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#TheResistance 十六夜薄幸 @gen_triy🔁 This #streetart just appeared in Philadelphia #Resist #TheResistance
#TheResistance Operation Veracity™ @OPSVeracity🔁We are #TheResistance
#TheResistance (((Savoy Rochell))) @MrSinister53🔁 And Again! Never gets old. #stablegenius #TheResistance
#TheResistance Dr. Nova @DoctorNova85🔁 Stand back everyone, stable genius at work. #TheResistance
#TheResistance Operation Veracity™ @OPSVeracity🔁 We are #TheResistance
#TheResistance pinaalmost56 @pinaalmost56🔁 History is repeating itself #TrumpRussia #TheResistance
#TheResistance Garry Birch @BirchGarry🔁 Trump asks where is my Roy Cohn I ask where is my Lincoln. #TheResistance
#TheResistance Jim Budd #FBPE @jymbudd🔁 Trump is no #stablegenius.

He's just your run of the mill unstable idiot.


Scott Dworkin @funderRetweet if you agree Trump should be impeached immediately.

Then post this & I’ll prob 🔁//twitter.com/i/web/status/949683484335005696" target="_blank">twitter.com are attacking me, acting like I’m the only one in & to hurt our funding. Help us fight back!

Scott Dworkin @funder🔁GoFundMe for Moore accuser whose home burned in suspicious fire raises $100k in one day #TheResistance hill.cm
Scott Dworkin @funder🔁RT if you’re excited #AMJoy is back for the new year!

Tune in at 10am to MSNBC-I have a message for Paul Ryan & Devin Nunes. #TheResistance

Paloma 🕊 @dphishin🔁Kid: What happened to the armies after the Ring was destroyed? There's still so many orcs!

Husfriend (yelling from u twitter.com pstairs): THEY WENT TO WORK FOR TRUMP


GSKH1237 @gskh1237🔁Just wait 60-days until all those corporations that just got tax cuts finish laying off employees!! Thanks !! Tr twitter.com ickle down STILL NOT WORKING

Brn2RunGirl🎸 🌊🌊 @TeaRocckanova🔁I'm managing mine all the time! algorithms stops from growing. I encourage all to write them with this co twitter.com mplaint. It limits
christina shell @etina42🔁To in 2017 we saw erode our civil liberties, deny basic rights & destroy our scientific community. In 2018 we must rise up as one & take back everything our ancestors fought for. We must take our to the next level.
drkm @kimSturd🔁Very happy to announce that on Monday Jan 8th, our guest will be favorite, & candidate

Learn all about him at

8pm Eastern, 7pm Central, 6pm Mountain, 5pm Pacific

Tony Cliftonite @TonyCliftonite🔁No, afraid not . Heads in asses usually don't come out to smell the flowers. They usually get stuck because they twitter.com are swollen, and there's way too much effort for a Dim-o-crat to remove head from ass.
🌵patrick 🌊 ❄️ @pato3344🔁 @Pajjr2016 @Clara_Resists @Bornabrit1 I'm always game for a #FBR party
Joe Gould @JoeGould50🔁..and the Democrats should behave toward the Republicans as they behaved toward Obama on federal judicial appointment twitter.com s (&The Supreme Court): DO NOT VOTE with the Republicans on anything except Dem-only legislation.
FreeThoughtNation🇺🇸 @TheOtherRosie🔁 Are you for or against DACA!?? Vote and retweet to spread poll! #MAGA #TheResistance #Trump #Resistance
Curtis Taber @CurtisTaber2🔁 Hey Lard Ass, if you are so smart, where are your "college" transcripts? twitter.com
James F McNamara @machinetaker🔁@realDonaldTrump You are - without a doubt - the worst employee I’ve ever had. #TheResistance
Jessie Bahrey @JessieBahrey🔁Let’s get all of pushing .
Nothing will get to more than that.
Make it trend!

Vince Harriman @vsharriman🔁I'm pretty sure most sales will continue and possession of a first or second edition of this book will become a trea twitter.com sured talisman of ™ and offered as proof to future generations of all we sacrificed in these trying times.
Higher @roomeezon🔁Getting it - Donxa Ft You Guys On Twitter
Mario Estevez 📎 @llendonmar46🔁Virginia voters file appeal to block Republican from taking office in House race tainted by ballot mix-up twitter.com
drkm @kimSturd🔁Ryan should be replaced immediately as he does noting good for ALL of America!

