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stephen @ericserati68🔁 #TheResistance #G20Summit

Zombies walked the streets of Hamburg to protest the #G20 summit.

#theresistance Sweetypetey @LoriGormely🔁 @MrScottLads @RedTRaccoon Let's keep our eye on the enemy!! #FBR #TheResistance
#theresistance Peter Stocking @peterstocking🔁 #TheResistance

It didn't happen, but if it did.. it was Obama's fault..

#theresistance Cathie @AmericanMOM01🔁 An example of #supplyanddemand for Rick Perry and @realDonaldTrump.
#theresistance The Political Pulse @Politicalpulse1🔁Retweet if you agree…

#theresistance Sweetypetey @LoriGormely🔁 @RedTRaccoon We are #TheResistance #FBR
Mr. Montgomery Scott @MrScottLads🔁 @RedTRaccoon We are #TheResistance #FBR
#theresistance alejandro santos @wonderfullone🔁 An example of #supplyanddemand for Rick Perry and @realDonaldTrump.
#theresistance Dr. DaShanne Stokes @DaShanneStokes🔁Many Trump supporters want to scare us into silence. Be fearless. Speak up.

#resist #theresistance #trump

Dr. DaShanne Stokes @DaShanneStokes🔁We need to march on Washington and accept nothing less than Trump's immediate removal.

#25thAmendment #resist #theresistance

Grant Stern @grantstern🔁It's like saying raising the price of food by 400% won't make people starve, they'll just choose not to eat.
BH @bhsnitzer🔁McConnell is busy buying more GOP souls

Ryan is hoping momentum dies

And Trump is trying to distract you with insane tweets

Angie Resistor @bungalowwriter🔁It's like saying raising the price of food by 400% won't make people starve, they'll just choose not to eat.
A**hole McTrump @AssholeMctrump🔁#TheResistance When the time comes, 1) his supporters will get violent, 2) he will say it is all a lie and refuse to leave the White House.
Arlene @ArleneGinTexas🔁

This is important, so spread the word!

is using a possible merger as leverage. 1/

jesant @jesant2🔁 It's your 1st Amendment right, to call your members of congress, to tell them if you feel Trump is unfit.
Ross Pederick @Pedra999🔁 ignorance may have forced him into his 1st international crisis
NichtMeinFührer @TheRiverWanders🔁Indeed! #Maddow

#TheResistance #tRumprussia #Indivisible #TaxReturns #Mueller

Durango Savage @ProtoExemplar🔁: Celebrate our Muslim sistas! Yas Kween!

[Muslim does something mildly controversial]

: stop. check yourself.

Harry Perkins ❄️ @bagger50🔁Stick #TheResistance up your arse. You're as bad as Trump you utter filth.
_ @sibimet🔁 Remember when Trump said he would defeat isis in 30 days? Well I do. #TheResistance
MS Blue @mellieruth54🔁@lovetogive2 @JamieLarsen66 @LoisSmithers @Khanoisseur Big time! #theResistance
Norma McGarrey @Kizzysmom🔁G20 World Leaders Meet

أنا أقف معك💜❄🖇❄💜 @Gaia_Octavia🔁 Have they considered a doggy harness n leash? #ImpeachTrumpPence #TheResistance
Mariana Prazeres @mprazz3🔁The dangerous time we are entering is enough to make us immobile with fear. But now is when has to step up.

Call your reps.

Running Man @ejmjmnmm1🔁then joining their 3rd way soul mates in the final oligarchic takeover...or global warming will kill us all. no one k nows.

SWAN Impacts @SwanImpacts🔁

It's almost like he's working for Putin..🤔

"Could Putin have asked for anything more?" on Trump's Poland speech:

🇺🇸Jason👌 @SeeMyPublicist🔁Linda Sarsour, the Sharia radical, calls for JIHAD against the President of the United States.

This is who the & is.

Darrell Bezet @DarrellBezet1🔁:Per. of. number of Russian spies in U.S. INCREASING AFTER ELECTION
MoJuJu @MoJuJuBiz🔁Putin will own Trump with one compliment

k bradford @gibsonpaulles89🔁Do not stop calling or
This is ONLY a delay.
Keep calling
Keep emailing
Keep being
UFB @Unfreakin🔁Another REPUBLICAN embarrassment #TheResistance Higgins Retracts Auschwitz Video And Apologizes, AFTER CRITICISM
tampa @tampacigar4U🔁 is a violent hate group that employs neo-Stalinist tactics.


Freedom Mentality @freementality78🔁That's why is so crucial - we need the whole world to know that Trump doesn't speak for America.

Diane Harkey🇺🇸❤ @dcharkey🔁.@realDonaldTrump I don't like to talk abt what I hv planned..b/c I dont hv a fucking thing planned. Shhh
MS Blue @mellieruth54🔁@lovetogive2 @Khanoisseur #theResistance It's time 2 double down w/calls, faxes, demonstrations. Dark money is $$, must b defeated!
bengal @EnglundBob🔁 Trump continues to attack free press STOP HIM #25thAmendmentNow #TheResistance via @thedailybeast
The Resistance @UniteAndResist🔁Activists staging sit-in at @CoryGardner's office in CO have just been arrested. We need #sitins nationwide!

#SaveACA #TheResistance

Ross Pederick @Pedra999🔁, or see the comparrisons try the test
Defeat The Left👊🏼 @TheLeftIsRacist🔁😂 Gee, you think? I dunno, could it be ? Idiots, all of them. trying to backtrack from their epic failure at "journOlism".
Denise White @dkrevelli🔁Of course, Trump blames Obama for Russia interference while addressing the Polish press. F^^king moron. #resist #TheResistance
Julie Parrish @materia1wor1d🔁
✔Singlepayer on the platform
✔Supermajority in both houses
✔Dem. Governor
✔Dems pledge to block singlepayer
Allison @50alli🔁@trashpanda2017 Time for another #GrabYourWallet @HobbyLobby #TheResistance
Tony Richards @Copperhead_Moon🔁A small GOP black ops can do this
Vicious Babushka @viciousbabushka🔁A vision of all white people, waving a racist flag #TrumpRussia #TheResistance
Edward K Jordan @EK_Jordan_OKC🔁

ICYMI Obamacare isn't failing
is sabotaging it


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