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jillian🐍 @dtjamesford🔁I 👏🏻 JUST 👏🏻 WANT 👏🏻 FRANK 👏🏻 CASTLE 👏🏻 TO 👏🏻 BE 👏🏻 HAPPY 👏🏻 AND 👏🏻 AT 👏🏻 PEACE 👏🏻 #ThePunisher
#ThePunisher GEEKZTOR @geekztor🔁Marvel's The Punisher - Intro / Opening Credits #ThePunisher #Netflix youtu.be
#ThePunisher#ThePunisher çağla dı pikıl @mavillains🔁 benjamin barnes as billy russo being smiley. and evil. definitely evil. #ThePunisher
#ThePunisher Nishant Bhagat @nishantbhagat🔁//www.ign.com/articles/2017/11/17/marvels-the-punisher-memento-mori-review" target="_blank">ign.com
The Punisher @ItsNotRevenge🔁 😍😍😍😍 and Twitter has gifs. #ThePunisher
#ThePunisher Alex K @ResitiveGod🔁 #Marvel's #ThePunisher Episode 13 Review.


#ThePunisher#ThePunisher tania @_itsmetania🔁 more side profiles of russo #ThePunisherِ
The Punisher @ThePunisher🔁It all starts with him. #ThePunisher
Neil Druckmann @Neil_Druckmann🔁Finished & thoroughly enjoyed on Netflix. Hoping season 2 gets into some of those f’ed up Garth Ennis storylines. ( twitter.com Barracuda please!)
Michael Nathanson @m_nathanson1🔁 ...Pretty sure this is the First (partial) Cast Selfie ever taken on The Punisher. From our ‘get to you know’ Itali twitter.com an dinner in Long Island City before we filmed a frame, thrown by our good friends at Marvel & Netflix. ❤️💀
Mugwump 🃏 Jack @RamblingJackMcM🔁Loving #ThePunisherِ atm
Rook The Klown @RookTheKlown🔁@JoeQuesada But you CAN confirm that @jonnybernthal is freaking amazing as #ThePunisher, right?
Dantooine @Danburden1138🔁#ThePunisher is good. Really good. But it really lacks a proper villain.
Paul Cornish @PaulGCornish🔁Watching & I'm really enjoying it, but like with Daredevil I just want Tom Holland's Spider-man to turn up, even tho twitter.com ugh it would undermine everything about the series.
skort skort on neegas @asvpxcoco🔁i don't like #ThePunisher as much as i thought i would. i mean, i've had it for over a week but i'm just now watching episode six.
madmax @cowbirths🔁i don't trust anyone who thinks was boring. lmao some people really expected & wanted idiotic non-logical violence & bloodshed smh. The show actually delivered a solid revenge plot & dug deep into all the characters which is exactly what made it SO EXCELLENT !
Matthew Rosenberg @AshcanPress🔁. 218 was great.. This War Machine storyline looks really good.
PaPaYo @PapaYo4🔁#ThePunisher taken down by a elastic band! Dayum! @jonnybernthal #Sicario @MrJayWashington @RothCornet @CoyJandreau @MurrellDan
Sickwai G. @SickYG🔁Marvel's Punisher Comics Reading Guide denofgeek.com #thepunisher
Pariah Carey @7Tee2🔁One episode of to go...

Easily the best thing Marvel have put out all year, eclipsing even the mighty Logan.

I wil twitter.com l stab anybody that spoils the end before I see it.

Gently. With a cushion.

Ben Hooper @mythofechelon🔁That car chase / confrontation was a lot like the finale to #driverSanFrancisco, especially due to the similar / same cars. #thePunisher
Brian Ricci @BrianRicci🔁Time to start #ThePunisher. Trailer looked great. I’ve heard mixed things. I’m going to make my own version about my liver and I.
Jovial Jay @JovialJay🔁Been a busy Holiday weekend working on the #Marvel #LocationScout for #ThePunisher twitter.com
Andy Tolsky @AndyTolsky🔁Trying my best to get through #ThePunisher. On episode 5. Pretty good so far! Hopefully will have vid up by Monday night/Tuesday morning.
the 🤬 one @LonzoHarrisJr🔁Russo going for coffee almost every episode. Waiting for the turn... #ThePunisher


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