Jo-Jo @58alexandrite🔁 GoFundMe for Moore accuser whose home burned in suspicious fire raises $100k in one day #TheResistance hill.cm
Dotard Don is a con @teter45013🔁Keep drinking that orange Kool Aid. twitter.com
OhioDem4ever @WilliamLoomis3🔁There should have been accountability on both sides before she caved. What has she proven. Nothing. twitter.com
Sarcastic Assassin @SarcasticAssass🔁
Democratic Coalition’s Scott Dworkin Told Us The Secret To Uncovering Trump’s Corruption (PODCAST) via
Bernæ @samhwils🔁What's actually bad is having Trump & GOP creating even more economic inequality in this country and thinks fake pic twitter.com s is how we fight back
🌵patrick 🌊 ❄️ @pato3344🔁

It must be swift
It must be brutal
It must be now

VoiceOfUSA @ViolViciDepl🔁Sure! Everyone knows he doesn’t even read 1 page Security briefings!


herman butler @hermanbutler1🔁Everytime I cross paths with a Trumper troll on here, it reminds me of how important & vital is. I am committed to this movement everyday, & I will not back down. These vile unAmerican assholes are a stain on this country. They will not win this fight.
Lisa Joy @lisajoy919🔁URGENT: Keep oil and gas drilling out of America’s Arctic! Sign your letter to and now! via twitter.com
Captain Qwark @Qwarktastic2🔁If you’re interested in joining are connecting with more people that are so we can turn the into a . Retweet and follow likeminded people. Its time to promote those running for elections RETWEET
Donxa Uiy @SbAcTivty🔁Getting it - Donxa Ft You Guys On Twitter
soundcloud.com twitter.com
Randy @TR_4U2🔁@GOP Why aren’t you as interested in trumps taxes as much as you are in the dossier? #TheResistance #TrumpRussiaCollusion
dora wiilliams @rodeodance🔁 starting workday later to spend more time watching TV and tweeting: report - twitter.com
Wanda Johnson @ImTheOne4U2011🔁10,000 Amens to this this. I was born & raised in NYC 40+ yrs ago and am very familiar with racist, trifling . twitter.com Anybody who believes he gives a damn about the American ppl is simply delusional.
Curtis Taber @CurtisTaber2🔁Democrats must seize on Jeff Sessions' misguided marijuana policy salon.com twitter.com
Aeon Ravencrest🦄🏳️‍🌈#TheResistance @Hollow_Raven🔁Another death panel... kill the weak and poor and those without insurance twitter.com
herman butler @hermanbutler1🔁1. There is a shift in . I felt it last night and see it growing today. The dog and pony show of Bannon and DT, the shockingly not shocking release of combined with a GOP that isn't even pretending they aren't obstructing justice. It is sickening.
VoiceOfUSA @ViolViciDepl🔁 is furious and fuming.
Not a single picture in the book.


Cali Jetfan @cali_jetfan🔁They have it down to a science now.

-Visit WordFun!

Tim Plezbert @getrdun2🔁My favorite 2 min of the / interview set to music. Enjoy.

Link 👉
Resister #65,844,954 @VileEpiphany🔁 can make this Sting like a Mad Hornets Nest!





IF you are "Following" Trump,
"Unfollow" him now.

Phyllis Mraz @phyl2mraz🔁And I’ll bet (any takers) those financial papers are STILL incomplete twitter.com
NO old white men republiKKKans🌊 @GVEarwood🔁I'm going with #WhiteTrash over #Stablegenius since I've (unfortunately) heard the fool try to speak. #TheResistance twitter.com
Johnathan Gionova @jgionova🔁Trump Stress Eating

Joan of Snarc 🏹 @Joan_of_Snarc🔁@imillhiser Hi Ian, your link goes to an error page ... might want to re-post. Thanks for all you do! #TheResistance ❤️🇺🇸
herman butler @hermanbutler1🔁Adam Schiff Makes The White House Tremble By Uttering Two Key Words About The Scandal via twitter.com
Michel Blanc @Blanc07Michel🔁We already knew

eLLyMeNtALLy INSANE @DeViLhErSeLfIE🔁Trump has descended into madness...Unlike his balls, which never descended at all.

#TheResistance #stableGenius

3isamagicnumber @3isamagicnumb3r🔁

It must be swift
It must be brutal
It must be now


Color Us Empowered @UsEmpowered🔁 We Are Watching.

We Are #TheResistance.

#BlueWave2018 twitter.com

🌊 Paul Gavin 🌊 @realpaulgavin🔁It requires every single one of us to get involved. If you aren't involved in the political process, please step up a twitter.com nd join or or . There are plenty of ways to get involved.
Curtis Taber @CurtisTaber2🔁We have a wild year ahead — full of hope for progressives, and grave danger salon.com twitter.com
Tara Parrish @taraclark23🔁This makes me think about Tywin telling Joffrey that a true king doesn't state he is king. That 45 has to state is v twitter.com ery smart, a genious (for winning an election), and stable is very telling.

Carol @4birdonawire🔁
PAY ATTENTION, AMERICANS, KOCH FASCISM IS COMING VERY CLOSE.The Koch Brothers Want To Rewrite The Constitution. They twitter.com May Succeed.


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