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#TheResistance Matt Mestas @MattM3502🔁 Meanwhile, at the highest levels of the American government ...


Ted Lieu @tedlieu🔁Firing up with at my Town Hall tonight! Full capacity crowd, no Russian agents.
#TheResistance Scott Dworkin @funder🔁RT if u think Trump should be impeached

#impeachtrump #trumprussia #resist #russiagate #trumpleaks #theresistance

#TheResistance#TheResistance#TheResistance Melissa Harris @lzzymak🔁 #TheResistance will always stand by each other.
Scott Dworkin @funder🔁This should terrify every American.

Rocky @Rocky1542🔁Trump's family proves that there are some things in life that money can't buy.

Anne @annetonie🔁The Trumps are corrupt grifters. Never forget that.
Jane Eyre #DemForce @macmommamary🔁 Resignation countdown: Jason Chaffetz already seeking a job in the private sector #TheResistance
President Bumblephuq @POTUSBumblephuq🔁A reminder that we must STAY VIGILANT to protect our rights & Democracy itself. We are . We
IronmanBruce @BruceDouglass🔁Republicans To Vote Next Week To Take Away Health Care For Those W/ Preexisting Conditions
Helene @normalvoter🔁. TAKEAWAY#2:. secretly met 2 former Colombian Prezs at -No State Dept
Doug Harris @dougharris66🔁. and Putin BOTH SUPPORT France's Marine LePen--GO FIGURE!!
Pamela M. Howard @blackskagit🔁Shell Companies increasingly buying . properties-MAJOR COIs
Hillary Newton @studiohq🔁 MEDDLED WITH THE U.S. ELECTIONS


Snowballs❄️Moonbat @mermerdee🔁 @mermerdee Great quote! The Dark Lord wants to encourage this ignorance and apathy. We will not let him! #TheResistance
Girlwithopinion @janiszilly🔁"March for Science" Scientist work hard

JP @JP54045566🔁RT if u think Trump should be impeached

Robyn Dunning @robyn_dunning🔁 Don the Con a Racist Fascist Misogynistic LOSER the world's biggest TOOL
Kathy_Coco @KitCoco🔁RT if you think Trump needs to face real consequences for his lies and fraud.
Carol Gonzalez @NudistBeachBum1🔁1st DAILY REMINDER:"Emoluments
Clause"--The Trump Family Nightmare
Ruth.Weinfeld @WeinfeldRuth🔁 Happy #EarthDay Here Are All The Terrible Things Trump Has Done So Far. #TheResistance
Ralph Ferguson @dj73104🔁#Hillary did win. #Trump cheated.

#stillwithher #imwithher #estoyconella #sheswithus #resist #resistance
#theresistance #shepersisted #aclu

Patrick Vee @youstolemycloud🔁Blank helmet vs autographed helmet.

(by Jailing Trump)
✊2theHill @Bernade97386460🔁THERE IS *STILL* NO BIGGER STORY THAN

DEMAND THE TRUTH! ☎️202-224-3121

Brian Stodola @spicolli🔁Mexico isn't paying for "his" wall, cancer patients are.
Jeff "Dunce" Sessions

Underlying Currents @PresXit🔁Ivanka Trump's Move To The White House Raises Questions About Ethics
condd @cddittrich🔁Remember peeps. It is up to us.
#ImpeachTrump NOW!
Matt @mquinton32🔁Russian connections…

(by Jailing Trump)

MargaretK @maggiekpc🔁I'm continually in shock that the don't realize it was their crazy Obamacare repeal plan that kicked into overdrive.
TheResistance.Blog @ogkeyser🔁SAVE THE PLANET
800-732-9194 MobPhones ShutThemDown &ForceCongress 2 AddressClimateChange
mp @mmmparker3🔁RT if you refuse to let Putin get away with infiltrating our government.
Kay @Mthinking2🔁MAY 1, 2017
PEARL @50smag🔁News For : Trump Just Called Canada ‘A Disgrace.’ Justin Trudeau’s Response is VERY Classy
Jackie Cote @jsc6482🔁Retweet this if you are thrilled to see that Utah Rep Jason Chaffetz will not be seeking reelection

Lorrie @Seekerotruth🔁The work continues...
PEARL @50smag🔁News For : NY Times Just Busted Rudy Giuliani Holding A Secret Meeting With A Foreign Power
StrategyCamp @SIIPCampaigns🔁It is not part of the agenda of the Democrats, the Berners, or . Many reporters have been blackballed and lost their positions
Sage Archer REVENGE @SagArcher🔁ATTENTION #StrongerTogether #TheResistance MEMBERS Follow the Link. Sign Petitions! Make YOUR MARK!!!
TheResistance.Blog @ogkeyser🔁SAVE THE PLANET
800-732-9194 MobPhones ShutThemDown &ForceCongress 2 AddressClimateChange
PEARL @50smag🔁News For : Trump Just Learned That FBI Knew Russia Tried To Infiltrate His Campaign
Sheryl Lynne @shossy2🔁Duty To Warn! It's time to get the ball rolling before he gets more Americans killed.
Maggie Voelker @maggievoelker🔁Show us your . "Why does Donald Duck his returns??"
TOEACHHISPHONE @TOEACHHISPHONE🔁#TheResistance "detainees work for $1 a day and many more for nothing, under threat of solitary confinement."
Daystar @aseedinthewind🔁The skulls of different modern humans.

(by Jailing Trump)
ghost of blackness @death_to_ether🔁Live by the tweet, die by the tweet.



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