇲🇽 Part 2

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kirk @kirkthe3rd🔁🇲🇽 Viva Mexico 🇲🇽 Part 1

Be sure to so you wont miss out when I post my next

Products Used Check Out My

Kimye McCoy @ForMotionCreatv🔁Barry Obama, John McCain, Hillary, the Bush Dynasty, , are all the same, in the Military-Industrial Complex. That’s w twitter.com hy we call them the UniParty. They are all neocons.

Angie C. @Music_Is_Me88🔁@laurenzagram Yeah I kept reading about the bell. What happened? #TheView
CoreyLaresche @CoreyLaresche🔁I loved @TheView today . @sunny @JoyVBehar @MeghanMcCain @WhoopiGoldberg @sarahaines #TheView
jennie haydon @jojomorris60🔁Wonder how many tweets got to backpedal from Thursday's show being about who cares about the kids it's a law 🤔
Kimye McCoy @ForMotionCreatv🔁“President Bill Clinton signed a bill that overhauled immigration enforcement in the US and laid the groundwork for t twitter.com he massive deportation machine that exists today.”

covfefe_jana @covefefe_jana🔁“The department performed check-in visits at caretakers’ homes in only 5 percent of cases between 2013 and 2015, according to the report.”

Kimye McCoy @ForMotionCreatv🔁“The department performed check-in visits at caretakers’ homes in only 5 percent of cases between 2013 and 2015, acco twitter.com rding to the report.”

Fran @fcabrini9🔁 Stop exaggerating. Not everyone blames all republicans. is the evil one. using the Bible to justify twitter.com ripping children from their parents, with a smile on his face, is sick & Sarah Sanders nastily repeating that sentiment is outrageous.
King Leonidas @LeonidasBatman🔁 Time for @TheView Wish I was a cohost. #babiesincages #MichaelCaputo #TrumpLies #TrumpConcentrationCamps #TheView
Butt Ugly Art @maestrocanada🔁The Media ↔ the politicians ↔ "very fine people" ↔ and IMMIGRANTS ↔ they always believe the cops


Natia Seegars @NatiaSeegars🔁Our representatives in Washington have the power to stop the separation of immigrant families & they don't need to fund the wall to do so.
We need to call them
(202) 224-3121
And call Jeff Sessions.
(202) 353-1555
Tell them to stop this policy.

Samantha Crider @samijs1🔁 Rep. Admits Tried2 CoverUp Child Migrant Crisis diamondandsilk.americandailynews.org ef="https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1008768396027154436" target="_blank">twitter.com
✮ I αʍ ωᏲαϯ I αʍ.✮ @FuturisticUFO🔁Pride cometh before destruction. #TheView
Lisa @gritsandguac🔁Vanessa Contrastano-Reggiardo is a class act and a sweetheart. #theview
LiveSportsOnline @SureLiveSports🔁Warriors Not Invited To The White House!

Blue Warrior @YvetteKopp🔁Meghan McCain has mentioned "OPTICS" --twice-- while looking down at her dumb little cards. This is why people hate Meghan McCain. She's a phony little brat filled to the brim with bullshit! It's more than how it looks Jabba The Hut!
Linda S 🐱🐬🦋🐝🥀 @LSterbuck🔁Anyone defending this liar 🤥 has turned their back on their own county’s laws. Period..


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