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#TheRundownBET #HBOAFM @LJMokhele🔁 Delivery Boy? Is that a remake of Baby Boy, where Jody has a real job? #TheRundownBET
SAV CORELEONE @SAVAGEMN🔁 #TimesUp for R. Kelly getting away with harming women and girls. #TheRundownBET
Mr. Postman @mailmanmikem3🔁 “Teachers even show kids they can overcome the adversity of ill-fitting suits” #TheRundownBET
#TheRundownBET Pat McDowell @mrpmcd🔁Braving the cold to see @robinthede on #TheRundownBET!
BET @BET🔁#TimesUp for R. Kelly getting away with harming women and girls. #TheRundownBET
#TheRundownBET #TheRundownBET @TheRundownBET🔁Black folks struggle to buy homes like the White House struggles to find Black interns. #TheRundownBET
BET @BET🔁Robin's delivering you an all-new 'The Rundown with ' and maybe some new edges for folks tonight at 11/10c. twitter.com
𝐴𝑙𝑙𝑒𝑛 @a11en_🔁No matter what color you are... stay black! I hate it when your roommate steals your catchphrases! Thanks for watching tonight!
Kwasi Duah @jessefresh007🔁Black folks struggle to buy homes like the White House struggles to find Black interns.
Tyrone's leap of faith 🏃🏿‍♂️💨 @Shadetagonist🔁Taze and worship. #TheRundownBET 😭
Sister Crystal @SisterCrystalJ🔁What a story: Queen Sharon's version. Jesus tazes! #TheRundownBET
Jason Starr @JasonStarr_🔁Banks are still refusing to lend to us today. Call it "the redlining reboot." It's like Mel Gibson's career - they try to repackage it as good, but it's just as racist as ever before.
The Ain't Shxt Show @theaintshxtshow🔁This rapper with Lion Babe must have lied to her day job bout where she was gonna be #TheRundownBET
Iam QB Masanabo @boy_nqobile🔁. stops by the show to chat with about his new album and plays "Would You Bite This Person in the Face?"
Kadri J. Webb @kadriwebb🔁Why do we still expect Trump to know how anything runs? He's still working on the proper way to hold water.
Mr. Postman @mailmanmikem3🔁I DO NOT miss an episode of . You are truly great at what you do and your team. I always get a good laugh & great information.
Mr. Postman @mailmanmikem3🔁 Fun fact: I voice my own Alexa on @TheRundownBET #TheRundownBET
Mr. Postman @mailmanmikem3🔁 Sharron just did her best to taze... I mean RAISE her children in church #TheRundownBET
Mr. Postman @mailmanmikem3🔁 Shout out to tv’s @Arjay_Smith as my rude new roommate on #TheRundownBET 🤣
Mr. Postman @mailmanmikem3🔁 Bowling alley pop up concert with @LionBabe and @Leikeli47! Last pop up of Season One! #TheRundownBET
♎️Elfy♎️ @ElfyJai🔁I love @robinthede ❤️ #TheRundownBET
Taylor @Blackswan725🔁Robin's delivering you an all-new 'The Rundown with ' and maybe some new edges for folks tonight at 11/10c.
Yomi. A @yurmie🔁To Trump, taking a knee isn't supporting the troops, but making them stand in thousand degree weather, doing local police jobs is? Got it. Good talk!
QUEEN QUEL✨ @jackiebrybry🔁 WHY AREN'T ALL CONCERTS IN BOWLING ALLEYS!? #TheRundownBET 🙌🏾🎳🙌🏾 @LionBabe #Leike twitter.com li47
Commacho Dennison @He_knows_not🔁As usual, #TheRundownBET does it again with the opening segment. I wish this show was an hour long. Well done!
Musa Nkosi @musa_ben10🔁I black dude once told me Black people were just a racist as white folk because his white friend was denied a house loan by black folk because he was white! He just went somewhere else and got the loan. Something black folk can’t do!
pearlstoliveby @Lyndablooms🔁 the post office hasn't been funded by the gov in 30 years? #LearnedSomethingNewToday #TheRundownBET
David Foster Wallace @DaveFWallace🔁It did this, my mother and three nights with my mother said, only when unobserved, stopping whenever observed. #TheRundownBET
Wakandan Wordsmith @PercivalPenman🔁 That segment on racism against black homeowners is your necessary daily reminder of how f*cked up the system is. #TheRundownBET
Denise Jamison @jamison_denise🔁I attended the taping of tonight's show and had a great time. The staff was great and Robin was great! I'm going back twitter.com for the season finale.
Quentin Washington @AvenueSwank🔁Yep - the current whitehouse situation is def a representation of what got him in the white house (minus the 53% of w twitter.com hite women who voted for him)
Adrian Galvan @Adri123sipstea🔁Trump's more conflicted than people who hate Nazis but also
want to know what happened to the first Becky on “Roseanne."
Tyree Ballard @TyDB01🔁The latest account of R. Kelly's sexual misconduct is no surprise to anyone. We just want to know, when will time be up for him?
FlowerGirl 🌻 @narcissisticCe🔁 Is it a good thing, or a bad thing, that there are no black interns in the white house? #TheRundownBET
Kiss FM @987KissFM🔁 Five minutes until an all new @TheRundownBET! Watch with me and tweet using #TheRundownBET **body rolls**
Jeff Havig @JeffHavig🔁Delivering things is what the post office does! And businesses get a reduced bulk shipping rate if they ship in bulk. The same way Trump saves money by ordering his hair pieces from Ferrets-R-Us!


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